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Börkey 909 Euro-Drill Börkey Euroline Börkey Rexa 2000+

The Euro-Drill from Börkey is a quality investment for todayʼs modern locksmith. This machine is designed to precisely duplicate a wide variety of dimple and track keys. Once relegated to only the highest-end automobiles, track keys are now increasingly common on many different vehicles. Features of the Euro-Drill include: • Automatic magnetic locking system for cutters and tracers •Selectable motor speeds of 5,000 and 10,000 RPM • Anti-twist jaws that can be synchronously rotated up to 45 ˚ • Electronic adjustment of the cutter and tracer with LED display • Comes with 5 matched pairs of cutters and tracers and a drawer to hold them • Made in Germany by Börkey: in business since 1851 As with all Börkey machines, the Euro-Drill is a heavy-duty workhorse that will earn you money over its long working life. Euro-Drill Key Machine #BOR-909 $5795.00

MBA is pleased to present a new key machine from Börkey, makers of the machines legendary for their accuracy and jaws of extraordinary strength. The Euroline is a semi-automatic duplicator designed to copy standard cylinder, double-sided car keys, and even cross keys with great accuracy and efficiency. Fourway jaws give legendary gripping power on a wide variety of “tough-to-hold” keys. Weighing in at a hefty 64 pounds, this machine is designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use in the busiest shops. The Euroline boasts a work light and deburring brush as standard equipment. Available in North America exclusively from MBA USA, Inc. Check our web site for downloads on this machine. Euroline Key Machine #BOR-396 $2795.00

This semi-automatic powerhouse features four-way jaws capable of firmly gripping everything from interchangeable core keys to virtually any foreign car key. Supplemental gripping devices are available to hold cross-keys, Tibbe keys and other unusual keys. In addition to the shoulder gauge, lift wires and tip-stops allow for accurate alignment of any key up to 4-1/2” inches long. Calibrated micro-adjustable space and depth controls allow the operator to easily compensate for worn or even broken keys. Keys requiring very deep cuts in the first space are easily handled by the specially shaped cutter. The Rexa 2000 comes with important safety features any locksmith will appreciate. These include a “hold-back” feature to keep the cutter from hitting the jaw, plus a carriage safety that prevents cutting into the shoulder gauge. A shrouded cutter and brush are two more features that make this 74 pound workhorse as safe as it is accurate and reliable. A light for the Rexa is also included. Börkey 994 Rexa 2000 Plus $3795.00 #BOR-4R

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We reserve the right to change prices at any time and without notice. We are always happy to quote you current prices at the time you order any product.

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Börkey Ecos 208 Börkey Model 173 Lord II Börkey EuroCompact 200

A new generation of leadership at Börkey is pioneering a fresh technical outlook for that company. We are pleased to introduce the ECOS electronic key machine with 5.7” color touch-screen display and precision optical key reader. The heavy duty ECOS is capable of totally standalone operation using an integrated computer running Windows CE 5.0. Copy keys by electronically reading the sample key, or input the cuts yourself to originate a key. Four-way reversible jaws made of highquality precision tool steel hold a wide variety of blanks with legendary Börkey grip. A transparent cover with safety switch protects the user from the rotating cutter, and provides control of cutting swarf. The ECOS is a workhouse that is a perfect fit for the busiest shops where accuracy and speed are everything. Börkey 208 ECOS 5.0 CPL #BEC-208 Call for current pricing

We reserve the right to change prices at any time and without notice. We are always happy to quote you current prices at the time you order any product.

Standard Bit Carriage - The “standard” Lord machine comes with a single-bit carriage designed for safe and door keys. You get limited rotation on the jaw holding the blank, which yields radius cuts. Both the original and blank keys can be any length. Supplied with 3 cutters and matching tracers. Special order only. Double Bit Carriage - This version of the Lord machine is equipped with a double-bit carriage designed for complex safe and door keys. You get 360˚ rotation on the jaw holding the blank, which yields radius cuts. Supplied with a set of stabilizers for both solid and hollow keys, 3 cutters and matching tracers. Special order only. Southern Steel Carriage (Prison) - A specially modified version of the Lord machine that is designed to cut lever-type keys. It is extremely accurate and durable and used in prisons throughout the U.S. Very rugged construction. Comes with 3 cutters and matching tracers. Special order only. Börkey Model 173 Lord II Standard Carriage - Single Bit Keys #BOL-173/2S $6500.00 Double Bit Carriage - Double Bit Keys #BOL-173/2-A $8250.00 Southern Steel Carriage - Modified for prison keys #BOL-173/2MODSS $6500.00 Carriages Carriage/Single-Bit Keys #BOL-173/2C $1600.00 Carriage/Flat Keys #BOL-173/2F $1675.00 Carriage/Side Grooves #BOL-173/2N $1600.00 Carriage/Double-Bit #BOL-173/CAD $3250.00

Another fine machine from Börkey. The EuroCompact 200 duplicates single-bit safe, furniture, and door keys. What sets this machine apart from others is that it actually makes a radius cut on the key being duplicated! This yields a smooth working, trouble-free key. Comes complete with 3 cutters and matching tracers. The EuroCompact is used throughout Europe and MBA is pleased to be the exclusive importer to the U.S. 110 Volts, complete with light and tool kit. Börkey Eurocompact 200 #BOE-200 Call for current pricing

Interested in equipment leasing/ purchasing your new key machine?
We can put you in touch with a company that will take the application for you and make a fast credit decision. Call MBA for details.

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95 Steel King Cutters We reserve the right to change prices at any time and without notice.00 $21. all cuts can be duplicated without removing the sample key or blank from the vises.00 $15.00 $2.00 $15.50 $26.KEY MACHINES Keyway King Steel King Keyway King Cutters Create or modify existing blanks by adding grooves and modifying lands. lever cuts.50 $115. Steel King Key Machine #WTA-SK1 $1495.00 $15. and ward cuts on bit keys.00 $46.00 $61.Front Spring for Carriage Rack/Pinion Set.00 $43. Features a movable table activated by a lever arm that controls the travel of the table.95 $9. With the use of the two cutters.50 $75.00 $75.50 $115.00 $38. This includes side and end cuts on flat steel as well as pass cuts.50 $104.95 $59. Two rack and pinion mechanisms drive the carriage from front to back and from left to right with the use of lever handles for good operator control.00 Designed to copy flat and bit keys precisely and at high speed. The result is a professionally modified blank with a minimum of time and labor. Quality construction with cutters (16 different profiles included) that change quickly. Heavy duty design guarantees years of use.00 $57.75 $18.Long & Round Jaw Upper Assembly Jaw Lower Assembly Bottom Piece 102 Jaw Asm. Replacement cutters and parts are also available.00 $61.00 $92.00 $92.50 $575. Complete Jaw Asm.00 $65.Side $15. The vises hold keys securely for accurate milling.00 $92. Pressure Plate Rack/Pinion Set .00 $145.00 Keyway King Cutters #WTA-KKC01 Cutter #1 #WTA-KKC02 Cutter #2 #WTA-KKC04 Cutter #4 #WTA-KKC06A Cutter #6A #WTA-KKC06B Cutter #6B #WTA-KKC07 Cutter #7 #WTA-KKC08 Cutter #8 #WTA-KKC09 Cutter #9 #WTA-KKC10 Cutter #10 #WTA-KKC11 Cutter #11 #WTA-KKC13A Cutter #13A #WTA-KKC13B Cutter #13B #WTA-KKC14A Cutter #14A #WTA-KKC14B Cutter #14B #WTA-KKC15 Cutter #15 #WTA-KKC16 Cutter #16 #WTA-KKCSC Cutter Set $43.00 $145.30 $14. Keyway King Milling Machine #WTA-KK1 $1995.50 $575.00 Keyway King Parts Keyway King Parts #WTA-KKCA Cutter Axle #WTA-KKCN Cutter Nut #WTA-KKCUG Cutter Guard #WTA-KKCSC Cutter Set #WTA-KKKV Key Vise #WTA-KKMTR Motor 110V #WTA-HNDL Handle #WTA-M-21 Drive Belt $18.Square & Flat Key Guide . 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 5 .00 Steel King Parts Steel King Parts #WTA-HNDL #WTA-M-24 #WTA-SKBG #WTA-SKCS1 #WTA-SKCS2 #WTA-SKG1 #WTA-SKG2 #WTA-SKJ1 #WTA-SKJ2 #WTA-SKJ3 #WTA-SKJC #WTA-SKPP #WTA-SKRP-F #WTA-SKSC #WTA-SKRP-S Handle Drive Belt Belt Guard #1 Small Cutter #2 Large Cutter Key Guide .00 $3.50 $112.00 $133.00 $19. We are always happy to quote you current prices at the time you order any product.00 $2.00 $75.00 $62.00 $43.

mbaUSA. ITL950M Code Machine #ITL18 ITL950M $3100. lightweight and easy to use. Connecting to a PC allows you to update software. the cutterhead actually swings under its own power to cut Medeco™ high security keys with ease. Hyundai. store and modify codes and create a database.XXXL) $11. rods. Temic Fix Megamos) and can clone more automotive keys than any other device available on the market.00 The TRS-5000 transponder machine is capable of cloning the majority of fixed transponder keys. you will find no better machine for safe deposit work than Framon.00 BRANDS THIS MACHINE WILL DUPLICATE Safe Deposit Keys Diebold • Yale • Sargent & Greenleaf Victor • LeFebure • HHM Locker & Letter Box Keys Yale • National Eagle • Auth • Couch • Florence Padlock Keys Double & Single sided Master The ITL950M has space and depth information for hundreds of locks built right into the machine. you can also cut keys directly using many third party software code programs (not included) by connecting the ITL950M to your computer. specials and new products! 6 The industrial 9700 code machine is a superb asset for any high production lock shop. and screw drives for unprecedented durability and Log on for current prices. By popular demand. drawn with the usual precision and detail that made Ed famous.00 With Medeco™/Carbide Cutter Ed Willis T-Shirt ITL 9700M Code Machine Log on to www.XL. TRS-5000 Transponder Machine #JMA-TRS-5000 $ .XXL. Lexus.mbaUSA.00 With Medeco™ Cutter sales@mbaUSA. Log on to our web site for more information and a complete list of the available blanks. The 9700 performs all the tasks youʼve come to expect from ITL machines. In addition. Cloning is an easy two step process: Read and Copy.including Medeco™ standard Biaxial. A variety of blanks are available including Toyota.L. but is built with industrial quality bearings. This machine is small. It can cut keys up to 2-1/8" for a complete listing of key blanks available 2011 Limited Edition This year the MBA USA Ed Willis T-shirt features the Chubb Isolator. read. (Texas.045" carbide cutter (other cutters are available). Mazda Mistsubishi.M. Framon Safe Deposit Key Duplicator #FMC04 $ • www. this year our shirt is black with a blue imprint and we have added some new sizes. You can create an original key in seconds for automotive. ITL 9700 M Code Machine #ITL9700M $6295. The built-in computer can even create masterkey systems for you and then cut each key! As if that werenʼt enough.00 With Medeco™ Cutter #ITL19 ITL950MCA $3530.95 www. Equipped with Medeco™ cutter.882.KEY MACHINES Transponder Machine Framon Safe Deposit Duplicator ITL 950 Code Machine When accuracy and ease of operation are important. and comes with a versatile . and Subaru with more manufacturers and vehicle types on the way. Ed Willis T-Shirt 2011 Edition #WT11-Size (S. This machine comes with updatable software. and commercial locks . household. These keyblanks can be used to duplicate TP02 and TP07 transponder keys. Ford.

in less than one minute.00 Specifications Motor: 120VAC* Weight: 16lbs. The Premier Speedex® is a manual duplicator. HPC Mini Speedex® Key Machine #HPC-9120RM $375. and an HPC Softie™ de-burring brush. It is equipped with 4-way jaws for holding a variety of different key blanks. move the space needle to the second space and move the depth needle to the appropriate number for this cut.00 Specifications Motor: 120VAC* (1/6 hp. the Blitz™ Machine revolutionized the locksmith industry. The Premier Speedex comes mounted on a sturdy base and comes equipped with a heavy-duty RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER WE ACCEPT 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 7 .5 amps) Weight: 32lbs. This lightweight duplicator is able to cut regular or large-bow keys. HPC Premier Speedex® Key Machine #HPC-9160MC $499. It comes equipped with an HPC Softie™ de-burring brush and its durable construction and bronze bearings combine for a long-lasting product. perfect for duplicating even the largest keys. Optional adapters are available to cut Tubular and Tibbe keys as well. Additional specialty code cards and adapters are available separately. Machine Size: 12”W x 14”D x 9”H Bench Size: 20”W x 14”D * Available in other voltages We reserve the right to change prices at any time and without notice. www. The 1200CMB simplified the code cutting process by translating the lock manufacturesʼ depth and space measurements to code cards. including many of the cards for the latest cars. including double-sided keys (such as foreign automotive keys). Its portable size and weight make the Mini Speedex® convenient to use in your lockshop or van. Machine Size: 12”W x 14”D x 8”H Bench Size: 17”W x 17”D * Available in other voltages The Mini Speedex® is one of the most accurate small key machines on the market. The simplicity of operating this machine makes easy work out of duplicating even a large number of keys. and set the depth needle to the appropriate depth number for the cut required. Next. Machine Size: 11”W x 8”D x 8”H Bench Size: 16”W x 11”D * Available in other voltages Interested in equipment leasing/ purchasing your new key machine? We can put you in touch with a company that will take the application for you and make a fast credit decision. The reversible copy dog allows you to cut flat steel keys with the optional slotting cutter kit. set the space needle to the number 1 mark on the card. Simply insert the code card for the lock you are working on. The Mini Speedex® has 4-way jaws which allows it to cut a wide variety of keys.KEY MACHINES HPC Blitz™ HPC Premier Speedex® HPC Mini Speedex® From its introduction almost 30 years ago as the 1200CM. HPC Blitz™ Code Milling Key Machine #HPC-1200CMB $2425. Call MBA for details. such as hotel/motel room keys.00 Specifications Motor: 120VAC* Weight: 16lbs. 3.mbaUSA. Quite often just replacing the code card is all that is required when you cut a key for a different lock. Continue this simple procedure to cut a new key. to the manufacturerʼs exact specifications. We are always happy to quote you current prices at the time you order any product. The machine is supplied with an expanded deck of 150 code cards.

5mm $75.250” . See other parts below needed for adding a brush to your Rexa III.0mm for Mercedes and most others CSC-CU/SEA 1. We are pleased to offer these Swiss precision cutters that are the highest quality and are available at reasonable prices.94 $50. for Sea CSC-HSMC 3.95 $101.025 Rad.55 $99.0mm High Security Cutter Hole 1/2” 1/2” 16mm 1/2” 16mm 16mm 16mm 22mm 22mm 16mm 16 mm Thick.0mm 2.50 Börkey Rexa III Cutters To determine which Rexa III cutter you need.4mm • www.093” 6mm . Börkey Replacement Brush (factory) #BOR-P/WB1 $18.94 $42.75 $144. 1/4” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 8.5mm dia. Hole 2-3/8” 3/8” 2-3/8” 3/8” 2-3/8” 3/8” 2-3/8” 3/8” 2-3/8” 3/8” 2-3/8” 3/8” 2-3/8” 3/8” 60.00 $72. 45˚ 2-1/4” CSC-CW80 Silca Bravo. We also have an after-market replacement brush for this machine.4mm) #BOR-CU/RC5C $224.53mm Thick.20 $95.00 Rexa 2000+ Feeler Profile Börkey Rexa 2000+ Börkey Rexa New Style Cutter for the Rexa 2000+ (4.00 $50. Rytan 80mm CSC-RC1 Börkey Rexa Cutter 80mm CSC-RC5C Börkey Rexa “USA” 80mm Flat Duplicating Cutters CSC-FC100 Approx.00 Börkey New Style Cutter (4.5mm dia. Börkey Wire Brush Cover w/Shroud #BOR-P/WBC $99.95 $98. Börkey Old Style Cutter (5mm) #BOR-CU/RC1 $224.33mm9.50 Börkey Rexa III Brushes HPC 1200 Series Cutters Order No.00 Börkey Rexa Profile 2 New Style Guide #BOR-P/RF5C $112. particularly for import items. Cylinder (a) Sargent ASSA ASSA OTHER CUTTERS ALSO AVAILABLE Angle 90˚ 86˚ 90˚ 100˚ 90˚ 76˚ 90˚ 105˚ .60 $72.00 Börkey Replacement Brush (aftermarket) #KUL-WB1 $14.94 $50. for Lexus CSC-CU/MBZ 3.040 Width 80mm CSC-FC150 Approx .060 Width 80mm CSC-FC200 Approx .5mm 2.00 8 sales@mbaUSA. measure with the thickness of your existing cutter with calipers and order accordingly.030 Rad. Price .40 $90. Order No. Description Angle Dia.10 $111.50 Rexa Profile 2 New Style Guide You will need this stud bolt to add a wire brush to your Rexa III.KEY MACHINE PARTS Swiss Key Machine Cutters MBA now carries replacement cutters for a variety of key machines.56mm Price $97.85 $142.00 You will need this cover to add a wire brush to your Rexa III.80 $103. Call us when you need cutters.60 $51.60 $73. MBA has the parts you need to add a brush or replace an existing one.95 $97.mbaUSA.00 Börkey Rexa 2000+ Feeler Profile 2 #BOR-4R/P-RF5C $140. Large Cylinder Lg.50 $108. Duplicating Cutters CSC-23RF Rotary File 45˚ 2-1/4” CSC-CW23MC Milling Cutter.250” 5mm 5mm 4. HPC-CW-1011 HPC-CW-1012 HPC-CW-1013 HPC-CW-14MC HPC-CW-90MC HPC-CW-20FM HPC-CW-32MC HPC-CW-105 Description Small cylinder Medeco™ Emhart Std. .080 Width 80mm CSC-FC250 Approx .00 If you own a Börkey 954 Rexa III.0mm 1.4mm) #BOR-CU/RC5C $224. 45˚ 2-14” CSC-30/45MC Taurus Cutter 68mm CSC-34MC Milling Cutter .50 $115.100 Width 80mm High Security Milling Cutters CSC-CU/LXS 2.00 $108. HPC 1. Börkey Wire Brush Stud Bolt #BOR-P/WBS $49.00 Börkey Rexa Standard Guide #BOR-P/RF1 $112.

Top & Bottom w/Wing Nut BOR-4R/P-MSHP Rexa III Wing Nut Rexa III On/Off Push Button Switch BOR-P/CUG BOR-P/WBS Rexa 2000 Mushroom Handle BOR-4R/P-RF5C Rexa III Cutter Guard BOR-P/CAH Rexa III Wire Brush Stud BOR-3D/PRFBC Rexa 2000 Feeler Profiler BOR-4R/P-WB1 Rexa III Carriage Lever Handle BOR-P/JAWC Rexa III DSB Key Guide Assembly Complete BOR-3D/P-JAWC Rexa 2000 Replacement Brush BOR-4R/P-WN Rexa III Jaw Complete .KEY MACHINE PARTS Börkey Rexa III Parts BOX-RS1 Börkey Rexa III & DSB Parts BOR-P/WBC Börkey 2000+ Parts BOR-4R/P-JAW Rexa III On/Off Slide Switch BOX-RS2 Rexa III Outer Belt Cover w/Shroud BOR-P/WN Rexa 2000 Jaw . CALL US OR VISIT OUR WEB SITE FOR ALL AVAILABLE BORKEY KEY MACHINE PARTS 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 9 .One Side Only Rexa III DSB Jaw 3 Part Complete Rexa 2000 Wing Nut CALL OR VISIT OUR WEB SITE FOR CURRENT PRICES.

Code Card. If calibration is necessary.KEY MACHINE PARTS HPC Automotive Jaw Kit HPC Schlage Primus®/Quad Jaws HPC Tubular Key Adapter Kit The HPC Super Jaw Kit fits your Blitz™ and helps cut double-sided automotive keys without shims and wires that are easily lost or misplaced. These specialty keys are used on Ford and Jaguar cars.75 With this Medeco® Jaw you can cut Medeco® level 1 Commercial keys.85 HPC Medeco® KeyMark Jaws HPC Medeco® Jaw This kit can be used to cut Medeco® KeyMark keys on your Blitz™ or Switch Blitz™ code machines. including the adapter.35 This kit can be used to cut Schlage high security Primus® keys and Quad series keys. slottercutter. Tubular Key Adapter kits are available for the Switch Blitz™ and Blue Shark™ key machines as well. the kit can then be used to calibrate your machine or determine if factory service is required. It is designed to quickly and accurately diagnose whether your machine is out of calibration.365 O. This kit comes with an adapter. and economical. HPC Tubular Key Adapter Kit #HPC-TKA-CMB (Blitz™) $265.00 This kit can be used to cut Medeco® 3 Freedom keys on your Blitz™. HPC Medeco® Jaw #HPC-MJ-1 $68. It is factory preset to cut standard 7-pin tubular keys (. and code card. HPC Automotive Super Jaw Kit #HPC-ASJ-1200 $159.mbaUSA. HPC Tibbe Key Adapter Kit #HPC-TIBBE-CMB (Blitz™) $259. Fast. this adapter will be a valuable addition to your cutting equipment. Switch Blitz™ and CodeMax® code machines. Tibbe Key adapters are also available for the Switch Blitz™ and Blue Shark™ key machines. HPC Medeco® 3 Freedom Jaws #HPC-MJ-3 $84. HPC Medeco® KeyMark Jaws #HPC-MKYM-KIT $109.50 SEE PAGE 7 FOR HPC KEY MACHINES 10 sales@mbaUSA.95 This easy to use tool kit is for use with all 1200CMB Blitz™ and Switch Blitz™ code machines.) by code. accurate.D. HPC Blitz™ Series Calibration Kit #HPC-CMB-CK $65. The Tubular Key Adapter fits in the standard jaw making conversion quick and easy.02 Turn your Blitz™ code machine into a tubular code machine. as well as standard Schlage keys on your Blitz™ and CodeMax® code machines. This kit comes with everything you need to cut these high profit keys. This jaw can be used with the 1200 CMB Blitz™ and CodeMax® Series Code machines. and Allen .00 Blitz™ Calibration Kit HPC Tibbe Key Adapter Kit HPC Medeco® 3 Freedom Jaws Cut both 6-space and 8-space Tibbe keys on your Blitz™ code machine. easy. This kit comes with everything you need including 20 code cards designed specifically for this jaw to keep you up-to-date. HPC Schlage Primus®/Quad Jaws #HPC-SPJ-1 $ • www. Carbide Slotter-Cutter.

Switch Blitz™. For the Blitz™.65 HPC Easy Flip For use with 7-pin Best and 10-cut Ford on 1200 CMB Blitz™.75 HPC Softie Brush & Assembly #HPC-12SB $63. Trace-A-Key®. HPC Modified Horseshoe Tip Stop #HPC-HT-SD $14. Donʼt see what you are looking for in our catalog or on our web site? Let us know! We can quote you a price on any product HPC manufactures. CodeMax®.80 MBA USA. Cards sold separately. HPC Replacement Tip Stop. HPC Softie Brush Only/Replacement #HPC-TYX-3 $12. Switch Blitz™. and Trace-A-Key® Series machines. HPC Easy Grip Wing Nut #HPC-EGN-1 $14. HPC Modified Red Tip Stop #HPC-RT-SD $6. and lasts six times longer than wire. The Softie Brush Assembly includes the Softie™ brush with shield. CodeMax®. Code Max®. It is made of Tylon-X. HPC Easy Flip #HPC-EFLIP-1200 $24. specials and new products! 11 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 . For use with safe deposit keys on 1200 CMB Blitz™.A. This sturdy metal wing nut fits all HPC 1200 Series. HPC Code Card Storage Panel #HPC-CARD-BP $18. Call us or e-mail sales@mbaUSA. and CodeMax® Series machines.Made In U. Switch Blitz™. The New Easy Grip Wing Nut is ergonomically designed to make loading keys easier. The carbide impregnated brush de-burrs faster.75 WE ACCEPT www. and CodeMax® Series machines. Switch Blitz™. and pulley. Automate™. Red #HPC-CM-1054MA $5. Switch Blitz™. INC. HPC Replacement Tip Stop.KEY MACHINE PARTS HPC Replacement Tip Stops HPC Code Card Storage Panel HPC Softie™ Brush & Assembly Standard replacement tip stop for the 1200 CMB Blitz™.mbaUSA.75 A Proud Distributor of HPC Products . It can be used on 1200CM Blitz™. Speedex® Series.20 The Easy Flip is a visual reminder when the shoulder gauge is in the up position and serves as a handle to put it back a nut. and Drill Mill machines.55 HPC Easy Grip Wing Nut For use with safe deposit keys on 1200 CMB Blitz™. and Trace-A-Key® Series Log on for current prices. and Trace-A-Key machines. two screws.S. smoother.95 These storage panels hold 40 code cards. Horseshoe #HPC-CM-1054R $12.35 The Softie™ brush eliminates flying wire strands and brush flaring. Switch Blitz™ and CodeMax® Series machines.

mbaUSA.50 each Two-Piece Key Rings #BOR-P/2PC-NKL (Nickel) $2. Two-Piece key rings come in nickel and multi-colors .30 for 250 great blanks Kwikset 5 pin 1K . quality blanks that are precision-milled for accuracy.00 Box of 200 8 Assorted Colors Key Cap Square Outline #BOR-P/CAPS-S/NEW $55.30 for 250 great blanks Master M1-Nickel plated #MAS-10-Jumbo Only $48.30 for 250 great blanks MBA ALSO HAS BLANKS FROM: ABUS • AMERICAN • ARROW • BEST • CHICAGO • CORBIN • DAKAR • DIEBOLD • DEXTER • FALCON • FORT • HUDSON • ILCO • TITAN • LSDA • MASTER • MEDECO • MILES • MOSLER • NATIONAL • RUSSWIN • SARGENT • TAYLOR • WESLOCK • XL LETTERBOX • YALE SELL FOR DOUBLE YOUR COST EACH! www.Brass plated #SLG-3B-Jumbo Only $48. Smart little impulse items for your shop Leather Key Bags #BOR-P/ART411 $7. Prices good only on the blanks listed below. Key Cap Covered Round #BOR-P/CAP $ .00 Box of 200 8 Assorted Colors Key Cap Round Outline for 25mm Key Blanks #BOR-P/CAP-R $ RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER CALL US WHEN YOU NEED BLANKS! 12 sales@mbaUSA.30 for 250 great blanks Schlage 5 pin “C”.Brass #WEI-3-Jumbo Only $48.30 for 250 great blanks Weiser 5 pin Square Bow .95 ea.Nickel plated #SLG-3-Jumbo Only $48.30 for 250 great blanks Kwikset 5 pin 1B .Nickel Colored Brass base #KWI-1K-Jumbo Only $48.Brass plated #KWI-1K-Jumbo Only $48. These are nice.00 Box of 200 8 Assorted Colors Key Cap Half Moon* #BOR-P/CAP-1/2R $32. Multi Pack of 10 Colored Key Rings #BOR-P/2PCKEY $22.95 JMA Transponder Blanks JMA has rocketed to the top of the market with their affordable and reliable Transponder blanks for • www.great for valet parking.mbaUSA. Schlage 5 pin “C”. #BOR-P/2PC KEY EA (Colored) $2. The Square assortment is good for large bowed keys like many car keys.00 Box of 200 10 Assorted Colors Key Cap Covered Square #BOR-P/CAP-S $47.50 each or 10 for $5.95 ea. These are very colorful and come in their own counter-display packaging.00 Box of 200 8 Assorted Colors *This design keeps the top half of the key uncovered to better fit on a key ring JMA has four strategically-placed modern factories around the world capable of producing a total of one-and-a-half MILLION keys a day. These keys need NO BATTERIES like competing brands do.00 Box of 200 8 Assorted Colors Key Cap Outline Round for 29mm Key Blanks #BOR-P/CAP-R/29 $32.KEY ACCESSORIES & BLANKS Leather Key Bags & Key Rings Colored Key Identifiers JMA Key Blanks These bags are perfect for holding a house key and some change or a phoneʼs Bluetooth earpiece when itʼs not in use. Check our web site regularly for new additions to this growing line! SEE PAGE 6 FOR THE JMA TRANSPONDER MACHINE Nice quality key identifiers from Germany. Round and Half-Round Assortments fit most small and medium bowed keys.

