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Understanding Iptv Informa Telecoms Media.9780849374159.27577

Understanding Iptv Informa Telecoms Media.9780849374159.27577

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Published by: Ejaz Ahmad on May 10, 2011
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  • Introduction to IPTV
  • 1.1The Concept of IPTV
  • 1.3The Potential Impact of IPTV
  • Market Drivers and Developing IPTV Infrastructure
  • 2.1Telephone Company Landline Erosion
  • 2.2The Pay-TV Market
  • 2.3Convergence of Voice, Data, and Video
  • 2.4Evolution of Video Compression
  • Television Concepts
  • 3.1Analog Television
  • 3.2Digital Television
  • 3.3 Lossy Compression
  • The TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IPTV
  • 4.1The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • 4.2 Delivering IPTV
  • Last Mile Solutions
  • 5.2Distribution into the Home
  • Hardware Components
  • 6.1Set-Top Boxes
  • 6.2Media Center and Center Extenders
  • Software Solutions
  • 7.1Microsoft’s Windows Media Player
  • 7.2Apple Computer’s QuickTime
  • 7.3Other Media Players
  • Internet Television
  • 8.1Internet Television vs. IPTV
  • 8.2Internet Television

The purpose of this chapter is twofold. First, we will review the major
characteristics of the TCP/IP protocol suite. Once this is accomplished,
we will use our knowledge of the protocol suite to obtain an understanding
of the manner by which video can be transported in a TCP/IP environment.

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