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Global Excellence Hyosung
With the goal of becoming the top global enterprise based on Value Management through ‘Global Excellence’, Hyosung is endeavoring to identify the growth drivers of the future, such as new materials and eco-friendly business areas, by establishing a performance management system consisting of 7 performance groups and 23 performance units. Hyosung is leading lifestyles in society, from commodities to core industrial materials and cutting-edge financial information systems. Also, with its slogan ‘Hyosung Way’, Hyosung is moving forward to become a top notch global company by conducting its core values - ‘ Global Excellence, Innovation, Accountability, Integrity’. Hyosung is also becoming a global life-culture business as it continuously secures the best technology and management skills along with its sustainable management that commits to social responsibilities.

02 Chairman’s Message .

S. we aim to become the company that creates a living culture full of happiness for the future. pumps. such as heavy industry. and leads the world markets in a number of sectors. As a result. polyester yarn. construction.1 position in tire cords.. R.Chairman’s Message Global Excellence Hyosung 03 At Hyosung. we are receiving considerable recognition as the company with higher future values by conducting strategic investments and engaging in independent technology development.. These are becoming our new growth engines. carpets. we actively operate a global management system. Hyosung is working hard to satisfy our customers all around the world with the best technologies and services. Chairman and CEO . On behalf of everyone at Hyosung. At Hyosung. PET bottles. Cho. including in the renewable energy. based on high technology. Through continuous challenges and achievements. and industrial materials sectors. and Europe through our 52 expanded global manufacturing and sales bases. fibers. the Americas. Hyosung. Hyosung has played the role of a locomotive of Korea’s economic growth for over 40 years since the company’s foundation. and have secured footholds in Asia. nylon yarn and ATMs. especially in the areas of motors. including spandex and heavy electrical equipment. and information technology. We are renowned for our outstanding quality. Furthermore. In addition. electronic materials. we have been working hard to deliver the best in value to our customers in a variety of fields. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all our customers for their continuous support and encouragement. chemicals. The company that is making further dreams come true. we will do our best to be loved and trusted by our customers through the aggressive pursuit of full customer satisfaction in the years ahead. Hyosung will be with you as a reliable partner delivering the best enhanced value of life to our customers. we occupy the world’s no. industrial materials. in Korea as well as abroad. trade.

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PET Bottles. 8 trade corporations (5 branch offices). and 19 trade offices around the world.. China. .1 Tire Cords in market share and the world’s best Spandex. and aggressive localized marketing strategies. the company continues to grow through new product development. and Europe. as well as Transformers.05 In order to realize our goal of ‘Value Management by Global Excellence’. customer-oriented service activities. continuous R&D investment.S. China. With global manufacturing bases in the U. including in the U. and Europe. including the world’s No. Hyosung produces a wide range of products. and ATMs.S. Vietnam. Hyosung has GLOBAL EXCELLENCE HYOSUNG established global networks consisting of a total of 52 offices: 20 manufacturing corporations..

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07 Hyosung’s power system technology to light up the world. you can enjoy even more fabulous night view at the Twin Towers in Malaysia. Hyosung’s transformers provide a stable supply of electricity. With Hyosung’s world-famous technology in heavy electric machine. .

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Hyosung’s technology stands out even at racing tournaments. Hyosung’s tire cord goes.09 Wherever the best tires go. Hyosung’s tire cords allow vehicles to achieve record-breaking speeds. With technology at the world-class level. Hyosung guarantees the speed and the technology. .

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11 Enjoy a comfortable life with functional fibers. Customers can enjoy a constant feeling of freshness during exercise and in everyday life with Hyosung’s cuttingedge functional fibers. Hyosung’s yarn fibers are favored by world-renowned apparel makers. .

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. Hyosung’s ATM technology allows you to make fast and easy financial transactions anywhere at anytime including New York. the centre of the global world.13 Hyosung ATM is offering fast and easy financial transactions.

14 BUSINESS STRUCTURE With Customers. Hyosung is endeavoring to bring much greater values to our customers’ lives and will become a beloved and trusted enterprise with continuous challenges and innovation. industrial materials. chemicals.Your Reliable Partner. construction. fibers. Hyosung. With the motto of ‘Global Excellence’. trades. With the World . . Hyosung stands as a global enterprise based on outstanding technology and services in various business areas. such as heavy industries. and information technology.

● Galaxia Photonics Co. ● Hyosung Toyota Corporation ● Galaxia Electronics Co... Ltd. . ● Trans-World PU Information & Communication & IT ● Nautilus Hyosung PU ● Hyosung ITX Co. Trading ● Steel & Metal Products PU ● Chemical Products PU ⅠⅡ . Ltd. ● HIS PU Other Affiliated Companies ● Hyosung Capital PU ● The Class Hyosung Co. Inc.. Ltd. Ltd. ● Galaxia Communications Co.Business Structure 15 Power & Industrial Systems ● Power Systems PU ● Hyosung EBARA PU ● Industrial Machinery PU ● Wind Energy Business Division Industrial Materials ● Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU ● Interior PU ● Technical Yarn PU ● Aramid Business Division Textile ● Spandex PU ● Nylon Polyester Fiber PU ● Fabric / Dyeing PU Chemicals ● PP/DH PU ● TPA PU ● Film PU ● Neochem PU ● Packaging PU ● Optical Film Business Division Construction ● Construction PU ● HEEC PU ● Chinhung International... Ltd.

and electric & electronic devices. Hyosung has exported those products to a number of locations in the Americas. Hyosung maintains a competitive edge in a number of business sectors. circuit breakers. the Middle East. . gear reducers. and has received constant recognition for product quality. Furthermore. the core of the industrial energy industry. Hyosung’s field of power & industrial systems possesses the best technology competencies in the global heavy electric equipment sector. and industrial pumps.Power & Industrial Systems Power Systems PU Industrial Machinery PU Hyosung EBARA PU Wind Energy Business Division Having led numerous developments in the domestic power industry. in addition to the power equipment sector. such as motors. providing products such as transformers. and Asia.

.17 We possess the best technology competencies in the global heavy electric equipment sector. the core of the industrial energy industry.

we hope to become one of the top 3 major businesses in China by entering into heavy electric machines. which is a leading manufacturer of power transmissions and transformers.. Ltd. Ltd. and in 1999. This was established in 2003. we acquired one of the top five companies in quality terms as certified by the Chinese government. In 1992. Also. and by the end of 2004. circuit breakers and has recently reinforced a new business deal with IT-based power automation and Smart Grid including power monitors and prevention systems.000 distribution transformers per year. Also in 2006. such as circuit breakers and power motors. Also.. It has produced and manufactured control panels such as transformers.18 Power Systems PU Founded in 1962. Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co. transmissions. and distribution services. the company’s continued investment on research and development guarantees its sustained prominence in the world market. Hyosung’s Power Systems Performance Unit. and the sixth in the world. expanding its production facility starting from 2008. In the future. has been dedicated to developing the nation’s electronic industry by distributing power utilities. On the basis of its unique technological know-how. Hyosung was the groundbreaker in Korea. from design and engineering to maintenance of equipments. to develop the 765kV Ultra-High Voltage(UHV) Transformer. a joint venture with the Baoding Tianwei Organization.. the first in the world to manufacture the 800kV Gas Insulated Switchgear(GIS). . Hyosung has steadily delivered new products and technical solutions to a full spectrum of power generations. which has put the company on equal technological ground with its top global competitors. in Jiangsu. we had established a production plant producing 11. we are ready to grow as a global enterprise through localization in other countries. With such world-class technology. the company established Baoding Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co.

ANSI. preventing any operation interruptions beforehand. . these products are indispensable in putting up integrated monitoring control systems and producing highly reliable electronic control panels. compact transformers such as the Amorphous Core transformer and the Corrugated Radiator. ● Hyosung produces 24~36kV GIS control panels based on perfect insulation and equipped with protection relay and measuring instruments. Already having been certified by such international institutions like CESI and KERI.5kV up through 800kV and proving itself a leader in this area. Meanwhile. audit. the company is also capable of customizing products to meet other standards including ANSI. which succeeded in minimizing electrical loss. and communication of a power system. control. We collect data of conditions of equipment online by installing various kinds of sensors to prevent major accidents. the company’s unwavering drive for innovation has led to the development of high-efficient and more costcompetitive. which also guarantees high performance. ● Digital Relay It is a necessary component of power systems. and ProNET. ES. is offered in various models and scales. It continues to demonstrate technical excellence in reliable and high-quality transformers that meet the most exacting international standards such as KS. NEMA. ● UHV Circuit Breakers Some of the world’s most complex and advanced circuit breaking equipments are manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Changwon. maintenance. ● Hyosung manufactures a variety of steel structures including 765kV power transmission steel towers and telecommunication steel towers at its Jochiwon Factory. and supplies them to domestic and overseas markets. JEM. and Asia.Business Structure Power & Industrial Systems 19 800kV GIS Molded Distribution Transformers Solar Power System ■ Major Products ● UHV Transformers ● Control Panels Hyosung produces all classes of power transformers ranging up to 765kV 2000MVA. expanding its product offerings from 72. ● Steel Towers Oil-immersed Distribution Transformers The superior quality of this product is testified by a large number of petrochemical projects and other industrial plants all over the world including America. a subsidiary of KEPCO. installation. ● Solar Power System Preventive Diagnostic System Since receiving a plant-building order for Samrangjin Solar Power System (3MW) of West Power Generation. The company’s high technological standards have been domestically and internationally recognized on multiple occasions. JIS and JEC. inspection. ProTAC. consists of ProPAC. noise. size and weight. IEC. Hyosung’s Pro series. Middle East. a total solution for protection. IEEE. ● Hyosung is engaged in the new-conceptive business to provide the best service and ensure the safety of customers based on the expertise on engineering. Hyosung developed the world’s first 800kV double-pole at this facility. the company has been participating in the solar power system market in full-scale. ● Molded Distribution Transformers Engineering & Services This product. This system secures the reliable operation of industrial facilities and provides high quality electric power fluently. furnished with the world’s largest steel structure load testing facility. in June 2007. IEC. safety diagnosis and preventive actions for power facilities. BS. measurement. and ES.