Roll-Top Desk Key $5.25 MS-K356BS $4.50 ea.75 ea. Not Available MS-K483BR $3.50 MS-K339BR $4. MSK-32 Brass plated precut for MS-32 locks $4.25 ea. bit is 8x8mm) $2.25 MS-K481AR $4.50 MS-K320AR $5.95 MS-K383AR $4.25 MS-K339SR $5.50 MS-K383BR $4.5mm high Not Available Not Available MS-K437NS $2.25 Not Available Not Available 30mm shoulder to tip 5mm outside 6 mm wide x 6.25 ea. MSB-310 Blank Post Key (Post is 42mm long.5 mm wide x 8mm high ORDER A COMBO PACK! 5mm Post Diameter (2) Each of (10) Different Furniture Keys (20) Keys Total #MS-K/ASST $82. MSB-305 Blank Post Key (6x6mm bit) $2.95 MS-K324AS $4.5 mm wide x 8mm high MSB-138 Brass plated precut. 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 13 .50 ea.00 minimum order.50 MS-K324BS $4. Antique Copper Bright Brass Black Post Length Post Diameter Bit Size MS-K339AR $4.25 Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available MS-K328SR $5.25 MS-K483AR $4.00 Not Available Not Available MS-K417NR $2.50 MSK-320-AR-5 $5.50 6mm Post Diameter 40mm shoulder to tip 6mm outside 7.50 MS-K356AS $4. MSB-499 Pin Tumbler blank $2.75 MS-K320BR $4.KEY BLANKS Antique-Style Keys Individual blanks on this page are sold in packages of (5) each $25.25 Not Available Antique Copper Bright Brass Nickel Post Length Post Diameter Bit Size 40mm shoulder to tip 6mm outside 7.23 MS-K3481BR $4.25 Photos of the ornamental bows and keys are not actual sizes.

00 Nickel BBF-D66650C1 45mm Post $5.00 Bit 11x10 overall length 75mm BBF-S52575A1 51mm Post $5. 5mm ART 5R Bit 10 x 10mm Post Length 35mm Overall Length 70mm Post Dia.00 Dark Iron Grey BBF-B56755B1 $5.00 Börkey Furniture Key Assortments Furniture key blanks are assorted bit sizes. combined in three different assortments to cover most requirements for post type furniture keys. post sizes.00 Overall length 70mm ART 5/13 Bit 11 x 10mm Post Length 35mm Overall Length 70mm Post Dia.00 Dark Iron Grey ART 5/23 Bit 10 x 10mm Post Length 38mm Overall Length 75mm Post Dia.00 ART 5/10 Bit 8 x 8mm Post Length 32mm Overall Length 75mm Post Dia.3 RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER 14 sales@mbaUSA.00 BBG-D2 (5) Different Keys .00 $5.00 Overall length 65mm BBF-D66700B1 50mm Post $5.00 $5. (12) Total $46.3 of ea.mbaUSA.00 BBG-D1 (4) Different Keys .00 www.KEY BLANKS Börkey Furniture Keys ART 6F Bit 8 x 7mm Post Dia.00 Nickel BBF-M57804B1 $5. (50) Total $155.00 ALSO AVAILABLE! SEE PAGE 13 FOR THE FOLLOWING FURNITURE KEY ASSORTMENT MS-K/ASST 10 Different Keys .com • www.00 Bit 11x10 overall length 75mm BBF-H52850A1 50mm Post $5. (15) Total $52. (15) Total $52.1/2 Bit 10 x 10mm Post Dia.(45) Total $155.00 Bit 10x10 overall length 85mm BBF-E52750B1 41mm Post $5.00 Dark Iron Grey ART 5/2 Bit 10 x 10mm Post Dia. 6mm Old Brass BBF-R57801A1 $5. (75) Total $260.00 BBG-B1 (15) Different Keys . 6mm Brass BBF-R51301C1 $ .00 Nickel BBF-M51304C1 $5. 6mm ART 5/2 . and lengths. (39) Total $138.3 of ea. Description Price/Assortment BBG-A1 (25) Different . 5mm Old Brass BBF-S51010A1 Nickel BBF-M51004A1 Dark Iron Grey BBF-B51005C1 Old Copper BBF-M51002C1 ART5/7 Bit 11 x 10mm Post Length 35mm Overall Length 80mm Post Dia.3 of ea.5 ea. 6mm Nickel BBF-S52075A1 40mm Post $5. 6mm Old Brass BBF-R36751A1 $5.mbaUSA.00 Bit 10x10 overall length 85mm $5.00 BBG-C1 (5) Different Keys .00 Old Copper BBF-R36752B1 $5.00 BBG-D3 (13) Different Keys . Each assortment includes three of each key.3 ea.00 $5. 6mm Nickel BBF-M55704A1 $5. Order No.3 ea.

6mm Individual blanks on $5.00 BBC-CK14 5.75 .00 .323 $11.5mm CKSE-8 4.157 $5.147 $5.187 $7.25 .00 $5.25 .FURNITURE & SPECIALTY KEYS Börkey “Antique” Keys ART5/9 Bit 11 x 10mm Post Length 35mm Overall Length 80mm Post Dia.50 .00 BBC-CK03 3.00 $5.75mm CKSE-4 3.167 $5.00 BBC-CK16 6.00 BBC-CK04 3.75 .25mm Double Ended Contemporary-Style Clock Keys CKDE-4 3. 6mm Dark Iron Grey BBF-B58805C1 Old Brass BBF-R58801B1 Old Copper BBF-R58802A1 Nickel BBF-M58804A1 Dark Iron Grey BBF-B56655C1 Old Brass BBF-R52601B1 Old Copper BBF-R52602C1 Nickel BBF-M52604A1 ART 5/26 Bit 9.207 $7.25 .25 CKDE-7 4.00 BBC-CK09 4.25 .00 Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.00 this page are sold in $5.00 Old Copper BBF-R56672A1 $5.00 .2 . 5mm $5. Contemporary-style clock keys are also available.00 Clock Keys Dark Iron Grey BBF-B51205C1 Old Brass BBF-S51210A1 Old Copper BBF-R51202C1 Nickel BBF-M51204A1 $5.75 .25mm/1.25mm/1.00 BBC-CK12 5.00 BBC-CK11 5. Metric Inches Price BBC-CK01 2.177 $6.196 $7.00 BBC-CK10 4.25 CKDE-6 3.5 .128 $5.315 $11.217 $7.00 BBC-CK15 6.00 $5.00 ART 5/25 Bit 10 x 9mm Post Length 33mm Overall Length 35mm Post Dia.25mm CKSE-7 4.00 $5.40 .00 BBC-CK19 8.00 $5.00 $5.5mm Post Length 35mm Overall Length 65mm Post Dia.00 $5.291 $11.25 $5.00 BBC-CK02 3.00 $5.00 ART5/12 Bit 8 x 8mm Post Length 32mm Overall Length 75mm Post Dia.00 BBC-CK18 7.10 .118 $4. 6mm Dark Iron Grey BBF-B59805C1 Old Brass BBF-R59801A1 Old Copper BBF-R59802B1 Nickel BBF-R59804C1 ART 5/8 Bit 11 x 10mm Post Length 35mm Overall Length 80mm Post Dia.00 $5.00 $5.0mm/1. 5mm Dark Iron Grey BBF-B51405C1 Old Brass BBF-R51401A1 Old Copper BBF-R51402A1 Nickel BBF-R51404A1 Part No.00 BBC-CK05 3.00 $5.00 $5.108 $4.5 x 9.50 .0mm CKSE-5 3.00 BBC-CK20 8.75 CKSE-3 3mm CKSE-6 3.161 $5.00 $5.95mm $4.00 BBC-CK07 4.226 $7.00 BBC-CK06 4.00 TIME LOCK WINDING KEYS These clock keys can be used to wind a standard time lock: BBC-CK03 CKDE-4 CKSE-4 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 15 .00 Old Brass BBF-R56671A1 $5.00 BBC-CK13 5.00 .95mm $3.75mm/1.246 $8.00 BBC-CK08 4.75 .50 CKDE-5 3. 6mm $5.95mm $3.00 Dark Iron Grey BBF-B56675C1 $5.00 packages of (5) each $5. Single Ended Contemporary-Style Clock Keys $4.95mm $3.00 Nickel Börkey Clock Keys ART5/14 Bit 8 x 8mm Post Length 25mm Overall Length 60mm Post Dia.50 .275 $8.137 $5.00 .

See chart for part numbers. Börkey Key Blank CD #BOR-CAT2/CD $5.00 #BOR-CAT2 $ .Nickel plated key.00 Common use for pianos and “fold-over” chest type keyhole is original style. and top-locking doors. See chart for part numbers. An excellent reference. BUY BOTH FOR $15. Call MBA for anything Börkey! Cylinder & Automotive Keys Bit & Furniture Keys #BOR-CAT1 $10.for doors specify RH or LH. including profiles of • www. dimensions and prices. we also carry the steel key blanks that Börkey is famous for.mbaUSA. Available in (3) popular backsets.00! #BOR-CAT3 Dainty Chest Lock AVAILABLE NOW ON CD! Now on CD. bit.KEY BLANKS/FURNITURE LOCKS Börkey Key Blanks Economy Deadlock The price is right for this all-purpose deadlock.00 This is the perfect replacement for most roll-top desk locks . dimensions and prices. and safe key blanks (perfect for the Eurocompact 200). Designed for right. Spring loaded brass plated strike plate included and measures 1”x3-1/8” (25mmx80mm). No modifications are normally required. This catalog features scale drawings of furniture.and left-hand doors. There are two key blank catalogs which may be purchased from MBA. Threelever lock with six different combinations. Both are great for reference. the Börkey Key Blank Catalog. these catalogs belong in every key shop. One double-bitted brass plated key with each lock . drawers. and with scale drawings for all the blanks Börkey offers. Can also be used to latch sliding doors . Iron backplate .all keyed alike. Roll-Top Desk Lock Automotive Cylinder Furniture Bit Safe Cross Keys Now that MBA is the sole distributor of Börkey in the United States. Brass plated faceplate with twowing automatic locking mechanism. Iron case is very thin a mere 16 sales@mbaUSA.

Use for doors and drawers . Brass plated faceplate is 1/2”x2-15/16”.5mm. For doors specify RH or LH.5mm 1-3/4”-45mm 1-5/8”-42mm 1-5/8”-42mm 1-7/16”-38mm 1-7/8”-48mm 2-5/16”-58mm 1-3/16”-30mm 1-9/16”-40mm 1-15/16”-50mm 2-3/8”-60mm 1-3/8” -35mm 1-3/8” -35mm 1-3/8” -35mm 1-5/16”-33mm 1-11/16”-43mm 2-1/16”-53mm 2-3/8”-63mm Backset to Keyhole 13/16”-20mm 1-3/16”-30mm 1-9/16”-40mm 1”-25mm 9/16”-15mm 1”-20mm 13/16”-20mm 1-3/16”-30mm 1-9/16”-40mm 9/16”-15mm 1”.52. Brass plated strike included is 1/2”x2-3/16”. Nickel plated key . Brass plated faceplate is barely 9/16”x3-9/16” (14mmx90mm) Brass strike plate included is 5/8”x3-1/8” (17mmx80mm) Case thickness is 5/16”9mm. See chart for part numbers.25 Auto-Latching Hookbolt Spring-loaded latching We have other styles available on our web site! 17 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 .5mm MS-665/35 2-1/16” .5mm. Brass faceplate is barely 1/2” wide (12mm) and measures 3-3/8” (85mm) high.40mm Multi-Purpose Deadlock MS-665/15 2-1/16” . May be used for sliding doors or chest lids. Case thickeness is 5/16”8.25 $14. dimensions and prices. dimensions and prices. Brass plated decorative key . Iron case.52. Use this lock for right and left hand doors and for drawers . Three lever lock offers (6) different key combinations. Three-lever lock . See chart for part numbers.50 $10.69mm Roll-Top Desk Lock MS-10 1-7/16”-37mm Dainty Chest Lock MS-44/15 RH/LH ”-25.5mm MS-665/25 2-1/16” .25 $10.00 $21.9.25 $12. With four backsets in your stock. One of our most popular mortise locks. measuring approx.locks all keyed alike. See chart for part numbers.5mm MS-44/20 RH/LH ”-30.30mm MS-1720/20 1-9/16” .69mm MS-611/40 2-3/4” .Nickel plated key. dimensions and prices.69mm MS-611/30 2-3/4” .locks are all keyed alike. For doors specify RH or LH.50 $21. dimensions and prices. 5/16”.5mm 2-5/16”-59.50 $20.25 $9. Nickel plated key.25 $13.25 $9. Case Height Economy Deadlock MS-611/20 2-3/4” .52.50 $20.5mm Auto-Latching Hookbolt MS-72/20 2-3/16”-55mm MS-72/30 2-3/16”-55mm MS-72/40 2-3/16”-55mm Reversible Deadlock MS-663/15 1-5/8”-42mm MS-663/25 1-5/8”-42mm MS-663/35 1-5/8”-42mm MS-663/45 1-5/8”-42mm Economy Deadlock 2 MS-1720/15RH/LH1-3/16” . Case thickness 3/8”-9.5mm MS-665/45 2-1/16” . Case thickness is 3/8” . See chart for part numbers.52.5mm 1-15/16”-49.5mm.5mm Case Width 1-9/16” -39. Case thickness 3/8”-9. dimensions and prices. Order No. youʼll have instant solutions for many locking problems. Locating pin prevents “jimmying”.25 $13.50 $20. Rounded brass plated faceplate.25 $9. DONʼT SEE THE FURNITURE LOCK YOU NEED? www.six different combinations.(6) different key combinations.FURNITURE LOCKS & BLANKS Dainty Chest Lock Cont.5mm See chart for part numbers.25 $14.25 $14. is narrow enough to fit thinner doors and drawers. Economy Deadlock 2 Multi-Purpose Deadlock Reversible Deadlock Unique dual-purpose lock can be changed from RH to LH by reversing the snap-out plate that holds the lock post .25 $38. Brass plated faceplate is barely 1/2” wide (12mm) and is 2-15/16” high (75mm).25 $13.25 $10.25mm 1-3/8”-35mm 1-3/4”-45mm 9/16”-10mm 1”-20mm 1”-25mm 9/16”-15mm 1”-25mm 1-3/8”-35mm 1-3/4”-45mm Price $13. Full mortise lock with narrow iron really is multi-purpose! Iron lock case .40mm MS-1720/25 1-9/16” .one lock does it all! Nickel plated key . 3/8”x2-3/4” (12x70mm).

50 Profile Cylinder w/Thumb Turn These cylinders are used in many imported door locks.00 We reserve the right to change prices at any time and without notice.00 Matte Silver Strike Plate #ZSS-MO360SP $5.mbaUSA. Key blanks are available. Plugs can be ordered KA or KD. Twin bolts extend 13/16”. We are always happy to quote you current prices at the time you order any product. recreational vehicles. Approximately 60mm long.mbaUSA. boat hatches. Surface Mount Lock #ZSS-SS143 $121.00 Hook Bolt Euro Profile Cylinders Available for cabinets with either glass or wood sliding doors. Adapter for SEB-1&2 Blanks #BOX-GR/R7 $150. Glass style mounts through single 5/8” hole drilled in one glass plate and is secured with two screws from inside the plate. the lock case is removable only when the key is available. Three pin chambers for extra protection. No protruding cylinder to be attacked from outside. Removable EuropeanStyle lock-block allows for attractive and secure installation. Housing for Glass #BUR-GH $8. Replacement plugs are available separately. spacers and mounting hardware. Three pin chambers enhance security. and may be used for many other problem installations. and hard-to-solve security installation needs. cabinets. Positive deadbolt action of the hook-bolt gives extra security. and mounting hardware. Hook Bolt #ZSS-MO360 $ thin as 1-1/4”.00 Escutcheons . Comes with (1) escutcheon.00 Adapter for SEB-3&4 Blanks #BOX-GR/R6 $200. strike. Comes with a strike and mounting hardware .95 This adapter mounts in the jaws of your semi-automatic key machine and firmly grips radius keys (as the BUR-SEB1 above) when cutting. Picking this lock is nearly impossible. Key access from inside and outside.See Hook Bolt Below This lock is designed to be rim-mounted on sliding doors.00 Matte Silver Oval Escutcheons #ZSS-PR2 $5. Comes with (2) escutcheons. Comes in (2) sizes. This lock can be mortised into sliding RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER 18 sales@mbaUSA. Blanks cannot be cut without a gripping device. Key blanks are • www. they are a good universal replacement.00 Lock Plug with (2) Cut keys for Wood or Glass (available KA or KD) #BUR-SEP1 $ . It is perfect for pocket doors that require access and locking capabilities from either side.14 Profile Cylinder with Thumb Turn #ZSS-CO34 $136. problem windows.00 Double Profile Cylinder Adapter for Radius Keys A one-of-a-kind problem solver. Once installed and locked.AUXILIARY LOCKS Mortise Lock Surface Mount Lock Showcase Locks This unique mortise lock is for installations in ultra-thin doors . which is available if you are going to duplicate a quantity of keys (see below).00 Uncut Key Blanks #BUR-SEB1 $4. making picking very difficult. Two bolts feature self-marking pins for accurate escutcheon. Double Profile Cylinder #ZSS-CO31 $129. www. Wood Style mounts through 5/8” hole drilled in sliding panel and is secured with three screws from inside the panel. Mortise Lock #ZSS-ML211 $107. Key will work from either side of the lock. strike. This lock features a locating pin to guard against “jimmying”. Key blanks are available.

Call for dimensions and details.White Powdercoat $28. Can be used on narrow stile doors and frames with a frame width of only 1-5/8”. www.Polished Brass $55.9”Rod #MS-5002-1-9 plus Finish Code below A . including Schalge Rhodes & Oly. This lock can also fit Hon® Series 1000 files.25 B . locking rod.mbaUSA. Ideal for sliding patio doors. Falcon DG.75 Replacement Cylinder (knob or lever) #MS-A100-3326 $8. Special #2 gear for use with Medeco cylinders or #3 gear for use with ASSA V-10 cylinders also available. Also fits Premier files. all in assorted finishes and rod lengths. Hon® F24 & F28 Style #SRS2185 $9.50 All the benefits of the Kee-Blok above but designed to fit most lever handles.20 Old style.25 W . The versatile surface mounted deadbolt.25 Blocks all existing keys to 90% knob-lock in seconds. Available KA or KD. swinging doors.75 New style. call us for a training brochure or visit our web site for Log on for current prices.AUXILIARY LOCKS Filing Cabinet Locks Kee-Blok for Knobs Octopod™ These replacement locks are not manufacturer original equipment but will work in the models mentioned.75 D .75 C . There are also Single Point with One Locking Rod and Double Point with Two Locking Rods. double doors. We can also provide parts for the Octopod™. U. sliding windows. Fits cabinets manufactured after 2/99.Aluminum Powder Coat $28. Anderson Hickey #SRS2197 $9. Sargent 10 Line & 6500 Series. Also fits Premier and Globe.25 Call MBA for pricing and more information on other gears available for the model above. Also fits over padlocks. Made of high strength aluminum alloy. Lock housing will accept a standard 1-1/8” mortise cylinder (not included) enabling it to be keyed to other locks in a system. Silver powder coat finish. Octopod™ . Does not fit Hon® or Global.25 Do you or a new hire need training? Try our Fundamentals of Locksmithing course See pages 75-79. Arrow Sierra. and french doors. specials and new products! 19 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 . Kee-Blok for Knobs & Padlocks #MS-A100 $22.Duranodic Powdercoat $28. Lockwood Lever and more.50 Kee-Blok for Levers Hon® F26 Style #SRS2190 $14.S Lock.Polished Chrome $55. one way screws and instructions. Mounts at the top or bottom of door or both. Anderson Hickey #SRS2194 $13. Kee-Blok for Lever Handles #MS-A200 $28. Fits pre-2/99 cabinets. Each lock is supplied with a #1 gear (for use with standard mortise cylinders).

SAFE LOCKS La Gard ComboGard Pro 39E LOCK REDESIGN FROM LA GARD La Gard has redesigned their swing bolt and dead bolt lock designs to meet or exceed VdS requirements.00 La Gard ComboGard Pro 39E Operated by a (9V battery. Combogard Pro and Audit gard. Models affected by this change include the Basic. allowing for bolt retraction by either the dial or the containerʼs boltworks.00 www. Keypad #LG3035 $64. Choose a Lock. Type 1 is programmable from the keypad or from a PC. The solenoid locking mechanism in both have been replaced with a motor. the motor rotates the blocking element out of the path of the boltʼs movement..85 Combogard 33E Springbolt Lock #LG6034U02U-00-00 $97.. Keypad #LG3125 $ • www.00 Keypad allows manual bolt retraction: no audit feature.00 Keypad does not allow manual bolt retraction: no audit feature is available. La Gard ComboGard Pro 39E Choose a Keypad. this U. Battery access at bottom of keypad.00 sales@mbaUSA. However you will notice improved battery sensing and extended battery life.. The following options are available: • Manager and Nine Users • Time Delay 1-99 Minutes • Open Period 1-19 Minutes • Time Delay Override • Dual Code Mode • Silent Signal Alarm • Remote Override Signal • Audit Trail Available • Programable from PC available (Software sold separately) Choose from Deadbolt. When a valid combination is entered.mbaUSA. Keypad #LG3750 $ . the motor rotates a blocking element into the path of the boltʼs movement preventing the bolt from being retracted.. Audit capable with manual bolt retraction. Springbolt or Swingbolt locks and select a keypad that has the features you need.00 Combogard 33E Swingbolt Lock #LG4300M2U-00-00 $92.. Combogard 33E Deadbolt Lock #LG6040M002U-00-00 $99.65 Audit capable with manual bolt RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER 20 WE ACCEPT See page 22 for description. Keypad #LG3000 $71.mbaUSA.L. No dimensional or operational changes have been made. When the bolt is extended. LCD Keypad #LG8130 $265.

two combinations.25 The LG Combo is a simple. It is helpful when installing the lock on some safes and uses existing dial ring screw holes. The need for the adapter plate has been eliminated so fewer parts are Log on for current prices. call us for a training brochure or visit our web site for information. wrong try penalty. LGBasic Mounting Plate #LG3716 $4.00 This mounting plate is for use with the original LGBasic Keypad (LG 3710). This is a U. and outside battery compartment (located under input housing).00 Includes (1) LG3715 keypad and (1) LG4200M Lock Body . The LGBasic II will not lose its code if the battery is disconnected or suffers a power loss.. specials and new products! 21 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 .10 NEED LA GARD? CALL MBA. Relock Bracket Extension Assembly #LG3188 $2.00 LGCombo Lock Body #LG3740M $66. The LGBasic II is a simple swingbolt lock that has many features: wrong try penalty.SAFE LOCKS La Gard LGBasic II LGBasic Accessories La Gard LGCombo The La Gard LGBasic II has been redesigned to make installation easier and more flexible. LGBasic II Keypad and Lock Body #LG3803 $86. which is accessible from a compartment under the keypad.75 LG3715-BR (Brass) $40. All programming is done at the keypad. This is a U. The Basic is now a motor driven lock see page 20 about the design change. Standard features include manager and one user combination..Type 1 lock that requires (1) 9V battery.00 ea. Very handy if you need to remount an existing relock bracket to a thin LGBasic body.75 LGBasic II Dual Handed Swingbolt Lock Body Only #LG4200M $53.Buy 3 $84.65 a stocking La Gard distributor with competitive prices! www. LGCombo Keypad #LG3750 $43.mbaUSA. which comes complete with spindle and mounting hardware. and a low battery warning. LGBasic II Keypad Only (Satin Chrome) #LG3715 (Satin Chrome) $32. listed Type 1 lock and requires (1) 9V battery to know your customers will lose them! LGBasic Battery Cover #LG3713 $2. manual retraction deadbolt.L.L. Want to be certified as a GSA container inspector? MBA can train you! See pages 75-79.75 Keep a few spare covers handy . manager plus one user who can be disabled or removed as necessary.

