A group of moral principles, standards of behavior, or set of values regarding proper conduct in the workplace

Customers . CoCo-workers.ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE Relationships at Work Management/owner toward client/customer Management/owner toward employees Employee toward Employer.

ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE Business Abuse Any : illegal unethical irresponsible Act done against an Employer .

ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE Results of Business Abuse Higher prices Business Failure Fewer Jobs Unpleasant Working Conditions .

Examples of Business Abuse Stealing tealing Merchandise Money * Shoplift *Kickback * Conflict of Interest * Unauthorized Discounts Time .ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE A.

Examples of Business Abuse (Continued) Vandalism Falsify Records Break Confidentiality Ignore Safety Rules Misrepresent Merchandise .ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE A.

ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE A. Examples of Business Abuse (Continued) Poor Client Service Irresponsible Behavior Addictions * drugs * alcohol * tobacco .

ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE A. Examples of Business Abuse (Continued) Gossip * Causes poor work environment (morale) * Lowers Productivity .

ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE 11 Harassment of Co-wks or CoClients *Unwelcome sexual advances * Compliance as condition of employment * Interferes w/ wk performance through intimidation .

overcharges I¶m not paid enough The co. won¶t miss it The co.ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE How Do We Rationalize Business Abuse? Everybody does it The co. doesn¶t deserve my loyalty .

How Employers Respond to Business Abuse Increase Security * loss prevention mgmt. * surveillance * Networks/Helplines * threats of prosecution .ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE C.

How Employers Respond to Business Abuse (Continued) Increase Employee Loyalty * fair wages & benefits * fair/consistent treatment * recognition for good wk * foster family climate .ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE C.

As Employees.ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE D. What Are Our Choices? Ignore Business Abuse Rationalize it away Speak Up Discuss to Clarify Issues Blow the Whistle! .

would I feel uncomfortable? .ASK: Is this legal? Is it against co. policy? Could the action cause loss or harm to anyone? If everyone I knew saw me. If You·re Unsure Before You Act -.ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE E.

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