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Shoemaster QS 10.02

Shoemaster QS 10.02

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Published by Christiam Lopez

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Published by: Christiam Lopez on May 10, 2011
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The following three functions can be used to mirror lines across the centre line.


This command allows you to mirror a line that you have selected across the centre line.

Note: Unless you have created a Duplicate of the line you wish to mirror, the line will be moved across the centre line.
This will not create a new and mirrored line.

Across Heel

This command mirrors lines across the heel line and only applies to 2d shells and isn’t possible with 3d flattened

It is only relevant when a standard does not have identical heel curve shapes and positions.

Across Line

Rather than mirroring across the centre line this command allows you to select your own line to mirror across. The
mirror line should consist of only 2 points.

When you have selected the line to mirror, select the command from the drop down menu. You will then be prompted to
“Select the Mirror line”. Now select the 2 point line to create the mirror.

Note: The line you select will move across the 2 point line unless you have first created a duplicate.

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