gear reducers. test facilities. Hyosung will serve as a world-leading provider of industrial machinery and plant engineering by focusing on innovative energy conservation.000 horse power motors and has an automated production line which is capable of manufacturing more than 40. Efforts in Innovation amongst rotary machineries will make significant contributions to create the energy profitability as well as efficiency. and aim at achieving the world’s highest quality and the most advanced technology in 21st century. enhanced reliability on new products. cogeneration system. material handling system.000 motors in every month. and development of new technologies. and alternative refueling system. . The Industrial Machinery Performance Unit has the ability to produce maximum 20. Our accumulated technologies and various experiences have made it possible to develop Turnkey-based engineering projects including ropeway. generators.20 Industrial Machinery PU The Industrial Machinery Performance Unit plays an important role in infrastructure industry around the globe and specialized in manufacturing all types of motors. Green Energy and Industrial machines. Hyosung confidently performs in developing and building the most competitive products.

● Hyosung manufactures heavy duty overhead crane and coil magnet lifter with high reliability that is used in process of steel manufacturing in steel mill company. not only for general industrial machines.Business Structure Power & Industrial Systems 21 GearBoxes for the Wind Turbine System High-Voltage Induction Motor High-Efficiency Electric Motor ■ Major Products ● Motors ● Crane Hyosung has been playing a key role in a global industry by providing all types of motors. Drive revamping. for industrial plants with advanced technology and on-going R&D. Hyosung also manufactures level luffing crane. etc. . but also for steel. . ● RopeWay System Generators and Gearboxes for Wind Turbine With many years of experiences. ● Hyosung ropeway. extended lifetime and easy maintenance for wind turbine.).CNG Refueling System (Motor/Gas Engine Driven) . architectural and civil works. instrumental. reactors. therefore our generators are solider and easier in operation and maintenance. Hyosung provides the customized technology of generators and gearboxes that are the most powerful. they generate stable voltage apart from fluctuation of loads by applying PMG (Permanent Magnetic Generator) system and Thyristor. Having its own technical A/S team. from Small Geared Motors to Planetary Gear Reducers and GEAR BOXES. civil. Hyosung manufactures chemical equipments including towers. pressure vessels and heat exchangers for petrochemical plants. ● Alternative Refueling System Hyosung’s technologies care much about clean environ-ment of future which puts us creation and development of advanced alternative Refueling System as follows. especially Industry Plant including pharmaceutical/BIO. high efficiency motor/inverter and Child water/Ice storage system etc. Hyosung manufactures gear reducers. architectural. power generation. cement. columns. And Hyosung manufactures generators that are required for main sources of electricity in industrial facilities for continuous use or for emergency use. engineering and technology analysis. process/ piping. it provides the best service and has the most references of ropeways in domestic market. mechanical. which has improved reliability of our products. (NamSan Park. Producing high value AC/DC motors with various know-hows and experiences. and other industrial areas (HVAC/Clean room. DaeDunSan Provincial Park. Hyosung provides all kinds of GEARED MOTORS. has engineering capability of electrical. KangWon Land. ● Gear Reducers With the latest design. ● Plant Engineering Service Hyosung offers optimal plants designed to enhance productivity as well as reduce the production cost with worldclass technology with sufficient Turnkey base system EPC experiences. efficient and competitive. renewable energy. ship loader for the use in shipbuilding and power plants. IT materials. with the best line design method. electrical. TongYeong. rubber and petrochemical facilities. Hyosung provides an innovative energy saving plan including Co-generation system.LNG/LCNG Refueling System . SongAm Space Center) ● Energy Solution Chemical Equipment With various supply references and experiences over years. from low-voltage small motors to ultra-high voltage large scale AC motors. since development of the first Co-generation system in Korea. mechanical. Additionally. Hyosung’s generators and gearboxes have economically optimized design realizing highreliability. VLGC (Very Large Gantry Crane).Hydrogen Refueling System for fuel cell vehicle (35/70MPa) ● Generators Hyosung generators has been designed and manufactured by utilizing programs including analysis of a magnetic field and structure and 3D.

By acquiring ASME(The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Class 2 and Class 3. which enables for production of safety related pumps for nuclear power plants. which is part of the government’s motive project for new growth. Moreover. “N” and “NPT”. building/housing. Hyosung Ebara is producing and supplying Korea’s first safety class pumps. and desalination plants. from pumps for power plants to those for petrochemicals. Smart Project. Hyosung Ebara has been selected as a company supervising the development of new and renewable desalination plants. . which is producing high quality pumps for various usages. industrial. as well as the KEPIC certificate. Also in the desalination business. ※ Cheonggyecheon is powered with Hyosung Ebara’s pump technology.22 Hyosung EBARA PU Hyosung Ebara(HEC) is the largest Korean company specializing in producing pumps and supplying facilities for desalination. and is currently conducting it. Hyosung Ebara was the first to develop the Containerized RO System in domestic companies and is exporting it to plants overseas including Chile. shipping.

satisfy for the best efficiency and durability at the same time and is playing an essential role in driving Korea as the leading country of shipbuilding. and general industry sectors. and is currently conducting it. it first developed the Containerized RO System in domestic companies and is exporting it to overseas plants including Chile. including high-voltage. which is part of the government’s motive project for new growth. and construction capabilities. The large-sized vertical Seawater Circulation Water Pump (CWP) and the Seawater Lift Pump (SLP) are produced with stainless steel 316L or duplex stainless steel materials with more than diameters of 2000mm outlets. high-pressure. Its superior corrosionresistance levels are a result of its being produced with Duplex stainless steel material. ● Engineering.Business Structure Power & Industrial Systems 23 Booster Pump Boiler Feed Pump Desalination Plant ■ Major Products ● Pumps for Power Plants Hyosung Ebara produces pumps for all applications. “NPT” Korea Electric Power Industry Codes & Standards for Nuclear Power Plant ISO 9001 CE Mark Certificate Certificate for Highly Efficient Equipment Pumps for Desalination Large capacity BRP. multiplex housing and apartments. water supply and water cleaning systems. Procurement and Construction for Desalination Plant Pumps for Oil & Gas Hyosung Ebara manufactures pumps that satisfy hightemperature and high-pressure environments typical in petroleum refining. all of which are complied with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. and seawater conditions. large office buildings. . Smart Project. petrochemical industry. and so obtains the order for large-scale desalination plants from Hyundai Steel. The company is widely recognized for having trendy facilities. ● Hyosung Ebara offers Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination plants using the cutting-edge membrane technology. ● Pumps for Building & Housing Hyosung Ebara’s pumps for building and housing are widely used for circulating cold and hot water. manufacturing. and DH pumps. Hyosung Ebara helps its customer’s cost saving by producing highly efficient pumps. which can treat Brine Water-of more corrosive properties than seawater-is a core pump used for evaporating desalination plants. produced with high corrosion-resistance properties. and has been selected as a company supervising the development of new and renewable desalination plants. and cultural facilities. high-temperature. ■ Quality Management System ● ● ● ● ● Pumps for General Industries We provide high efficient and high performance industrial pumps through various pumps such as CWP. BFP. Moreover. such as for general households. and it provides optimal solutions for operating plants in a stable manner. in a wide range of fields. Hyosung Ebara provides a full series of pumps (End suction pumps. ● ● Pumps for Marine & Offshore Pumps for Marine & Offshore. Double suction split case pump. ● ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) “N”. High-pressure multistage pumps).

and towers. the company has actively pursued the development of wind turbine system. It is also an economical source of power. Wind power energy is eco-friendly generation system. and is. In 2006. a natural energy source. and the U. of course.24 Wind Energy Business Division A wind turbine system uses wind.S. already having established the best technologies in the major component devices of wind turbine system. Hyosung developed a wind turbine system complex in order to contribute to the world’s energy and environmental industries. which is under demonstration and its technical capabilities and reliabilities recognized via international certification issued by DEWI-OCC(Germany).. Hyosung is a leading company in conducting domestic wind power generation projects and has been making the utmost efforts to domestically produce facilities for the project. aiming at becoming one of the top ten wind turbine system manufacturers by 2018 based on its technical capabilities in wind turbine system component devices and comprehensive engineering capabilities. Hyosung is establishing wind turbine model lineup via the development of the 5MW grade offshore wind turbine system and is expanding its business operations not only in the domestic market. it completed the development of its 2MW wind turbine system. Moreover. generators. in infinite supply. without any polluting substances and can be a replacement of fossil fuels. Since the mid 1990s. Australia. in 2007. but also in East Asia. the company’s reliability and security was established by successfully completing the development and commercialization of Korea’s first geared type 750kW wind turbine. including gearboxes. . controllers.

