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Unit 5005 Meeting stakeholder and quality needs

Learning Outcome 1: Be able to identify stakeholders and their requirements 1.1: Determine organisational stakeholders and their expectations: A stakeholder is a person who has a ‘stake’ in the organisation. Depending on the nature of the organisation, the nature of stakeholders and their expectations vary. Even within a single organisation the stakeholders can shift drastically from one department to the other. But for any organisation to flourish it will have to stay focused and meet the needs of its stakeholders. Though organisations vary greatly one common factor is that each has a web of external and internal stakeholders whose expectations have to be carefully managed. Also the key to a successful manager is; understanding that not all stakeholders want the same things from the organisations and hence any conflicts of interest have to be carefully managed. So as a manager one of the responsibilities he or she has to fulfil is to understand the very essence of the organisation and the nature of its stakeholders and how the organisation communicates with its stakeholders. The success of the organisation depends on the effective communication between the two. Stakeholders are people and people inherently tend to be subjective and hence have a subjective ‘stake’ in the organisation; making it difficult to identify their expectations. Stakeholder expectations broadly fall into five key areas of; reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles. For example the following table illustrates different stakeholders and their expectations for this KTP project,

Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932 

Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group 

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Benefits from the revenue generated in terms of tax. Value for their time and ultimate pride in company’s reputation. As the project is Community led. Local Council has vested interest in the welfare of the community. the service users are the first source of information and they will be the first recipients of the product – the houses Again a major source of information and the direct recipients of the product. Have time and reputation invested and would like to see research and its implementation within the company. Expects to see value added to company’s reputation and thereby raising their profile and reputation. money and reputation invested and like the company CEO would like to see tangible benefits in terms of research.The following table illustrates the Stakeholders and their expectations for the KTP Project: KTP Project Stakeholders Company CEO Company Supervisor Company Partners Company Staff Knowledgebase Knowledgebase supervisor KTP Associate Government Local Council Service Users Wider Community Stakeholders Expectations Has time and money invested in the project and would like to see how that translates into tangible benefits to the company and whether he is getting the right value. Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Page 2 . Have time. Investment of time. In many cases they are directly funding the services provided by the Housing Association. Expects development opportunities The project is partly funded by the government and though it is not directly involved in the project has expectations linked to its success. reputation and aspirations. Have his time and his reputation invested in the project and expects to see value for both in return.

6.2: Discuss methods of meeting stakeholder expectations or requirements: As a manager it is important to understand that it is the perception that counts especially the perception of the stakeholders as it affects the organisations reputation. Depending on 4. 3. Building for Life. Like CABE. Identify the actions to convey the message Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 3 .Manufacturers and Suppliers Specialist Bodies Have a business interest in the project in terms of the building materials to be used for the final implementation. Determine what you need from each stakeholder 5. BRE. etc. 1. An effective stakeholder communication plan should follow the following six steps: 1. For example in my project the LMC has very different stake in the project compared to the local communities that I work with. Effective communication is the key to happy stakeholders and a happy you. MADE. have vested interest in the project and its quality. The message and the communication tool can vary depending on the stakeholder expectations and the nature of their relationship to the organisation. Identify the stakeholders This can be done by the stakeholder analysis 2. Identify what is the message to be conveyed. credibility and its eventual success. Prioritise the stakeholders This can be done by the power/interest grid. Not every stakeholder has similar interests in the organisation or the project. Hence every manager should have a communication plan to effectively manage the stakeholder expectations and requirements. Understand key stakeholders Knowing and understanding each stakeholder makes it simple for the manager to devise an effective communication plan.

They are the direct beneficiaries of the teams and organisations success but form an important part of delivering that success. The recording should follow the what. Our individual concerns are addressed by the manager either individually or in the team as appropriate. when. By recording this knowledge in an accessible format the managers can ensure that the team remains focused on delivering the stakeholders expectations. Apart from weekly meetings. how and who list of questions for maintaining up to date information. For the KTP project. where. emails and memos are also a good way of communicating stakeholder requirements to the team. As people move jobs and organisations change this exercise proved very useful as I always knew who to contact when. 1.3: Identify methods of communicating stakeholders’ requirements with team members: For any manager his or her team is one of the key stakeholders. In certain circumstances where the entire team is not involved a phone call can sort matters out very quickly.1. 4. grouped and colour coded according to their priority. Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 4 . Everyone’s feedback is welcomed and we all feel listened to.4: Explain processes for updating information on stakeholder requirements: Managers choose to keep the information they have on their stakeholders in very different ways. All the stakeholders are recorded here with their contact details and their respective stake in the project and how and when to contact them. an excel spread sheet was made where the stakeholders were organised. An effective communication strategy for keeping the team informed is: 1. Keeping them appropriately aware of stakeholders expectations and requirements ensures smooth delivery. Identify the team Prioritise the team members Identify what is the message to be conveyed Identify the actions to convey the message In my team we have weekly team meetings where everyone is briefed by the manager. This information has been reviewed regularly and kept up-to-date. 2. 3.