Time Delay. Auditgard Dallas-Type eKey #LG3122 $10. Wrong Try Penalty and Time Lock.L.50 These lock bodies are all compatible with the 3750-K. Dual-Handed Swingbolt Lock Body #LG4300M $111. Open Window and Penalty display.00 La Gard SmartPoint® Auditgard Accessories Auditgard/39E/ eKEYII #LG40169 $11.50 This new textured black keypad has a LCD display. Auditgard Keypad w/display #LG8130 $265. Fingerprint and PIN code or PIN Code • www.00 4-Wheel Override Lock 66E Threaded Cam #LG6441 $178. See battery box on this page. Deadbolt or Redundant Mechanical style lock. Requires (1) 9V battery. the Auditgard has a keypad that allows for outside battery access.mbaUSA. SmartPoint Lock programming cable and Logic Module programming/audit cable. The authorized person must be physically present for access to be granted. Dual-Handed Swingbolt Lock. It features Time Delay.SAFE LOCKS La Gard Auditgard La Gard Auditgard La Gard Auditgard Keypad The LPAUDIT has been replaced with the Auditgard. Springbolt and Dual-Handed Swingbolt locks.see page 20 about the design change. The system has three levels of User Identification: Fingerprint Only.Up to 9 Time Delay Override eKEYII Silent Signal Alarm* Signal to Disable Lock* * Requires optional alarm box.mbaUSA. which can add. La Gard SmartPoint® Biometric Recognition Locking System #LG9060-KIT $1049. delete. Jumper switches to change time delay counting direction.25 The SmartPoint Biometric Recognition Locking System captures the unique and significant features of a human fingerprint to allow or deny safe access. Based on the same principal as the LPAUDIT.This system is great for places with multiple employee access or high employee turnover.00 66E ComboGard Deadbolt Lock Body #LG6040-M $117. The Auditgard is now a motor driven lock .50 www. It also features an Audit Trail. It comes with an accessory pack to accomodate RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER 22 sales@mbaUSA. The biometric access control kit we sell includes the Smartpoint Logic Module. Multiple Users. It is also compatable with the ComboGard 33E and ComboGard Pro 39E. It also has the option of an eKEY. enable and disable the manager. Auditgard Keypad #LG3750-K $52. The 3750-K Auditgard keypad can be used with the Dual-handed Swingbolt.Last 512 events stored • U. software.00 Auditgard FEATURES • Manager plus (8) Users • Time Delay • Dual Control • Audit Trail . and a controller code. Listed Type 1 • PC Programmable including these features: Control Code – Add/Delete/Enable/Disable Manager – Receive Audit Multiple Users .com .

Call us if you donʼt see what you need.75 LG1731 LG1777 LG1777-B LG1779 La Gard 3330 LG2085 LG2085-B The dials listed are the most popular style and finishes. The La Gard 3330 is a Group 2 U.00 NEED LA GARD? LG2090 CALL MBA. You just wonʼt find a more reliable and economical 3 wheel mechanical lock body.Satin #LG1779 $22. Uses any dial shown on this page.50 Flat Gard Key Locking Dial .Brass #LG2085-BB $37.00 VisionGard Dial ..Black #LG1777-B $17..Key Locking .00 VisionGard Dial . La Gard 3330 Lock Body #LG3330 $31.50 VisionGard Dial .Black #LG2085-B $27.Satin #LG1777 $20.Brass #LG2090-BB $39.95 Flat Gard Dial .50 VisionGard Key Locking Dial #LG2090-SC $32. a stocking La Gard distributor with competitive prices! La Gard 3390 Group 2M Lock Body #LG339052N00ZZZN2B $30.Satin #LG2085-SC $30.L. Restrict-A-Vision Key Locking Satin Chrome #LG1731 $25.00 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 23 .30 Flat Gard Dial . Listed mechanical lock.650 VisionGard Dial .SAFE LOCKS La Gard Dials These dials work with any La Gard mechanical combination lock body.

95 sales@mbaUSA.00 ekey II #LG40169 $11. 3ʼ. which allows you to set it to new operating keys as needed.50 SmartLinc Power Supply #LG701107 $58.50 2270 Keys (Pairs) 3” Keys Random Cuts #LG2212 $20.35 Large Battery Box with Alarm #LG4002 $55. a drive-fit escutcheon.75 #LG43099-6 6ʼ Cable $13.50 Handle Assembly w/o Stem (Satin) LG2301 $11.50 Small Battery Box w/o Alarm #LG2788 $6. comes with or without 7/16” diameter stem. Handle Assembly W/Stem (Satin) LG2300 $19.00 CALL MBA.00 La Gard safe handles .00 The La Gard 2270 key lock easily replaces most modern combination locks. The SmartLinc provides a wide range of programmable features that can accomplish almost every type of access control required for Log on for current prices.00 Set Up Key (1) #LG2213 $10.50 Small Battery Box with Alarm #LG2789 $46.00 SmartLinc Cable Assembly .00 SmartLinc Interface Unit #LG4006 $46. It permits fast access to a safe.25 NEED LA GARD? SmartLinc Programming Cable #LG43098 $13.95 4 Wheel Change Key #LG1315 $6.SAFE LOCKS La Gard 2270 La Gard Accessories La Gard SmartLinc The SmartLinc provides you with the ability to manage mulitple locks through a single keypad for simplified programming.mbaUSA.two finishes. Please order operating and set-up keys separately. It comes with mounting screws.00 66E ComboGard Deadbolt Lock (SmartLinc) #LG604000002Q-00-00 $142.50 2270 Escutcheon #LG2226 $17.50 6” Keys Random Cuts #LG2242-1 $24.00 #LG43099-3 3ʼ Cable $11. SmartLinc Logic Module #LG9030 $346. La Gard 2270 Lock Body #LG2270 $ • www.75 LG1307 LG1315 www. and additional controls.mbaUSA..50 5” Keys Random Cuts #LG2218 $20. specials and new products! 24 3 Wheel Group 2 Change Key #LG1307 $6..Available in 18”.6ʼ and 10ʼ lengths #LG43099-1 18” Cable $11. and a change key.00 Large Battery Box w/o Alarm #LG4001 $12.00 Dual Handed Swingbolt Lock (SmartLinc) #LG4300002Q-00-00 $136. a stocking La Gard distributor with competitive prices! SmartLinc Cable #LG43087-A $40. with the advantage of having no combination to remember! The 2270 is also .00 #LG43099-10 10ʼ Cable $15. easier access.

time-tested torque adjuster to allow precise setting and maintenance of wheel pack torque.461 inch bolt throw for ease of retrofit on existing containers. S&G® Model 2740 High Security Lock #SG2740-100 $895. • Simplified installation process significantly decreases installation time and reduces the likelihood of errors and damage to parts. • The lock case uses S&Gʼs “Magic Module” footprint for ease of retrofit on existing containers. armory vault doors.00 3 Wheel.00 S&G Set of (3) Pre-Cut Keys #SG6804-018 $42. S&G® 2937 Mechanical Safe Lock #SG2937-200 $265. • Designed to the highest US Government Standards for Mechanical Combination Locks. and one-handed operation convenience. • Incorporates S&Gʼs patented. • Stainless steel lock bolt is strong enough to resist more than 600 pounds of force. • Change key for quick.00 Complete Lock. • Alignment.50 Group 2 Dial & Rings.00 SG6730 Lock/D300 Dial/R211 Ring B/W S&G 6730 Lock Set #SG6730-100 $86.50 4 Wheel Group 2 Lock Body S&G 6731 Lock Body #SG6731-004 $86. This simple tool incorporates an easy-to-read graphic interface that facilitates lock installation. • Spy-Proof® Dial is standard with the Model 2740. and diagnostics are performed with the aid of a plug-in setup module. setting the operating mode. Front reading.75 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 25 . Group 2 Mechanical Safe Lock S&G 6730 Lock Body #SG6730-010 $66. Fed Spec FF-L-2937 • Key changeable wheel design for simple combination changing. and performing normal service operations. FEDERAL SPECIFICATION FF-L-2937 S&G 6730 S&G 2740 The S&G® 2937 lock represents the latest design advances to produce a mechanical lock to secure certain types of GSA approved containers.SAFE LOCKS S&G 2937 MEETS U. • The lock case uses S&Gʼs “Magic Module™” footprint and . FEATURES • Three all-metal wheel construction. • Certifications: UL® Group 1. B&W Finish Dial #SGD003-003 $18. such as field safes.00 S&G 6804 Key Lock S&G 6804 . Dial and Ring Package The S&G® 2740 lock is engineered and manufactured to meet the highest security standards of the US Government for the protection of classified materials. Features: • Advanced electromechanical design yet with the familiar left-right-left dialing sequence and one handed operation for convenience. weapons containers and similar items.Lock with (2) 90mm keys #SG6804-049 $70. operating mode selection. • Built in thermal protection provided by an integral thermal relock component. easy combination changing is included with each lock. S.00 Full Function Set-up Module #SG2740-200 $125. • Familiar left-right-left dialing sequence.60 Ring #SGR004-002 $10.

00 S&G 8430 Lock Body Only #SG8430-002 $211. These are just some of the features . The 8077 offers 125.00 S&G Combination Padlock Group 1 and 1R Mechanical Locks with B&W finish and spy-proof dial.00 Group 1 and 1R Mechanical Lock S&G 8400 Lock Body #SG8410-009 $197.FAS Key Lock S&G 8400 S&Gʼs new UL Type 1 electronic lock has many features which make it an outstanding choice: • Lock bolt retraction and extension controlled by turning the keypad ring.Lock Only (no keys) #SG6870-092 $56. & Ring #SG8410-100 $257.00 The Comptronic® automatically retracts its bolt when the correct combination is entered .6120 Series (Complete Lock) #SG6120-305 Satin Chrome $139.00 #SG6120-014 Matte Black $66. • Open/Close indicator that tells at a glance if the safe is locked or unlocked.50 S&G 6870 .com • www.00 Escutcheon for 6870 Lock #SG6870-320 $ MBA for more information and to order.50 S&G 8560 Group 1R Lock. S&G 8077 Combination Padlock #SG8077-108 $215.000 changeable combinations and has 30 minutes of protection against expert manipulation and radiological attack. S&G 8550 Group 1 Lock.50 Key Lock (90mm Key Stem Length) S&G 6870 .00 Keypad Only #SG6120-016 Satin Chrome $66. S&G Z02 D-Drive Lock #SGZ02D-Drive $144. Dial & Ring #SG8560-100 $207. Dial & Ring #SG8550-100 $201. Allows for multiple users and time delay for up to 9 minutes.SAFE LOCKS S&G Z02-D Drive S&G 6870 .it relocks when you close the safe door.43 S&G 8410 Group 1 Lock. no programmer required. 26 sales@mbaUSA. storage areas. • No-twist cable design that eliminates cable damage due to keypad rotation. S&G COMPTRONIC® .10 S&G Set of (3) 115mmKeys for Fas Lock #SG6870-133 $39. • Program the lock from the keypad. Dial.50 S&G 8500 S&G Comptronic® S&G Set of (3) 90mm Keys for Fas Lock #SG6870-113 $32. and equipment.Lock with (2) 115mm Keys #SG6870-008 $ .mbaUSA.50 Designed for indoor use on sensitive files. • The lock cable is protected by a channel in the spindle which prevents crimping and eases installation. call us for a training brochure or visit our web site for information.00 Want to be certified as a GSA container inspector? MBA can train you! See pages 75-79.

25 $11.00 ULIX-2 w/Manual Bolt #ULIX-2 $129.00 XLN-4 Non-Dead Locking Slam Bolt #XLN-4 $172.85 $15.50 Top reading key-locking B&W dial.000 openings • Video recorder output • Blocking input (signal to disable lock) • Time Delay and open window • Duress alarm • Wrong try penalty lockout WE ACCEPT 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 27 .00 XLN-2 w/Manual Bolt #XLN-2 $196. wrong code lockout.00 $18. All programming is done through the keypad on this popular lock. and low battery warning. The bolt can be retracted with a knob or key (depending on model) and bolt extension can be automatic or manual.00 $7. These include single or dual user.50 $22.50 www.00 SGD225 Large knob.75 $11. #SGD300-018 $15.20 S&G Dials Standard S&G dial ring #SGR211-002 (B&W) #SGR211-004 (Satin Chrome) Key locking dial rings #SGR132 (Black) #SGR167-002 (B&W) #SGR167-014 (Satin Chrome) ULIX Safe Locks $8. #SGD690-007 $31.25 SGD690 SGD300 XLN Safe Locks LOCK FEATURES • Single & Dual User Capability • Time Delay and Open Window • Low Battery Warning • Wrong Try Penalty Lockout The ULIX series electronic lock is simple to use and features several popular functions. Use with R211 dial ring.60 $61. XLN-1 w/Auto Bolt #XLN-1 $205.00 ULIX-3 w/Deadlocking Slam Bolt #ULIX-3 $190. Use with R167 dial ring. keylocking B&W dial.00 ULIX-4 Non-Deadlocking Slam Bolt #ULIX-4 $130. time delay.00 SGR211 SGR167 SGR132 SGU8 #SGU8 #SGU10 #SGU11 #SGU12 #SGU32 SGU11 3 Wheel 3 Wheel DAT Vault lock 4 Wheel Long 4 Wheel $6.SAFE LOCKS S&G Change Keys S&G Dial Rings The XLN series of safe locks are versatile and packed with great RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER LOCK FEATURES • 3 years or 50. ULIX-1 w/Auto Bolt #ULIX-1 $138. front reading. #SGD225-008 $34.20 $6.50 Large knob front reading B&W dial.00 XLN-3 w/Slam Bolt #XLN-3 $199. Use with R211 dial ring.

• Audible beep and flash from every keystroke gives maximum feedback to the user. Bolt w/Black Keypad $ .00 #ELS20XL-S Slam Bolt w/Black Keypad $156. specials and new products! This LP Roto Bolt Lock is non-handed and allows for (1) manager and (1) user. the ESL10XL and the ESL20XL. • Two 9V-DC batteries in the keypad housing are easy to change.50 #ESL10XL-SC Std. The ESL20XL offers advanced features for commercial applications. It has a simple control feature that allows for one user and one manager.00 ESL10XL FEATURES • Replaces most mechanical combination locks. Open period can be set from 1 to 9 minutes. LP Roto Lock Package #LP-ROTO-LOCKPKG $72. • Lock “auto-locks” when boltwork is thrown to prevent safes from being left in a day lock position.50 #ESL10XL-B Std. • New patented dead-latched lock design with internal relock device for maximum security. • Armored Car Override: Allows armored car service to bypass Time Delay. • Combination changes are fast and easy from the keypad. ESL20XL FEATURES • Time Delay Mode: Can be set from 1 to 99 minutes. LP Non-Handed Roto Lock #LP-EL-25 $68. The ESL10XL is basic keypad lock for home or office applications. • Control Port: Turn the ESL20XL on/off with Access Manager. The price includes a mounting adapter. LP Roto Locks The ESLXL series locks offer value in electronic safe locks. Bolt w/Black Keypad $156. easy to use features and manager control. • Dual Control Mode: Lock requires two combinations to open for added security.50 Amsec ESL20XL Safe Locks #ELS20XL Std. This lock also features a diagnostic test to check the lock and keypad installation once it is installed on a safe. Bolt w/Brass Keypad $112.00 28 sales@mbaUSA. • Cable fits through a 1/2” spindle hole without cutting and re-crimping connector. The ESL10XL comes in polished brass. Bolt w/Satin Chrome Keypad $107. polished chrome or matte black. There are two models on the Log on for current prices. • Multiple User Mode: (1) master code and (8) user codes are available. It is battery operated and has very easy access to the battery for change outs. The keypad is textured black plastic.mbaUSA.00 LP Base Line Key Pad #LP-KBLP-12-MC $56. Try one on your next installation that requires a lock with simple. The handsome keypad is matte black with satin chrome trim. The ESL20XL comes with a matte black finish. • External A/C Power: Provided power for unlimited use with battery power are backup.35 WE ACCEPT www. This model has time delay capability for up to 99 minutes and an opening period of 1 to 19 minutes. • Electronics are encapsulated within the lock and are sealed to prevent possible moisture related failures. Alarm sysytem or This LP Roto Bolt Lock is a UL listed Type 1 lock. Amsec ESL10XL Safe Locks #ESL10XL • www.SAFE LOCKS Amsec ESLXL Safe Locks • New industrial “Soft Touch” membrane keypad is tough yet requires very low activation pressure.mbaUSA.00 #ESL10XL-S Slam Bolt w/Black Keypad $112. The ESLXL series offers a metal die-cast keypad housing with an alpha-numeric slanted keypad and an enhanced battery retention compartment. Easy installation and operation. • 15 minute Penalty Lockout after four incorrect entries protects against manipulation attempts.

95 The X-09 is the latest lock to meet Federal Specification FF-L-2740. Containers equipped with Legault locks cannot be opened without waiting for a pre-determined delay period to elapse. and from mechanical (CS401) and electronic (EM-1) time delay. 3/4". or both. CDX-09 Door Lock #MAS501025 Please call for prices CS401 w/ Knob Legault (pronounced “lay-go”) delay action time locks from Canada are used on a wide variety of security containers. and other secure areas.SAFE LOCKS LP Straight Bolt Time Delay Safe Locks The locks are dependable. delay period.50 $149. Mechanical Time Delay Lock #CS401 X-09 This package includes a DB-20U lock body with a KDB-10-TB baseline keypad. LP Straight Bolt Package #LP-STRAIGHTBOLTPKG $89. Choose from key-activated or knob-activated. GSA CERTIFIED SAFE AND VAULT TECHNICIAN COURSE MBA USA is authorized by GSA to offer this class. Matte black finish. making installation simple.25 $155. Call the experts at MBA USA to help you with your selection.00 * Your choice of 1/2". X-09 Safe Lock #MAS00X09450N4 Please call for prices X-09 W/Mosler Bolt #MAS00X09450F4 Please call for prices CDX-09 Time Delay Safe Locks 1 Switch 2 Switches CS401 (with knob) No Switch (1) Switch (2) Switches CS401 (with cylinder)* No Switch (1) Switch (2) Switches CS401 w/ Key Cylinder $131. or 1" Cylinder PARTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE CS401 The CDX-09 has all the features of the X09 safe lock but it is suitable for installation on pedestrian doors.00 $142.00 $144. This lock comes with your choice of any one of four available door strikes. Switch models are used in conjunction with optional “function indicators” to monitor opening window.50 $163. The X-09 has the same footprint as the X-07 & X-08 and most mechanical locks. See pages 75-79 for more information WE ACCEPT 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 29 . affordable and easy to work with. 1 manager 1 user capability. Their primary function is the prevention of robbery. SCIF rooms.

bits and stems! Please use the reference numbers on the photographs to find the description. We will help you determine which blank or bit you need and if we can cut it for you. S&G 210mm Key Stem #SG6870-200 $32. stems and bits listed on page 31. 30 sales@mbaUSA.00 La Gard Key Tips Random Cuts #LG2282 $26. part number and price for the safe keys.5.SAFE PARTS Safe • . Stems and Bits MBA is your source for safe keys.4.00 La Gard Key Handle & Tips NEED KEYS CUT AND DONʼT HAVE THE RIGHT MACHINE? MBA MAY BE ABLE TO HELP! Call us with information about your key.00 S&G 210mm Stem & Bits Available in 3.mbaUSA.00 S&G Random Cut Bits (Set of 3) #SG6870-203 $38.& 12 inch length La Gard Key Extension Handle #LG2280 $23.

00 $46.00 $8. 14 Lever Locks 95mm Cawi Nickel Silver Single Bitted Key Blank For 1839 Lock 95mm Cawi Steel Double Bitted Key Blank For 9-Lever Lock 72mm Cawi Steel Double Bitted Key Blank For 9-Lever Lock 95mm Cawi Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank For 8-Lever Lock 53mm Cawi Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank For 8-Lever Lock 65mm Cawi Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank For 8-Lever Lock 95mm Cawi Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank For 8-Lever Lock 120mm Cawi Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank For 8-Lever Lock 145mm Cawi Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank For 8-Lever Lock 160mm Single Bitted Mild Steel Key Blank 90mm Powerlock Double Bitted Mild Steel Key Blank 130mm Stuv Double Bitted Key Blank 120mm Single Bitted Mild Steel Key Blank 75mm Single Bitted Mild Steel Key Blank 40mm Part Number SG 6870-130 SG 6870-120 SG 6870-110 SG 6870-100 SG6804-019 TS-KNK8DB-80 TS-KK8DB-80 TS-KKS TS-88801-164 TS-88805-150 TS-88812-120 TS-88802-164 TS-88806-150 TS-88511U0001 TS-88828-90 TS-88813-120 TS-88827-90 TS-88845-65 TS-CHLPKS TS-CHLPKB TS-CHLPKDB-120 TS-CHLPKDB-95 TS-CHLPKSB-60 TS-CHLPKSB-120 TS-CHK5SB TS-CHK3SB TS-CHSKS-160 TS-CHSKS-230 TS-CHSKB TS-SMPK3SB-125 TS-SLSK3SB TS-SMPK3SB-105 TS-SMPK3SB-150 TS-SLSSKS TS-SMPSKB TS-SLSSKS-275 TS-SLSSKS-275 TS-SLSSKB TS-TSKS-245 TS-TSKS-185 TS-TSKB TS-TPKS TS-TPKB TS-RRKLKS TS-RABNKS TS-RABNKB TS-LFK8LDB-45 TS-LFK8LDB-75 TS-CMSKS TS-CMSKB TS-SMK55DB-70 TS-8250-280 TS-8251-SB TS-8250-230 TS-8250-180 TS-8251 TS-8237-180 TS-8237-150 TS-8237-180SB TS-8237-150SB TS-8221-95 TS-8240-95 TS-8211-72 TS-8210-94 TS-8230-53 TS-8231-65 TS-8232-95 TS-8247-120 TS-8248-145 TS-8249-160 TS-CT12-90 TS-PLKDB TS-STUV-120 TS-S2-75 TS-CT12-40 Price $11.75 $23.00 $8.50 $72.50 $19.00 $67.50 $8.11.00 $66. Praetor B 150mm Mauer Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank for Variator A.00 $28.25 $8.00 $22.00 $12. Variator A 150mm Mauer Double Bitted Detachable Key Blank for Variator B.00 $69.00 $8.11.85 $83.00 $102.11.00 $53.00 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 31 .50 $80. Praetor B 164mm Mauer Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank for Variator B.5 Gauge Double Bitted Blank 70mm Cawi Detachable Steel Key Stem For 9.00 $53.00 $84.25 $45.50 $7.00 $22. Praetor B Mauer Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank for Variator A 90mm Mauer Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank for President A 120mm Mauer Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank for President A 90mm Mauer Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank for President A 65mm Chubb Lips Screw In Bow Key Stem for Double Bitted Pipe Bit 130mm Chubb Lips Double Bitted Pipe Screw In Key Bit Chubb Lips Double Bitted Mild Steel Pipe Key Blank 120mm Chubb Lips Double Bitted Mild Steel Pipe Key Blank 95mm Chubb Lips Single Bitted Mild Steel Pipe Key Blank 60mm Chubb Lips Single Bitted Mild Steel Pipe Key Blank 120mm Chubb Single Bitted 5-Gauge Key Blank 90mm Chubb Single Bitted 3-Gauge Key Blank 140mm Chubb Screw-In-Key Stem for Single Bitted Slip Bit 170mm Chubb Screw-In-Key Stem for Single Bitted Slip Bit 235mm Chubb Single Bitted Mild Steel Slip Bit for Screw-In-Key Stem SLS/SMP 3-Gauge Single Bitted Key Blank 125mm SLS/SMP 3-Gauge Single Bitted Key Blank 90mm SLS/SMP 3-Gauge Single Bitted Key Blank 105mm SLS/SMP 3-Gauge Single Bitted Key Blank 150mm SLS/SMP Screw-In Key Stem For Single Bitted Slip Bit 140mm SMP Single Bitted Mild Steel Slip Bit For Screw-In Key Stem SLS/SMP Screw-In Key Stem For Single Bitted Slip Bit 275mm Same as 36 SLS Single Bitted Mild Steel Slip Bit For Screw-In Key Stem Tann Screw-In Key Stem w/Collar For Single Bitted Slip Bit 250 mm Tann Screw-In Key Stem w/Collar For Single Bitted Slip Bit 185 mm Tann Single Bitted Mild Steel Bit For Screw-In Key Stem w/Collar Tann Hooked Key Stem For Single Bitted Plunger Bit Tann Single Bitted Plunger Bit For Hooked Stem Rosengrens Screw-In-Bow Key Stem for RKL Lock 160mm Rosengrens Screw-In-Bow Key Stem for ABN V-Shaped Screw-In Key Bit 195mm Rosengrens V-Shaped Screw-In Key Bit For ABN Screw-In Bow Key Stem Lowe & Fletcher Double Bitted 8-Lever Piped Key Blank 45mm (90mm overall length) Lowe & Fletcher Double Bitted 8-Lever Piped Key Blank 75mm (120mm overall length) Chatwood Milner Key Stem w/Collar For Double Bitted Bit 175mm Chatwood Milner Double Bitted Mild Steel Bit For Key Stem w/Collar Chatwood Milner 5.25 $17.00 $65.50 $8.00 $7.00 $18.00 $86.00 $55.50 $8. Variator B.00 $13.14 Lever Locks 280mm Cawi Detachable Single Bitted Nickel Silver Key Bit For 1839 Lock Cawi Detachable Steel Key Stem For 9.50 $8.00 $56.00 $22.50 $10.00 $84.00 $9.00 $12.25 $18.50 $38.11.50 $52. 11.50 $55.00 $49.50 $10.95 $48.50 $63.00 $22.50 $13.14 Lever Locks 150mm Cawi Steel/Nickel Silver Single Bitted Key Blank For 1839 Lock 180mm Cawi Nickel Silver Single Bitted Key Blank For 1839 Lock 150mm Cawi Nickel Silver Double Bitted Key Blank For 9.50 $50. Praetor B 120mm Mauer Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank for President A.00 $10.00 $10.11.50 $56.00 $12.14 Lever Locks 230mm Cawi Detachable Steel Key Stem For 9.11.50 $8.50 $17.SAFE PARTS Reference # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 Description FAS Double Bitted Key Blank 115mm FAS Double Bitted Key Blank 90mm FAS Double Bitted Key Blank 65mm FAS Double Bitted Key Blank 45mm FAS Single Bitted Key Blank 90mm Kromer Novum 8 Gauge Double Bitted PipeKey Blank 80mm (w/half-moon cutout) Kromer 8 Gauge Double Bitted Pipe Key Blank 80mm Kromer Key Stem Mauer Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank for Variator B.14 Lever Locks 180mm Cawi Nickel Silver Double Bitted Key Blank For 9.00 $53.00 $25.00 $20.00 $18.00 $17.50 $24. Variator A 164mm Mauer Die Cast Double Bitted Key Blank for President A.25 $68.00 $10.00 $24.50 $7.50 $20.00 $95.25 $14.14 Lever Locks 180mm Cawi Detachable Double Bitted Nickel Silver Key Bit For 9.00 $68.00 $60.14 Lever Locks Cawi Steel/Nickel Double Bitted Key Bit For 9.00 $7.00 $70.

