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Shoemaster QS 10.02

Shoemaster QS 10.02

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Published by Christiam Lopez

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Published by: Christiam Lopez on May 10, 2011
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When using Creative you will need to ensure the last has a flattening before you are able to start drawing. The flattening
does not have to be technically correct, such as for production purposes, but it must not cross over at the heel positions
otherwise this will restrict collection of pattern pieces.

Figure 7: An incorrect flattening, restricting piece collection.

Therefore, the following 3 options are available within this function to help you create the correct flattening for your last.


This is used on lasts with little or no heel height, such as a Men’s Formal, and creates a default top flattening.


Figure 8: A default Top Flattening.


A Mid Flattening will join the two halves half way along the centre line at the vamp point. This can be used on a lower
heel height up to approximately 5cm as long as the back height positions are not crossing over, as shown in the
example below.

Figure 9: A Mid Flattening


The High method will join the two halves at the ‘Vamp Point’ and separate the inside and outside back heights by a
distance of 24mm, 12mm either side of the centre line.

This will be used on a higher heel of 5-9cm.

Figure 10: A High flattening showing the back height distance of 24mm


Selecting Halves produces the following dialog that requires you to type in a value for the thickness, usually 0.5 is
acceptable for most styles. This will establish the allowance around the last for different leathers and linings. The offset
works like an orange peel effect.

Figure 12: Dialog to enter the thickness of the new halves.

When you have selected Ok the halves will be drawn in 2d

Figure 13: Halves drawn in 2d.

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