right thing at right price on right time and in right place. The system needs to be managed properly which must include audits and records. People can buy a good quality product but the rate of satisfaction depends on the after care. Organisations long-term survival depends on building and sustaining relationships. That is where the organisations in a way have a second chance in the unfortunate circumstance of something going wrong. quality along with good customer service is the tool for that purpose. Quality in a product or service is sometimes seen as what the customer gets out of it and is willing to pay for rather than what the supplier provides. quality can be defined as. ‘what an organisation does to ensure customer satisfaction. The sustained success of the organisation depends on the perceived quality of the product or the service provided. Quality is a relative measure and depends on what the end users value. And secondly where there are areas for improvements and change bringing about increased efficiency. Quality is difficult to measure in absolute terms but is mostly bench marked by the standards applied to either that product or that service.’ Organisations exist to satisfy stakeholder expectations by supplying either a product or a service. This enables one to identify two things. Quality can become a very competitive tool. There are many ways of looking at what constitutes a good quality product and one way to do that is to minimise the margin of error.2: Identify and apply organisational quality policies and procedures At the advent of the original quality assurance system known than as BS 5750 there was great confusion particularly in the construction industry over how a quality control system borne out of manufacturing could apply to the service. It must not be Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 5 . 2. Experience since than has shown that the only way to apply the quality procedure is to first examine the process map of ones operation. If the organisation gets this right than they have a competitive advantage over their rivals. Usually that means. Firstly where there is a potential for problems to occur thus raising the need to create procedures to prevent it.1: Discuss the meaning of quality to an organisation From an organisations point of view. Organisations must know what its end users want and value and ensure that they deliver the required quality product or service. Both of these when explored in detail can form the essence of quality plan or quality manual.Learning Outcome 2: Be able to apply and improve quality standards 2.

As quality is the most important tool for ensuring organisations long-term success. like each drawing has to be checked and signed off before being issued and all the comments are logged on the project planner for everyone’s benefit. They are important resource in terms of knowledge and experience. We also have procedures that everyone has to follow.a chore or a wholly paper based exercise but more a formalisation of good practice embracing existing techniques and procedures. When staff is involved in the decision-making there is a much greater buy-in and hence the probability of success is increased as well. There are various ways of engaging staff and some may prove more successful than others but there is no full proof method and the success mostly depends on the management and their handling of the scheme. Successful schemes can boost staff morale. and any other relevant information. meeting notes. suggestion box. The most successful schemes are the ones in which staff feel that their involvement is valued and acted upon and that the scheme is just not tokenistic.3: Determine how to encourage staff to contribute ideas to improving quality For most organisations staff is one group of key stakeholders that are involved in most cases in both the delivery and consumption of the end product or the service. For our department we have Key performance indicators (KPI’s) that have to be met. At every team meetings everybody’s views are actively sought out and we have a dedicated section on the company website called staff voices where everyone is encouraged by their managers to contribute. the drawings (checked and signed off) will be sent to both agencies and the comments incorporated. Once the designs are done to a satisfactory standard set by the Company Supervisor. increase productivity and enhances staff’s sense of achievement. the West Midlands Design Agency. brain storming etc. For this KTP project we are aiming for Building for Life gold standard and a commendable design review from MADE. most organisations have set policies and procedures that usually follow set minimum acceptable standards. They mostly offer practical suggestions that can prove extremely valuable to the organisation. Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 6 . On a daily basis we have a digital as well as physical folder that is kept current everyday with all correspondence. Some of the ways in which staff can contribute ideas is by meetings. briefings. 2.