50 Handle Assembly w/o Stem (Satin) LG2301 $11. Strike MAS114003 Strike #1 MAS114005 Strike #3 MAS114004 Strike #2 MAS114006 Strike #9 Jamb Price $17. 2 Door Outswing Lock Bolt Part No.two finishes. Includes the arbor for installation and the Lshaped trim with adhesive S&G Two Piece Safe Handle (Satin) BSH003 $16. GSA Handle #MSN73402000A $38.00 La Gard Safe Handles The standard S&G change key (U8) is the most versatile change key today.95 CDX-09 Strikes La Gard safe handles .Satin Chrome 5/8” Arbor Diameter BSH001-5/8-26D $16.25 Strike No.15 Inswing Outswing Jamb Active Leaf 32 sales@mbaUSA. 3 Lock Bolt Strike No.00 $52.00 $36.00 Replacement handles adapt to most containers. Handle Assembly W/Stem (Satin) LG2300 $19. comes with or without 7/16” diameter stem. 9 Strike Lock Bolt Door Strike Inactive Leaf Replacement handle for Mosler GSA containers Class 3 and 6 Black Label. Safe Handle . 8500 Series. It works on the three wheel 6700 Series. plus the new 2937 lock. A 3/8" set screws hold the handle securely in place. S&G U8 Change Key w/Handle #MB75 $9.Satin Chrome 1/2” Arbor Diameter #BSH001-1/2-26D $ • www.00 Strike Strike No.SAFE PARTS S&G Two Piece Handle Generic Safe Handles S&G Change Key with Handle This handle is a direct replacement for the discontinued two piece S&G safe handle.00 $ . We take factory change keys and add a custom designed handle to them.mbaUSA. 8400 Series.00 Safe Handle . 1 Door Lock Bolt Strike Inswing Jamb GSA Safe Handle Strike No. Available with 1/2" or 5/8” diameter arbor holes and a satin chrome finish. The result is a key that is a pleasure to use and will fit on a key chain as well.

00 KCB-1.00 GSA Labels NOT AUTHORIZED FOR STORAGE OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION These magnet signs are for your customers with GSA containers.00 6580. Black #CA02 $19.00 D 4 Tumbler Left Hand Series 161 HPC-SLC-16 $37.99 ea.00 HPC-SLC-42 For Group 3 & 4 Wheel Locks $33.00 HPC-SLC-43 YALE OC-8 HPC-SLC-30 $37.00 B 4-Tumbler Right Hand K & M Lock HPC-SLC-14 $37. 8400. GSA Container Touch Up Paint #CA01 $19. R-6735. 6810.00 K-1203.00 6500. 6700 HPC-SLC-8 $33.Gray #MB15-A $12.99 ea. Long HPC-SLC-21 $37. These can be purchased from MBA in a package of (6). Rejection Labels #RLP02 $4. Our mounts are the only ones that allow you to mount a wide variety of key-operated safe locks (STUV. indicating container status and are used per regulation AR380-5.00 L B 107 E HPC-SLC-11 $37. K-1204 Spec.99 ea. Quantity Discounts available These spray paints are mixed to match GSA factory colors. Gray #CA03 $19. One side is “Open” and the other is “Closed”. LA GARD For Group 1 & 3 All 3-Wheel Locks $33. and CAWI for example).00 6800.00 6550. call us for a training brochure or visit our web site for information.D.00 MRK-302. GSA Open/Closed Magnets #MB57 $6.00 B-607 M HPC-SLC-9 $33.50/For 6 Want to be certified as a GSA container inspector? MBA can train you! See pages 75-79.00 6800. Three of any color or mixed GSA Safe Magnets 4-Tumbler Right Hand Series 161 D HPC-SLC-12 $37. R-6732. Parchment #CA04 $49. Note: Since each factory mixes its own colors. R6722.99 ea. Group 1 & 1R 4 Wheel Locks HPC-SLC-35 $33.00 O 104 S HPC-SLC-10 $37.00 Double End Key Left Hand Series 180. Series HPC-SLC-40 $33. 177 & 900 Two Keys in One HPC-SLC-19 $33. KCB-201. 6815 HPC-SLC-7 $33.00 O 3-Tumbler Left Hand Series 172 &182 L HPC-SLC-15 $37.right here in Kentucky no less. 6805 HPC-SLC-5 $33. Group 1 & 1R. MBA is authorized to train inspectors of GSA containers. 6570 HPC-SLC-2 $37. R6720. KCB-101. MRK-402. in addtion to standard footprint safe locks. KC-11 HPC-SLC-33 $33. R6730.00 S. some variation will occur.. R6725. Our stand has all the mounting holes (including the 4 dial ring ring holes) tapped to standard threads. Section 6-10c. Mauer.00 KSD-12. 8500 HPC-SLC-4 $33.00 Series 177 & 900 HPC-SLC-17 $33.95 ea. 6850 HPC-SLC-1 $37. KCB-401 R HPC-SLC-32 $33.95 GSA Touch-Up Paint Better than Blue! Our new Gray safe lock stand is 100% made in the USA . # Wheel Locks HPC-SLC-46 $33.00 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 33 . a label stating that it cannot be used to store classified material is required.T.00 3-wheel 6700.00 ea. When a container does not pass inspection.00 S & G FM 501745 Medeco Lock w/Two Keys $99. The gray color looks terrific too! Lock Stand .SAFE PARTS FireKing Lock Stands Change Keys 6800.00 I 3-Tumbler Right Hand Series 172 &181 E HPC-SLC-13 $37.

The 2nd tool is used to precisely drill into the lock bolt and insert a rod to use the tools cam action to easily break the hooks and retract the bolt completely. Although AS22 is formulated as a lubricant for aircraft.00 This is a handy new tool designed to ease the difficulties of mounting X-08 and X-09 locks on GSA Security containers.XL.XXXL) $11. X08/X09 Defeat Tool #LD38 $149. The first tool is for the X-08 to retract the bolt by simply turning the tool. such as standard S&G. This tool eliminates the frustration of attempting to retract the bolt using wires or ice picks. The same tool works on the X-09 to retract the bolt partially until the “hooks” engage preventing full retraction of the lock bolt.95 2011 Limited Edition This year the MBA USA Ed Willis T-shirt features the Chubb Isolator. Improved Dial Puller #SA03-K $107. This carefully thoughtout cutoff tool makes that job much easier and gives very accurate results. magnetic manipulation scale. Hall.mbaUSA.SAFE TOOLS X08/X09 Defeat Tool Direct Entry Manipulation AeroShell Grease This tool is used to retract the bolt on X-08 and X-09 Kaba-Mas high security combination locks after drilling for the slide area. Ed Willis T-Shirt 2011 Edition #WT11-Size (S. X08/X09 Cutoff Tool #JC12 $89. The kit includes the manual. thumbscrews. specials and new products! 34 sales@mbaUSA.XXL. AeroShell Grease . PLUS X-07/08/09 dials! If you are still using an old-fashioned puller.95 www. When the manual is used in conjunction with the manipulation aid. The book details the inner workings of a wide variety of both antique and modern locks that have direct drive. you will need a tube saw (supplied with every new lock) and a standard hack saw. Measuring and accurately cutting the tubes for these locks is essential to their proper operation. brass pointers. it has shown to be an excellent lubricant for mechanical combination locks as well. opening these safes is a snap. Amsec. plus a wide useful temperature range. containers) #AS22 $11. drawn with the usual precision and detail that made Ed famous. (Six . a variety of “S” Log on for current prices. 2 piece brass clamp. it's time to upgrade with the latest puller from StrongArm. By popular • .M. AS22 has excellent anti-wear properties. then provides the step by step direct entry manipulation procedure. Comes with complete instructions.25 Dial Puller X08/X09 Cutoff Tool Ed Willis T-Shirt Just when you think a tool has gotten as good as it can be.00 Corrosion inhibited and fortified against oxidation. We have AS22 packaged in easy to use . PLUS dials with tapered spindles. Lord and Major.mbaUSA.5 ounce containers sold in packs of 6. including Alpine.5 oz. this year our shirt is black with a blue imprint and we have added some new sizes. In addition to this tool. such as La Gard. and rubber bands for attaching the tools to the safe handle or handle arbor.95 The kit and book for “straight tailpiece” safe manipulation tool.L. Manipulation Kit #JC08 $99. StrongArm comes along and makes it even better! Pulls common safe dials.3 oz.

When you encounter safes with glass relocking devices and nasty hardplate.00 *Contents of kits subject to change without notice.995. Inc. SEMS can save you considerable time and effort. Another great tool from John Falle.SAFE TOOLS SEMS (Spindle Extraction Manipulation System) Kit Emergency Transfer Dial Drilling the spindle Tapping the spindle SEMS is another innovative tool from John Falle. Inserting the spline pusher This new emergency dial from Keedex should be in every safe technicianʼs tool kit. Using this new transfer dial allows easy viewing through your drilled hole. available exclusively from MBA USA. you will want THIS one.mbaUSA. Precision engineering plus the use of specially formed “memory metal” clips makes decoding very easy. It attaches securely to the safe using rare earth magnets. This ingenious tool allows the user to remove the spindle from the most common mechanical safe locks and decode the combination through the now empty spindle hole. The tool features precise one to one ratio between dial and spindle and can easily transfer the gates to any position fast and accurately. Emergency Transfer Dial #K-ETD $145. while giving you total control of the WE ACCEPT EXCLUSIVELY FROM MBA! 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 35 . SEMS Kit* #FS105 $6. Even if you already have an emergency transfer dial. SEMS allows you to open most S&G 3 and 4 wheel locks without ever putting a hole in the safe! This includes the Group 1 8500 manipulation resistant lock used on many GSA containers. Catalog Contents for details.00 Pushing the spline Extracting the spindle Download the demonstration video at Inserting the clip www. It is very well made with an easy to read large dial. SEMS is an acronym for “Spindle Extraction Manipulation System”. See page 73.

00 Electronic Drill Templates Floor Safe Template This template works on Star. You can drill the drop in point on any of these common floor safes. 1980. Use the special saws to get a clean safe opening with no damage to the expensive X-07/08/09. lightest safe drilling rig available.are included. left. 99E and 33E. is the newest drilling template for the Mini-Rig from StrongArm. and index. (1) BiMetal Hole Saw. La Gard Template #SA03-D1 $69. Gary C&E Rate. (2) Carbide Tipped Hole Saws.25 There are two optional electronic lock drill templates available to use with the MiniRig. Add this template to your MiniRig Kit. X-07. includes drill points for the . S&G 6120 plus optional drill points for La Gard 3330. LaGard 1800. Also in the kit: • Drill Template #1 for S&G 6730. Use the blank template to make your own. Diebold 900. plus tips for drilling hardplate Mini-Rig Pro-Kit* #SA03 $875. The Universal Template.25 Hole Saws & Arbor Guide 36 sales@mbaUSA. The Kaba Mas Comprehensive Template has drill points for Auditcon. the solenoid for the 3600.SAFE TOOLS Mini-Rig Pro Kit Uni-Template GSA Neutralizers The revolutionary design of this kit makes it the smallest. for the LaGard 3600.35 Arbor/Pilot Drill #SA03-I $18.mbaUSA. B52. 33 and 99E. built-in scales.00 Bi-Metal Hole Saw #SA03-G $17.00 *Contents of kits subject to change.35 T7 Multiple Lock Template #SA03-D9 $69. up and down dimensions from the spindle hole using the Uni-Temp X-Y axis. & 3330. Template #3. For one GSA container opening with your Mini-Rig you will need: (1) Mini-Rig Bolt Saw Guide.50 Uni-Template #SA03-D10 $225. X-08.00 Kaba Mas Comprehensive Template #SA03-D8 $69. but it can be mounted anywhere on the for attaching the Mini-Rig directly to the safe and one for attaching the rig to either of two special drill point templates . (1) Hole Saw Arbor/Pilot Drill Bolt Saw Guide #SA03-E $101. or Uni-Temp. The Mini-Rig can adapt to any electric drill motor and is designed for fast and easy set-up. Cencon. Two mounting plates . Kaba Mas B52 and Mosler. Catalog Contents for details. and Major floor safes. then pops easily back in place to continue your work. Amsec ESL 10/20. You can determine right. and X-09 all on one template. The bi-metal saws are for penetrating the container skin and the carbide saws will cut through the bolts. See page 73. The T7 multiple lock template has drill points for the Ilco 505. 8400 &8500. Floor Safe Template #SA03-D3 $86.25 Carbide Tipped Hole Saw #SA03-F $30. Your Mini-Rig can be removed from the Uni-Temp during the drilling process to change bits. 177 & 180 • Drill Template #2 for Mosler 120 & 302 • Dial puller (See page 39 ) • Chuck key • Tap • Extension Handles • Laminated template drilling location guide • Carrying Case • Instructions. This template is attached to a safeʼs dial ring mounting screw holes. Mini-Rig Bolt Saw Guide MINI-RIG BOLT SAW GUIDE Opening GSA containers is now easier and more economical! Designed to be used with your Mini-Rig. this bolt saw guide can be attached to a black or red label Class 6 GSA container. side bar for the • www.35 Blank Template #SA03-D6 $40.

75 $11. • Strong Brazing: Ultra high temperature copper braze adds strength & reduces tip failure.50 $15.00 1/4” Core Cutter #SA02-A1 $25. and other hard-to-machine materials. $8. • Strong Shank: High grade.75 $6. diamond ground razor sharp with unique tip geometry.50 $12.75 This new style drill bit allows you to drill Ball Bearing barriers cost effectively.50 $6. you can cut mild steel casing on Relsom and Maxalloy to remove the core with matching core cutter hole saws (not for cutting hardened steel). The slight oversize of these bits helps remove the shavings and drills run cooler. PART # #SA01 #SA01-A #SA01-B #SA01-C #SA01-D #SA01-J #SA01-E #SA01-F #SA01-G #SA01-N #SA01-K #SA01-H #SA01-O #SA01-I #SA01-L #SA01-M #SA01-Q SIZE 3/16x4 1/4x4 1/4x6 5/16x5 5/16x8 5/16x12 3/8x5 3/8x8 3/8x12 3/8x18 3/8x24 1/2x6 1/2x8 1/2x12 1/2x18 1/2x24 1/8x3. 11/32”x4-3/4” Thunder Bit (use prior to 5/16” carbide or diamond bits) #SATB-2 $7.50 $12.00 $16.50 $15.50 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 37 .50 $5. 9/32”x4-1/4” Thunder Bit (use prior to 1/4” carbide or diamond bits) • Strong Carbide: Titanium tungsten carbide tips.50 $18. They can be resharpened many times so they are a good value. After coring carbide matrix with the diamond bit.00 ea.50 $14.50 $13. Perfect for penetrating lock cases and precision drilling of keylocks. chrome-moly steel shanks. These bits will drill high alloy steels.50 $12. titanium.00 These high speed bits are excellent for drilling mild steel PLUS they are extra long. $5. StrongArm also offers a line of high speed bits for drilling mild steel. The tip is electroplated with diamonds. Long Drill Bits Diamond Drill Bits Cobalt Drill Bits For any safe technician.SAFE TOOLS “Super ” StrongArm Drills Ball Buster Drill Bits Thunder Drill Bits StrongArm Drill Bits are considered the best bits available for drilling hardplate.50 $7.50 $20. The Ball Buster can be used for several openings.00 3/8” Diamond Bit #SA02-D $25.00 ea.75 $8.40 Diamond Tip drill Bits are designed to cut carbide matrix hard plates in GSA containers.50 $9. Cobalt bits for drilling mild steel are as important as those which can penetrate hardened steel (see above StrongArm Drill Bits).00 5/16”x5” Ball Buster Bit #SA05-B $40. Aero Space lubricant provided with each drill washes away debris. 13/32”x5-1/4” Thunder Bit (use prior to 3/8” carbide or diamond bits) #SATB-3 $9.50 $14.75 ea. tempered and shot peened for extra durability. stainless. 1/4”X6” Diamond Bit #SA02-A $25.00 3/8” Core Cutter #SA02-D1 $25.00 5/16” Core Cutter #SA02-B1 $25.50 $18. 1/4”x4” Cobalt Drill Bits #MC01 $5.5 PRICE EA.50 $5.50 $11. Comes with complete instructions and wooden plugs for stabilizing the ball bearings.00 #SATB-1 $5.75 $7.00 5/16”x6” Diamond Bit #SA02-B $30. PART # #SALG-1 #SALG-2 #SALG-3 #SALG-4 #SALG-5 #SALG-6 #SALG-7 #SALG-8 #SALG-9 SIZE 1/4x12 1/4x18 1/4x24 5/16x12 5/16x18 5/16x24 3/8x12 3/8x18 3/8x24 PRICE EA.50 $18. 1/4”x5” Ball Buster Bit #SA05-A $35.00 $14.

Comes complete with drill press quill and handle.00 For larger dials ITL 2000 Optional Jaw set #MA01021 $132.00 #SA-EM4 1/4x6” $35.mbaUSA. It provides a quick attachment point for the Mini Rig. The oversize dial amplifies the dial changes and features 1/2 number increments in the contact area. The tool features a precision smooth working roller bearing that becomes the dial spindle bearing surface for optimum contact readings. Philʼs “Flywheel” #LD37 $295. It is an epoxy-like resin that hardens like steel in about 20 minutes. The tool is designed to fit both Mosler and S&G/LaGard/Ilco standard ring bolt patterns. Steel Stick contains real steel! Use by itself or with ball bearings or taper pins for an even stronger repair.00 This tool will dramatically increase your chances of manipulating any safe lock and is essential on some tough vault locks and 4 wheel locks. • Super strong rare earth magnets • Dial gripper with reversible jaws to grip most safe dials • Easy to assemble • Self-contained .00 38 sales@mbaUSA. The cutting ends of the mills are very slightly tapered . the drill must not damage critical components located inside the the perfect mix of cutting ability plus depth • www. Solid Carbide Mill-Drills #SA-EM3 3/8x6” $45. Carrying case included. or mount your Mini-Rig to it for even greater versatility. easy-to-use. StrongArmʼs Steel Stick #SA-STICK $8.95 Philʼs Flywheel Safe Dialer StrongArm “VacAttack” Years of research and improvement on the original ITL safe dialer have resulted in a more reliable. Bullet Rig or most any lever rig. Mini-Vac attaches to smooth or semi-smooth surfaces with just a few strokes of the thumb pump. StrongArm Mini Vac #SA-MV $349.. Unlike similar products. These exceptionally hard and sharp solid carbide Mill-Drills are ideal for this job.00 The Mini Vac is an ideal tool for the technician on the go. and economical . orderly fashion for reliable openings. VacAttack #SAVAC-2 $2038.61 Finally.00 #SA-EM5 5/16x6” $40.NO computer required! • Opens safes the SoftDrill™ canʼt! ITL 2000 Safe Dialer #ITL2000 $1995. An indicator is included to show you when additional pumping is required..80 For use in restricted spaces ITL 2000 Optional Triangle Base #MA20006 $245. It will fit any spindle to 7/16” in diameter with a minimum length of 1/2” after removing the dial and ring. The vacuum base is secured to the safe courtesy of a powerful air pump.a product that REALLY SUCKS!!! The VacAttack vacuum base drill press is specifically designed to make safe drilling as effortless as possible.SAFE TOOLS Solid Carbide End Mill Drills StrongArm MiniVac StrongArmʼs Steel Stick The perfect solution for drilling X-0 locks! X-0 locks require perfectly placed holes in the lock case when drilling for lost combinations.00 StrongArmʼs Steel Stick is a great product for repairing drilled holes in mild steel. Systematically dials thousands of combinations in an intelligent. Use your StrongArm Mini-Rig to penetrate without drilling too deep. Even trickier.

See pages 75-79 This dial could be a life saver. There are several advantages to this particular dial: 1) It has three set screws which are angled to allow them to reach short spindles.please see Terms of Sale. Emergency Dial (with number) #MB01 $45. the X-08/09 LOBC Drill Fixture (also sold separately as part number MB36). Finally. Add one to your service kit. “EDGE” Manipulation Audio Amplifier #MB78 $225. drill templates for the combination locks to be used with the Mini-Rig. Emergency Dials Need training on servicing GSA containers? MBA USA has the classes you need. the 2200 keyoperated safe lock. Get the professional “Edge” today. You never know when you will be faced with a service call where there is no dial or you simply don't know how to put the dial back on.00 *Contents of kits are subject to change without notice .SAFE TOOLS GSA First Strike Kit® GSA First Strike Kit® GSA SERVICE KIT #MB09-D* • (1) #SA03 Mini-Rig Pro Kit • (1) #SA03-E Mini-Rig GSA Hole Saw Guide • (1) #HE02 Interior Inspection Light • (2) #SA03-F Carbide Hole Saws • (2) #SA03-G Bi-metal Hole Saws • (20) #SA01-A 1/4"x4" StrongArm Drill Bits • (5) #SA01-C 5/16"x5" StrongArm Drill Bits • (4) #MC01 1/4"x4" Cobalt Drill Bits • (1) #SA03-I 3/8" Arbor Pilot Drill • (4) #SA02-A 1/4"x6" Diamond Bit • (1) #SA02-A1 1/4" Core Cutter • (1) #MB29 CDX-08 Installation Jig • (1) #SA03-D8 Kaba Mas Drill Template • (1) #SA-STICK StrongArm Steel Stick • (1) #MB36 X-08/X-09 LOBC Fixture • (1) #HD01 1/2” Hammer Drill Motor • (1) Rugged Carrying Case “EDGE” Audio Amplifier This kit* was specifically designed for the technician who services GSA security containers. 3) It has a place to store the allen wrench (used to tighten the set screws) so it doesn't get lost. The “Edge” can also be used as an aid when picking lever locks. The heart of this kit is the StrongArm Mini-Rig. a tube of StrongArm steel stick (part number SA-STICK). 2) The cut outs in the dial are 7/8" from the dial center. The kit also includes our CDX-07/08 installation jig to make those pesky door lock installations a breeze! GSA First Strike Kit #MB09-D $2495. 4) The reasonable price. Catalog Contents on page 73 for more information. while entirely eliminating the need for a microphone cable. Includes additional tools useful for GSA servicing and repair. We started by eliminating the external pickup found on other amps and replaced it with a high-sensitivity ceramic contact built right into the amp! A magnetic pad allows the amplifier to be placed directly on the safe for superior performance. It contains everything you need to open black or red label containers in one lightweight (about 30 lbs) package! Our kit supports both approved opening methods: sawing through the bolts or drilling into the lock box. We even include a selection of StrongArm® carbide and diamond drill bits that have been proven effective on the toughest hardplate. Next we added an automatic internal gain control that helps prevent constant adjustment or excessive headphone output levels. we incorporated a Record output which can be used with a spectrum analyzer for the ultimate “Edge” when developing techniques against 2M or higher locks.00 Emergency Dial (knob only) #MB01-A $45.00 WE ACCEPT 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 39 .00 Give yourself the professional edge when it comes to lock manipulation! Our new “Edge” amplifier has features not found on any other safe amp. a 1/2” hammer drill and more. or listening to time lock movements. the choice of top safe technicians for safe drilling. allowing you to look “through” the dial into your drill hole.

Speed up and simplify your safe lock installations with the tool that helps you do it right the first time! D.O.B.00 ea. Wood Handle Ice Pick #MC09 $7. The jig is machined from aluminum and has hardened steel inserts to guide your drill during installation. This kit is designed to be used after a safe has been subjected to a burglary attempt.Standard #JC04 $99.O.B.50 ea. Perfect for retracting safe lock bolts (when the lever screw has been drilled). ..50 X-08/09 L. and countless other tasks. for fishing back relock devices. they not only align the wheel pack.00 It took some looking.49 ea.R. Fixture #MB36 $75.00 DIAL RING ALIGNMENT TOOL When installing safe locks. Here is a tool that will eliminate that problem. (Locked On Back Cover) that cannot be removed unless the lockʼs combination is known. the serial number can be recovered and used to set a new combination. or (2) for $6. Natural finish.SAFE TOOLS Joeʼs Card Trick CDX-07/08/09 Jig Safe Opening Tool Kit X-08 Drive Cam Proper strike installation is critical to the operation of CDX-07/08/09 door . CDX-07/08/09 Installation Jig #MB29 $255. If the combination is lost.C. Just lay the viewing card over the drive cam and see the magnetic array inside.A. 40 sales@mbaUSA. Don't take chances with expensive doors and locks! Use our exclusive jig to do the job right the first time.T.A.00 X-09 Drive Cam Joe Cortie showed us this neat trick with X-08 and X-09 drive cams. Joeʼs Card Trick #MB06 $8. no-roll wood handle securely holds a tempered steel blade.A. The set of six comes in a roll-up case and includes tools for the most popular mechanical locks: S&G (both old and new styles). or (3) for $7. but also hold the relocker aside so that the safe can be opened quickly and easily. it is important that the dial is centered with on the wheel post or “binding” will occur and the lock will not operate correctly.B. Safe Opening Tool Kit #HPC-NST-6 $114. Fixture D. but the lock serial number has been • www. but we finally located these nice wood-handle ice picks youʼve been asking for. and La Gard. Wood Handle Ice Pick The X-08/09 safe lock is equipped with an L.T. is designed to use the wheel post of a safe lock to align the dial ring and permit proper operation of the complete lock assembly.R. Entering through the existing hole. Just like having X-ray vision. X-08/09 L. You must have access to the back cover to use the fixture. Can be used over and over again. Once the lock cover has been removed. This tool makes perfect alignment of the lock and strike as easy as can be.R.C. The Dial Ring Alignment Tool or D.50 ea. Mosler (302 and 402).T.O. This fixture is designed to enable back cover removal with minimal damage to the lock when the combination and the serial number are both unknown. These two drives are virtually identical but they are not interchangeable! You must be able to tell them apart and weʼve made it easy with Joeʼs Card Trick.mbaUSA.C. the combination may be changed using the serial number (provided you can get to the back cover to insert the change key).

