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Scribd Community Project Finish the Story (Louis O Raga)

Scribd Community Project Finish the Story (Louis O Raga)

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Published by Louis Burgos
My finished story. Would you read? Or, WILL you?
My finished story. Would you read? Or, WILL you?

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Published by: Louis Burgos on May 10, 2011
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Who would have guessed it would be so cold. The sun was shining, there was no wind and it was in the middle of July. Then again, it was San Francisco so it should have been expected. Diana stood on the street corner in a t-shirt and jeans, hunched over with the cold, goose bumps covering her body. To anyone watching, it would have seemed as though she was busy playing on her iPhone. Every few seconds, she jumped a bit and hit her phone. But she was hitting the menu button to make the phone jump back to life, checking the time. He was late – 23min late, to be exact. And there was nothing she could do about it. There was no one that she could call, nowhere that she could go – all she could do was have faith that Bacchus would show… A man nearby observed the whole situation, with an odd look. He seemed to know the girl. Then, to the surprise of Diana, Bacchus showed up. Him showing up was not the surprise of course, since she had so much blind faith in the man who had always been on time. It was the fact that he was wearing a gorilla suit. “Why, oh why, would you be wearing such a preposterously hot costume, Baucchus? Why? Don't you love me? Are you breaking up with me?” said Diana. Diana did have much faith on Bacchus' punctuality, but not on his faithfulness ironically enough. Her paranoia didn't stem from nowhere, of course. Bacchus had cheated on her with her mother, her friend, and Meg Ryan. To this day, she cannot happily watch When Harry Met Sally, and refuses to trust blue-eyed, blonde beauties in comedy movies. Bacchus, seeing the despair and loss of hope in her eyes, quickly replied, “Well. I can tell you what happened. In those 23 minutes. I can tell you the wonders of my life in those 23 minutes. 23 minutes, that I wish I got back. I will tell you, as long as you quit talking in that weird southern accent.” Teary eyed, and ready to listen, Diana sat, nodded, and Bacchus started to tell his story. For the sake of not frasing things

in such a weird matter, I will tell the story from how I saw it. Because, I am his trusty pen. I always sit in his shirt pocket. Observing everything that happens. But how did I know about how Diana was doing before-hand you say? Shennanigans you call? That is because I am now a man. A man who has aged 23 years. How dare you bicker at me. Sit down and listen already. Before leaving, Bacchus picked me up, and put me in his shirt pocket. As soon as he left the house, a strange man had approached him about a pecular watch. The man gave Bacchus the watch, and said that he would be needing it, and that it would save his life. Bacchus, never refusing anything that wouldn't hinder his wallet, gleefully took the watch. The man seemingly vanished into a taxi cab which he had waved. Bacchus then strolled down the street, strutting the new watch he had aqcuired. Soon enough, the watch started beeping. We were then teleported to ten minutes before that time. I was turned into a man. Bacchus had materialized just fine, only he was wearing a gorilla suit. He panicked, believing that he had turned into a gorrilla, when I removed the head part. I removed his watch, and Bacchus confusingly said, “So I guess you wanted the watch back?” I went to the Bacchus from the past, and gave him a watch, and told him that it would save his life. I walked over to where Diana was sitting, and moved a bit far away, and watched from the distance. Bacchus came shortly after, in his Gorilla suit, explaining the situation of why he was 23 minutes late. I then, moved to Cambodia, married a local, had three kids, and then lived a wonderful life. Don't you just love happy endings?

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