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GuruGrounds - GuruGrounds.com – How to Start and Market an Online Business

GuruGrounds - GuruGrounds.com – How to Start and Market an Online Business

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Published by: bored2read on May 10, 2011
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well set up the extra features they have.


what’s being searched for on your site and when it’s being done.

To set up your site search function in Google do the following:

1.Log into your Google Analytics account.

2.Click the edit button next to your website.

3.Click the edit button at the very top of the page. It should be next

to the Main Website Profile Information button.

4.Select the “Do Track Site Search radio” button.

5.Go to your website in a separate browser window or tab.

6.Do a search for “pickaword” in the search field on your website.

7.Find the search query attribute in the address bar of your website

(typicallyq=orsearch=). It will probably look like this:

•(http://www.yourwebsite.com/(random string of numbers and

letters)&q=pickaword&(more random letters and numbers)

1.Copy the search query attribute and place it into the Query Para-

meter field in Google Analytics.

2.Save Changes.

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