Dead Blow Hammer #MB10 $63.015 0.00 WE ACCEPT This is an essential tool for every safe technician and locksmith.1/4” Taper Pins 10 . which travels forward with a mighty force when used. One set has some of the most common change keys.00 ea.4163 La Gard-1R-3 Wheel La Gard 3 Wheel La Gard 4 Wheel Amsec-3 Wheel This is our new. 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 41 .25 per pack Dead Blow Hammer MBA offers two fold out “knife style” change key sets.5/16” Taper Pins 5 3/8” Steel Balls 5 .1/4ʼ Steel balls 5 . The head is filled with shot. The kit is packaged in a plastic box for convenient storage and each thickness is color coded for easy identification. weʼve included a tube of StrongArm Steel Stick.015 0.SAFE TOOLS Change Key Sets Deluxe Safe Repair Kit Safe Door Hinge Kit Common Change Key Set CONTAINS: Mosler-35-4 Wheel Mosler-302-3 Wheel S&G Amsec 3 Wheel S&G-6720-3 Wheel Diebold-180-3 Wheel Diebold-177-4 Wheel S&G padlock-3 Wheel S&G.020 0. Refill shims are available in packs of (10).010 0.3/16” Taper Pins 10 . Our dead blow is less expensive than others. The kit comes in a well made. and as a general “percussion adjustment” tool.00 GSA Change Key Set #K-GSA $92.5/16” Steel Balls 5 . “Deluxe” safe repair kit.010 0. Common Change Key Set #K-18 $90. the other has keys for locks which can be found on GSA containers. divided plastic box with two latches. improved. Perfect for bouncing relocks. They are used to shim worn safe hinges in order to raise a safe door back to the proper height. In addition. Deluxe Safe Repair Kit #MB51-A $39.015 0. It comes with steel balls and taper pins ranging from 3/16” to 3/8” for use in plugging holes in safes.020 MS-HS-1 1-1/16” MS-HS-2 1-1/16” MS-HS-3 1-1/16” MS-HS-4 1-1/16” MS-HS-5 1-1/16” MS-HS-6 1-1/16” MS-HS-7 1-1/16” MS-HS-8 1-1/16” MS-HS-9 1-1/16” $7.3/16” Steel Balls 5 .50 GSA Change Key Set CONTAINS: Phillips Head Mosler 302 La Gard Metal Wheel La Gard Plastic Wheel S&G 4 Wheel (8400) S&G 3 Wheel (Std) 8077 Reset 8077 Reset 8077 Change Key Flat Screwdriver Centi-Spline Allen Key Mosler Attaching Allen Key Refills for Kit (10) per pack Part# OD ID 7/16” 7/16” 7/16” 1/2” 1/2”” 1/2'” 5/8” 5/8” 5/8” Thick 0. plus it packs an extra half pound wallop.95 This handy assortment contains (10) each of (9) different sizes of precision brass hinge shims. Safe Door Hinge Kit #MS-HSK-10 $37. 3-1/2 pounds. getting stubborn levers to drop. Each set has (12) keys which are made of stainless steel.3/8” Taper Pins 1 -SA-STICK StrongArm Steel Stick Refills available for all contents.020 0.010 0. and prevent it from dragging. The case is engraved with a description of uses. Deluxe Safe Repair Kit contents: 10 .

the lock can be reset if the change key hole is still open and accessible.00 42 sales@mbaUSA. which is a must fully understand safe lock manipulation. Excellent training aid and very useful for understanding wheel action. Also included is a square block. This book is compact enough to carry in your service vehicle and a great way to have access to Ed's fine drawings without having to buy the full set. LG3330 Cutaway Combination Lock #LG3330-CUTAWAY $75.SAFE TOOLS STUV Decoder S&G Padlock Recovery Tool 50 Common Floor Safes This kit was developed by Mark Bates and Martin Newton. A quality prism scope with a 70 degree DOV and a diameter of 4mm or less is ideal.00 WE ACCEPT Cutaway LaGard 3330 Group II. STUV Decoder #MB86 $695. 50 Common Floor Safes #WC01 $115.9mm Hex Key 12 Specially Cut Reading Keys 1 Decoding Chart 1 Dry Erase Pen 1 Compact Storage Box with Instruction Cards These hardplate punches have been field • www. The remaining lever is reduced to only 3 possible depths. models 8077 or 8088.92 7 lever safe lock. Change key and instructions included. Hard Plate Punches #JC11 $69.00 LG3330 Cutaway KIT CONTENTS 1 Variable Key Stem 24 Variable Bits (4 of each depth) 1 . The kit contains 12 specially cut reading keys that permit the user to isolate six of seven levers and visually decode them. 12”.00 If an error is made when setting a new combination to a Sargent & Greenleaf padlock. one of which should open the lock. The kit contains everything you will need EXCEPT an appropriate borescope and light source. drilled through and with a set screw (for the user who wishes to grind the points to a chisel point or pyramid) and a hex key. Punch lengths are 6”. The set has a 3/4” hex steel handle w/set screw to retain and change punch shanks. This book contains drawings found in the original volumes and supplements but is more specific in its focus. and is designed to decode and open the STUV 4.mbaUSA. and 18”. “Fifty Common Floor Safes” actually includes more than 50 scale drawings of these safes which are most commonly found in the field. The actual working length is 1/2” less when clamped in the handle. A quality variable key (designed by John Falle) is used to build each of the three possible . MBA USA has published a specialty volume of the Illustrated Safe & Vault Manual.19. The keys are come in a reusable box with complete illustrated instructions. 3 wheel lock with front reading satin chrome 1777 dial and dial ring mounted on the MBA gray lock mount. S&G Padlock Combo Recovery Set #MB92 $29. This set includes the two reset keys necessary to perform a combination recovery on these padlocks.95 Hard Plate Punches Working closely with author Ed Willis.

L. MBA Tool Bag #MB69 $26. Drink up with MBA! MBA Coffee Mug $4.95 MBA USA Screwdriver www. There is a large open space inside that can hold lots of hand tools or supplies.50 ea.95 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 43 .This pocket screwdriver has a durable handle with a slotted/phillips interchangeable shaft.XXXL) $11. van or workshop. It features a surface that is smooth enough to write on or use as a mouse pad. MBA Counter Mat #MB83 $9. By popular demand. Square and Torx driver bits. drawn with the usual precision and detail that made Ed famous.95 Why not enjoy your favorite hot beverage from a beautiful ceramic mug with the MBA logo? Our mug holds a full 12 ounces of hot or cold liquids. Ratchet Screwdriver #MB07-A $14.MBA Branded Products MBA Pint Glass MBA Ed Willis T-Shirt MBA Coffee Mug Our quality pint glass holds a full 16 ounces of liquid.and features the MBA logo in blue. flashlights. Slotted.XXL. It zips shut and the handles are padded.95 #MB82 MBA Counter Mat MBA Tool Bag MBA Ratchet Screwdriver Our 15-in-One screwdriver is just the thing for your tool RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER Keep our pocket screwdriver close by for all those times you need a slotted or phillips tool fast. This bottle holds 25 ounces and is virtually unbreakable. The color is twotone .95 MBA Stainless Steel Bottle Our stainless steel bottle is perfect for transporting water. MBA Double Ended Screwdriver #MB07 $2. Features an MBA logo in light blue. on the outside and inside. Drink up with MBA! Pint Glass with MBA Logo #MB87 $4. Saves space by having 15 useful driver tips stored in a two-way ratchet handle.XL. Our bag has pockets for small tools.50 ea.95 This sturdy cordura tool bag can handle lots of gear and is still a compact size approximately 9”x12”. 4 or more $3. The black lid is secured to the bottle with a plastic leash so you canʼt lose it. picks etc. MBA Stainless Steel Bottle #MB84 $11. soda or other cold beverages out on a day of service calls. A push/pull drinking spout for easy access to refreshment. Ed Willis T-Shirt 2011 Edition #WT11-Size (S. 2011 Limited Edition This year the MBA USA Ed Willis T-shirt features the Chubb Isolator.mbaUSA. this year our shirt is black with a blue imprint and we have added some new sizes.M. Our mat is 12”x18”x1/16” and has a great design that any locksmith can relate to in shades of blue. and khaki . Includes Phillips.75 The MBA Counter Mat is the perfect work surface for your shop. The color is black and it features an MBA logo in light blue on both sides.

Lever Matchwork Kit for Diebold 175-05 #B175GMK $32. This lock requires that you insert and rotate the Prep Guard Key proir to insertion and rotation of the renter or customerʼs key to retract the locking bolt. 263.Single Big Nose #BE-7750-SBN $70. brass.Double Big Nose . This lock is intended for use with Canadaʼs major financial institutions.Big Nose Little Nose #BE7300-BNLN $98.Double Little Nose Brass or Nickel Finish #BE7750-DLN $70.95 ea. Existing prep keys can be matched at an additional charge. 34 and 44. 4210. Will change to 701-705 Guard Key. LeFebure 7750 .00 3/8” door. for exact interchange.spacers and depth keys.#14.00 Diebold 175-70 Change Key #DIE17570CHGKEY $ • www.Double Little Nose #BE7300-DLN $98. www. LeFebure 7750 . 1/2” door replaces all series.Double Big Nose #BE7300-DBN $98.mbaUSA. Brass finish.Double Little Nose #BE7737-DLN $70. Includes 2 new renter keys. Diebold 175-70 Replacement Lock LH or RH (Specify when ordering) #B17570L or R $21. we also stock matchwork kits for the Diebold 175-05. 24. Brass or Nickel finish.50 LeFebure 7750 Safe deposit lock. Includes 1 pair of renter .50 LeFebure 7300 . S&G In addition to our wide selection of safe deposit locks. Brass only. double changeable (guard & renter). A smart service kit to have on hand.50 1/2” door.Brass #BE7750-DBN $70. LeFebure 7737 . Includes the levers. Specify 908 or 972 Guard Key.the fixed renter side resists picking and prevents unexplained lockouts.50 LeFebure 7750-SBN A direct replacement for the S&G 261.50 LeFebure 7300 .85 Matchwork Kit This safe deposit lock is a direct replacement for the Diebold 175-70. Diebold 175-70 #DIE17570R $42. It has the same footprint at a better price.00 #DIE17570L $42.50 LeFebure 7737 Replacement Corbin.50 Diebold 175-70 1/2” door.SAFE DEPOSIT & BANKING Diebold 175-05 Replacement 175-70 LeFebure 7300 Replacement lock. RH/LH (please specify).50 LeFebure 7750 . (B175 guard lever/spacer kit available. Just set the guard side to the bankʼs existing guard key .50 44 sales@mbaUSA.85 #B175LH Left Hand $22.) Diebold 175-05 #B175RH Right Hand $22. B2401 Series Replacement Lock LH or RH (Specify hand and prep key number when ordering) #B2401L or R $ RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER 1/2” door. Will change to 701-705 Guard Key. the Corbin 2401 and the MGM ASP series of locks. LeFebure 7300 . replace guard levers from old locks into new B175.mbaUSA. The B2401 locks have a brass finish and are availble with (4) Stock Prep Keys .

SAFE DEPOSIT & BANKING Miles X-4 Security Kumahira S&G 4500/Kaba Mas 5400 REPLACES S&G 4500 AND KABA -MAS 5400 Replaces the Miles X-4 with a 980. S&G 4500 Series Double Changeable Lock1/2” Door #SG4545-004 $25.00 WE ACCEPT 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 45 .00 Fixed Renter/Fixed Guard #B542 3/8” door $16. Guard cylinders special order. Brass & Nickel finish.Left Hand #B440L $12.50 ea. No box number on keys. Available in Nickel or brass.99 S&G 4500 Series Replacement lock for matchwork.50 $10. Mosler 5700 #B5700 (Brass) $18.80 Single Nose #B541-BR-SGL $19. Guard Keys BEMiles74 Guard Key BEMiles740 Guard Key BEMiles98 Guard Key $10. a high quality lock for use in place of the S&G 4440 and Kaba-Mas A400. #B440-NI-98-RH or LH $16.00 REPLACES S&G 4400 AND KABA MAS A400 NOW AVAILABLE! Just added to our line of replacement safe deposit locks. #B440-NI-74-RH or LH $16. Replaces 5 pin models. Set to B/AB Guard.50 ea.00 #BEKD73-R RH $50. 6 pin only. Security Kumahira #BEKD73 LH $50. Replaces all KD series. Changeable Renter/Changeable Guard #B501 1/2” door $16. Furnished with 2 renter keys.Right or Left Hand #B440-NI-980-RH or LH $12.50 Exact interchange. Exact interchange at a great price. #B440-NI-740-RH or LH $16. Mosler 3175 #B3175NI or #B3175BR $31.35 S&G 4400 Series Safe Deposit Lock Right Hand #SG4440RH $23.00 C keyway. Furnished with 2 renter keys.50 ea. S&G 4440 Replacement . Satin nickel nose and plugs.50 Fixed Renter/Fixed Guards #B541 1/2” door $15.00 Changeable Renter/Fixed Guard #B502 3/8” door $19. 98 or 74 Guard.95 S&G 4440 Replacement .50 $10.Right Hand #B444-SR-XX-RH $13.50 Manufactured by S&G. Brass or Nickel finish. Miles X-4 Replacement .95 ea.50 Right Hand or Left Hand (please specify).95 S&G 4444 Replacement .35 S&G 4400 Series Safe Deposit Lock Right Hand w/Extended Bolt #SG4444-002 $42. replace guard levers from old lock into new one.80 Mosler 3175 S&G 4400 Series S&G 4400/Kaba Mas A400 Replacement lock furnished with 1 pair of renter keys and 1 set-up key.50 Mosler 5700 S&G 4400 Series Safe Deposit Lock Left Hand #SG4440LH $23. Nickel Finish. Single nose B541 for self service banks.Right Hand #B440R $12.50 #B5700-NI (Nickel) $18. 740. Security Kumahira #BEBX-C $22.

many locks are difficult or impossible to find replacement parts for. Some locks cannot be opened using this method (sometimes you just canʼt tell until youʼve tried). That's why our Diebold 175-70 safe deposit lock pick is so popular with lock professionals! This pick (which requires minimal practice) can help you swiftly open the 175-70 with no damage whatever! The lock can then be easily reset to new renter keys (reset tool included).00 Diebold 175-40 #LD08 $159. Full instructions included. It can cut keys up to 2-1/8" Log on for current prices.mbaUSA. and comes with a versatile . a sturdy turning tool. the door needs to be pulled. These separate kits allow you to open three different models of safe deposit lock with no skill or damage whatever! Each kit comes with detailed instructions. Key Duplicator #FMC04 $1129. & Lloyd Matheson #HPC-CW-CC $107. and electronic movements round out this important addition to the lock techniciansʼ library. and reassembly of common timelock movements. Chapters on design.55 Slotter Cutter for Mosler #HPC-CW-FC $ .75 Slotter Cutter for S&G #HPC-CW-DC $113.SAFE DEPOSIT & BANKING Safe Deposit Duplicator Diebold 175-70 Pick Safe Deposit Bypass Tools When accuracy and ease of operation are important.045" carbide cutter (other cutters are available). hand and ultrasonic cleaning. specials and new products! 46 By Dan Graffeo This new book is a must for anyone who services or wants to service time locks. Slotter Cutter for S&G. gradual pulling power is the key here! Once the renter plug is pulled.mbaUSA. lubrication.95 Nose Puller Kit See Page 7 for the HPC 1200 Key Machine www. In this case.95 each (specify tool). the guard key is inserted and turned and the bolt can be fished back with a wire probe. Strong.00 SD Slotter Cutters Expert technicians know that opening a lock is only half the battle . Yale.00 The answer to every locksmith's dream.00 Time Lock Servicing Here are four carbide cutters designed to work with your HPC 1200 Code Machine and the code cards described on page 47 for safe deposit keys.95 Slotter Cutter for Diebold #HPC-CW-EC $116. LeFebure 7700 Kit #LD06 $159. Timelock Servicing Fundamentals #TM11 $230.50 Replacement parts available. Diebold 175-70 Pick #JC06 $159. Safe Deposit Nose Puller Kit #HPC-NP-4B $104. Step-by-step instructions and photos guide you through the • www.00 LeFebure 7300 #LD07 $159. sales@mbaUSA. and 10 non-reusable tips that will open 10 locks. cleaning.00 This heavy wrought iron and bar steel set is expertly machined and finished to effectively pull the renter plug from most safe deposit locks. Extra tips for any of the above tools are only $4. you will find no better machine for safe deposit work than Framon.

this manual will save you hours of frustration when you are fitting keys.50 ea.SAFE DEPOSIT & BANKING Door & Nose Puller Cabinet Locks Guard Keys MBA USA. AL 81 Cabinet Lock #BE-AL81 $73. M3175 Flat/Corrugated Guard S&G 4400. 972. however.50 S&G Single Nose Cabinet Lock 1/2” Door #SG4113-003 1/2”Door $23. 7700 Renters Mosler M5700. Cards for all these locks are included in this set. Deck Code Cards #HPC-DECK-SD12 $75.50 S&G Single Nose Cabinet Lock 1/4” Door #SG4111-003 1/4”Door $23.00 Random Not Numbered.Specify 801-850 #BE84-6048-2 $8. 7750 DN-SBN-BNLN #BE84-2915-1 7737 DLN . $11. Specify cut 701-705 Uni-Shelf Guard Key #BE7750BN $10. Safe Deposit Door & Nose Puller #HPC-DP-7B $289.50 ea. you want over 100 pages of hard to find depth and space information. or 908 Step Shelf Guard Key #BE7300GK $10.50 ea. Set-Up Key #BE84-6056-2 $8. thick bolt. M3175 Flat Renters Mosler M5700 Corrugated Renters Mosler M5700.00 ea. Super 7700 Change Tool #JC09 $21. thin bolt.00 ea.50 If you want a lot of drawings of safe deposit locks and no really helpful information .00 ea. Comes with set up key. Specify 372.99 Chrome finish.7750DLN #BE84-2870-6 $9.50 S&G Single Nose Cabinet Lock 3/8” Door #SG4112-003 3/8”Door $23. so we made one that will far outlast the original. is pleased to offer this classic HPC safe deposit door and nose puller at a very attractive price! The kit contains everything you need to quickly and professionally open most safe deposit boxes. 308.00 Depth & Space Manual Specify 701-705. Safe Deposit Deck Code Cards S&G Single Nose Cabinet Lock 1/8” Door #SG4110-003 1/8”Door $23. These code cards are designed to work with the HPC 1200 Code machine. Comes with set up key. Depth & Spacing Manual #JC10 $99. Written by safe deposit expert John Cannon. Complete with instructions and housed in a durable metal carrying case. 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 47 . IF. Inc.00 Super 7700 Change Tool Description Diebold 175-05 Renters LeFebure 7300. AL 82 Cabinet Lock #BE-AL82 $73. For Big Nose 7750ʼs.50 ea. For 7300 0nly.then this is definitely NOT the book for you.00 Keys for PL 80-81-82 Cut Keys . 4231 Renters S&G 4400 Guard S&G 158/159 Renters Yale B Series Renter Yale 3300 Renters Lloyd Matheson Renters (Ilco/Precision P40) Lloyd Matheson Guard (Ilco/Precision P40) Renter Keys Tired of the cheesy little LeFebure 7700 change tool that breaks after you use it a few times? We were too. Locks from Bates to York and everything in between are included. For Big Nose Keys Specify BN Guard 701-705 Uni Shelf Guard Key #BE89-1731-5 $10.00 Chrome finish. THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU.

Over 125 pages of photos. 48 sales@mbaUSA. High Security Mechanical Locks #MB74 $84. This full color book is packed with information on all types of GSA approved containers including tips on how to tell one manufacturerʼs products from others.00 * Refer to Return Policy in Terms of Sale on page 73 for policy regarding • www. GSA Container Identification Book #MB88 $125.00 We get a high number of calls asking us to troubleshoot X-0 series locks. safe opening. Ken Dunckel has been publishing his informative newsletter for the safe and vault industry. and history. and identify products often mistaken for GSA approved products that are not..MANUALS & SOFTWARE High Security Mechanical Locks Boxman 1-50 CD GSA Container ID By Graham W. He published a book on Tann safes in 1990 complete with photographs. Just identify the X-0 model you are working on and answer simple. The authors have worked diligently to research these changes and make the most accurate. Tann High Security CD By Mike Oehlert Before he was the “go-to” man at SAVTA. facts and figures that no safe technician should be without. industry news. we have resurrected his book in an easy-to-use CD format. The more than 50 year history of GSA containers has brought many changes in specifications and designs. diagrams and references. this book is sought after by those who work on high security safes. Boxman 1-50 CD* #KD01 $269. dimensions. Each 8 page issue is filled with articles covering safe service.. A great reference. See pages 75-79 of this catalog and visit our web site for training available with MBA USA. All the locks are key operated mechanical locks. Though long out of print.mbaUSA. Each chapter introduces the necessary concepts in an historical perspective and further categorizes the locks. troubleshooting & repair. These descriptions are based on actual dissections of the locks. ABOUT THE AUTHORS. You ask we respond.00 * Refer to Return Policy in Terms of Sale on page 73 for policy regarding CDs.This is followed by detailed “how it works” descriptions that includes many pictures. Mike Oehlert worked for the John Tann Safe Co. All information that was in his original book can be found here including the extensive key to his coded drill points. Tann High Security Safe Manual CD* #MT01 $195. up to date reference on GSA approved containers and vault doors available. This is a “how it works” book and does not deal with installation or servicing. XO Troubleshooting CD A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Identifying GSA Approved Security Containers and Vault Doors By Joe Cortie and Andy Dennison GSA Container Identification contains approximately 100 pages of information on GSA approved security containers and vault doors.00 * Refer to Return Policy in Terms of Sale on page 73 for policy regarding CDs. Pulford High-Security Mechanical Locks comprehensively surveys and explains high security locks with over 100 different locks categorized into 6 basic types. weights and detailed drilling information. logical questions until your problem is solved! Work on X-0 locks? You need this CD! X0 Troubleshooter CD* #MB31 $95. Inc. Our exclusive CD walks you through most any trouble you may encounter with X-0 lock series. electronic lock . Through special arrangement with Mike. Boxman. Their GSA expertise insures that our students receive the best training available for GSA Inspectors and Technicians. Now available on CD-ROM are the first 50 issues of Boxman.95 By Ken Dunckel Since May of 2000 safecracking expert. sales. MBA is proud to have Joe Cortie and Andy Dennison as instructors for our company..

MANUALS & SOFTWARE American Genius Modern Safe Locks By Mark Bates Information for over 100 modern key. wafer locks. This book is an introductory guide to lever locks. this book is also a great study aid for PRP and STPRP certification tests. American Genius #AG $75.mbaUSA. how they work. Glorious examples of these incredible devices were photographed by renowned photographer Anne Day. Originally designed as a two volume set. All the basics are covered in this easy to read illustrated book. so get your copy today. Mike combined both into a single book filled with about all the information a safe technician needs.00 www. drilling and installation. and electronic safe locks from around the world are featured in this book. Impressioning Book #MB76 $150. Includes history. Over 100 pages. Pin type locks.00 By Oliver Diederichsen This is without a doubt the best book available on impressioning. and how they can be opened using a Hobbs Pick. The authors (David Erroll and John Erroll) have spent years researching nineteenth century locks and the creative people who brought their visions to reality. The information in this book will show you how to gain entry into these popular push button locks without damaging the lock or the door they are mounted on.00 How to Pick Lever Locks By Mark Bates Here is your opportunity to teach yourself how to pick lever locks with a Hobbs Pick. Material was drawn largely from the Mossman Collection in New York. Modern Safe Locks #MB08 $115. operation.50 Things I Know By Joe Cortie Joe Cortie has often said. blank preparation. Excellent color close-up photographs coupled with a thorough technical analysis of various methods makes this book really stand out.00 By David Erroll and John Erroll The most beautiful book on locks weʼve ever seen. it is profusely illustrated with hundreds of photographs and line drawings. troubleshooting. measuring and optical aids. Extremely well illustrated. Filled with information from the basics. Simplex Manual #AL01 $39. warded locks. as well as private RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 49 . uses. Printed in Germany. combination. How to Pick Lever Locks #MB23 $19. Safe Technicianʼs Reference Manual #MT03 $135. “The things I know about the X-0 locks could fill a book!” He was good to his word. so now we offer his book on the X-0 lock series.95 Impressioning Book Simplex Manual The second edition of the Simplex®Unican® Manipulation Manual is now available. MBA USA highly recommends this book to anyone currently working in the industry. specifies or services safes. and much more. The book covers everything from mechanical and electronic locks to time and safe deposit locks. Among the bookʼs topics: Key blank composition. It is an insightful history of the golden age of American safe locks.00 Safe Technicianʼs Manual By Mike Oehlert This safe manual belongs in every technicianʼs reference library. Written to catalog locks manufactured from 1950 to 1994. We sold out the first printing with “word of mouth” advertising. to the complex. Things I Know 2nd Edition #MB11 $125. extremely well-researched and profusely illustrated with brilliant color photographs. This 300 page plus reference book is a must for anyone who buys. such as door handing. Illustrated. and lever locks are each addressed in this work. and especially to those interested in safe work.