Rated Wind Velocity : 11m/s .Start-up Wind Velocity : 4m/s .Start-up Wind Velocity : 4m/s . Hyosung has Solidified its leadership in the wind turbine system industry. ■ Product Range ● 750kW ● 2MW .Rated Output : 750kW .Tower Height : 49m (Hub height : 50m) .6m .Rated Output : 2MW .Business Structure Power & Industrial Systems 25 Having developed the first domestic wind turbine system with its exclusive technologies.Cut-out Wind Velocity : 25m/s .Tower Height : 78m (Hub height : 80m) .Rotor Diameter : 90.Rated Wind Velocity : 12m/s .Rotor Diameter : 50m .Cut-out Wind Velocity : 25m/s .

the industrial materials is leading the global market. In addition. and lead the interior design industry in Korea with the largest share in the carpet market. we are mass-producing tire cords and high-strength industrial yarns (such as polyester. we produce carpets and yarn for carpet products. Moreover. With our success in the commercialization of aramid fiber. . high performance fiber used in fiber optical cable reinforcements and friction materials for automobiles and bulletproof vests. nylon 66. we are leading the interior material business with the largest market share in the domestic carpet market by producing carpet and carpet yarn. PEN) to ceaselessly research and develop new materials. In order to respond to the globally increasing demand for various industrial materials.Industrial Materials Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Technical Yarn PU Interior PU Aramid Business Division As the largest producer of tire cords (tire reinforcement material) in the world. we are leading the textile industry in the industrial materials arena as well.

1.27 As the world’s No. tire cords are leading the global marketplace in quality and technology. .

28 Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU Since the first production of nylon tire cords in Korea. and particularly in polyester tire codes. such as steel cords. aside from Ulsan in Korea. aside from the Eonyang factory in Korea and 150.S. In 2005. Hyosung has been laying a foundation for secure growth. Hyosung established its local product factories in Qingdao and Nanjing of China. With steel cords. Hyosung has been producing and supplying key tire reinforcement materials. Steel Cord Tire Cords Bead Wire . Hyosung has been supplying 50. Hyosung made a long-term supply contract amounting to 30.000 tons per year to all over the world since 1979. Hyosung will continue to build more local product systems to strengthen its position as a leader in the global market.000 tons are produced per year based on 2009. Vietnam. has the No. Even after 2010. Based on top quality and reliability. and Luxemburg.000 tons of steel cords per year with Michelin. U. Hyosung also contributes to the advancement of the green industry and the IT industry by producing saw wire necessary for the manufacture of wafers for semiconductor devices and solar batteries. Brazil. With bead wires. and has built local production systems in China. and gained customer trust as the only company equipped with a system of blanket production and supply of tire reinforcement materials in the world..2 billion dollars(the largest in the world) with Goodyear since 2006. such as making a long-term supply contract amounting to 3. chafers.1 market share in the world. bead wires. Hyosung supplies top quality products to leading tire manufacturers in the world. as well as textile cords.

ranging from 0. hose wires. Took over the tire cord plant in Scottsville. and Luxembourg. Colmar-berg. Yokohama Tires. Hankook Tire. intensity.175mm to 0.A. ● We supply the best quality products to leading international tire companies. Utica. which needs a precise processing technology. ● 2002 . Hyosung is under the development and production of tire cords made of new materials. ● Goodyear Tire Steel Cord Hyosung’s steel cord requires thorough processing and management of rubber adhesion. ■ Production Base Saw Wire ● Asia A saw wire is a machine that slices silicon to make silicon wafers for solar batteries and semiconductor devices. including Multi-filament Chafer and Mono-filament Chafer (Anti-wicking Chafer). Took over four tire cord production plants in Utica. according to various customer needs. Particularly. while protecting the carcass plies from rubbing against the rim. Virginia. which are high-functional products essential for the manufacture of high quality tires. Nanjing) / Vietnam (Hochiminh) ● North & South America U. Kumho Tires. 2005 . Sumimoto. ● etc. Continental. and Wool wires for high-pressure hoses. Lyocell. Conveyer Belting Duck (NN-Belt and EP-Belt) products. Brazil Americana. Qingdao. Decatur) / Brazil (Americana) ● Other Products Europe Other products include Chafer Products.000 tons per. Luxembourg (Colmar-Berg) . anti-fatigue and flexibility. Pirelli.10mm. USA. Hyosung’s bead wire comes in a variety of strengths and can be tailored to the specific needs of customers.S. Eonyang) / China (Jiaxing. and Aramid. The company devotes its utmost effort to developing technologies to lighten the tire and extend its lifespan.2 billion dollars. ● 2006 . such as PEN. CST Tires.Made a long-term supply contract for steel cords of 30. Hyosung is producing and supplying saw wire. PET Cable Cord products. With our more than 24 years of experience in the Chafer product sector. and Nexentire. Bead Wire A bead wire is a major component used for reinforcing radial tires.Business Structure Industrial Materials 29 Tire Cords Bead Wire Steel Cord ■ Major Products ● ■ Major Current ● Tire Cords Michelin Tire Hyosung is making unceasing efforts to improve the quality of tire cords (nylon/polyester). such as Bridgestone. the HSP series of polyester tire cords show the world’s best quality.Decatur. ● Korea (Ulsan.Made a supply contract of 3. (Scottsville. we produce numerous products in the sector.Made a long-term supply contract for tire cords of 350 million dollars. Cooper.

and particularly. industrial conveyor belts. Moreover. which is currently showing continuous growth and supplying to famous domestic and overseas car companies. which is broadly used in building. seat belts for cars retain the No. seat belts and power transmission belts for cars. straps.. in-vehicle. Hyosung gains diverse customer trust. it has been taking the activities satisfying customer needs and providing new values via the operation of the R&D Team from the early stages and has been providing differentiated customer service based on its local production and delivery system via the operation of the Beaming Plant and Warehouse in Rock Hill.1 market share in the world. such as broad woven coated fabrics for building and civil works. in 1986. Hyosung has been expanding the production scale for the growth of the downstream industry in Korea and overseas countries. normal industry sites.30 Technical Yarn PU Since the entry into the polyester technical yarn business. civil works. And Hyosung will become one of the most reliable partners by keeping development and production activities for the creation of customer value. including entering the business of Nylon 66 yarn for car air bags. By supplying optimal yarn appropriate for the use of each field. China in 2005. etc. transportation. and sewing threads. USA in 2002 and the establishment of a yarn manufacturing factory in Jiaxing. .

Hyosung supplies yarn for diverse seat belts. ● Yarn for seat belts Hyosung produces and supplies various yarns ranging from Light denier to heavy denier for slings. Hyosung has developed Korea’s first Nylon 66 yarn for airbags currently available in the market. ● With strict external control.Business Structure Industrial Materials 31 ■ Major Products ● Yarn for broad woven coated fabric ● Yarn for sling belts. prominent abrasion resistance. . sail cloths. and geo-textiles based on no broken filament and evenness of low shrinkage. and etc used with rubber. and sewing threads Hyosung produces yarn for broad woven fabrics such as truck covers. rubber hoses. geo-textiles. straps. To satisfy the change in the airbag market and customer needs. and sewing threads. which has excellent adhesion to rubber. power transmission belts Nylon 66 yarn for airbags. banners. sign boards. ropes. the company supplies various kinds of yarn products. fishing nets. it has developed yarn for sewing threads that are mainly used for shoes and furniture and supplies it to the world’s leading sewing thread customers. hoses. ● Yarn for conveyor belts. sewing threads Hyosung produces high adhesive and low elongation yarn. Especially. Moreover. and for conveyor belts. and excellent dyeing quality. the company developed the world’s first ultra high tenacity polyester yarn with 11 gram/denier. straps. such as low denier and black spun dyed yarn. to the world’s leading seat belt weavers and its quality and technical capabilities are widely recognized.

