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Oracle 11g Nf 1.0

Oracle 11g Nf 1.0

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Published by: Ramu Spl on May 10, 2011
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  • Installation, Database Upgrades and Change Management
  • Installation New Features Support
  • Role and Privilege Changes
  • Deprecated Components
  • New Initialization Parameters Affecting Database Creation
  • DBCA Enhancements
  • Upgrading to Oracle Database 11g
  • Database Replay
  • The SQL Performance Analyzer
  • Patching in Oracle Database Control
  • Database Diagnosis and Repair
  • Introducing Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
  • Configuring the ADR
  • Using adrci Tool
  • Using The Support Workbench in the OEM
  • Using SQL Repair Advisor
  • Database Health Monitor
  • Data Recovery Advisor
  • SQL Test Case Builder
  • Data Block Corruption Parameters
  • Automatic Memory Management
  • Automatic Maintenance Tasks
  • New Automatic Maintenance Task
  • Oracle Flashback-Related New Features
  • LogMiner Interface in Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Flashback Transaction Backout
  • Flashback Data Archive
  • Virtual Columns
  • New Data Partitioning Schemes
  • DDL Lock Timeout
  • Explicit Locking of Tables
  • Invisible Indexes
  • Read-Only Tables
  • Deferred Segment Creation
  • Shrinking Temporary Tablespaces and Tempfiles
  • Creating an Initialization Parameter File from Memory
  • Restore Point Enhancements
  • Database Resident Connection Pooling
  • Comparing and Synchronizing Database Objects
  • Online Application Maintenance
  • Oracle Advanced Compression Option
  • Oracle Scheduler New Features
  • Lightweight Jobs
  • Remote External Jobs
  • Monitoring Job State with Email Notifications
  • File Watcher
  • Finer-grained Dependency Management
  • Enhancements in Oracle Database Resource Manager
  • Dropping Unused Object Storage
  • PL/SQL Native Compilation
  • Server Result Cache
  • PL/SQL Function Result Cache
  • Enhanced Oracle Process Monitoring
  • Subprogram Inlining
  • SQL Tuning Automation
  • SQL Access Advisor Enhancements
  • Changing Statistics Preferences
  • Enhanced Statistics Maintenance
  • SQL Plan Management
  • ADDM New Features
  • AWR New Features
  • Setting Metric Thresholds for Baselines
  • Setting Metric Thresholds for Selected Baselines
  • Performance-Related Changes in Database Control
  • Miscellaneous New Performance Tuning Features
  • Real-Time SQL Monitoring
  • Adaptive Cursor Sharing
  • Stronger Password Hash Algorithm
  • Security Out of the Box
  • Case-Sensitive Password Files
  • Anti Network Attacks Parameters
  • Fine-Grained Access Control for UTL_* Packages
  • Further Security New Features
  • Backup and Recovery New Features
  • Enhanced Block Media Recovery
  • RMAN Substitution Variables
  • New RMAN Configuration Parameters
  • Creating Archival Backups
  • VALIDATE Command
  • Configuring an Archived Redo Log Deletion Policy
  • Active Database Duplication
  • Importing and Moving Recovery Catalogs
  • Compression Enhancement
  • Reusing a Dump File
  • Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
  • SYSASM Privilege and OSASM Group
  • ASM Fast Mirror Resync
  • asmcmd Utility Commands
  • Oracle Direct NFS
  • PL/SQL New Features
  • SecureFiles
  • Partitioning Improvements

Oracle Database 11g kernel has built-in support for the network file system (NFS) without relying on OS support
for NFS. If Oracle’s Direct NFS is not able to open the NFS server, Oracle will utilize the operating system’s NFS
client as specified in /etc/fstab and post an error message in the alert log. This feature has the following

• You can achieve better IO performance, more efficient system resource utilization, and lower operating
costs in NAS environments.
• You can implement Network Interface Card (NIC) bonding without the need of the expensive advanced
Ethernet switches. It is not either necessary to have homogeneous network cards.

Using ASM versus Direct NFS is still controversial subject.

Note In Oracle 11g ASM, you can create an ASM disk group using NFS files.

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