MBA can deliver your order fast. Supplements can be ordered. We keep them stocked.00 Volume 2 + Supplements 1-3 #WBW1-3 $580.50 without previous book purchase.00 Price with previous purchase of book version (Verified with book registration number) #WBCD-A $95.00.00 #WA07 Supplement #4 Supplement #8 #WA04 $55.00 $55. Volumes 1 & 2 and all supplements. By Ed Willis Volume 2 has the same format and exceptional drawing quality as Volume 1. Use these drawings to help you locate precise drill points or answer almost any question you have about the inner workings of any of the lock manufacturers and models contained in Volume RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER 50 sales@mbaUSA. Hallʼs.Volume 2 #WB00 $295. As master distributor of the Illustrated Safe & Vault Manuals.00 $55. but only after the initial purchase of Volume 1. We will need your book registration number to match up with our records to sell you the CD at this price. CD VERSION* Illustrated Safe & Vault Manual . as the supplements are meant to continue and support. CD VERSION* Illustrated Safe & Vault Manual .mbaUSA.00 * Refer to Return Policy in Terms of Sale on page 73 for policy regarding CDs.00 #WA08 Volume 1 + Supplements 1-8 #WAW1-8 $635.mbaUSA. Again.00.00 Supplement #3 .com .00 $55.00 without previous book purchase. you can purchase the CD version for $95. Illustrated Safe & Vault Volume 1 and all supplements are now available on CD. Each page is an Xray view of a wide variety of the safes and safe locks found in the field.00 Supplement #1 Supplement #5 #WA01 $55.Volume 1 Illustrated Safe & Vault . Hereʼs the deal: if you already own the book version of this manual.Vol.00 $55.00 www. Sargentʼs.50 Price with previous purchase of book version (Verified with book registration number) #WACD-A $95. and Yale are just some of the many manufacturers represented by the full-scale drawings expertly rendered by Ed Willis for these fine books. Order Volume 2 and all three supplements at once and save 10%. Illustrated Safe & Vault Volume 2 and all supplements are now available on CD.00 #WA05 Supplement #2 Supplement #6 #WA02 $55. Diebold. each containing about 50 drawings. you can purchase the CD version for $95.Volume 2 #WB03 $95. not stand alone. We will need your book registration number to match up with our records to sell you the CD at this price. 2 + 3 Supplements #WBCD $522.00 BOOK VERSION Illustrated Safe & Vault Manual .00 Supplement #1 . ready to register to you and ship.00 #WA06 Supplement #3 Supplement #7 #WA03 $55. 1 + 8 Supplements #WACD $571. The CD version is also available for $571.Volume 2 #WB02 $95.Volume 1 #WA00 $195.Volume 2 #WB01 $95. but concentrates on high security safe locks and safes.00 * Refer to Return Policy in Terms of Sale on page 73 for policy regarding CDs. these books are registered to the buyer by the individual numbering of the pages. BOOK VERSION Illustrated Safe & Vault Manual . Hereʼs the deal: if you already own the book version of this manual. The CD version is also available for $ • www.Volume 2 By Ed Willis Amsec.MANUALS & SOFTWARE Illustrated Safe & Vault . There are three supplements for Volume 2.Vol. Every page is individually numbered and registered to the buyer.00 Supplement #2 .

You get both lights in a case. we have finally come up with a superb portable light source for your borescopes.00 *Contents of kits subject to change without notice. Here is why our light is the best available today: • 1. Comes with batteries and a spare halogen bulb. (Flashlight not included).95 MBA USA has also made the two German inspection lights available as a kit. It also has space cut into the foam to hold two replacement batteries and two spare light bulbs. This instrument is lightweight with a metal head and a body of high-impact thermoplastic.50 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 51 .OPTICS LED Borescope Light After much research and testing. USEABLE LIGHT than other light sources. By turning the lens wheel. It fits in a shirt pocket. Made from high impact thermoplastic with a metal screw thread attaching the head to the handle.00 #MB58-A Interior Inspection Light Surface Inspection Light This outstanding light enables the security technician to view through a 1mm or greater opening with the aid of 17 adjustable lenses. This magnifier has been specially altered to make it the perfect tool for key impressioning. 10X Key Impressioning Magnifier #MB16-A $29.25 Watt LED will virtually last a lifetime • Custom lens concentrates the light to the perfect spot for your scope • Battery life is greatly extended with an LED • Uses easy to find and affordable AAA batteries (included) • Standard ACMI adapter fits most modern borescopes This borescope light source is less expensive to BUY and MAINTAIN than competing products . you can select a lens from a variety of focal lengths for a sharply focused. This item has been machined away in a critical area to permit the user to take full advantage of the powerful 10X magnification! Fits securely on the end of any Mini-Mag® flashlight. Uses two AA batteries. this light is a superb instrument for surface inspection. Surface Inspection Light #HE03 $195. The design of this light makes it ideal for examining keyways and a variety of safe servicing tasks. The eleven fiber-optic elements of the “Moonlight” illuminate the inside of the safe and the crescent moon shape of the inserted end covers only 20% of the viewing area. The illuminated viewer will magnify and light any surface. foam lined case is designed to hold both the Surface Inspection Light and the Interior Inspection Light. The custom made. magnified image. This light achieves the perfect balance between cost and performance. Premium LED Light for Borescopes $141. (Flashlight not included) Fiber-Optic “Moonlight” #K-LIT-M $29. Catalog Contents for details.00 Fiber-Optic “Moonlight” Inspection Kit Key Impressioning Magnifier This Mini-Maglite® attachment is designed to fit into a 1/4” opening for viewing inside of a drilled hole. Its 5x magnification offers outstanding clarity. See page 73.00 Spare Halogen Bulb #HE03-A $42. Inspection Light Kit* #HE05 $455. This allows an 80% unobstructed view with a high intensity beam of light. These lenses are designed so that an object at a distance of 5mm to 250mm can be focused. making it ideal for such tasks as night time impressioning.00 An exceptional example of German optic equipment.yet still produces substantially more WHITE.00 Spare Halogen Bulb #HE02-A $42. Interior Inspection Light #HE02 $255. Comes in a handy storage tube. Comes with two AA batteries and a replacement halogen bulb.

The Visual Viper Economy Surface Inspection Light Hawkeye Rigid Video Borescope

The Visual Viper is a premier digital inspection scope with video output. This handy tool is ideal for examining hard-toreach areas normally hidden from sight. The 2.5” full color LCD screen provides crystal-clear video from the miniature imaging sensor at the tip of the 42” watertight shaft. The bright, white LED light combined with the autofocus and sensitivity of the camera allows you to view objects as close as 3/8”. The ergonomic design and magnetic back allows for convenient operation. Use for internal inspection of safe doors, look for remote relockers, find disconnected boltwork parts, and more. The Visual Viper requires a larger than usual hole for safe drilling (3/8”), but the clarity of the video and the affordable price make the Visual Viper a tool for all serious Safe Technicians. The Visual Viper #VV1 $450.00

An economical Bausch and Lomb magnifier on a handle which houses two AA batteries. Light shines through the lens to illuminate being object viewed. This light has 10x magnification at 1” (25mm) working distance. This light is a great step towards our halogen Surface Inspection Light (Part #HE02) for those who want to see how indispensable using a magnified light is when impressioning or examining keyways. Comes in a case with a Velcro closer. Economy Surface Inspection Light #GRO-29268 $44.00

Pocket Otoscope
This German-made product is perfect for inspecting lock cylinders or aligning the gates of combination locks. Comes in a soft carrying case. Don't let the low price fool you - this is one nice otoscope. Pocket Otoscope #BV K-248 $99.00

The new Hawkeye Rigid Video Borescope offer the convenience and image quality of video, built right into the scope with integrated CCD cameras! No more straining to look through an eyepiece all day long. When used with the portable Video Monitor or a computer, image and video capture is easy as the touch of a button. These scopes have all the features and excellent optics of Hawkeye Pro Rigid Borescopes, including patented e2 endoGRINs® lenses, delivering bright, crisp, clear images. This scope can be used with a portable video monitor or a laptop equipped with a USB device and software. The kit comes with a Rigid Video Borescope, an LED light source, 90˚ DOV mirror tube, video cable and carrying case. Add the portable video monitor or laptop software with USB2 device for viewing or video capture. The scope is available in a variety of widths and lengths. Call MBA or see our web site for more information. Hawkeye Rigid Video Borescopes #HS-RVMS - RVSH $2395.00 $4050.00 Hawkeye Portable Viewing Monitor #HS-PVM $995.00 Hawkeye USB Device and Software #HS-VidCAP USB2 $435.00

Want to be certified as a GSA container inspector?
MBA can train you! See pages 75-79, call us for a training brochure or visit our web site for information.

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Hawkeye Borescopes 22” Hawkeye Hawkeye Pro Series Scope

Hawkeye Borescopes have been the choice of safe and vault technicians for over 15 years. The optics in these scopes deliver images that rival German products but at more affordable prices. They are sized to fit the standard 1/4” (6mm) hole commonly used for safe work. Each Hawkeye kit has a 45˚ field-of-view and includes a 90˚ adapter for right angle views. The mirror technology resists scratches from insulation, asbestos, and burrs. The built-in light source is a MiniMaglite® flashlight. All scopes feature a focusing eyepiece as standard equipment. Every kit comes in a aluminum carrying case. Remember - the red eye cup tells you that you have the scope made specially for safe and vault technicians. Hawkeye 7” Borescope Kit* #HS07-AF-Kit $770.00 Hawkeye 12” Borescope Kit* #HS12-AF-Kit $815.00 Hawkeye 17” Borescope Kit* #HS17-AF-Kit $865.00

22” Hawkeye Borescope (with SuperNOVA) #HS22-AF-NVK Great news from Hawkeye - a new, longer, red-eyecup borescope is now available! This new scope is 22”, 5” longer than the 17” borescope that has been the standard long scope from Hawkeye. It features the same enhanced optics of the new red eyecup borescopes, the same new mirror technology that wards off scratches and has an adjustable focus. This new scope can be purchased alone, with a 90˚ mirror tube or as a part of one of two kits. One kit (HS22-AF-KIT) includes the 22”scope and 22” mirror tube in a case. The other kit (HS22-AF-NVK) also includes a new SuperNOVA re-chargeable light source and recharger. The SuperNOVA can also be ordered separately (see page 55). 22” Hawkeye Borescope KIt* (with MiniMagLite® light source) #HS22-AF-KIT $1,495.00 22” Hawkeye Borescope (with SuperNOVA) #HS22-AF-NVK $1,895.00 SuperNOVA Light Source #HS-Supernova $225.00 Although this kit comes with the Mini-Mag light, we recommend the SuperNOVA or other light source for this longer scope.

The new Hawkeye Pro kit has these great features: • LightConcentrator™ that allows more light into the scope from the light source • An independent focusing ring controls the image for video/photography use • New endoGrins® e2 optics that give a sharper, more detailed image • Multi-Coated Objective lens for higher contrast and more vivid color • New 90˚ mirror that is more durable and easier to clean. Available in 4 lengths, the Pro also features the rechargeable SuperNova light source. Hawkeye Pro Slim Kit - 7”* #HS-PS07-NVK $1,295.00 Hawkeye Pro Slim Kit - 12”* #HS-PS12-NVK $1,395.00 Hawkeye Pro Slim Kit - 17”* #HS-PS17-NVK $1,495.00 Hawkeye Pro Slim Kit - 22”* #HS-PS22-NVK $1,895.00

7", 12", & 17" 45˚ IMPROVED! Direction of View: 0˚ D.O.V. with Mirror Tube: 90˚ Diameter*: .165" (4.20mm) w/o Mirror Tube .188" (4.80mm) w/ Mirror Tube
* These tube sizes will all fit in the standard 1/4" (6mm) hole commonly used for safe work.

Lengths: Field of View:

*Contents of kits are subject to change without notice - please see Terms of Sale; Catalog Contents on page 73 for more information.

KIT INCLUDES: • HAWKEYE Pro Borscope • HAWKEYE Mirror Tube • HAWKEYE SuperNova Light and Charger • Aluminum Carrying Case • HAWKEYE Cleaning Kit

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Hawkeye Swing Prism Scope Grand Opening Kits Super Slim Kits

The Hawkeye Blue Swing Prism borescope has a tiny prism at the tip that pivots or “swings”, to vary the direction-ofview from 16˚ to 118˚. A ring on the borescope body controls the prism direction. The field-of view is 45˚, so the scope effectively sees from -7˚ to 133˚. Another ring focuses the borescope and a third rotates the tube over more than 360˚, sideways in any direction without turning the body. The ACMI light post will accept fiberoptic cables and the SuperNova light source (see page 55). Swing Prism Borescope #HBS-060-455-045 $5,795.00

Here is a great way to get a 7” and a 17” Hawkeye borescope all in one kit. With the Grand Opening Kit, you are ready to scope most safes, whether you need to drill a hole in the front or the side of a container. This kit is offered with eyepiece adjustable borescopes. The foam in the case is cut specifically to hold the 7” scope with 90˚ mirror tube, the 17” scope with 90˚ mirror tube, (4) spare batteries, (2) Mini-Maglite® light sources, and cleaning solution. As a special bonus, this kit also comes with a Scope Saver (see page 54) to protect your investment. Grand Opening Kit with Adjustable Focus* #HSGRAND-Kit-AF $1540.00

The needle-nosed SuperSlim is just 95 thousandths of an inch in diameter (.109 with mirror tube). It slips through the tiniest openings to give sharp, clear views. This micro-borescope has a 32˚ field of view and a 0˚ direction of view which can be altered to 90˚ with a mirror tube. It comes with a protective sheath for use when storing or transporting. The kit includes the borescope, 90˚ mirror tube, and carrying case. Note: Micro-borescopes are quite delicate and must be treated more carefully than larger diameter scopes. 4” Super Slim Kit* #HSS04-AF-Kit $1495.00 8” Super Slim Kit* #HSS08-AF-Kit $1595.00

Hawkeye Replacement Parts “Limited Edition” Hawkeye

Micro Slim Kit

Need a new mirror tube or extra Maglite® with an adapter? How about an extra case? 7” Slim Mirror Tube #HS-MTS07 $135.00 12” Mirror Tube #HS-MTS12 $145.00 17” Slim Mirror Tube #HS-MTS17 $155.00 Maglite® with Adapter #HS-MMAA $25.00 Carrying Case #HS-HCC $98.00 Scope Saver #HS-MTSLVE $35.00


The “Limited Edition” Hawkeye Borescope is an opportunity to add a borescope to your tool collection at an affordable price. This model comes with a factory pre-set focus which can be adjusted with a tool that is provided in the kit. (The scope can be retrofitted at the factory with a focusing eyepiece for a fee if desired). A 90˚ mirror tube, and Mini-Maglite® light source are also part of this kit which comes in a fiber box. 7” Limited Edition Hawkeye #HS07-LE-Kit $645.00 17” Limited Edition Hawkeye #HS17-LE-Kit $745.00

The slimmest borescope in the Hawkeye line at less than 73 thousandths of an inch (.087 with mirror tube). Due to the dispersion of these new lenses, even a scope in this micro-diameter delivers large, bright images. Length 3” and F.O.V. 40˚. WARNING: These scopes are extremely thin and extremely delicate. They can be easily broken so use utmost care and concentration when using. Hawkeye Micro Slim Borescope Kit* #HS-MS03-AF-NVK $1695.00 *Contents of kits are subject to change - please see Terms of Sale; Catalog Contents on page 73 for more information.

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Borescope Light Source
Compact Light Source Light Generator

Our new 3 watt borescope light source is twice as bright as some other lights. This super bright, heavy duty industrial light runs up to 2-1/2 hours on 3 AAA batteries. Think of it! Over two hours of run time on inexpensive, readily available batteries. No chargers to fool with or expensive, shortlived rechargeable batteries. The compact size (6” long and about 1-1/2” at itʼs widest point) makes this light easy to transport. Complete with ACMI fitting, which is compatible with most modern borescopes. Comes in a cordura fabric pouch. Super Bright 3 Watt Borescope Light #MB80 $325.00

Hawkeye Angled Eyepiece

What an excellent addition to your safe service tools - a compact light generator. The Luxxor 24 is not much bigger than a cigarette pack yet gives exceptional bright, white light. The metal-halide arc uses only 24 watts but is 60% brighter than a typical 150-watt halogen lamp. The box doesn't get hot and there is even a mechanical iris which can vary the light intensity without changing the daylight brightness this mighty little light source provides. Use with the light guide sold below. Luxxor 24™ Light Generator #HS-LXX24 $775.00 #HS-LXX24-A $775.00 (220V) Luxxor Lamp #HS-LXX-Lamp $180.00

This optic illuminator is lightweight, compact, and housed in a rugged aluminum case. It features a 150-watt halogen lamp and a front panel mounted rotary dimmer, allowing this light source to provide reliable, uninterrupted, subdued or concentrated fiber-optic light. 150 Watt Light Generator #CT-FO-150-115 $320.00 Spare Halogen Lamp #CT01-A $27.50

Fiber-optic Cable

Luxor Light Guide

Don't you just hate lying flat on your stomach in some greasy fast-food restaurant trying to get low enough to see through your borescope's eyepiece? I thought so! Your body will thank you for using this superb 90˚ eyepiece adaptor from Hawkeye. It has its own focus and is precision made to couple quickly and securely to your Hawkeye scope. Just think of it... no more french fries stuck to your shirt!! Angled Eyepiece #HS-AE9003 $275.00

Use this fiber-optic cable with the 150 watt light generator described above. Complete with a female ACMI plug on one end. The diameter is 5mm, the length 6 feet. Fiberoptic Cable #FT01 $149.00 This fiber-optic light guide has a .16 inch (4mm) effective diameter, a length of 7'-6" (2,286mm) and industry standard ACMI fittings. The perfect connection between your Hawkeye and the Luxxor light generator. Luxxor Light Guide #HS-LXXLG $225.00

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7 inch-long arm and rubber grip gives extra leverage for tough materials. The sharp. It can be used as a regular follower or as a master pin remover and follower on . • When bumped. Impressioning is accurate and easier with a handle that tightly grips the bow. NOT for medical use. 7-1/2” long. • Plug area accomodates plugs with key inserted. Sargent. as well as other uses where a long reach is necessary through a small opening.5-1/2” #MIC60357 $19.95 www.mbaUSA. • Stackable . Wesier. Pro Lok Jiffy Standard Impressioning Tool #LT700 $37.95 Crocodile . It even bends the hardest music wire up to 1/18 inch diameter. Crocodile . Vise Mounted Wire Bender #MIC60346 $12. A precision instrument crafted of highly polished stainless steel. loops. C and S shapes in RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER This remarkable follower is a wise choice for either the newcomer or master locksmith. Made of solid brass. quickly and easily. • Matte-black powder coat finish provides excellent parts • www. Hard Wire Cutter #MIC82477 $15. copper.Perfect weight and very durable. hardened jaws and 15-to-1 leverage combine to produce a powerful shearing action that cleanly cuts music and spring wire up to 1/16” diameter and wire rope (control cable and picture-hanging wire) up to 3/16” without frayed ends. Special taper allows smooth operation and better control over sticking pins. Kwikset.50 56 sales@mbaUSA. • Pin Chambers are numbered 1-7 • Handy parts tray for things like covers. takes up less bench space when not in use.30 Vise Mounted Wire Bender Stop wearing out your pliers when cutting wires to make into tools! These hard wire cutters are just the thing to cut hard wire. clip and tail pieces. Master Follower #K-6 $16. it will out last those made of plastic or aluminium. great for combinating with tweezers. Premium Pinning Tray #A1 WT2 $24. Blackened steel handle has return spring and vinyl grips. U. only the crocodile jaws at the very end open.LOCK SERVICE TOOLS Premium Pinning Tray Jiffy Impressioning Tool Hard Wire Cutter • All Metal Pinning Tray . the square pockets keep pins in place.95 This wire. Unlike a hemostat.40 Crocodile Master Follower This is a brilliant instrument originally designed for removing foreign objects and performing surgery inside the ear.stack a dozen or more. and steel.mbaUSA. rod and strip bender makes angles. You can actually pass the end through a 7/32 inch hole and still open and close the jaws! An extremely versatile tool for removing broken drill bits and metal shavings from drilled holes on safes.95 Pro-Lok Jiffy Standard Impressioning Tool will hold most standard flat keys and the flat bow tubular keys. There is no need for a lot of force in clamping the keys with this tool. Made of steel with rust resistant black oxide finish and hardened radius pins. eyes.Must be locked in a vise (not included) during use.12” #MIC82561 $29. Almont padlocks and many others.

Now punch both Domestic & Foreign with one machine. A3. The capping block will cap standard “Best” style plus will also work with “Falcon” style cores that utilize spring covers. Cuts any spacing from 0˚ to 360˚. dial. and even pin within a pin (requires Accessory Cutter #CS).00 A-1ʼs Herty Gerty is a Security is maintained but leaving no trace of control key codes. decoding block. Schlage. Herty Gerty includes standard cutter.The dumping block will store the contents of dozens of cores.95 Neat tool for decoding tubular key locks. Interchangeable Core 3 Slot Key Gauge $17. Code cuts #137 standard tubular blanks. control pins. Contact MBA USA. Slots for bottom pins. master pins. Interchangeable kits are available. I/Core & Master. The pin stacks stay separated and in order. Code cuts Automotive plus Kwikset. A must have tool if you work with Interchangeable Cores. Interchangeable Core Tool Kit #A1 ICKT $199. Inc. Waffle Tray #A1 WT1 $20. and the dumping block as complete kit. Easy to use! Tubular Decoder #A1 52 $4.50 #A1 4 This tray is a handy parts tray for lock cylinders. Keep those pesky pin tumblers in their place. Can be used to decode an actual key or used in conjuction with a tubular pick to determine the lockʼs code. decoder & case. The decoding block is an excellent solution for determining control key bitting for core removal. Ejector and capping punch included. Tubular Code Cutter #A1 HG1 $365. Pak A Punch Model 3T #A1 PAK-3T $359. Because the punch and die are interchangeable. for details or see our web site at www. offset right. this machine will punch all angles of cut.50 Unequalled precision & versatility. This tool will decode A2. and A4 keys. and top pins.75 Waffle Tray Tubular Decoder I/C Three Slot Key Gauge Steel key gauge for determining I/C key bitting. Block holds the core securely while the pins stacks are ejected. hand-operated tubular key machine. offset left. Even space for all those extra little parts as well.LOCK SERVICE TOOLS I/Core Tool Kit Pak A Punch Model 3T Tubular Code Cutter Everyone likes to save money! Now you can purchase the capping block.mbausa. The Herty Gerty may also be used to duplicate by using the tubular key decoder which is included.25 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 57 .

Master #500 #CVC02 $27.95 Euro-Profile Cylinder Bolt Retractor #PS16 $69. Attractive counter display holds 12 small containers or graphite which you can easily sell for $3. a disc lock and cylinder lock.00 CVC05 Impressioning Tool CVC06 A self-contained impressioning grip which requires no wrenches or other tools to tighten.50 Cutaway Padlock . Cutaway Padlock .95 . the cylinder needs to protrude 8-10mm for the snapper to fit on. It will hold practically any key blank tight . since the cutaway portion allows a clear view into the inner workings of each lock.mbaUSA.95 Cutaway Handcuff #CVC06 $59. Impressioning Tool #FMC01 $76.mbaUSA. It exploits a weakness common to these cylinders.doubling your slipping or rocking.00 Cutaway Disc Lock #CVC05 $21.Master #1 #CVC01 $39. the cylinder can be removed and the bolt retracted using our BoltRetractor Kit (PS16) Euro-Profile Cylinder Snapper #PS15 $99.Master #1500 #CVC03 $39. Made of aluminum and steel in the USA.00 www. To be effective.95 Cutaway Cylinder #CVC04 $45. specials and new products! 58 CVC06 sales@mbaUSA. Comfortable easy grip handle. Once broken.95 Cutaway Padlock . and breaks the cylinder in half. These locks are ideal for practicing lock picking & bypass techniques. this snapper (PS15) is for Euro-Profile cylinders. Display Box of 12 Börkey Graphite #BOZ-GR12 $30.95 CVC02 MBA is offering an assortment of cutaway locks including three types of Master® padlocks.LOCK SERVICE TOOLS Cut-Away Locks Euro-Profile Snapper CVC01 CVC03 Designed and made in .com • www.95 CVC04 Börkey Graphite Hereʼs a great way to add to your shopʼs bottom Log on for current prices.

Quickpull 2 for Schlage #A1 QP-2 $89.95 Replacement Blade #A1 QP2B $10.95 Similar to the Quickpull for the Kwikset knob sets. Saves space by having 15 useful driver tips stored in a two-way ratchet handle.LOCK SERVICE TOOLS Rubber-Tipped Tweezers Key Extractor Set Quickpull Tools These tweezers have angled. Comes with instructions.95 Keep our pocket screwdriver close by for all those times you need a slotted or phillips tool fast.This pocket screwdriver has a durable handle with a slotted/phillips interchangeable shaft. Will also remove cylinders (with minimal damage) from Dexter/Master™ key-inknob cylinders as well. The small diameter follower is useful for cabinet locks.00 Repair Kit #A1 QP2RP $29. All three followers fit in each other for convenient storage and then slide into a double-ended capped tube for protection. 6 Piece Key Extractor Set $28. A great addition to your tool box! Replacement blades are available. This compact kit is efficient and lightweight.70 Ratchet Screwdriver MBA has combined six of HPCʼs finest key extractors as a kit.50 Replacement Blade #A1 QPBL $5. replacement of the original knob and cylinder can be accomplished quickly and effortlessly.49 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 59 . Which tool you use will depend on the type of keyway and how the key is broken inside. Slotted. Imprinted with our web address so you can order what you need fast and secure online! MBA Double Ended Screwdriver #MB07 $2.95 Hollow Brass Follower MBA USA Screwdriver This set contains 3 popular sizes of hollow brass followers. Ratchet Screwdriver #MB07-A $14. Quickpull #A1 QP $79. peanut size cylinders.00 #MB61 Quickly remove snap in cylinders without removing the lockset for disassembly. We include a durable interlocking case for storage. Handy to have and at a nice price for quality tools. Each tool is designed to help remove a variety broken keys from a variety of keyways. Comes with instructions.25 Our 15-in-One screwdriver is just the thing for your tool box. Use these followers on a variety of locks including the Corbin Russwin heavy-duty knob lock cylinder units. Hollow Brass Follower Set #HPC-SUT-14 $19. rubber coated ends to help with tasks like re-loading top pins and springs. Square and Torx driver bits. 6” long and made of stainless steel Rubber-Tipped Tweezers #MIC83251 $6. Works on Kwikset™ except (Smartkey™ and deadbolts). saving valuable time on the job. Set of 3. Replacement blades are available. this new tool removes knobs for the Schlage F series. This tool will work on both the “old” (2 piece knob) and the “new” (1 piece knob). Using the additional tools included. and pin tumbler letterbox locks. Includes Phillips.