2. record progress and keep track of mile stones. Then all the titles on the drawing itself are checked and the scale of the drawing is checked. all the credits and the titles on the sheet. The next thing on the list to be checked is whether the credits due are appropriately given. Firstly the title block is checked to see if the drawing is correctly labelled and signed by the person creating the drawing. In my organisation. If any information is found missing or if there is any mismatch between the information given and the drawing. The drawing is then checked again before it is issued to the client. For the purpose of this assignment I will conduct a quality audit of one of my presentation drawing. it is raised with the owner of the drawing who then addresses every concern raised.4: Conduct a quality audit and make recommendations for improvement A quality audit follows predetermined procedures that capture information. It has a group of inputs called quality plan that consists of a brief that tells what’s happening and it is here that all comments are recorded. There is also a process map to guide and keep the individual project tasks on track. it forms a group of tasks called project manager which are basically guidance notes. Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 7 . Lastly the actual drawing is checked to see if it corresponds to the title block.

The company supervisor changed and the new supervisor did not attend the supervisor’s workshop or receive proper briefing from the LMC and has not fully appreciated or understood the Knowledge transfer partnership treating it as a student project rather than a profit making project within the company. No business can develop and grow without an appreciation of improvement. If improvement is ignored regardless of originality or innovation of the initial business plan the business will stagnate as it is virtually impossible to survive by standing still. The improvement can either be a product or a service or both. Lack of continuous improvement may render a product obsolete and the eventual demise of the organisation. become more efficient.1: Discuss the concept of. This in turn led to lack of proper integration of the associate within the company. There are several internal and external factors that make change inevitable. Continuous improvement helps the organisation to survive any external changes like current economic recession and ensures its long term future. continuous improvement Continuous improvement is an ongoing activity to develop and upgrade the organisations products and services. and need for.Learning Outcome 3: Be able to promote continuous improvement and change 3. The Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 8 . Even a business with an outdated product can stave off almost inevitable stagnation by rebranding and updating the simplest component of the product. become cheaper without compromising quality or delivery and whose services and products are not just updated but replaced in recognition of their shelf life. 3.2: Assess work activities and identify areas for improvement This KTP project is a research led design project with heavy involvement of the academic supervisor and has subsequently lacked a separate project status within the company. This enables product or service to adapt to change. When one understands the basic survival technique that product improvement provides one needs to move on and accept that if the business is to grow faster than by simply reinventing itself or its product it must look to adopt a process of continual improvement. This expects elements of business to be improved not only in line with perhaps customer feedback but equally importantly in line with technological advances. Continuous improvement is the process by which organisations ensure that their services and products are aligned with what consumers want.

academic supervisors input though valuable made the project too academic further alienating the company. 3. i. Please refer to point 2.e. The project would benefit strongly in the immediate future by rethinking its methods of communication and making sure that every stakeholder is heard and given their due importance. the monthly meetings and the LMC are not always the best places to showcase the grievances and hence a system for informal communication where the company culture already does not have one would prove highly valuable.3: Encourage staff to contribute ideas for continual improvement This bears similarity to staff encouragements for quality assessments.3 Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 9 . The formal methods of communication.

For example early on in the KTP project I had organised consultation events by directly contacting our current tenant base.Unit 5008 Marketing Planning Learning Outcome 1: Be able to understand the meaning and role of marketing in achievement of organisational objectives 1. where marketing is not just the sole responsibility of the traditional marketing department but sees the entire organisation involved in the marketing process.’ Traditionally companies existed in response to a consumer demand. Through marketing the company can raise awareness of its activities and gather valuable data on how the company is perceived by the stakeholder and what the stakeholder really wants. Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 10 . As the event was arranged with the view to provide a platform for the customers to raise their concerns and give suggestions on housing designs.1: Explain marketing as a management process According to CMI marketing is. Marketing now is more about managing the exchange between the company and the consumers rather than selling. ‘a management process responsible for identifying. Hence a single marketing event allowed us to identify the current consumer needs and predict what the future trend would be in the housing design industry. 1. But in recent times there is a change in the way the companies do business. it helped the company in gaining valuable knowledge in what the customers needs and were. where marketing was more about creating more demand. The event raised awareness of the project and company’s interest among its direct customers. anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Marketing is the process that allows appropriate exchange between the company and the stakeholders hence allowing the company to gain the required understanding of the stakeholder’s wants and needs. It is more about managing consumer expectations and ensuring that there is no gap between the demand and the supply. Marketing is now used by companies to ensure that the level of demand is appropriate in achieving organisational objectives within the available resources.2: Describe the role of marketing in identifying and predicting the needs of current and potential stakeholders Organisations need accurate understanding of their stakeholders to allow efficient decision making regarding their products and services.

