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If you still have bruises from kicking yourself the last time you didn't make a move on a lusty lad, try
one of Cosmo's irresistible lure-him-in tricks.

Yes, it's that time of year when the livin' is easy, but as you know, picking up a guy ain't always a
breeze. There is nothing as hair-pullingly frustrating as being surrounded by a slew of delectable
men and not being armed with a great strategy to break the ice and win a stud's attention — not to
mention his heart. Cosmo knows that the biggest hurdle in hooking a new guy is choosing the
perfect words or executing an eye-catching stunt that will launch you into a full-on flirtation. So we
devised a handy chat-him-up crib sheet filled with sizzling, surprising icebreakers that will make
babes eager to banter with you. Use it anytime you see a man you simply must meet.

The beach is bustling, with bronzed boys everywhere...

Paddle up to a sexy surfer and say, "I drifted away from where my girlfriends are sitting. Would

you mind if I climbed on your board for a second so I can get a better view of the beach?"
When the gorgeous guy on the towel near you is smoothing on sunscreen, ask if he wouldn't

mind giving you a dab. Rub it on your shoulders, then strain to reach the middle of your back, look
defeated, and ask him for a heavenly hand.
Get the gals together and start a rowdy game of Sandbunny. Never heard of it? That's the point;

no guy will have either. Make up any rules you want — as long as they have you running around a
lot and cheering loudly. When a circle of intrigued sporty studs forms around you and your bunny-
mates, challenge them to a game.
If you spy a cutie with a cooler of drinks, saunter over to him and offer a tantalizing trade. Say,

"I'll give you half of this watermelon for a couple of sodas. Pretty sweet deal, huh?"
Ask a cute beachcomber to take a picture of you "to send to a friend." Ask him if he'll pose in the

shot and pretend to be your boyfriend. (Just kidding.)

It's Saturday night, and the bar is swarming with single studs...

Ask the guy near the jukebox if he has four quarters for your dollar, then sweetly inquire if he'll be

your deejay and help you pick out a few songs.
While he's waiting for his turn during a pool game, tell a sharp shooter that you and your pal have

wagered a beer on who will win, and he'd better not let you down.
Don a necklace or T-shirt with your name on it or, if you're more daring, a cute moniker like

Sweet Devil or Foxy Mama. Don't be surprised if a friendly fella starts chatting you up to see if you
really live up to your title.

Go to a sports bar wearing the cap of your favorite baseball, basketball, or football team. Guys

who are also fans will want to bond, while rivals will pick a flirty fight.
"Lose" one of your earrings. Start eyeing the ground, especially near that dude you'd like to date.

Lift your hair and show him the other earring so he can help you in your search. When you both hit
the floor, lock eyes with him, then smile when you're just inches away from each other's lips.

You're at a bookstore, a prime place to meet a cultured cutie...

Ask the adorable guy in the fiction section if he can help you remember that best-seller by Tom

What's-his-name. When he says he doesn't know, ask him to recommend a high-suspense book —
you love a little mystery.

Hang out in the travel section, planning an "upcoming trip." Ask a gorgeous globe-trotter for

suggestions about where the hottest vacation locales are.

Sit down at a table near him with a stack of intriguing books (a massage manual, a guide to

mountain climbing, a Thai cookbook). Minutes later, ask if he'll watch them so they don't get
reshelved while you make a quick phone call.
If he works there, special-order an out-of-stock book and ask him to call you — any time at all —

when it comes in.

Pick out a humor book, sit down next to him, and start laughing seductively. Lock eyes with him

and let him know you're not a psycho — this book is just so funny! Lean in to show him a hilarious

At a party, a man has you mesmerized...

When he comes into the kitchen for another beer, enlist his help in opening a jar of olives or a

bottle of wine.

Say, "You look so familiar. Didn't we meet at Lisa's coed naked lawn-bowling party?" It doesn't

matter that he won't even know who Lisa is; he'll be so intrigued, he won't be able to resist asking
what exactly happens at a naked lawn-bowling party.
Bring a hilarious card for the host of the soiree. Have everyone at the party sign it — it's an easy

ticket to talk to your target.
Practice some psychic savvy — read a few of your pals' palms, then ask him if he'd like you to

read his.

In front of the guy who's caught your eye, loudly announce to a pal that you're launching a thrill

campaign to add excitement to your life — and you're now officially up for almost anything. Glance at
him and ask, "Any suggestions?"

You're getting hot at the gym, and it's not from working out...

Lay your mat near a dude doing crunches, and when he takes a sit-up break, ever-so-politely ask

if he can show you the best move to get six-pack abs.
You want to try the leg-press machine, but the last user left heavy weights on it. Ask a buff boy to

help you remove them.

Situate yourself near the hottie in your yoga class. When the instructor asks everyone to pair up

for a headstand drill, ask him to be your partner. Just make sure to tuck in your shirt (or forget to).
Compliment a stylish stud on his awesome, state-of-the-art athletic shoes and ask him where he

bought them.

After breaking a sweat, turn to a mouthwatering man and exclaim, "Ooh, I can't catch my breath

— I just don't know if it's the workout or the company."

In the coffee shop, you scope out a hunky java junkie...

If he has the latest laptop (or Palm or cell phone), ask him how he likes it and if you could take a

look since you're thinking of buying one. If you're feeling bold, type in your name and phone number.
If possible, add in the line, "I'd love to take a closer look at the merchandise."
After taking a big sip of your mocha so your smackers get doused with whipped cream, ask if

there's any whipped cream on your lip. Take a long time licking it off.
Ask to borrow the movie section of his newspaper to see what's playing that night and casually

inquire if he's seen any good flicks lately. If he gets really animated during your cinema chat, invite
him to catch a 7:30 show with you.

While standing by him in line for coffee, debate out loud which brew to order. "Do I want a skim

latte with a shot of hazelnut? Is the caramel cappuccino good? Maybe I should try that." Then gently
tap his shoulder and ask, "What do you think I should get?" He's sure to offer advice.
As you're walking by a hot joe-sipping stud, seductively utter, "You know what they say about

men who drink coffee...." When he smiles and asks, "What?" Tell him, "Catch me here at this time
tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it."

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