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  Research
The Institute integrates faculty research across and beyond
the campus to initiate and secure support for multi-disciplinary
projects, and through strategic partnerships with industry,
transfers the outcomes into the commercial sector.

  Communication
The Institute communicates the key issues related to the
science, engineering & policy of energy efficiency to a wide
audience in industry, government, academia and the public at
a large.

  Education
The Institute enriches the education of a new generation of
students and prepares them for the emerging energy

Science & Technology for a Sustainable Energy Future


  A $1 LED light bulb 20x more efficient than an incandescent bulb

Production and Storage

  Solar cells with double efficiency at one-tenth the cost

Buildings and Design

  Economically viable zero net-energy building systems

Electronics and Photonics

  Wireless and optical technologies for super-high-performance communications

  A new Moore s Law for more energy-efficient computing

Economics and Policy

  Worldwide energy efficiency policy direction, measurements and standards

Science & Technology for a Sustainable Energy Future