Get-AGrip extractor . mortise or rim cylinders can be impossible to pick.95 Get A Grip Extractor Set At times.mbaUSA. String aids alignment. Be accurate. These stainless steel shims are strong and firm.LOCK SERVICE TOOLS Vulcan Button Grabber Cylinder Drill Jigs Lever Handle Remover Flexible strip car opening tool. By disassembling the core. Mega Grip is the same great sprial type extractor only a larger diameter . Removable Core Drill Jig #HPC-CDJ-3 Drill Jig $27.55 The Lever Handle Remover is designed to quickly remove locked lever handles for servicing. using a simple procedure of manipulating a few bolts and screws.Mega Grip (2 Each) #A1 30 Set $ RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER If you need to re-pin a cylinder and do not have the key. It is ideal when picking the lock is not an option. Comes with a drill bit. even sraight • www.50 www.Tulip Style #HPC-CDJ-2 $17. corroded pins or just a bad pick day can all be the culprit. shimming it open is an easy.Flat Face #HPC-CDJ-1 $17. 2 key blades. you are able to remove the handle. Why not prevent a headache by having these cylinder drill jigs close at hand? The CDJ-1 is for flat faced cylinders. Collapsed springs.55 Cylinder Drill Jig .com . and an allen wrench. These jigs assure perfect alignment on the shear line for drilling . You simply place the toolʼs specially designed hub over the lever and. the bitting of the control key can then be determined.040”. effective solution. Cylinder Tool for Kwikset 400 Series #MS-KCT-2 $25. Steel Cylinder Shims #MS-CSS/25 25/PK $3. Enters vehicle through the door jam. The CDJ-2 is for recessed tulip designs. Cylinder Drill Jig . Rubber loop grabs and pulls most buttons.80 Cylinder Shims This handy jig will enable you to drill out the shear line or the retaining pin to remove and save the entire core of a cylinder.90 60 sales@mbaUSA.mbaUSA.90 #MS-CSS/100 100/PK $12. Be smart.074”. and service the lock.95 Cylinder Tool for Kwikset Quickly removes the cylinder from Kwikset 400 series locks.35 Removable Core Drill Jig Two each of A1ʼs popular Get-A-Grip and Mega Grip Key extractors in 1 set. Removes the cylinder retaining clip and the handle is a following tool with a master wafer unload feature.35 Small Pin Depression Screw #HPC-LHR-SSCREW $14. Lever Handle Remover #HPC-LHR-100 $215.bit included.00 Large Pin Depression Screw #HPC-LHR-LSCREW $14. open the door. #A1 CO2 $12. Get A Grip . Replacement screws may be ordered separately.

00 $79. This assures proper alignment and positive hold for files and also allows handles to be re-used.50 each 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 61 . Part No. File Handles #GRO-FH3 $3.When ordering files. GRO-FR6/0 GRO-FR6/2 GRO-FR6/4 GRO-FR8/4 Length 6 Inch 6 Inch 6 Inch 8 Inch Cut 0 2 4 4 Uses Handle # GRO-FH3 GRO-FH3 GRO-FH3 GRO-FH3 Price $16. Inexpensive enough to put one on every service vehicle and several in the shop.049” 5/64” Uses Handle # GRO-FH4 GRO-FH4 GRO-FH4 Price $27.00 Restore files by unclogging metal particles lodged in the millings. Part No.75 $68. REMEMBER . These files are made with the precision the Swiss are famous for yet the prices are very reasonable. Whether you are drilling safes. Tang-gripping insert is tempered metal.00 $8.00 $32.80 This inexpensive little tool can save you hours of frustration.00 Also a good impressioning file.50 #GRO-FH4 $4.00 SWISS WARDING FILES Center Punch Parallel in thickness and tapered in length. Simply unscrew the file in use and insert a new one. cylinder locks.50 $20. This double cut file tapers to a point and is thin enough to fit where other files wonʼt.00 $23.LOCK SERVICE TOOLS Grobet Precision Files Grobet began making files in Switzerland in 1812. with two threaded sections of different diameters. GRO-FW6/2 GRO-FW6/2ST GRO-FW6/4 Length 6 Inch 6 Inch 6 Inch Cut 2 2 4 Thickness 5/64” . with a textured surface for a non-slip grip. Cuts on all surfaces.use this punch to mark your hole before you begin. even over long periods. Part No. File Cleaner PIPPIN FILES This is a great file for impressioning keys. Specially shaped to fit the hand for working comfort.75 File Handles ROUND FILES Unbreakable plastic. File Cleaner #GRO-33981 $7.75 $31. the HIGHER the number of the CUT. Part No. or any metal object . Steel wire bristles mounted on wood back and handle. These are tools every locksmith should own. GRO-FW4/B GRO-FW6/B Length 4 Inch 6 Inch Cut Thickness Bastard 3/64” Bastard 5/64” Uses Handle # GRO-FH4 Price $8.25 $32.50 AMERICAN PATTERN WARDING FILES A popular file with locksmiths. Grobet Center Punch #GRO-47900 $2. the FINER the file pattern. The small indentation formed by punch keeps your drill from wandering and assures an accurately drilled hole. GRO-FP6/0 GRO-FP6/2 GRO-FP6/4 Length 6 Inch 6 Inch 6 Inch Cut 0 2 4 Uses Handle # GRO-FH4 GRO-FH4 GRO-FH4 Price $62.

Includes (7) quick-change.75 62 sales@mbaUSA. Files include: Swiss Pattern Round .00 PERFECT FOR CUTTING X-0 TUBES WITH PRECISION AND EASE! Also just a very handy tool to have in your shop or van. the door can no longer be opened by removing the hinge pin .Tapered Swiss Pattern . see page 63). & 6” #2 Cut 2 . and 9/32. Just remove a screw from both hinges and replace them with these specially made jamb pins.Warding Files: 4” Bastard.050” thick) mild steel.6” Pippin Files: 2 & 4 Cut Plus locksmith pin tweezers specially designed to hold .mbaUSA. The 110 volt AC motor runs at 7.95 Torque & Tension Tools Key File Set Jamb Pins Includes six 4” (10cm) files with wooden handles in a plastic case. This miter/cut-off saw cuts steel. Comes with 1 high speed steel saw blade for cutting wood or plastic and 3 abrasive cut-off wheels for ferrous metal. 3/16. plastic and wood. 7/32.50 Same great features described above but its large prongs make this Torque and Tension tool excellent for automotive work. Jamb Pins #MS-JP-10 (Residential) $2. Locksmith Tool Kit #GRO-33855 $130. keeping the plug in proper alignment. Comes in a molded plastic case for safe storage.800 RPM and is encased in a high impact housing. It has a built-in vise that adjusts for cuts from 45 to 90 degrees.75 Apply the tension you need to successfully pick open a variety of locks. Allows you to block the pin against the follower which makes for easy loading of cylinder chamber! (For tweezers sold separately. Lightweight with knurled collars for a sure grip. Tension Tool #HPC-TNT-20 $42. 1/4. These tools incorporate spring loaded adjustable prongs with spring controlled tension.95 Replacement cut-off wheels available PERFECT FOR PUNCHING CLEAN HOLES IN OUR GSA REPLACEMENT LABELS! This powerful hand punch can put accurate round holes through all types of materials from thin shim brass and plastic sheet through 16 gauge (. Comes in a roll-up carrying case. Locksmith files include: 4 . Out swing doors are vulnerable to attack simply by removing the exposed hinge pin and removing the entire door from its frame. Mini Miter Cut off Saw #MB91 $ • www. When closed. 1/8. 4” #2 Cut.75 #MS-JP-12 (Commercial) $2. These Torque and Tension tools provide a large diameter opening for easy pick access.3 Square Tapered Swiss Pattern Square . brass. The base and vise are cast aluminum. Power Punch Kit #MIC81530 $49. The dual prongs assure even torque.99 Here is an easy way to sell your customer added security. hardened punch-and-die sets in the following diameters: 3/32.) 2 .115” pins (the most common) without slipping. aluminum. 5/32. 6” Bastard.Half Round Tapered Key File Set #HPC-KFS-6 $29.Rectangular Straight Swiss Pattern .Tapered Swiss Pattern . The 2” diameter blade cuts material 3/8” thick by 1/2” wide at 90˚and 3/8” wide at 45˚.com .the jamb pins keep it securely in place! Sold in packs of 2.LOCK SERVICE TOOLS Locksmith Tool Kit Mini-Miter Cut Off Saw Power Punch Kit This kit combines commonly used locksmith files and even includes some pin tweezers.Warding Tapered Swiss Pattern .6” Round Files: 2 & 4 Cut (1/4” dia. Tension Tool #HPC-TNT-21 $42.

four sizes of drill bushings (3/4”. Wire Bending Jig #MIC60401 $10. The jig has a triangular shape on one end for making bends less than 90˚ and a 1/2” radius shape on the other end for large smooth curves. allowing the pin shoe to be inserted in the lock to hold the top pins and springs securely in place.without spending a lot of money. Profile Cylinder Pinning Shoe Set #PS14 $19. Remove the lockʼs tailpiece. rings. A groove in the tip provides a firm.50 This is a great way to make your own professional looking wire tools . then use a hacksaw to cut back part of the keyʼs bow.50 Metal Forming Pliers Pin Tumbler Tweezers Pinning Shoe Set Pin Tumbler Tweezers Tweezers w/Pin Pushing Attachment We offer two designs of tweezers to use when loading pins into a cylinder. and an adjustable stop for repeat installations on the same type of cabinet door. Will work on doors up to 1-1/2” thick and can locate the cylinder hole up to 2-5/8” from the edge of the door. They can be serviced or rekeyed using these clever pinning shoes from England. These bushings are designed to be used with clean cutting Forstner-type drill bits and are not compatible with hole saws.65 Pin Tumbler Tweezers w/Pin Pushing Attachment #HPC-TPT-5 $21. They have serrated blunt tips and an overall length of 6. C. The pushing attachment option makes it easier to load top pins. 1-1/8” and 1-1/4”) for versatility. Made of polished stainless steel with box joints that keep jaws in alignment Metal Forming Pliers #MIC60398 $43.50 #MB79 The cabinet lock drill guide includes important features such as rubber lined jaws to protect cabinet doors and give greater holding power. The tip is milled back so the outside diameter of a standard .95 www.25 Profile cylinders are common on storm and security doors. then reassemble the cylinder.LOCK SERVICE TOOLS Lighted Tweezers LED Light Cabinet Lock Drill Guide Wire Bending Jig Serrated Tip Has re-pinning cylinders become a chore for your eyes? What if you could put some light on the task and improve your view? That is just what these tweezers with the attached LED light aim to do. Steel pins are moved to different locations in the cast aluminum block depending on the shape you need. There are (3) “LR41” batteries included. Can be held in a vise or attached to a work bench with flat head wood screws (not included). This set will make loops. These pliers can bend strip stock up to 1/32” thick and wire up to 3/32”. and just about any other shape. These tweezers are made of heat treated steel with a corrosion resistant non-glare black finish. S. Cabinet Lock Drill Guide #MS-HIT-25 $124. non-twisting grip on pins for easy loading.mbaUSA.25 inches/159mm. Push on/Push off powerful LED light with nonslip comfort grips. Use the modified key to turn the plug 180 degrees. specials and new products! 63 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 .com Log on for current prices. Lighted Tweezers $14. Comes with two pair of long and short shoes. Z.95 For the technician who wants to see their tool ideas become reality. The attachment can be removed to load bottom pins as well. we present an exceptional set of wire bending pliers.115” pin extends past the tip. paddle or spade-type bits. allowing you to service 5 and 6 pin single or double profile cylinders. 7/8”. Pin Tumbler Tweezers #HPC-PTT-4 $11. Service or rekey as needed.

Suitable for plain and warded locks.25 Satin Chrome Plated / 1 per pack #MS-CGL-26D $11. 4. and channel locks. Key Casting Kit #NS02 $130. www.95 www. Comes with tools and complete instructions on DVD. Smart Key Bypass Tool #BJSK $75. They are available in standard cylinder sizes and for longer 6 & 7 pin interchangeable core type mortise and rim cylinders.75 Polished Chrome Plated / 1 per pack #MS-CG-26 $7. vise grips. This new kit allows you to unlock lever handle locks with no damage. Set of 12 Lever Picks #PS26 $34.25 Oil Rubbed Bronze Plated / 1 per pack #MS-CGL-10B $11.25 Duranodic Powdercoat / 5 per pack #MS-CGD-5 $15.mbausa.mbaUSA.75 Satin Chrome Plated / 1 per pack #MS-CG-26D $7. stems and bits for lever locks. If incorrectly A set of 20 wire picks and tension tools designed for picking various lever locks. Easily adapted to suit different locks.25 Polished Chrome Plated / 1 per pack #MS-CGL-26 $11. a lockout can occur.25 Designed to make an exact image of a key. Set of 20 Lever Picks #PS27 $95. Left & Right hand types included. and deadbolt locks with minimal (and easily concealed) damage. Set covers many 2 and 3 lever locks. 6 Gauge Universal 2 in 1 Mortice Pick #PS24 $150. and 5 lever locks without barrel and curtain.00 7 Gauge Universal 2 in 1 Mortice Pick #PS25 $150. Check our web site for These cylinder guards form a cone of hardened steel which protects rim and mortise cylinders from damage by wrenches. Rare or high security keys can be cast and preserved. Comes with instructions.00 .00 Open Kwikset Smart Key™ locks with little or no damage! Smart Key locks were designed to allow the user to rekey them without taking the lock RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER 64 sales@mbaUSA. safe key blanks. This kit will cast a vast majority of keys. Duplicates can be made at a different time or location. A minimum amount of exposure to an operating key is required to use this kit. and picking can be difficult. A wave washer is supplied to eliminate sloppy installation.75 Oil Rubbed Bronze Plated / 1 per pack #MS-CG-10B $8.00 A set of 12 picks manufactured from quality spring steel. Standard Cylinder Gard Aluminum Powdercoat / 5 per pack #MS-CGA-5 $15. Instructions on fitting the pick and its use are included. picks. The set compromises 4 of each of 3 popular gauges and can be adjusted to most lever • www.25 Polished Brass Plated / 1 per pack #MS-CG-3 $7.75 Long Cylinder Gard Duranodic Powdercoat / 1 per pack #MS-CGL-D $5. These locks are not conventional pin-type locks.00 6 Gauge Pick 7 Gauge Pick Smart Key Bypass Tool These 6 and 7 gauge picks will open different 3.LOCK SERVICE TOOLS Cylinder Gard Key Casting Kit LOCK PICKS Lever Lock Picks MBA USA has the best selection anywhere of service tools.25 Polished Brass Plated / 1 per pack #MS-CGL-3 $11.

00 VPR-9 Interested in becoming a Locksmith? MBA can train you! See pages 75-79. etc. Made from hardened spring steel with an easy grip handle. Gibbons. There are five other pick designs that you can purchase separately . Tension Tools and more.VPR-4). Hardened and tempered for strength. VPR-1 (In set) If the sense of touch is so important when picking. Works on both inward and outward opening doors. Fleet. red anodized aluminum handles are ergonomic with finger grips. Comes in a case that can be strapped to a belt or slipped in a pocket. A really fine selection of picks that will soon become your favorites.S. Hooks.VPR-9 $4. Legge. 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 65 . Set includes everything you see pictured. plus Laminated Core Ripple handles. This tool is a great alternative to the Super Mica (page 69) where the door jamb prevents clear access. Viper Pick Set #A1 VPR-S $29. plus a nice soft-leather case. a turning tool and (2) tension tools. Century. 16 Piece Ripple-Handle Pick Set #MB66 $34. All tools are Tempered Stainless Steel and made in U. call us for a training brochure or visit our web site for information. Supplied with instructions. Union. .95 This tool can enable the user to retract spring latch door locks.50 Individual Picks #A1 VPR-1 . allowing a nice blend of comfort and usability.0196 thick polished stainless steel.A. At the same time they are easy on the hands. 2 Lever Picks #PS28 $24.LOCK PICKS Lever Lock Picks Viper Pick Set 16 Piece Pick Set 2 Lever Picks 3 Lever Picks These picks will open the majority of the 2 and 3 lever locks in use today.95 3 Lever Picks #PS29 $49.whatever you prefer to have in your set. plus a nice soft leather case. The large.95 Introducing a new pick set made from highly flexible. Ball Picks.choose one or all . 30 Piece Ripple-Handle Pick Set #MB67 $69. Set includes everything you see pictured. why are most picks supplied with handles that actually dull your sense of touch? This nice set of picks has Laminated Ripple handles that help transmit the important sensation of touch.S.A. polished. Yale.95 Laminated Core Ripple Laminated Ripple Plain Ripple 30 Piece Pick Set Latch Tool VPR-2 (In set) VPR-3 (In set) VPR-4 (In set) VPR-5 VPR-6 VPR-7 VPR-8 This 30 piece pick set gives you all the advantages of our 16 piece set PLUS you get 3 different handle styles! Itʼs amazing the different sensations you get from these picks.95 ea. Thin enough to enter bullet warded locks. Latch Tool #PS18 $39. The set includes (4) picks (VPR-1 . Laminated Ripple handles. All tools are Tempered Stainless Steel and Made in U. You get Rakes. You get Plain Ripple handles. 7 picks in 2 lever set and 15 picks in the 3 lever set.

An air wedge from your car opening kit can be used to raise doors with limited clearance.A. The Ben-Jim Door Knob Tool #BJ01 $99. Schlage (new and old style) F series. Use any one of the tools once and youʼve paid for the kit. Guardian and others. A simple patented design grabs and rotates door knobs with very little skill or practice. There are two rakes.not lever handles but knobs! You wonʼt believe it until you see it in action. family-owned RESEARCH • COMPARE • ORDER 66 The BenJim corporation now makes a lever handle tool that many people consider easier to use and more effective than existing lever tools.95 sales@mbaUSA. S. 1 diamond. 1 hook and one tension tool in this complete pick set. residential locksets. Pull on the attached cord to depress the panic bar and open the door. Comes with instructions. Weslock. Comes with instruction CD. Made of spring steel and reasonably priced to order an extra set. The Ben-Jim Panic Bar Opening Tool #BJ03 $99. The picks are made right here in the U. Designed by a team of locksmiths and available to you from MBA USA. Just insert the tool under the door and wedge the top of the tool behind the panic bar hardware. The kit will open the Smartkey (Kwikset) knoblock. That is why this handy Jackknife Pick Set should go in your pocket at the start of every day.mbaUSA. Kit includes: • Set of 5 Stainless Steel Warded Picks • Set of 4 Stainless Steel Chicago Picks • Unique Tension Tool for the Chicago Picks • Quick-Release Key Ring • Real Leather Pouch Picks In A Pouch #MB63 $44.S. Methods of Entry Kit #BJMOEKT $110.mbaUSA. Defiant. This neat set will be a welcome (and so convenient) addition to your pick kit.95 Here is something really handy . Their new Panic Bar tool can be used to open a variety of different panic bars hardware. Get one for your pocket and one for your glove box! Jackknife Pick Set #HPC-JKP-5 $15.makers of the ingenious door knob opening tool.00 Tired of bending or breaking your specialpurpose picks? These Tempered Stainless Steel Picks are considerably stronger than some competing picks.LOCK PICKS Jackknife Pick Set Door Knob Tool Panic Bar Tool You cannot always carry your tool kit with you and you never know when you may be called upon to use your lock picking skills at an unexpected lockout. (As with all under-the-door . The Ben-Jim Lever Handle Tool #BJ02 $79. by a • www. The folded size is 3/4” x 4ʼʼ and it is shaped like a folding pocket knife. there must be sufficient clearance for the tool to be slid under the door).00 Picks In A Pouch Lever Handle Tool This is a Door Bypass Kit with a wide assortment of tools to bypass approximately 80% of U.00 under the door tool that opens knobs! Thatʼs right .00 Methods of Entry Kit Log on to our web site New from the Ben-Jim Company . This new tool will open virtually any door locked by a lever (handicap) style lock provided you can get the tool under the door. and the Taiwan-style locks that are marketed under many different names such as: EZ -Set.

It comes complete with 10 picks. and saw type key extractors.00 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 67 . these popular tools come in different widths which allow them to fit in most cylinders with ease. Sold as a set of four. Adjustable Tension Tools #FS05 $75. hook.00 Adjustable Tension Tools High quality leather wallet comes complete with a selection of mini-picks and tension tools. High Security Picks #PS04 $72. A pick does only one thing . There is plenty of room for your drivers license. and 2 extractors. There are 5 unique picking tools and 4 turning tools. The picks themselves have also been carefully designed. specials and new products! These are the same tension tools available in the full pick set featured above. in this set. The compact size (1-3/4"x 5-5/8") makes it easy to keep a set of picks with you all the time. All tools are stored in a leather case that snaps shut. This is one pick set youʼll always carry and use.50 Made in England. Each pick is made of a hardened spring steel. business cards. light. We all know that proper tension is the secret to successful picking. 4 tension tools.95 Interested in becoming a Locksmith? MBA can train you! See pages 75-79. Deluxe Pick Set #HPC-NDPK $37. and heavy weight tension wrenches. Tri-Fold Wallet Pick Set #HPC-TFW-5 $51. and even a little cash. medium. tempered to the perfect degree of hardness. credit Log on for current prices. call us for a training brochure or visit our web site for information. The Deluxe Pick Set comes in a genuine leather case which when zippered shut is a compact size (25/8"x6-3/8") carry in a shirt pocket. The tools are all hardened spring steel and come in a snap-closed leather case.mbaUSA. and double ball tip picks. farthest pin to the shear line. ball. MBA USA has sold these picks since our first catalog and we are pleased to continue to make them available. Our remarkable pick set takes advantage of this fact to improve your picking success rate! Four adjustable and six fixed tension tools grab both the top and bottom of the keyway to give you tremendous control. Complete instructions are included. 2 tension tools and 1 broken key extractor in the Tyro Pick Set.lift pins. A good pick should therefore be thin enough to get into narrow keyways. plus be available in a wide range of curves to let you lift even the shortest. Falle Lock Picks #FS01 $295.50 There are 6 picks. this pick set is designed to open high security pin tumbler locks such as “pin within a pin” and dimple key.00 Tyro Pick Set Tri-Fold Wallet Pick Set The finest pick set we have seen. www. The set includes a mix of rake.A bestseller! Tyro Pick Set #HPC-PIP-15 $17.LOCK PICKS Deluxe Pick Set High Security Picks Falle Lock Picks The Deluxe Pick Set is perfect for the beginning or experienced locksmith. diamond.

applying light pressure with the tension tool. Super Picks #MB60 $64. Pistolpick™ Pick Gun #HPC-HPG-10 $36. There are 30 double-sided pick keys. unlike other computer designed picks. The position of weight puts more (or less) picking tension on the plug. Our Pistolpick™ is nickel-plated cold rolled steel for durability and protection against rust and corrosion. The shims are made of steel and are re-usable.55 This padlock shim set is designed to open padlocks that have a spring operated shackle. ready to add to your tool box. giving a total of 60 different profiles. Comes with a double-ended pick and a handy storage clip.75 WE ACCEPT 68 sales@mbaUSA. Padlock Shims #MLC01 $27. Hands-Free Tension Tool Kit #HPC-HF-TT-KIT $54. showcase.95 The Double-Sided Disc Tumbler Pick Set contains 4 picks that can be used on the most popular double-sided disc tumbler. Comes in a plastic case. Comes with 3 pick blades and two tension tools. We have included a tension tool and packaged them in a tube container that keeps all the parts together. There are 4 different sizes and each set comes with 5 shims of each size. The Pistolpick™ is a must for every technician's “pick kit”. Instructions are included. Double-Sided Pick Set #HPC-DSP-1 $17. The picks themselves consist of 16 double-ended picks which means there are actually 64 different “wave” configurations in a set! The computer designed “waves” are sharp and . May be used with or without tension tools (not included).LOCK PICKS “Super” Picks Hands-Free Tension Tool Padlock Shims We have re-packaged our “Super” picks to make them easier to use. These picks are extra thin to accommodate narrow keyways. cam.mbaUSA.95 Everyone knows that correct tension is the secret to successful picking. single or double.85 “Pick Guns” are accepted as a practical and efficient alternative to traditional lock picking.00 Pistolpick™ Double-Sided Pick Set Magic Keys An exceptional set of “try-out” keys from France. plus has the added advantage of being “hands-free”. It consists of a moveable weight that can be placed at various points along a double-ended tension tool. Add these affordable picking tools to your pick set today! Magic Keys #JP03 $ • www. These picks are constructed of hardened spring steel. The new “hands-free” tension tool from HPC is a clever addition to your pick kit. and padlocks. They should be used like a key to lift the pins.

Just use this tool to release the locking pawl through the keyway of the padlock. instructions a reasonable gap under the door and an interior lever handle. Certain basic conditions must apply . The micas measure 4"x61/2" and are two different thicknesses.50 Lever Handle Tool Stick Knife Easy Grip Super Mica Handle We now offer a handle for the Super Mica. Padlock Combs #NS01 $ 395. Flip-It Tool #HPC-FIT-2 $53. And of course.00 Save $6. Super Mica Handle #PS10-A $24.a pick and tension tool all in one! We offer three different sets.00 Flip-It™ will flip the cylinder plug past the upper pins and save you the job of repicking. This easy-to-grip handle helps reduce the risk of injury when using the micas. It has features which prevent overwinding and an easy release from picking skill is necessary.00 Our favorite tool for opening a wide range of padlocks . You will be amazed at how many inexpensive or imported padlocks can be opened quickly with our durable Stick Knife. you must be a locksmith or law enforcement personel to purchase.00 Super Mica are specifically designed to be used on spring bolt locks.50 All Three Sets #PS13-D $48. Come pre-punched so you can use them with the handle (sold below).50 Micro Jigglers #PS13-C $15. Use over and over. Many of these padlocks have pin chambers high enough to permit both the top and bottom pins to be lifted above the shearline. Set of 6.00 Mini Jigglers #PS13-B $15.LOCK PICKS Key Jigglers Padlock Combs Super Mica Key Jigglers are a combination tool . This set of combs contains a good assortment of various space and lift combs to work on many padlocks. Lever Handle Opening Tool #K-22 $34.00 Flip-It™ This clever tool has come to the rescue of more locksmiths than we can count.just line up the pre-punched holes in the mica with those in the handle.75 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 69 . Super Mica #PS10 $16. It doesnʼt matter how pick-resistant the mechanical or electronic door lock is. Stick Knife #MB21 $25. The handle screws together with the mica in between . Complete with instructions. this will open them so fast itʼs scary. Regular Jigglers #PS13-A $23. They are flexible yet strong and can be mastered with very little practice.00! Padlock Combs are effective on a wide variety of low cost solid-body padlocks.

