Introduction to Fast Food

From onion rings to double cheeseburgers, fast food is one of the world’s fastest growingfood types. Fast foods are quick, reasonably priced, and readily available alternatives to homecooked food. While convenient and economical for a busy lifestyle, fast foods are typicallyhigh in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt.A s p e r “ th e f r ee di ct io na ry ” f as t f oo d is “ in ex pe ns iv e fo od , s u ch a s hamburgers and friedchicken, prepared and served quickly”.Th e g ro w t h in nu cl ea r fa mi li e s , p ar ti cu l ar ly in ur ba n In di a, e xp os u re to gl ob al me di a a nd Western cuisine and an increasing number of women joining the workforce has lead us to anew era of eating'fast food' .Unlike in developed countries where organised retail chains are driving the changes in thefood chain, in India, organised food service will take the lead for driving change in the shortto medium term. This will result in the creation of capacities for warehousing and logistics of chilled and frozen products. The process has already begun. Running a pizza chain is not aseasy as it seems. Managing the supply chain is a mission critical function and all the major players are focussed in their approach.The main reason behind the success of the multinational chains is their expertise in productdevelopment, sourcing practices, quality standards, service levels and standardised operatingprocedures in their restaurants, a strength that they have developed over years of experiencearound the world.

To improve the well-being of our customers, community and people connected to our enterprise. “RUN GREAT RESTURANTS”

It owns a well-knitted network of both company owned as well as franchise stores worldwide. Currently about 10. reported an increase of 0. Today. in1978. Strengths Domino’s Pizza Inc. Domino's Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery operating anetwork of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the United States and internationalmarkets. The 8773 global outlets are spread across all the USA’s states and the 60 countries of the world. It was re-christened Domino's Pizza in 1965. The operating profit has been $195 million . there are more than 8. The Domino’s Pizza Inc. It is one of the leading and most popular pizza delivery companies in the USA.Domino's started out small with the legendary Tom Monaghan who bought his first pizzastore and called it Dominick’s. and things really began to cook.500 stores in theUnited States and 55 international markets. rising to 5000 in 1989.About Domino’s PizzaDomino’s International One Brand • Putting People First Demanding Integrity • Striving for Customer Loyalty • Delivering with Smart hustle and positive energy • Winning by improving results everyday The World Leader in Pizza Delivery – Domino’s Pizza Founded in 1960. By 1983 there were1000 Domino's stores. currently operates in more than 60 countries across the globe. the 200th Domino's store opened. Domino's Pizza's Vision illustrates a company of exceptional people on a mission tobe the best Pizza Delivery Company in the world.500 people are employed at the Domino’s Pizza Inc. However.6 % in its operating profits during the fiscal year 2008 a compared to the previous year.

Especially introduction of new flavor additives and pizza toppings that are region specific can be a good stride for Domino’s. is the increasing consumer awareness about the he harmful health implications associated with high calorie fast food items. The company experienced decline in its operating and net profits during the year 2007 as compared to the previous year’s reports. like all other fast food restaurants. sugars and sodium etc pose a threat to Domino’s. Threats The major threat to Domino’s Pizza Inc. oil.3% decrease in net profits was recorded.during 2008. Domino’s Pizza Inc. are greatly affected to reach its claim Top of Form /w EPDw UKLTcw . Its extensive distribution channels add to its plus points. where there is unruly traffic system. The researches in the health sector about the fast food products being saturated with fats. Apart from that Domino’s operations in countries like India. click order placement services etc. it has been reported that in UK. In the global era of e-commerce and online shopping it has enabled to keep pace with the technology by offering online menus. In addition to this there are other researches showing the potential harmful effects associated with the artificial additives. strong brand equity gives it a competitive advantage over other industry players. The distribution network should be further strengthened so as to ensure market penetration in the existing markets at maximum optimum levels. 9. Intensive competition and franchise management which vary with currency fluctuations pose a threat to the company. The net profits during the fiscal year 2008 were worth $54 million. flavors and preservatives added to these fast foods.. Opportunities There are favorable market expansion opportunities for Domino’s Pizza Inc in India and China where currently it have very few franchises moreover new product development by introducing new products in the current menu are a step that can be taken. 21. efficient and effective supply chain management enables it maintain its goodwill and promises.5% in net profit has been reported during the year 2008 over the previous year. Domino’s Pizza Inc. The intelligent marketing strategy of heavy advertising is a key strength to make its brand image retained and differentiated in the minds of its customers. An increase of 42.5% drop down in operating profits and about 64.8% of the domino’s pizzas have been delivered through online orders paced on the web Weaknesses The company is faced with crucial issues of weakening bottom lines due to slow growth and decline in the sales.