2: Determine a future market or sector position for the organisation in line with organisational objectives Ashrams core objectives are: Making a Difference Excellence through Innovation Putting People First Committed to Communities The three pie diagrams suggest that from 1991 to 2026 there is a reduction in the white population by one third but the Pakistani. Sparkhill.Learning Outcome 2: Be able to identify the organisation’s current and future position in the sectors or markets in which it operates 2. Ashram houses a relatively young and diverse tenant group in its general needs housing with one third of tenants being single parents. in areas like Sparkbrook. Nearly 2/3 of Ashrams tenants are from BME background with more than half being of Asian origin. Today Ashram’s general needs housing stock stands at 1200 units and by 2012 Ashram aims to acquire at least 2000 units.1: Discuss the current position of the organisation within its chosen sector or market Ashram Housing Association works in the most deprived inner-city neighbourhoods with constantly changing demography. White 1991 Caribbean African Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Chinese Other Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 11 . These communities fall within the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in the country. Small Heath. Bordesley Green and Nechells in Birmingham and Foleshill in Coventry. Bangladeshi and the other (Mixed Race) there is almost three times increase. now HCA’s Investment Partner Status. Only 1/5 of the tenants are economically active with over 50% reliant upon state benefits. We have no data on ‘New and Emerging Communities’ especially from Europe as they would class themselves as white. Washwood Heath. 2/5 of tenant’s households include someone with long term illness or disability. Since 2005 onwards Ashram has been the founding member of Matrix Housing Partnership which secured Housing Corporation. 2.

The projections also suggest that BME elderly population is going to rise by one and a half times the present. By 2025 the BME population under the age of 16 is going to cross the 65% mark and Pakistani population under the age of 16 would be 30% of the total population. mental health support and support for domestic violence. In fact through the KTP project.3: Identify other parts of the organisation which are impacted and involved in a future market or sector plan Ashram Housing Association offers other specialised services like extra care facilities for elderly from ethnic groups. This also means that over the next two decades there is a significant rise in young families needing affordable housing. Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 12 . Hence in the short term we will see a surge in the elderly BME population but in the long run there is a projected rise of the young BME population. 2. Ashram is in the right place to provide both affordable housing to young families and elderly population. The population projections suggest that the overall population is going to be more and more diverse with ethnic groups like Pakistani and Bangladeshi population trebling by 2025.White Caribbean African 2001 Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Chinese Other White Caribbean African Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Chinese Other 2006 The changing demography of West Midlands means that Ashram with its specialist knowledge is a key player regionally as well as nationally. Ashram is the market leader in providing culturally appropriate and innovative housing solutions to its customer base in line with its core objectives. There will be significant rise in the mixed race population as well. These services will be affected by current and future market and will have to be involved in writing a combined and coherent marketing strategy for Ashram.

market the housing product and in return secure some funding or sponsorship to carry the project forward. Local pathfinder agencies. The consultations will also be an important platform to spread awareness of Ashrams KTP initiative and its leading the way in the sector to provide culturally appropriate housing. Again as this is something that ashram does anyway on a monthly basis the costs to the KTP project for publishing in the newsletter will be nil. Other people from across the West Midlands region will be allowed to register interest with Ashram in the new house types. Ashrams monthly news letter will also carry periodical updates on the KTP project to inform and maintain the interest of Ashrams existing customer base. By directly approaching the communities in this way Ashram will not only have access to raw data first hand but also let its customer base know of what is about to come in terms of a new housing product in the market.1: Construct a marketing plan that supports current market or sector and targets potential new markets or sectors Different communities will be approached through the KTP project and community consultations to be organised to gather relevant market data on community needs and aspirations around housing. As soon as the house types are ready individual presentations can be organised to showcase the project and the work done. Like the monthly newsletter Ashram’s website can have a dedicated section on the project where the research can be logged and progress updated. In this way we will be able to gauge the demand of this new house types in the whole region. By doing this we are also relying on spreading the word of mouth in different communities that the existing customers subscribe to thereby increasing the customer base. Local Authorities. This will help keep the Company as well as other stakeholders and interested parties informed of the project and its progress. These presentations can be targeted to specific stakeholders like the Homes and Communities Agency. It will also allow different cultural Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 13 .Learning Outcome 3: Be able to devise and implement a marketing plan that contributes to achievement of organisational objectives 3. Towards the end of the project a cross cultural international conference should be organised for knowledge transfer. other Housing Associations and private developers to share the knowledge learnt. The consultations can be carried out with prior permission in the community centres that the people visit and gather at thereby keeping the cost of the consultations to nil.

