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Mba Usa 2011 Catalog

Mba Usa 2011 Catalog

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Published by James Garrett

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Published by: James Garrett on May 10, 2011
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Jackknife Pick Set

You cannot always carry your tool kit with
you and you never know when you may
be called upon to use your lock picking
skills at an unexpected lockout. That is
why this handy Jackknife Pick Set should
go in your pocket at the start of every day.
The folded size is 3/4” x 4ʼʼ and it is
shaped like a folding pocket knife. There
are two rakes, 1 diamond, 1 hook and one
tension tool in this complete pick set.
Made of spring steel and reasonably
priced to order an extra set. Get one for
your pocket and one for your glove box!

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