this eco-friendly. square hollow cross shape. ISO 14001 and TS 16949 certifications with a perfect quality control system. ● Carpet tiles are easy to construct and to maintain and have a variety of designs and colors. because it has no grooves on the yarn surface where the soils get stuck into. as well as making its place firm as No. granite. ● SWAN DESIGN TILE Kayan As a PVC Print Tile product provided by SWAN CARPET. ■ Major Brands ● ● Proyan SWAN CARPET Hyosung is the only manufacturer in Korea who can supply total solutions for residential. and patterns. Also. as it has obtained the certificate for Eco-Label and the KS certification. now producing from SWAN MAT. The company is building a reputation as Korea’s first specialized total flooring company. After its getting ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification. the only carpet specializing company in Korea. . even after repeated washings and exposure to everyday UV light.. SWAN CARPET is now devoted to grow into a global brand through systematic quality management and constant R&D activities. electrostatic-proof tile is processed with special non-slip features to enable installation without glue. high-end wood. leads to build up the background of supplying innovative products. Recently. its round surface makes it easier to take off soils and stains by cleaning.).S. is solution dyed so that it maintains its color for a long period of time. has maintained the top position in industrial and vehicle carpets since its inception in 1983. 1 in the national carpet industry. such as the U. ‘SWAN CARPET TILE’ is renowned with its high quality in the market where it requires the most strict quality standards. ● SWAN MAT SWAN CARPET TILE This is the only such products in Korea with a high-end mat made by nylon with significant durability as it satisfies standards of smoke density. successful development of new nylon yarn. ● The PP BCF yarn. the Interior Performance Unit.32 Interior PU With an in-house manufacturing facility from yarns to finished products. Australia.g. We are recognized by many authorities for our superior quality in carpet tiles. exclusively used for carpet products. etc. ● Equipped with the nation’s largest production facilities for nylon BCF yarn. SWAN OA TILE As a functional flooring material for use in places requiring electrostatic-resistance. a high-end mat made from remarkably durable nylon. to secure safety from fire. And it has obtained the ISO 9001. In particular. commercial and automotive use of tufted carpet. and carpets. non-gluing. mark less than 400 Ds under the Korean Fire Services Act. Interior Performance Unit will grow as a world-class carpet maker by entering into the countries where carpet originated from. this expresses textures of various materials (e. and Japan. Hyosung has developed a nylon BCF yarn exclusive for carpet use. to PVC Print Tile products.

police (body armour. 3000Denier Application : Bulletproof helmet. ■ Major Products ● ALKEX . belt and tire) and substitute of asbestos(automotive brake pads. MRG. the product will be differentiated to adhesion activated yarn. As the safety and environment issues are more concerned.Business Structure Industrial Materials 33 Aramid Business Division Hyosung started the commercial production of aramid fiber in 2009 based on its own technology. vehicle armouring. vehicle armouring). Aramid fiber is used in various applications such as protection for army. With Hyosung’s fiber experience and industrial know-how and technology. bulletproof helmet. hybrid yarn and high performance fabric through persistant research and development. In order to satisfy market’s increasing demand. Hyosung will expand the capacity to 5. ropes and cables . rubber reinforcement(hose. optical cable(reinforcement of optic fiber).000 ton per year by 2014 and diversify its product range to high tenacity and high modulus products. 1500Denier.AF 1000 : 1000Denier.AF 2000 : 840Denier Application : Bulletproof vest . the demand for aramid fiber is continuously increasing. lining and gaskets). Aramid has the excellent tensile strength(five times stronger than steel). the flame retardancy and the excellent modulus.

. including spandex. making Hyosung a true leader in the synthetic fiber industry.Textile Spandex PU Nylon Polyester Fiber PU Fabric / Dyeing PU Contributing greatly to the success of the company. the textile field is one of the largest synthetic fiber producers in the world. production capacity and market share have enabled Hyosung to continually flourish in this industry. The field of textile produces and supplies yarns and fabrics. polyester and nylon. Its technical prowess.

quality.35 Hyosung’s Spandex Producer. and market share. service. creoraⓇ. is recognized for its world-class competitiveness in technology. .

Hyosung hopes to deliver the best in products. and the development of innovative fabrics. Milano.36 Spandex PU Hyosung’s Spandex Performance Unit. In addition. ‘Stretching Beyond’. Zuhai. service and value. in cities such as Seoul. and Guangdong). In addition. Sao Paulo. by developing products with excellence in terms of uniformity and productivity. Under the slogan. creoraⓇ is constantly developing new products to meet the needs of the market. and Vietnam to better service the needs of customers in global markets. New York. each and every year since it began producing spandex in 1992. creoraⓇ Hyosung’s spandex with the tag line “it’s in our every fiber” is committed to excellence in quality. Through its numerous R&D activities. through the demonstration of value in use. innovation. creoraⓇ is developing distinguished brand marketing activities around the world. in the world . and Shanghai. selling not only fibers. which has grown both in terms of quantity and quality based on global sales. but also its unique value. has now become one of the world’s most respected spandex producers. service. we have built manufacturing facilities in China(Jiaxing. and value. Turkey. and continues to open new horizons in the fiber industry. creoraⓇ is expanding its worth. Hong Kong.

The Fabric Library organically connects our clients to the world’s best brands and retailers. socks and seamless product which need steam-setting. so it permits the fabric to have the superior dimensional stability and soft handfeel. Also. Low heat set spandex) creoraⓇ H-550 is low heat settable spandex. enhancing the value of the fabrics as well as making it easier to produce the jet-black color previously regarded as unavailable in spandex fibers. Black dope dyed spandex) creoraⓇ H-300D prevents ‘grin-through’ problem that is the occurrence of shiny parts in fabrics of a black or dark color. so we can apply H550 to many different kinds of fabrics for lingerie. ■ Fabric Libraries The fabric marketing services conducted by creoraⓇ are designed to create new business opportunities to our customers that use creoraⓇ products.Business Structure Textile 37 ■ Major Products ● Steam set (C-400. T-shirts. This product is suitable for stocking. pants. Seoul. skirts and so on. due to its weakness against heat. it offers excellent colorfastness. Heat-resistant spandex) creoraⓇ H-350 is a spandex with excellent heat-resistance properties. Furthermore. H-550 is ‘eco-friendly product’ because mills can reduce CO2 emission by saving the energy from shortening the setting period. we can keep the whiteness of the fabric which is sensitive to heat from changing yellowish. It was once difficult to use spandex with high degree of fineness when producing light-weight fabrics. Hong Kong. This fiber creates a deep and luxurious black color that cannot be gained by other common spandex fibers. Since H-550 makes the fabric set at the low temperature. In particular. Feel The Power (H-350. [creoraⓇ Eco Friendly] ● Easy set (H-550. In addition. Shanghai New York Milano Seoul Hong Kong Even today. ● [creoraⓇ Black] ● Absolute Black (H-300D. H-550 enables the mills to increase the machine speed when setting fabrics so they can improve the productivity if they use H-550 instead of regular spandex. It is designed primarily for use in indoor swimwear exposed to chlorine. soft handfeel. Now. H-550 makes it possible that the fabrics have superior colorfastness to washing. and Shanghai. as high temperature dyeing can be applied when blended with polyester fabrics. super lightweight fabric. re-dyeability and enough power. Steam settable spandex) creoraⓇ C-400 is steam settable spandex. It maintains its dimensional fabric stability even after numerous re-dyeing processes. the heat-resistant creoraⓇ has enabled the production of a thin. New York. [creoraⓇ Performance] ● Dive In (H-250. brands and retailers around the world are sourcing fabrics from our clients through the Fabric Libraries located in Milano. . Chlorine-resistant spandex) creoraⓇ H-250 is designed to provide improved protection from chlorine damage.

Hyosung has recently enhanced the development of eco-friendly fibers by launching the first recycled polyester fiber in Korea. Due to its excellence in superimposition of yarns while unfolding fabrics. It provides excellent color and washing fastness. elastic polyester yarn(Xanadu). hollow-core yarn(Aerowarm). and Askin. Adding distinguished functions. in order to meet customers’ needs and create a differentiated product market based on endless research. keeping the human body refreshed at all times. strengthen its position as a eco-conscious company by obtaining Eco-Mark from the Japan Environment Association as well as GRS (Global Recycle Standard) from Control Union in Netherlands. It is a multipurpose healthcare yarn that can be used in outdoor clothes.38 Nylon Polyester Fiber PU Polyester Fiber Business Division As the leader in the domestic polyester fiber manufacturer. RegenTM. providing superior rich. ● Regen is an eco-friendly product to bring an epoch-making reduction to the emission of carbon dioxide and the volume of waste to landfill and save petroleum resources. antimicrobial yarn(Aerosilver). ● Askin Aerowarm Askin is a fabric featuring transparency prevention and UV protection effects from peculiar cross sections and differentiated polymer materials . it has windproofness and softness as well as transparency prevention. was certified by the Control Union’s (Dutch) GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and JEA’s (Japan Environmental Association) Eco-mark. In particular. enabling the air space to provide warmth and a lightweight sensation against the skin. RegenTM. ■ Major Products ● RegenTM TM drying function. ● Aerosilver This is a new concept multi-functional material. . good color fastness yarn(Prizma). ● The fiber is of a midair form. micro fiber(M2). blending quickdrying function and antimicrobial functions together. Hyosung produces various and differentiated polyester yarns from regular yarns to high functional specialty yarns in order to create high values for customers. Hyosung has successfully developed high technology intensive synthetic yarns including a quick-drying yarn(Aerocool). ● Aerocool Prizma Due to capillary actions. deep colors. the quick drying function when compared to other companies’ warming materials helps to control the level of moisture inside clothing in the winter to provide a pleasant feeling. flameretardant yarn(Firex). and dries quickly due to its superior Prizma is available for dyeing at lower temperatures than nylon and polyester. sportswear and innerwear. AEROCOOL is a representative functional yarn that quickly absorbs moisture through its channel on the surface. which is made by recycling waste PEP bottles.and having sensitivity and functions as a cold active material in the summer.