For the website I will have to speak to our group web manager and see if it would be possible to have a dedicated section on the website for the KTP project. For organising the presentations to the external stakeholders I will have to acquire the contacts from the company CEO and my company supervisor. Couple of citizen journalists have been recruited with the help of housing and HR staff to help facilitate Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 14 . I will than have to write to them or contact them over the phone to arrange the presentations. In some cases the CEO or the company supervisor will have to make contact with the respective person themselves. The administrator will have to liaise with the community groups and the organisations and myself to find a suitable date and time. For publication in the monthly newsletter I will have to liaise with the marketing manager who is in charge of the newsletter.3: Implement the marketing plan Seventeen community consultations have been organised over the next six months with the help of the company’s administrative staff. I will aim at bimonthly updates on the KTP project. I will need the support of the administrative staff. 3. I have already asked the manager to send me the dates of newsletter publications and the due dates for entries to be in that publication. The KTP budget has no funds for organising such event hence external sponsorship or funding is needed. I will have to make sure that I send regular updates to the manager in time for it to be published. Ashrams fundraising officer has been identified for this task.2: Evaluate the support necessary to implement the plan For the community consultations I will have to speak to various community organisations and organise the events. I will have to rely on the administrative staff at Ashram to help me with this. The conference needs a bit more organisation and the staff that will be involved in organising it has been identified at this stage.communities as well as important stakeholders to see new house types and gain insights into a different design process that revolves around the customers needs and aspirations. in which case I may have to follow it through. They will have to then get attendance confirmation from the people attending and make sure they get the agenda before the consultation event is to take place. This will also be a good opportunity for the Company and the University to raise their profile internationally and advertise the pioneering work that they would have accomplished in this sector. 3.

Regular updates will now be published every two months.4: Assess the progress of the plan. Everything from the appropriateness of the consultation events as the right tools for data gathering to the approach implemented during the consultations and the data content was debated and evaluated at these meetings. reviewing and end evaluation. By organising these consultation events and by incorporating the findings in the design process I have tackled all Ashrams objectives of Making a Difference. Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 15 . In some cases the whole method of the consultation had to be tailor-made to suit the communities being consulted. This was done with the help of the academic supervisor and was very well received. the Homes and Communities Agency and the local path finder – Urban Living’s developers’ forum. Excellence through Innovation. The company supervisor and the academic supervisor have come forward with their contacts and I am talking to all to decide the agenda and the content of the conference. Putting People first. Some links have been made and I am currently talking to some experts in the field to come and speak at the conference which is planned to take place towards the end of this project. in the achievement of organisational objectives: Once the community consultations were organised the administrative staff followed it up to ensure the events took place smoothly. We aim to make a real difference to the lives of the communities we work with. I started adding more visuals and images to the consultations with remarkable results. through monitoring. One of the administrative staff has been asked to be present and record the events for future reference.the consultation events. Concept presentation have been organised and delivered with the Local Authority. User feedback on the website is encouraged for content as well as the website design and changes acknowledged and incorporated with every update. The data gathered at these events was recorded and analysed at every monthly meeting with the company and the academic supervisors. The newsletter deadlines have been put in the calendar with reminders set for two weeks before every deadline. A dedicated webpage for the KTP project has been set up on the website which is now being continuously updated. Had I not been evaluating the data continuously I would not have added the visuals and in some communities where English was not their primary language the quality of the data would have suffered. I am trying to develop a network of people working in the same or similar area as mine in the housing design sector. The KTP project and an update on it have already been published. 3. and Committed to Communities.

The KTP project and its update has been on the website and in the newsletter often enough to keep everyone interested but without giving away any details for the copyright reasons. It will achieve its primary objective of sharing the knowledge and provide a platform for the company and the university to showcase their partnership and the innovation in housing design thus achieved. This has been really successful as I have had many enquires about the project from within the group and from our customer base. The concept presentations to the Homes and Communities Agency and the development forum were received very well and the company is now actively talking with the local authority and the HCA to pilot the new house types on some of the upcoming schemes. The idea of contacting these external agencies to partner and receive funding and sponsorship hence has been successful. Many people have sent in their comments and they have been very useful and have been incorporated towards improving the final end product. With the conference that is still to take place the evaluation at this stage is a bit premature but by judging from the success of the other activities and on reviewing the response thus received form the persons contacted I have no doubt that the conference will be very well attended and successful. Nidhi Shah  CMI No: 4144932  Assignment 3 Submission 1  The AEA Group  Page 16 . We are also trying to partner with some private developers and see our new house types built on some of their sites.

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