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Keeping true to their commitment to work and road safety. 2 Uniquely Malaysian pizza flavors. Domino's partners in this 6-month programme were Hewlett Packard and Insoft.* * ABOUT US Domino’s Malaysia – Milestones’s and Achievements 1997: Tom Monaghan. Domino's Malaysia holds the first Fastest Pizza Maker Competition. 2000: Launch of our first pasta-based side item. Domino's Malaysia's commissary was recognized in the Annual Domino's International Audit as the Best Commissary in Asia Pacific.000 for both homes. the 'Domino's Points for Pizza Programme' in support of education. officially launched Domino's Pizza Malaysia in September 1997. The card offers a Buy 1 Free 1 privilege. Domino's Malaysia organized the first Domino's Safety Rodeo to instill sound driving habits and knowledge in their delivery riders. available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. Chairman of NIOSH officiated the event. 1998: The Crunchy Thin Crust™ pizza was introduced storewide. Domino's expanded its operations to the state of Johor with the opening of 3 stores concurrently. Tan Sri Dato' Lee Lam Thye. The 'Domino's Millennium Gold Card' launched in November. Domino's Premium Ice Cream. the founder of Domino's Pizza Inc. 1999: Launch of Domino's delivery number "1300888-333" In December. Rumah Ozanam and Montfort Boys Town through the Domino's Community Support Programme by raising a total of RM20. Domino's Malaysia embarks on its first community programme. Domino's Malaysia embarks on another 6-month charity campaign and aids two charitable homes. "Spicy Sambal" and "Flaming Tuna" were introduced featuring a . "Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese" Launch of our first dessert side item.

a first of its kind collaboration for Domino’s. The latest oven-hot sensation "Chicken Lasagna" is introduced. this card offers a Buy 1 Pizza Free 1 pizza privilege.a tasty dessert treat of cinnamon bread sticks. 2002: Banana Kaya Dessert. 2001: In July Domino's opens Gurney Plaza in "The Pearl of the Orient". 2007: Domino's celebrates it's 10 Year Anniversary. 2003: Domino's launches Malaysia's first fastfood on line ordering portal (recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records). This featured the very first extra-large 15-inch pizza by an international franchise pizza brand in Malaysia. is introduced. Domino's arrives in Seremban with the opening of its Yam Tuan store. The "Terminate Your Hunger" campaign brought Domino’s & the Terminator franchise together. Our Crusts Our world famous Classic Hand Tossed™ and New York crusts are hand stretched from fresh dough 2. Our Sauces Domino’s Signature Sauce – Made from fresh vine-ripened tomatoes Top Secret Sauce – An aromatic blend of creamy. 2009: Domino’s launched its "Incredible Meals" from RM10 per person. Penang. Taman Inderawasih Prai. A product uniquely Malaysian. 2008: Domino's Express Card was launched in January. 2006: Domino's opens its second store in Penang. a Domino's pizza employee sets a new record for "Fastest Pizza Maker". Our Unique Products Reasons why we guarantee you’ll love our "Hot & Wow" Pizzas! 1. Our Cheese . a delectable offering of kaya. cheesy flavors with an unmistakable garlic zest! Spicy Sambal Sauce – For those who like a bit of spice in their life! 3.sambal sauce in place of tomato pizza sauce. 2005: Domino's partners with Dato' George Ting resulting in rapid store expansion. RM40.000 was raised for Hope Worldwide Malaysia’s "Food for the Poor" program through out charity screening of "Terminator Salvation" movie. The New York crust was introduced to the Malaysian market. A second "dessert" was added to the local menu with the introduction of "CinnaStix" . replacing the Millenium Goldcard. Syed Zubair Abdul Hamid. banana slices and icing sugar on a pizza crust. (Recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records). making 3 Large pizzas in 69 seconds. 2004: Double Decker Crust is launched .a base of 2 Crunchy Thin Crust ™ with a layer of creamy cheddar cheese sauce sandwiched inbetween.

We do not add any extra charges for delivery. fresh. Our Toppings We top all our pizzas with only the highest quality meats and the freshest ingredients 5. Finally. and great tasting when it arrives at your doorstep. we guarantee you can expect hot. 15-Minute TakeAway Guarantee Domino's guarantees you'll receive your TakeAway orders within 15 minutes or we'll give you a RM10 off your next pizza purchase voucher Nett Pricing Domino’s pricing is all inclusive. all our pizzas are made fresh as soon as you place your order Our Guarantees As the "Pizza Delivery Experts"™ what do we offer? Everytime you order Domino’s. So what you see is what . otherwise we’ll replace your order or refund your money.we use generous amounts of 100% mozzarella cheese 4. 30-Minutes Delivery Guarantee! Domino’s is the only pizza company that guarantees your order will arrive within 30 minutes or we’ll give you a free Regular Pizza voucher! Product Satisfaction Guarantee Domino’s guarantees satisfaction! Your pizza is guaranteed to be hot. fresh & great tasting pizzas on time.

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