D.41 16-17 79 15 37 43 42 41 44 37 43 74 56 58 8 60 64 60 60 D Dead Blow Hammer Deadlocks Deluxe Pick Set Depth & Space Manual Dial Puller Dial Ring Alignment Tool Diamond Tip Drill Bits Diebold 175-70 Pick Diebold Safe Deposit Locks Direct Entry Manipulation Kit Door & Nose Puller Double-Sided Pick Set 41 16-17 67 47 34 40 37 46 44 34 47 68 52 6. Locks Kee-Blok for Knobs & Lever Handles Key Casting Kit Key Extractor Set Key File Set Key Identifiers Key Impressioning Magnifier Key Jigglers Keyway King Milling Machine & Parts H Hands-Free Tension Tool Hard Plate Punches Hawkeye Angled Eyepiece Hawkeye Borescope Kits Hawkeye Grand Opening Kits Hawkeye “Limited Edition” Hawkeye Micro & Super Slim Scopes Hawkeye Pro Series L La Gard 2270 Lock Body La Gard 3330 Lock Body 70 sales@mbaUSA. MBA Credit Application Crocodile Cutaway Locks Cutters.34. Master Follower Set Framon Safe Deposit Duplicator Furniture Locks & Key Blanks Hawkeye Replacement Parts Hawkeye Swing Prism Hawkeye 22” Long Scope Hawkeye Rigid Video Borescope High Security Lock Book High Security Picks Hook Bolt Lock How to Pick Lever Locks Book HPC Blitz Code Machine HPC Blitz Automotive Jaw Kit HPC Blitz Calibration Kit HPC Code Card Storage Panel HPC Change Keys HPC Cutters HPC Easy Flip HPC Easy Grip Wing Nut HPC Medeco Jaws HPC Mini Speedex Key Machine HPC Premier Speedex Machine HPC Replacement Tip Stops HPC Schlage Primus/Quad Jaws HPC Softie Brush & Assembly HPC Tibbe Key Adapter HPC Tubular Key Adapter Kit 54 54 53 52 48 67 17. III & 2000 Parts Borkey Rexa III Brushes & Cutters Boxman 1-50 CD Business Hours E Economy Surface Inspection Light Ed Willis T-Shirt “Edge” Audio Amplifier Electronic Lock Templates Emergency Dials Emergency Transfer Dial Enrollment Application/Agreement Euro Profile Cylinders Euro Profile Snapper F Falle Lock Picks Fiber Optic “Moonlight” Fiber Optic Cable File Cleaner File Handles Files Filing Cabinet Locks Filp-It Follower.55 4 4 3 3 58 14-16 16 4 3 8-9 8 48 2 63 47 16-17 36 40 29 32 61 .39 35 77-78 18 58 67 51 55 61 61 61.mbaUSA.62 19 69 56 59 6.INDEX A Adapter for Radius Keys Adjustable Tension Tools AeroShell Grease American Genius Book Amsec Safe Locks Anderson Hickey Locks Antique Key Blanks Arbor/Pilot Drill Auto-latching Hook Bolt 18 67 34 49 28 19 13-15 36 17 37 66 36 30-31 53-54 51. 2 Impressioning Book Impressioning Tool Inspection Kit (Interior/Surface) Interior Inspection Light ITL 2000 Safe Dialer ITL 950 Code Machine ITL 9700 M Code Machine C Cabinet Lock Drill Guide Cabinet Locks Cabinet Locks Carbide Tipped Hole Saw CDX-08/09 Installation Jig CDX-09 Safe Lock CDX-09 Strikes Center Punch Change Keys Chest Locks Class Schedule.58 51 51 38 6 6 66 62 9-10 56 12 40 45 19 64 59 62 12 51 69 5 24 23 I I-Core Gauge I-Core Tool Kit Illustrated Safe & Vault Vol.43 39 36 35.33. 2010 Clock Keys Cobalt Drill Bits Coffee Mug. Key Machine Jiffy Impressioning Tool JMA Key Blanks Joeʼs Card Trick K Kaba Mas Replacement S.18 49 7 10 10 11 33 8 11 11 10 7 7 11 10 11 10 10 57 57 50 50 49 56.32. 1 Illustrated Safe & Vault • www.46 13-17 32 60 58 61-62 41 48 39 33 33 32 33 68 42 55 53-54 54 54 54 53 B Ballbuster Drill Bits Ben/Jim Under-the-Door Tools Bi-Metal Hole Saw Bits for Safe Key Locks Borescopes Borescope Light Source Borekey Ecos 208 Borkey 200 Eurocompact Borkey 909 Euro-Drill Borkey Euroline 396 Borkey Graphite Borkey Key Blanks Borkey Key Blank CD & Catalogs Borkey Model 173 Lord II Borkey Rexa 2000+ Borkey Rexa II. MBA Common Floor Safes Book Common Change Key Set Corbin Safe Deposit Lock Core Cutters Counter Mat. Key Machine Cylinder Drill Jig Cylinder Guards Cylinder Shims Cylinder Tool for Kwikset G Generic Safe Handle Get A Grip Key Extractor Graphite Grobet Files & Accessories GSA Change Key Set GSA Container ID Book GSA First Strike Kit GSA Open/Closed Magnet GSA Rejection Label GSA Safe Handle GSA Touch-up Paint J Jackknife Pick Set Jamb Pins Jaws.

6120 Series S&G Z02-D Drive S&G Dials & Dial Rings S&G Safe Deposit Locks S&G Safe Handle Safe Deposit Bypass Tools Safe Deposit Deck Code Cards Safe Deposit Depth/Space Manual Safe Deposit Key Duplicator Safe Deposit Lock Key Blanks Safe Deposit Slotter Cutters Safe Door Hinge Shim Kit Safe Handles Safe Keys. MBA Torque & Tension Tools Training Classes Transponder Duplicator Tri-Fold Wallet Pick Set Tubular Code Cutter TubularDecoder Tyro Pick Set Q Quick Pull Tools R Rachet Screwdriver Removable Core Drill Jig Replacement Cutters Reversible Chest Lock Roll-Top Desk Lock Rubber Tipped Tweezers S S&G 2937 S&G 2740 S&G 6730 S&G 6804 Key Lock S&G 6870 Key Lock S&G 8077 Combination Padlock S&G 8400 S&G 8500 S&G Change Keys S&G Change Key w/Handle S&G Comptronic .46 47 46 41 32 30-31 40 41 49 45 35 18 49 64 38 43 5 5 69 37-38 38 38 Super 7700 Change Tool Super Mica/Super Mica Handle Super Picks Surface Inspection Light Surface Mount Lock 47 69 68 51 18 2 48 73 49 37 29 46 11 43 62 75-76 6 67 57 57 67 27 66 36 38 56 65 52 60 57 2 63 40 34 34 40 29 48 27 T Table of Contents Tann High Security CD Terms of Sale Things I Know About X-07/8/9 Thunder Bits Time Delay Safe Locks Time Lock Servicing Book Tip Stops Tool Bag. MBA Steel King Key Machine Steel King Key Machine Parts Stick Knife StrongArm Drill Bits StrongArm Mini Vac StrongArm Steel Stick U ULIX Safe Lock Under-The-Door Opening Tools Uni-Template V VacAttack Drill Rig Vise Mounted Wire Bender Viper Pick Set Visual Viper Vulcan Button Grabber M Magic Keys MBA Branded Products MBA Screwdriver Mailing Address Matchwork Kit 175-05 Medeco File Cabinet Locks (FireKing) Metal Forming Pliers Methods of Entry Kit Miles X-4 Safe Deposit Lock Mini Rig Bolt Saw Guide Mini-Rig Drill Templates Mini-Rig Pro Kit Mini-Miter/Cut Off Saw Modern Safe Locks Mortise Lock Mosler Safe Deposit Locks W Waffle Tray Web Site Address Wire Bending Jig Wood Handle Ice Pick X X08/X09 Cutoff Tool X08/X09 Defeat Tool X-08/X-09 L.30 piece Set Lock Stands Locksmith Tool Kit Long Drill Bits LP Roto Safe Locks 24 22 21 21 20 23 24 22 65 12 51. Ben/Jim Lever Handle Tool.B.55 47 44 29 60 66 69 30-31 64-65 55 55 55 63 65 65 33 62 37 28-29 68 43 43.C. Fixture X-09 Safe Lock X0 Troubleshooter CD XLN Safe Locks Z N Nose Puller Kit O Octopod Order Form P Padlock Comb Set Padlock Shims Pak-A-Punch Panic Bar Tool.32 32 26 26 27 45 32 46 47 47 6.O.59 60 8 17 16 59 25 25 25 25 26 26 26 26 27.INDEX La Gard Accessories La Gard Auditgard & Accessories La Gard LGBasic II & Accessories La Gard LGCombo La Gard ComboGard Pro 39E La Gard Dials La Gard Smart Linc & Accessories La Gard Smart Point Latch Tool Leather Key Bags LED Borescope Light LeFebure Guard & Renter Keys LeFebure Safe Deposit Locks Legault Time Delay Safe Locks Lever Handle Remover Lever Handle Tool.16 Piece Set Lock Picks . MBA PistolPick Pocket Otoscope Power Punch Kit Premium Pinning Tray 66 63 63 43 68 52 62 56 59 43. Ben/Jim Philʼs Flywheel 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 71 . Stems & Bits Safe Opening Tool Kit Safe Repair Kit.59 2 44 33 63 66 45 36 36 36 62 49 18 45 47 19 72 69 68 57 66 38 Picks-in-a-Pouch Pinning Shoe Set Pin Tumbler Tweezers Pint Glass. Stems & Bits Lever Lock Picks Light Generator Light Generator (Luxxor) Light Guide (Luxxor) Lighted Tweezers Lock Picks . Deluxe Safe Technicians Reference Manual Security Kumahira SD Locks SEMS Kit Showcase Locks Simplex Manipulation Manual Smart key Bypass Tool Solid Carbide End Mill Drills Stainless Steel Bottle. Keedex Lever Lock Key Blanks.

1-859-887-0496 Fax: 1-859-887-9491 e-mail: • www. Price Ea. KY 40356-2357 • USA Phone: 1-888-MBA-5495 • 859-887-0496 • Fax: 859-887-9491 e-mail: sales@mbaUSA. PHONE.WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS! 72 ORDER BY .ORDER FORM 200 Orchard Drive • • web: www. Total State: e-mail: Customer #: (Top of mailing label) Subtotal Shipping & Handling Call. or fax MBA USA for shipping charges on your order. Inc. Phone Number: Description Qty. Shipping Next/2nd Day CALL. Phone: 1-888-622-5495. FAX OR E-MAIL! Ordered By: (Please Print) Name: Company: Street Address: City: Zip Code: Part No. Account# Credit Card Number Expiration Date 3-Digit Security Code (On back of card) - - - / Card Holder's Signature Card Holder's Name (Please Print) 2008 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER .mbaUSA. E-MAIL OR FAX FOR SHIPPING CHARGES KY Residents Add 6% Tax TOTAL Payment Method Check or Money Order Payable to MBA USA.mbaUSA.

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We continually study locks and new technology to stay current with the latest industry trends and developments.00 INSPECTOR RENEWAL COURSE Inspectors who have previously passed the Basic GSA Approved Container Inspection Course may renew their term as inspector by taking this class. CML.our three main instructors have a combined sixty five years plus of experience in nearly every phase of the lock industry. Both of these qualifications have been approved by GSA and are valuable credentials for anyone performing work on GSA containers or vault doors. Installation and operation is covered for each lock as well as troubleshooting. drilling. 3 days . neutralize.TRAINING When you take classes from MBA. and attend continuing education programs as required by GSA.00 Our Instructors Mark Bates. CPS w w w. and repair GSA approved security containers and vault doors.000 hours teaching experience Andy Dennison. we advise you to “check it out” before committing to a class that may contain 30 people or more. The renewal is granted for three years and can be taken by MBA or LSI graduates. CPS • Automotive lock expert • Transponder Expert • Tool design consultant Training Classes GSA CERTIFIED SAFE & VAULT TECHNICIAN COURSE This course will certify the student to service. CML.mbaUSA.never more than 9 people. The course concludes with coverage of federal specifications and regulations concerning GSA containers and what are to be stored in them. The individual who successfully completes this training program will be authorized by GSA to inspect GSA containers and apply new “Recertified” labels to that container. CPL.00 Martin Newton • Lever Lock Expert • Experienced with covert entry • Available to select agencies Ed Woods.$495. Learn how to make your best determination as to original Label Color.such as lack of a GSA CMS • Vietnam & law enforcement veteran • Over 30 years experience in the lock industry • GSA safe & vault expert 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 75 . By becoming a GSA Approved Inspector. These inspectors must be meticulous in their workmanship. CML • Founder and President of MBA USA. the student will also be qualified to perform recertification inspections on GSA containers when there is any reason to doubt their security integrity. If small class size is important to you. Inc.00 Joe Cortie. As an option. We contend that personalized. John Falle • Renowned lock pick developer • Specializes in very advanced training • Available to select agencies BASIC GSA APPROVED CONTAINER INSPECTION COURSE This course was developed to take the guess work out of whether a container is suitable or not.750. hands-on instruction is best for our students. maintain ongoing contact with the training organization. Manufacturer and Class of the GSA container you are dealing with or even if the container was never approved by GSA. 11 days $2. • 25 years experience in the lock industry • Author of Modern Safe Locks and numerous articles RENEW ONLINE! Chuck Batcke. On the next few pages you will find brief descriptions of some of our outstanding classes. This optional day is immediately after the conclusion of GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician Course.The Department of Defense and other federal departments are moving toward making this certification a requirement for anyone performing almost any type of service on these containers including periodic preventive maintenance inspections. Our classes are small . and repair are also covered. CML. The training begins with combination locks used on GSA containers including the latest FF-L-2740 and FF-L-2937 approved locks. Please call 1-888-622-5495 or see complete descriptions on our web site www. m b a U S A .00 10 days (without option) $2. 3 days . 2 days . We donʼt just talk the talk . you receive personalized training from qualified instructors with real world experience.00 • 20 years industry experience • Kaba Mas Instructor • 8. yet permits the preservation of containers that are not being used due to minor flaws . It allows for the identification of containers that are vulnerable. a one day extension can be added to the Technician course for GSA Inspector qualification.$750.$250.$750.500. c o m LOG ON FOR DETAILS X-07/08/09 MASTER CLASS This class was designed to cover all aspects of each lock that is acceptable for GSA containers under Federal Specification FF-L-2740. CPS. GSA container identification. proper servicing. CPS • 20 years of as a locksmith • 7 years teaching X0 lock classes for Kaba Mas • Safe & vault service expert • US Naval Veteran GSA CONTAINER IDENTIFICATION This class is designed to be taken prior to the Basic GSA Approved Container Inspection Course. 1 day .

SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKS This class was designed to give the participant a solid background in servicing safe deposit locks. You get training customized to your needs in a private classroom .a winning combination! (Classes are best when held to a maximum of 6 participants. In the extensive troubleshooting section. and understanding the fundamentals of ultasonic cleaning. emergency dials and more are covered in this class. depending on the content you select.$350.Covers key-operated door locks and safe locks found outside North America.00 TACTICAL TRAINING NOTE: Tactical training courses are restricted. NEUTRALIZATION & REPAIR OF GSA APPROVED CONTAINERS This class teaches methods for opening and repairing GSA Security containers authorized by Federal Std.$495. GSA has now given us approval to conduct our GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician Online Testing Program. It was created to give those who are just starting a career in locksmithing a solid background in the basics. Contact MBA for more information. Police.00 76 sales@mbaUSA.Covers commercial and residential locks commonly found in North America. The student should have a good understanding of safe lock basics before taking this class. the enrollee is asserting they already have the knowledge and skills to pass the exam. the student will learn how to deal with a wide variety of both common and unusual lock problems. 1 day . Donʼt let your competition get all the “gravy” jobs . Please contact us regarding your requirements so we can prepare a quotation. relock triggers. Each course is designed to foster an in-depth understanding of the locking systems in question. 1 day . sight.500. There are hundreds of varieties of locks in use in countless banks. . 2 days . The course is concluded with a written test developed by the manufacturer on which students must achieve a minimum score of 80% to become a registered technician. servicing and synchronizing cases.00 TIME LOCKS This one day program can make you comfortable with the basics of time locks in just one day. and other businesses across America.Covers identification and manipulation of mechanical combination locks found on safes. 10 days . By signing up for the online testing program.$495. 2 days . You will not be a watchmaker at the end of the day but you will be capable of the basics including correcting overwinds. It is also ideal for those who are considering a locksmithing career but wish to learn more about the trade first.00 PROFESSIONAL SAFE DRILLING Learn the skills needed to open safes like an expert. the series of online exams is NOT an online training course or a shortcut to certification.$495. Inc. This is an opportunity to gain GSA certification without attending the course in-house.) Tactical Course Content: All Tactical courses are focused on the operator who must access locks covertly.$2. number transferring. Tactical Safe Locks . or learned the old fashioned methods taught by other schools you are in for a real eye opener! Throw away those graphs and books and learn real manipulation in just two • www. COMBINATION LOCK TECHNOLOGY 1 This class was designed to give the participant a solid background in servicing and troubleshooting mechanical combination safe locks. 2 days . as well as manipulation of combination padlocks. The course will provide instruction in the installation. dial removal. borescopes.$250.00 SAFE LOCK MANIPULATION Learn how to open U. and other Government Agencies.00 These classes can be scheduled for your group.Covers key generation for the passenger compartments and trunks of a wide range of vehicles. It is ideal for both beginning and intermediate level locksmiths and safe technicians. Tactical Automotive . and sound. Each course is customized according to input from the requesting agency. 1 day -$300.mbaUSA. The manufacturer requires that technicians successfully complete this approved training program to be listed in their 2740 recommended technician database. MBA USA will provide reference material and have instructors available to answer general questions but the enrollee must pass the tests and exams on their own. There is a constant need for technicians who can install.$495. Courses run for either five or ten days. However.TRAINING Training Classes S&G MODEL 2740 LOCK TRAINING The Sargent & Greenleaf model 2740 safe lock was designed to meet Federal Specification FF-L-2740 and is approved for use in protecting our nationʼs classified materials. and offered only to recognized Military. Tactical Lever Locks . drill bits. drilling apparatus. Courses offered: Tactical Locksmithing . 2 days . and open safe deposit boxes when keys are lost or the lock malfunctions.add this lucrative service to your list of skills. 809. has been approved since January 2008 to offer our 10-day GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician course. and programming of Sargent & Greenleaf model 2740 combination lock. re-key. hotels.00 GSA CERTIFIED SAFE & VAULT TECHNICIAN ONLINE TESTING PROGRAM MBA USA.00 10 DAY FUNDAMENTALS OF LOCKSMITHING Fundamentals of Locksmithing is a 10 day class that teaches the skills necessary for anyone who works with key locks. listed Group 2 combination locks through the use of touch. and closed to other attendees. Call MBA for more information 1-888-622-5495.L. saving travel expenses and time away from work. If you have struggled with correspondence courses. Drill site selection.

MBA will keep you informed of any changes in class schedules as is necessary. Be sure to fill in all the blanks. 200 Orchard Drive. This is a one-time only fee. 3. Boxes) ( ) ( ) City ( ) State Home Phone Number Zip Code E-mail address Work Phone Number Sex Height Fax Number Weight Hair Color / Eye Color / Date of Birth (Include Month. reminder of class dates/times and hotel information. Day.S. 2008 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 77 . Upon approval. County & State.O. Inc. If you are a government employee.00 for each class. Nicholasville. WHAT WE WILL DO 1. 3. • Deposit of $100. a check. Fill out the ENROLLMENT APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT. as space for each class is limited. We accept checks and credit cards for deposits and balance of tuition. to: MBA USA. you are not officially registered in a class until we send written confirmation to you. KY 40356-2357: • Registration fee of $25. 2. MBA will review your application and confirm your credentials. Inc.00. / / Yes No Years of High School Completed Social Security Number Ever Convicted of a felony? (Circle One) If Yes. Middle Name Last Name Street Address (No P. Early enrollment is recommended.A. Explain Employment & References ( ) Current Employer Street Address Previous Employer Phone Number City ( ) Dates of Employment State Zip Code Phone Number Dates of Employment Street Address Name of Character Reference (No Family Members) Street Address City ( ) State Phone Number Zip Code City State Zip Code WHAT YOU MUST DO 1. The ENROLLMENT APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT and deposits must be received 30 days prior to the scheduled start of any class. put country if outside U. along with the following items. Make a copy for your files. & Year) Years of College Completed Place of Birth (Include City. These funding forms must be sent to MBA prior to the beginning of training class. Return to MBA USA. 2. then return the completed application and agreement. with required deposit. Future classes taken by applicant will have this fee waived. Remember. you will be sent CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION consisting of your confirmation number. Remaining balance will be due the first day of class.ENROLLMENT APPLICATION Personal Information First Name Type or clearly print requested information. You must complete all spaces on this page. government credit card or properly completed and signed SF182 will also be accepted.

REFUND POLICY Should it be necessary for you to cancel your registration. may keep only a portion of the tuition or contract price. I.O.. Inc.mbaUSA. has the right to deny my application and that I may be investigated prior to acceptance. Inc. I certify that I have received a copy of and read the ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT.ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT METHOD OF PAYMENT Check (Payable to MBA USA. breaking and entering or robbery. do hereby swear and affirm that all statements on the ENROLLMENT APPLICATION are true to the best of my knowledge. 200 Orchard Dr. Once class has begun. you cannot physically receive the services. • MBA USA. within 10 business days from the date you sign the contract. Inc. Number Government Form 182* Card Number Name on Card & Card Billing Address Exp. the seller. • You may also cancel this contract if. within 30 days. Commonwealth of Kentucky Consumers Right of Cancellation • You may cancel this contract. I understand that MBA USA. or you may cancel the contract if the services cease to be offered as stated in the contract. and understand that a deposit and registration fee must be submitted with my application. Inc. MBA USA. Inc.. Inc. Nicholasville.00 registration fee. Inc. SIGNATURE Applicantʼs Signature MBA School Official Signature Class You Are Attending Name as you prefer it to appear on the class certificate Date Date Date 2008 78 sales@mbaUSA. Date / Last 3 digits on back of card Signature Total Enclosed: $ * Government and Military Employees . including the REFUND POLICY. reserves the right to cancel courses as we determine • www. All information obtained in these courses will only be used in my work in the security industry. You will be notified and a full refund will be issued. refunds will be based on the percentage of the course completed on the day of cancellation. I confirm that I have never been convicted of any crime involving burglary. Inc.forms must be submitted before class begins. should it be necessary to cancel or dismiss a student. • You may notify the seller. except the $25. If you cancel this contract for either of these reasons. without penalty or obligation. reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment. MBA . the following policy shall apply: All fees. no refunds will be made. the undersigned.. and without notice of cancellation to MBA USA. I accept the payment policies of MBA USA. When half of a course is completed. MBA USA. Inc. Full refunds will be issued to students who have paid for cancelled courses. KY 40356-2357. you will forfeit all fees and deposits paid and will be billed for any unpaid balance. Please be sure section C is completed. Inc. If not present the first day of class. Any refunds will be made MBA USA. upon doctorʼs order.) Pre-Approved Company Purchase Order P. of your intent to cancel by giving written notice to: MBA USA. will be refunded if you cancel prior to the start of class.

S&G Model 2740 Lock Training March 18 April 18 May 13 June 24 July 29 August 26 September 30 October 21 November 18 December 16 Can be scheduled for a group Professional Safe Drilling (1-day class) Safe Deposit (2-day class) Time Locks (1-day class) Customized tactical classes are available to active law enforcement personnel. m b a U S A . Contact MBA for more information at 1-888-622-5495 or e-mail education@mbaUSA. March 15 .com. March 14 June 20 October 17 December 12 Basic GSA Approved Container Inspection Course (3-day course) For Inspector Renewal. By signing up for the online testing program.14 GSA Container Identification (1-day class) Highly Recommended for ALL levels of experience before taking the Inspection course. c o m 888-622-5495 • 859-887-0496 • FAX 859-887-9491 79 . setup.23 October 18 . This is an opportunity to gain GSA certification without attending the course in-house. (See description or call for details.2011 TRAINING SCHEDULE GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician Course (11-day course The 11th day is optional) February 14 .12 S&G MODEL 2740 LOCK TRAINING The Sargent & Greenleaf model 2740 safe lock was designed to meet Federal Specification FF-L-2740 and is approved for use in protecting our nationʼs classified materials.17 June 21 . the enrollee is asserting they already have the knowledge and skills to pass the exam.22 September 12 . MBA USA will provide reference material and have instructors available to answer general questions but the enrollee must pass the tests and exams on their own.23 October 31 . classes added to the schedule and other information. and programming of Sargent & Greenleaf model 2740 combination lock. only the first two days of the basic course is necessary. GSA has now given us approval to conduct our GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician Online Testing Program. has been approved since January 2008 to offer our 10-day GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician course.15 Fundamentals of Locksmithing (10-day class.) X-07/08/09 Master Class (3-day course) October 10 -12 Neutralization and Repair of GSA Approved Containers (2-day course) October 13 .15 June 6 . The manufacturer requires that technicians successfully complete this approved training program to be listed in their 2740 recommended technician database. the series of online exams is NOT an online training course or a shortcut to certification.20 December 13 . Inc.17 July 11 .10 Safe Lock Manipulation (2-day class) May 11 . However. Check our web site for complete class descriptions. Call for more information. Mondays through Fridays only) February 28 .March 11 September 26 . registration information and forms.November 11 This course will run Monday through Saturday the first week and Monday through Friday the second week with Friday being optional. The course will provide instruction in the installation.October 7 Combination Lock Technology 1 (2-day course) May 9 . Tactical Locksmithing (5 to 10 days) Tactical Automotive (3 to 5 days) Tactical Lever Locks (3 to 10 days) Tactical Safe Locks (3 to 5 days) GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician Online Testing Program MBA USA. The course is concluded with a written test developed by the manufacturer on which students must achieve a minimum score of 80% to become a registered technician. saving travel expenses and time away from work.25 April 4 . w w w.

PRSRT STD U. KY 40356 USA ORDER ONLINE w w w. c o m . 850 Lexington KY 200 Orchard Drive Nicholasville. Postage Paid Permit No. m b a U S A .S.

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