and industrial materials). Hyosung sells high-functional yarns. including micro fine denier fibers(MIPAN fine & soft). Particularly. MIPAN air is lightweight and excellent in heat insulation. ● Lower deniers which are developed to satisfy the desire for light and more delicate fabrics. ● ● TOPLON : Nylon regular Yarn. ● MIPAN robic is a high tenacity nylon yarn used for products requiring abrasion resistance. and bags. it is safe and permanently anti-microbial. is loved by customers around the world for its nylon fibers of outstanding quality and a variety of functions. which reduces the emission of greenhouse gas and waste of resources as compared to normal yarns. anti-microbial yarns(MIPAN magicsilver nano). providing a desirable adhesive bond for fibers or textiles without causing any damage and simultaneously strengthening the bonding strength of the textile. allowing rapid evaporation This unique bonding yarn melts at a much lower temperature than other general fibers. MIPAN Aerocool-n keeps freshness all day. and hollow fibers(MIPAN air). It is being developed for extreme sports. Based on TOPLON(a yarn used for luxury lingerie. ● MIPAN aerocool-n MIPAN glurex By absorbing sweat faster and drying up quicker. Its unique cross section is designed to maximize sweat absorption and quickly spread it to the outer layer of clothes. ● MIPAN colorist is a cationic dyeable nylon yarn that feels soft and has a vivid and deep color appearance. High-tenacity Yarn MIPAN : An integrated brand of nylon micro fiber and highly functional yarn ■ Major Products ● ● MIPAN robic MIPAN regen MIPAN regen is the world’s first recycled nylon yarn produced after collecting and recycling discarded dipnoan nettings. ● MIPAN air Made of hollow core nylon fibers. conductive yarns(MIPAN corona).Business Structure Textile 39 Nylon Fiber Business Division Hyosung is one of the world’s best manufacturers of nylon textile filament. ● MIPAN magicsilver nano MIPAN colorist This is a functional yarn with excellent anti-microbial performance thanks to the contained nano silver. it is increasingly being used for the development of 2 tone fabrics. sportswear. . Mono filament Yarn. quick-drying yarns(MIPAN aerocool-n). such as travelling/hiking bags and motorcycle wear. N/P conjugated yarns(MIPAN XF). CD yarns(MIPAN colorist). Without creating tolerance. which is used for outdoor MIPAN fine & soft wear. high tenacity yarns(MIPAN robic). all based on production know-how accumulated over 40 years. bonding yarns(MIPAN glurex). sports wear.

Xanadu 55. . ‘FINESTAR’ the biggest brand in cleaner products. Home-tech products include sofa fabrics that are supplied to famous European brands. stab resistance. anti-microbial. made of anti-fire spun yarns. etc. such as lens/display cleaners. cotton union cloth and polyester fabrics. with a dyeing capacity of 2 million yards per month. the quality of our dyeing process for nylon spandex. Aerocool-n and M2 fiber. military. ● Home-tech Upholstery FR black out. knitting. dyeing 700. sea island yarn(SIF splitting type) and PCP-type multiple yarn has been recognized both in Korea and overseas and largely preferred by customers. clean room. Dyeing Unit ■ Fabric Unit Major Products [Garment Fabric Category] ● ■ Dyeing Unit Major Products ● ● Spandex Suede Micro Fabrics Functional Sportswear & Outdoorwear Nylon 2-Way Spandex and Polyester 2-Way Spandex Dyeing Sea Island PET Suede. We have the largest production facility in Korea. curtain fabrics using FR fiber. Regen. durable water-repellent and ultra lightweight. C/P and P/C Products Dyeing Dyes the DEWSPO Brands which are used in Multipurpose [Non-Garment Fabric Category] ● Cleaner (FINESTAR) Sports Wear Furthermore. school uniform. roll screen.000 yards of nylon 2-Way Spandex woven per month. etc. In addition. multiple microdenier fiber. Micro fiber cleaning products for lens and display cleaner. high-visibility. we have the largest production facility in Korea. and elasticity properties. Clean Room Wiper products(for use in semi-conductors and other electronic products). and processing.40 Fabric / Dyeing PU Fabric Unit Hyosung’s fabric business is now focusing on the development of high-functional and hightechnological products with manufacturing technology know-how in yarns. government office. Our major dye products include nylon 2-Way Spandex. N/C. water-proof. and home cleaner products for various purposes. corporate uniform. Industrial clean room wiper. etc. we perform additional processes such as buffing. which boast such properties as being quick-drying. ● Protective Workwear Medical wear. Union Cloth Polyester Fabrics The Cotton-Blended C/N. SUPRON(reusable surgical gown & drape fabric) products are used as surgical gowns and nursing gowns. as they help protect against microbial contamination. weaving.In terms of our fabrics for non-garment use. all of which use an ultra micro-fiber. As the leader in the domestic dye-processing sector. we have a large range of products. Aerowarm. high-multi material composition of nylon and high gauge. flame retardant. heavy industry. Askin. protective wear. Aerosilver. and our lingerie products are made from a soft. upholstery. is recognized for its high quality and value. Our functional yarn garments also have excellent heat retention and generation. We’re proud of the outstanding functions and quality of our products. PET Co-PET Micro Fiber and P/NP Suede Dyeing ● ● Various fabrics made of Aerocool. polyester 2-Way Spandex. sanforizing and gassing to boost the product functionality a step further. as well as drapery and upholstery products.

Business Structure Textile


Hyosung's field of textile provides a pleasant and convenient life through a wide range of products made from cutting-edge functional fibers and eco-friendly fibers.

PP/DH PU Film PU Packaging PU TPA PU Neochem PU Optical film Business Division

The chemicals field is manufacturing diverse chemical products such as TPA (synthetic fiber material), PP (Polypropylene), PET bottles, various films and NF3 gas, and building a reputation as a general chemical company.


We have achieved top level competitiveness with abundant technology and know-how as its basis.

low fish-eye and etc. featuring pressure resistance at high temperature. Retort CPP grade and Optical Protect Film grade are recognized as the best qualities. transparency. high impact strength. Since the company’s products requiring top class technology have excellent features. Cable Protection Pipe ● Medical & Pharmaceutical Grade Disposable Syringe. high impact resistance. R200P. Block copolymer and Random Copolymer which are manufactured through HYPOL and UNIPOL process. Furthermore. Optical Protect Film ● CCM Cap Grade CCM Cap Grade for Beverage . is a leader in the global market and the products used for retort films and protection films are recognized as one of the best qualities in the domestic market. high tenacity. The products for general use are also well received by customers based on those excellent processing characteristics and physical properties. IV Bottle ● Specialty Film Grade Retort CPP. block copolymers. they satisfy various sophisticated customer needs. R200P for hot and cold water supplying pipe is leading the global market. which is a PP-R product used for cold/hot water pipes. which have been maximized product properties. and random copolymers. Especially PP-R grade. high transparency. Hyosung continues to develop commodities with performance based on high processibility and properties. which make full use of individual characteristics via HYPOL and UNIPOL methods. ■ Major Products ■ TOPILENE Specialty Grades ● PP-R R200P Hot & Cold Water Supplying Pipe.44 PP/DH PU Hyosung produces various PP’s(TOPILENE) such as homopolymers. such as high temperature and pressure resistance. Drainage Pipe. Heating Pipe ● PP (Polypropylene) ● PPB Pipe Grade Hyosung supplies a wide variety of Homopolymer. and these products meet the high-end customers’ requirements. Hyosung produces different kinds of specialties which require top-level technologies. and external characteristics. Besides. high stiffness. Sewage Pipe. Particularly.

Hyosung has made its objective to consistently provide environmentally friendly and harmless products to our customers. Therefore. ■ Major Products ● Nylon Film ● Polyester Film Due to outstanding mechanical properties and excellent resistance to heat and cold. These products include refrigerated and frozen food. we are currently focusing on developing value added products such as coating films with high ink adhesiveness to meet specific customer needs. retort food and refill packaging that require low oxygen permeability.Filmore GT (General Packaging) .Filmore DT (Blister Packaging) . Hyosung has succeeded in providing best quality “Filmore” film products on the basis of creating added value to our customers. Hyosung possesses both the Tubular and T-Die Biaxially Oriented plant lines assuring you the production of various products. high cold and pinhole resistance. The special composition of heat resistance for RT grades. we have obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in 2000 and 2004 respectively. Additionally.Filmore AT (Easy Adhesive Coating) .Filmore RT (Retort Pouch) . Along with the window films that are highly optical.Business Structure Chemicals 45 Film PU As a mission to ‘Fill With More Values’. our polyester film is recognized worldwide for different applications such as food packaging. transferring etc. and started production of nylon films in 1996 and polyester films in 1997. our competent and highly qualified research staff develops polymers of nylon and polyester films. As a matter of course. . our company supplies a wide range of products with optimal productive capacity. industrial.Filmore BG (General Packaging) . optimal thermoforming of medicine products for DT grades and various coating films are applied in high value products. With the latest T-Die biaxially oriented nylon plant operational at a second site in 2004. We have accumulated world-class technology and gained experience as the first company in Korea to enter the nylon and polyester textile business. stamping foil. We are also aware of our responsibility towards the environment.

