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Mba Usa 2011 Catalog

Mba Usa 2011 Catalog

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Published by James Garrett

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Published by: James Garrett on May 10, 2011
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2011 Catalog :2008 Cat 3/9/11 8:24 AM Page 51

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Pocket Otoscope

The Visual Viper is a premier digital
inspection scope with video output. This
handy tool is ideal for examining hard-to-
reach areas normally hidden from sight.
The 2.5” full color LCD screen provides
crystal-clear video from the miniature
imaging sensor at the tip of the 42” water-
tight shaft. The bright, white LED light
combined with the autofocus and sensitivi-
ty of the camera allows you to view
objects as close as 3/8”. The ergonomic
design and magnetic back allows for con-
venient operation. Use for internal inspec-
tion of safe doors, look for remote relock-
ers, find disconnected boltwork parts, and
The Visual Viper requires a larger than
usual hole for safe drilling (3/8”), but the
clarity of the video and the affordable price
make the Visual Viper a tool for all serious
Safe Technicians.

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