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Understanding Iptv Informa Telecoms Media.9780849374159.27577

Understanding Iptv Informa Telecoms Media.9780849374159.27577

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Published by: Ejaz Ahmad on May 10, 2011
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In the previous chapter, we focused on the key hardware components
that cumulatively provide an IPTV solution. In this chapter we will turn
our attention to software in the form of media players that enable both
corporate and individual users to view a variety of video data streams
retrieved from the Internet. In doing so, we will describe and discuss
several of the more popular media players. As this is accomplished, we
will illustrate the use of IPTV, examining how a media player can enable
users to view and hear a range of media events, including movies and
other types of video media, directly from the Internet or previously stored
as a file on the computer.
At the time this book was written, four media players accounted for
the vast majority of PC usage: Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, Apple
Computer’s QuickTime, Real Networks’ RealPlayer, and Macromedia’s
Flash Player. Although the four products possess many similarities, there
are also some differences. Concerning similarities, all four products
handle both video and audio and are capable of displaying certain
types of stored images. The differences between each of the four
products have to do more with their functionality, because they basically
perform the same types of operations differently. Because Microsoft’s
Windows Media Player and Apple Computer’s QuickTime account for
the vast majority of media players currently used, we will primarily
discuss these two products in this chapter. However, we will briefly
touch on the other two media players to ensure readers are aware of
all four media players.

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Understanding IPTV

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