In 2007 the company introduced aseptic filling systems and began filling beverages using the OEM method. we have established an extensive sales and production network around the company’s business sites in Daejeon. In addition. Hyosung supplies PET bottles for juice. Jincheon. and locally producing and selling products in Beijing. . with plans to help consumers recognize PET bottled drinks produced in aseptic filling systems from those that are not. Through continuous R&D activities. teas and soft drinks use to the major domestic beverage companies. the company is the largest PET bottle manufacturing company in Korea. In order to promptly respond to customer demands and requirements. As the market leader of the Korean market. Yangsan and Deoksan area. Hyosung has established a vertically integrated production system covering everything related to PET bottles from raw materials to final products. and supplying them to Hite Brewery since 2003. the company is actively operating in foreign countries by exporting PET bottles to Japan. milk coffee.46 Packaging PU As the first implements and production of PET bottles in Korea. developing the first multi-layered PET beer bottles in Korea. grain tea. sports drinks. Hyosung has worked hard to create the best value for its customers. Furthermore. China. It now works to safely fill and supply beverages such as mixed tea. Pepsi Cola. and other milk drinks-beverages that can easily deteriorate due to their low acidity levels during the distribution process. shareholders and employees under the corporate vision to become a company that provides the highest-level packaging products and services. We introduced a manufacturing brand called ‘Asepsys’. Hyosung has attained the quality approval from the FDA and leading global companies such as Coca Cola.

Business Structure Chemicals 47 ■ Major Products ● Multi-Layer Bottle ● Heat-resistance Bottle This product is structured with triple layers. Among the layers. tea and coffee. ● Asepsys Pressure-resistance Bottle Asepsys is a brand of Hyosung’s aseptic filling system A container used for soft drinks containing carbonic acid gas. mainly including liquor (such as soju and takju). ● Aseptic Bottle (Aseptic Filling System) This is a cutting-edge process designed to fill and package beverages which are low in acidity and are. such as beer. ● A container that holds the contents at a high temperature (96~91°C) with a crystallized neck and panel on the body to prevent any change in the shape. . safer. and better tasting beverages. prone to decay and deterioration in PET bottles safely. effectively blocking O2 & CO2. ● Non-Pressure resistance Bottle The container holds the contents at normal pressure and temperature. sauces (such as soy sauce and vinegar). The product is mainly used as a container for beverages pasteurized at high temperature such as juice. ● Heat & Pressure-resistance Bottle A container that holds contents requiring post pasteurization (65°C) such as low-carbonated drinks. sports drinks and teas. medicine and mineral water. The container requires a high functionality to both pressure and heat resistance. the middle layer built with O2 & CO2 barrier properties. It was introduced for the first time in Korea for the purposes of manufacturing more hygienic. and a prop to gather the contents in the center of the bottom. This product is used as a container to block any gas. As carbon dioxide usually four volumes. therefore. this container has a streamlined shape to prevent its appearance from changing due to any increase in the outside temperature. Asepsys is a brand of Hyosung’s aseptic filling system.

This process also utilizes an on-line inspection system and an automated quality control system. PET bottles. polyester film and other industrial materials and consumer goods. Overseas buyers have recognized the excellent quality of Hyosung’s TPA as being among the highest in the world. Hyosung manufactures highly purified TPA that is not only a core material for high-performance polyester textiles but a major material for tire cord. PET bottles. Hyosung provides the highest quality.48 TPA PU Hyosung provides the highest quality and most purified form of TPA with accumulated technology and experience from chemical textile industry. As a result. Hyosung has taken a leading role in the industry. ■ Major Products ● TPA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) ● TPA Applied Products Hyosung’s TPA is produced using Mitsui’s production process which is appraised as producing the highest quality products based on consistent R&D and accumulated technologies over 20 years. tire cords and polyester films. Hyosung’s TPA plant has produced 420. most purified form of TPA through accumulated technology and long experience in the petrochemical and textile industries.000 tons a year. video tapes. With advanced facilities and state-of-the-art processing methods. Since it began production in 1997. Hyosung contributes to its partners’ competitiveness while continuously developing high quality household materials. TPA(terephthalic acid) is a major petrochemical product and the key raw material that determines the quality of polyester. Very high quality TPA is used in highly-functional polyester fiber. . By supplying such advanced quality materials.

TFT LCD and solar cell. is a kind of specialty gas used in the production process of semiconductor. Korean buyers of TAC films have been depending entirely on imports. etc. ■ Major Products ● ■ Major Products ● NF3 (Nitrogen Trifluoride) TAC Film This is a specialty gas for cleaning CVD chamber in the production process of semiconductor. A TAC film is an electronic material used in displays to protect PVA Film in polarizer. cellular phones. It boasts of purity level of more than 99. Furthermore. Hyosung intends to contribute to the development of the domestic LCD industry through localization of TAC films and aims to accomplish sustainable growth through actively venturing into foreign markets. TFT LCD. Hyosung is going to expand production capacity of NF3 and to diversify product portfolio to WF6 and SiH4.Business Structure Chemicals 49 Neochem PU Optical Film Business Division NF3.99%. This gas was commercialized by Hyosung’s own R&D activities. aiming at becoming a global leading manufacturer of specialty gases for use in IT industry. monitors. and solar cell. It landed on the market immediately after mechanical completion in 2007 by achieving on-spec product in the shortest period. an LCD component used in TVs. produced by Neochem Performance Unit. Without a domestic manufacturer. laptops. .

. large-scale civil engineering and environmental areas. The company actively participates in the SOC business. waste materials. remodeling. The company takes the lead in the construction industry. The company pursues technology innovation in the areas of water quality.Construction Construction PU HEEC PU Chinhung International Inc. atmosphere. and the environment. The construction field is a powerful participant in the construction industry. re-development and re-construction business. based on long experience and trust in city planning.

providing a high degree of dignity and value. .51 We are known for our highly creative space designs.

where they can recharge as wells as simply relax. and makes a beautiful city landscape with its specialized technical capability. ● Hyosung does its best to make customer spare time more abundant by building a new concept of leisure facilities. the company has been striving to build a cozier and more convenient life environment. [ Industrial Field ] ● Civil Engineering/Electric Facilities Reconstruction / Redevelopment / Remodeling Hyosung has been transforming old and time-worn residential environments into a pleasant and efficient space based on its accumulated know-how and new technology development. it now concentrates on the development of ubiquitous houses. in places customers find necessary. which resulted in the creation of a new housing culture suitable to Korean life. Moreover. Apartments Brand : Officetel Brand : ■ Business Area [ Housing Field ] ● ● Leisure Facilities Apartments / Villas As Hyosung took the initiative in developing the housing culture by actively launching the apartment development project in metropolitan areas and local cities based on its solid experience and technology of civil construction. Hyosung Construction Performance Unit considers customers as its top priority. and will make utmost efforts to offer the best quality and value to customers. Hyosung accumulates the results of professional constructions via plant construction requiring high-level specialty and new technologies. ● Plant Facilities [ Building Field ] ● Office/Commercial Facilities Hyosung has built optimum locations and work environments via its excellent development capability and reasonable analysis. Hyosung introduced villa-type residential buildings for the first time in Korea.52 Construction PU Hyosung Construction Performance Unit. . organized with top construction experts. creates a new space culture where nature and technology is harmonized via excellent technology and accumulated know-how. Hyosung consistently carries out civil engineering and electric power projects requiring high technology and actively participates in large-scaled civil engineering projects such as bridges and harbors.

