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Shoemaster QS 10.02

Shoemaster QS 10.02

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Published by Christiam Lopez

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Published by: Christiam Lopez on May 10, 2011
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This function prompts you to “Select punches to delete” and then removes any punches that you then click on.

PunchLine Delete

Selecting this function automatically deletes the punchline from the screen.


The Specification menu enables you to add the specific details to a worksheet, such a range name and season etc.
Each option is described below.

Enter details

Selecting this function produces the following dialog. By clicking on the buttons, such as Design No etc. you are able to
add specific details to the spec sheet.

This can be as detailed as you require and include any special instructions for use in production.

Clicking Update will add any specific details from the style, such as flattening and size etc.

There is no option to save the specification sheet individually, but it will automatically save when you save the shoe
project as a whole.

Figure 1: The Specification sheet.

Draw Style

This function refreshes the page and redraws the style to the screen.

Draw Spec

Selecting Draw Spec draws the style and the specification details together, as shown below.

Figure 2: Specification drawn with style.


This function allows you to save a specification sheet complete with information etc and then open again as a macro to
use as a master copy.

When you select this option the File Open dialog is produced that will enable you to navigate to the correct file.


The following options allow you to add text to the actual style. The options available are as follows:


The following dialog id produced that enables you to select and add text to the style.

Figure 3: The Text dialog.

Clicking on Select… produces another dialog which allows you to select specific lines of text to add. Clicking on the
word will attach it to the cursor, which can then be placed on the style.

Alternatively, you can type in your own word and click Add New to add the word to your style.

Figure 4: The Select dialog

Clicking on DIY produces a further dialog, allowing you to click in the box of each option to include it in the style.

Clicking Ok will then attach the words to the cursor which can then be placed with an additional click.

Figure 5: The DIY dialog.

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