(such as RDF. waste disposal and air pollution prevention facilities. Drying and Incineration related to Wastes Treatment and Recycling. co-treatment with sewage sludge. Hyosung.) the green energy sector (including CO2 discharge reduction facilities and CDM businesses using CO 2 collection & decomposition technology). . it also provides solutions to the new renewable energy sector in low-carbon green growth. and also actively executes lots of civil works and energy business related to engineering field. construction and commissioning of water treatment. Hyosung has competitive Engineering & Construction technologies at Organic Sludge Solidification. Hyosung has acquired the special advanced environmental technology through joint R&D activities with EBARA. [New Business Field] [Resources Recirculation Field] Hyosung is highly experienced in Gasification Ash Melting on municipal solid waste as well as Fluidized Bed Incineration facility which is operating at the best performance condition in Incheon International airport. and other fields. . disposed tires. drying for feedstuff.including incineration power generation using waste with high calorific power. and biomass gasification using organic waste. South Korea. etc. Hyosung has competitive differentiation in field of Resources Recirculation that shows technical excellence with tons of experiences. Hyosung is also enlarging business area to overseas market such as Southeast Asia and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) to be a global environment business leader. in the field of food waste treatment based on the various methods such as aerobic composting. in particular. anaerobic digestion and other methods. and wood chips). Carbonization. has professionalism Hyosung not only carries out the reuse of sewage-treated water and the restoration of soil.Business Structure Construction 53 HEEC PU Hyosung establishes a full service system that meets diverse customer’s requirements on the basis of technologies and experiences accumulated through design. In addition. (such as food waste and livestock waste. ■ Business Area [Civil and Environment Field] Hyosung leads the domestic environment industry in the field of water treatment business based on experiences that are accumulated from several decades.

which was founded in 1959. is a comprehensive construction company concentrating on civil works. it takes part in establishing national infrastructures based on its civil engineering technology obtained from the construction of society-based facilities and long experiences in the construction of various housing and business facilities. Aiming to enter the top 20 in the construction business by 2013. Apartments Brand : Commercial-residential Building : . and Guam in the 1970s. such as Saudi Arabia. receiving the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit and US$1 Billion Export Tower Award. The company was incorporated into Hyosung Group in 2008. Chinhung International Inc. In the domestic market. Moreover. It established itself as Korea’s representative construction company by its advance into the overseas markets. it is doing its best in both domestic and overseas businesses with Quality Management and Environmental Management taken as catchphrases. Kuwait.. it is making constant efforts to offer the best residential environment for customers via its specialized brands such as THE RUBENS and MAJESTOWER.54 Chinhung International Inc. and plant businesses. Chinhung is a leader in the construction culture. building. housing.

Hyosung devotes itself to the promotion of various civil works including active participation in cutting-edge eco-friendly projects such as the automatic clean net (an automatic waste collection facility) construction and promising projects such as the lightweight subway construction. Hyosung has been a leader of differentiated housing supplies in important places of the nation based on its respectable performances with Seochodong Chinhung Apartment and Cheongdam-dong Chinhung Apartment. such as BTL projects of school facilities. it is selected as an excellent construction company by private construction corporations as well as public organizations. including ‘The Rubens at Sangha. from national land development projects including Incheon International Airport site construction. . every year and its technical capabilities is also well acknowledged. as environmental and future-oriented projects have expanded in recent days. is being widely applied to the construction of high-speed railways and main bridges. Moreover. military facilities. Including the public housing construction. MSS (Movable Scaffolding System). and commercial facilities development. With its realization of reasonable process control and quality first principle. Recently. to add artistic sense and reflect fresh ideas for a more convenient life. Hyosung has been accumulating know-how on various construction works. a construction method introduced in the Noryang Grand Bridge Project by Chinhung domestically for the first time in 1983. Hyosung puts more emphasis on high technology and advanced construction methods. In regards to private housing projects.). Seoul Subway Construction. Yongin’.Business Structure Construction 55 ■ Business Area ● Civil Works ● Building Hyosung participates in various areas from traffic network construction including the construction of main roads and bridges (Youngdong Highway Construction. to environmentrelated works. etc. downtown-related works. the company takes an active part in downtown redevelopment and apartment reconstruction and shows continuous business expansion based on its 50-year technology in civil works and building areas. Accordingly. the company has been offering customerfocused residential environments by grafting Art Directing onto newly distributed apartments in the capital area and main local cites. In addition to simple construction works. water and sewage piping system construction. including LH Corporation and SH Corporation.

covering various business sectors.Trading Steel & Metal Products PU Chemical Products PU Trans-World PU The trading field is vigorously participating in the international market. distribution and logistics. In addition. import and domestic businesses. . By pioneering new products and markets. the field of trading has secured its export bridgeheads across the world. including steel. providing the best marketing services based on valuable information from the international market. the group has a global network of 52 subsidiaries all over the world. and continuously posted growth through business diversification based on cross trade. chemicals.

.57 Making an effort to improve customer value anywhere in the world with a global network.

steel plates. bar steel.Ⅱ Leading the export of Korean steel. ● Steel & Metal Ⅱ Stainless hot-rolled coils. Dongbu Steel. galvanized steel coils. Steel Plate. Stainless wire rods. PPGI. POSCO Specialty Steel. The Steel Performance Units’ excellent human resources have intensified the relationship between customers and partners in many countries by providing specialized technological information and high-end services regarding products. Section shape steel . stainless wire rods. Bar steel. ■ Major Items ● Steel & Metal Ⅰ Hot-rolled Coils.58 Steel & Metal Products PU Ⅰ . stainless hot-rolled coils. Galvanized Steel Coils. steel raw and subsidiary material and steel processing machinery/equipment. Steel Plate. Cold-Rolled Coils. Stainless cold-rolled coils. Hyundai Hysco. UNION Steel and Dongkuk Steel). They also continue to strive to realize the mutual benefits and achieve sustained prosperity for both. Wire Rods. etc. steel processing machinery/ equipment. the Steel Performance Units deal with a variety of steel products(such as hot-rolled coils. SeAH Besteel. stainless cold-rolled coils. wire rods. steel raw and subsidiary material. Hyundai Steel Company. electrical steel. SeAH Steel. Tin Plate. cold-rolled coils. Electrical Steel. section shape steel and special steel) produced by the major domestic steel manufacturers (POSCO.

the company is going to bring up Total Health Care business based on the Health functional food business. Transportation . chartering brokerage. Engineering Plastics. bulk. Blessed with more than 30 years of accumulated experience and know-how as a general trading company. Expandable Polystyrene. Mechanical Materials. ■ Major Items Terephthalic Acid. Pharmaceuticals. Polystyrene. etc. Bulk. In addition. Healthy functional food. and plant services. Methylene di-para-phenylene Isocyanate (MDI). Plasticizers. To achieve the vision that being the leading chemical trading company which provides the best customer satisfaction. So the opportunity of training and learning is provided to grow professional traders for sustainable development of the company. Fertilizers. the Trans-World Performance Unit saves on logistics costs and improves productivity for its clients. the company’s priority task is to raise high talented human resources. Nylon Chip. Fine Chemicals. Polyester Staple Fiber. Plants. matching the expansion of outsourcing distribution by launching shipping related business activities with shipping agency. exports various chemical products from basic petroleum products to fine chemicals. For securing new growth engines. PolytetraMethylene Ether Glycol. ■ Major Items Export Containers. The Trans-World Performance Unit will continue to provide the best levels of total packaged services. Polypropylene. Purified Isophthalic Acid. equipment. Polyethylene. and warehousing services. the company is expanding exports to the world by using the Global Network and contributing to the profitable increase through enlargement of merchandising trade. PET Chip. Sodium Cyanide. Caprolactam.Business Structure Trading 59 Chemical Products PU Trans-World PU The Chemical Products Performance Unit. providing stable and effective forwarding operations and managing container. having grown with Korean domestic chemical industry.

From hardware and software development in ATMs & Computers to various IT services. Ltd.Information & Communication & IT Nautilus Hyosung PU HIS PU Hyosung ITX Co. state-of-the-art technology in information systems for the financial services & IT industry. . Hyosung’s field of information & communication & IT is leading the new..

61 The company is leading a world of cutting-edge information systems from ATMs to IT services. .

thereby enabling Nautilus Hyosung to be a truly customer-centric company uniquely suited to serve customers with even the most demanding applications. Through Nautilus Hyosung’s vertically integrated business model. North and South America. Asia and Africa. Monimax 5300 with Sidecars Monimax7600 DS Monimax 5600 .62 Nautilus Hyosung PU Nautilus Hyosung has been a pioneering force in the development of financial services and ATM technologies. Nautilus Hyosung is well on its way to becoming a world-class financial solution provider. Nautilus Hyosung’s financial services industry products are widely used throughout Europe. With three decades of experience. convenience and security. Nautilus Hyosung products feature state of the art technology and comply with global standards to ensure efficiency. the Middle East. all core technologies are created in-house.

but also various other convenient services.Monimax 8100. RKT (Remote Key Transfer) and EMV Level 2. remote operations. check cashing and prepaid card dispensing. . Monimax 5600T ● Operating under the brand name of ‘MyCashZone’.Monimax 5300 with sidecar. ● MoniManager (ATM Management Solution) . checks. It offers a user friendly supervisor mode. Monimax 5000 with sidecar Nautilus Hyosung provides Total ATM outsourcing services from machine operation to maintenance.Business Structure Information & Communication & IT 63 ■ Main Products & Services [ Hardware ] ● [ Software ] ● Recycling ATM MoniPlus (ATM Operation software) With our in-house designed and manufactured bill recycling machine. DDC. Additionally. loan and payment service through links with financial institutions.Monimax 7600. ATM Total Outsourcing .0 platform. mobile top-up. and manages faults and cash transports safely around the clock. MoniManager’s main functions include fault management. MoniPlus supports NDC. Nautilus Hyosung kiosk units provide an additional wealth of features beyond cash dispensing and depositing. ISO (Independent Service Organization) .Monimax 6300. . Nautilus Hyosung is the biggest ISO (Independent Sales Organization) in Korea. security management and statistical reports. Monimax 5300. both investments and costs related to automated machine operation will be greatly reduced. Monimax 7600T. MoniPlus is an excellent choice to start immediate deployment. MoniManager is an intelligent ATM management solution which offers a full package of functions required for the highly efficient and effective operation of ATM fleets. Nautilus Hyosung has introduced a next generation ATM that will considerably reduce cash management costs and enhance ATM availability by minimizing cash replenishment needs. ISO8583 and various message protocols in addition to standard ATM transactions. This allows bank branches to reduce the burden of operating automated machines so they can concentrate on their core activities. Nautilus Hyosung also established a professional security system and organization in Korea. It supports any windows based ATM running on CEN/XFS 3. MoniManager’s remote control feature helps minimize cost by remotely managing ATMs without human intervention. Monimax 8000T ● Full Function ATM Equipped with both a depository unit and dispensing unit. Monimax 7600D. Cash dispensers come in both lobby style. NH 2100T. Monimax 5600. Monimax 6600 ● Cash Dispenser [ Service ] ● Our in-house developed cash dispensing units have long been recognized as some of the most reliable and efficient units in the market.Monimax 5000. With over 50. garnering praises from partners around the world. through the wall style and drive up type. transfer. ● Kiosk With sidecar options and various value-added. such as ticket purchasing. cash recycling) and various multimedia applications and payment services. marketing and location management. Monimax7600I ● Stand Alone Deposit Nautilus Hyosung’s stand alone deposit units provide financial institutions with cost effective measures and provide much needed convenience to customers with round-the-clock automated deposit service.Monimax 9000 .NH 1800. cash management. revenue driving features such as bill payment. including intelligent deposit automation (bundle note. NH 2700 . Monimax 8000. MyCashZone provides not only cash withdrawal. and provides round-the-clock service for various public installations. . mobile gift certificate purchasing and mileage accumulation. our full function ATMs come with the latest deposit automation technology for instant deposit and crediting of deposited notes or checks in bundled amounts.000 MoniPlus software installations around the world.

standing alongside the ‘USP V’. ‘Hitachi AMS 2000 Series’. and cloud computing as a certified electronic content archive system. meeting the varying demands of its customers in the overall information system industry. archives. valuable vision and confidence. HIS is striving to develop into Korea’s premier company in the storage arena. USP V ■ Main Products & Services ● USP V This is a representative HIS high-end product and a breakthrough total management solution for heterogeneous storage. and the WAN accelerator of Riverbed. USP VM blends enterprise-class functionality with a smaller footprint to meet the business needs of entry-level enterprises and fastgrowing midsize organizations. The 2000 family is the only midrange storage product line with symmetric active-active controllers that automatically perform many complex and time consuming tasks that administrator routinely face. HIS is in the process of equipping itself with a wide range of product families. ● Others AMS 2000 series (Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 series) Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 series are extremely HIS incorporates the intelligent application SAN switch of Brocade / Cisco. Japan. public and communications agencies. ● H-NAS USP VM This is another representative HIS enterprise solution. based on the support of its specialized technologies. and its top product lines. HIS provides a number of solutions to optimize the business environments of its corporate customers as Total Solution Provider. This represents the world’s first implementation of a large scale. It is optimized for enterprise storage consolidation and highperformance applications. and SI companies. . future-oriented perspectives. ● scalable and reliable systems. while supporting distributed or departmental applications in large enterprises. Customers can obtain the consolidation benefits of external storage virtualization with the efficiencies. specialized technologies. its global service network linking the US. HIS has continued to expand its business areas by providing a variety of solutions as well as storage platforms and new service programs. Their SAS based drive architecture delivers industry leading price/performance for midrange systems. Companies have faced this issue since the Electronic Commerce Act was reinforced. That means the virtualization of internal and external heterogeneous storage into one pool has finally been achieved. power. enterpriseclass virtualization layer combined with thin provisioning software. and the maturity of a full-fledged company.64 HIS PU Hyosung Information Systems(HIS) is a total storage solution provider that specializes in storage platforms which provide storage systems and solutions to approximately 600 companies in Korea. HIS has become a market leader. including ‘Hitachi USP V/VM’. and cooling advantages of thin provisioning in one integrated solution. with a built-in virtualization solution. ● HCP (Content Platform) This storage platform is used for electronic documentation. and Australia. ● H-NAS (High Performance NAS Platform) delivers unprecedented levels of performance and scalability. customer-centered services. Having been established as a ‘Storage Value Innovator’. including financial institutions. To be a true leader in the IT industry.

Hyosung ITX gives spurs to strengthening business capabilities and improving profitability with its new gateway to growth. Hyosung ITX will maximize the growth of its turnover along with the growth of its existing businesses by specifically taking its new businesses. Ltd. including telecommunication. it first obtained KS Certification in the call center service field in the contact center outsourcing industry. publics. . as well as making efforts to continuously add orders for various contact center fields. by taking a step further in 2010. and consequently proved that it offers high quality services for customers.000 seats) in the industry. which has been multilaterally reviewed. It established almost 70 contact centers in various areas. The company was publicly acknowledged for its specialty in service management in contact centers after first listed on KOSPI in the industry in 2007. finance. It is the company’s 13th anniversary since founding this year. In 2008. distribution. and has been consulting and managing them with the best services and has the largest capacity(5. Hyosung ITX is a leading outsourcing service provider that has been together with the growth of the domestic contact center industry. the CDN(Contents Delivery Network) business and the sales business on display solution video equipment..Business Structure Information & Communication & IT 65 Hyosung ITX Co. and manufacturing.

and actively ventured into other business areas.. and spandex. In line with our reinforcement of competencies in our core business areas. seeking to secure growth momentum by establishing the company’s mid/long-term vision. Ltd. Hyosung is reinforcing its capabilities as a global company. Hyosung has strengthened its dominance in the global marketplace in its existing core business sectors.. Ltd. Hyosung Toyota Corporation Galaxia Photonics Co. while it advances its business structure and endeavors to develop its business capabilities. Galaxia Electronics Co. .Other Affiliated Companies Hyosung Capital PU The Class Hyosung Co. such as high-voltage transformers. Hyosung has wisely prepared for a sharply changing business environment to secure next-generation growth. Ltd. Galaxia Communications Co.. Ltd.. tire cords.

.67 We mainly focus on securing growth engines by diversifying our business structure.

epilators. etc. used cars.Machine Tool Equipment Lathes. Furthermore. . milling machines. and medical devices. . endoscopes. excimer lasers. As a result. such as constructing machinery. . wing-body trucks. . panorama X-rays.68 Hyosung Capital PU Beginning with providing factoring financing as its main service offerings. etc. the company is building external trust by selecting excellent clients through the use of an outstanding screening system. ultrasonic waves diagnosors. and is growing to become a key player in the credit industry with its aggressive customer-centered management activities. etc. M&A Corporate restructuring. it stands now as a specialized credit company operating a leasing and installment financing business as its main business activity.Passenger Cars Domestic or imported passenger or transportation vehicles. grinding machines.Packing Packaging machines. drilling machines. etc. etc. etc. and providing initial execution funds ● Corporate Working Capital Providing corporate working capital funds ● Factoring Bills. .Printing Equipment Pre-printing machines. ● CRC/NPL. etc. etc. . . press. tractors. The company holds a dominant position in the leasing market with widely used facilities. post machines . IPLs. printers. the Hyosung Capital Performance Unit has endeavored to secure professionals and expand its business areas. mixer trucks. durables installment financing.Medical Machinery Unit-chairs. Target Facilities . ■ Business Area [Lease Finance] ● [Installment Finance] Automobiles.Semiconductors & Other Industrial Equipment [General Corporate Finance] ● Project Finance Acquiring land around real estate development projects. MRIs. discounting on receivables.Construction Equipment Excavators. CTs. cutting machines. slimers. concrete pump cars. mergers & acquisitions. engineering machinery. etc. cargo trucks. laminators. cranes.PCB/SMT Print circuit board producers. commercial vehicles (less than 5 tons) .Commercial Vehicles Buses. inspectors. chip mounters. machinery centers.

a new corporation was established to sell and provide services for MercedesBenz vehicles.among Toyota dealers. the company expanded in the Bundang area to secure a wider range of customers. opened in October 2009. Seoul.Business Structure Other Affiliated Companies 69 The Class Hyosung Co. including the 3rd showroom at Samjeon-dong. the company opened the Mercedes-Benz Tower(the largest exclusive automobile showroom in Asia) on Gangnam-daero in Seoul. the company is doing its utmost for the best customer satisfaction and impression as an official Toyota dealer that practices the value and beauty of sharing. . its market share is also on the increase every year. In 2007. Korea. and a service center in Dogok-dong. which opened last November. Moreover. In addition. Songpa-gu. The company will take the initiative in contributing to the development of Korea’s automobile culture by offering a new value beyond consumer expectations. Ltd. Korea. which enables customers to purchase vehicles and get services in the same location. The Class Hyosung opened a showroom and a service center at Jeongja-dong of Bundang in January 2009. In October 2003. offering prompt and flawless service as well as easier access by opening the largest exclusive service center Seocho Showroom. The Class Hyosung will take the initiative in enhancing customer value by offering more advanced optimum services for customers.. and Seoul. famous for its One-Stop Total Service . Hyosung Toyota Corporation Hyosung Toyota is an official Toyota dealer designated in July 2008. fully operating businesses and satisfying customers with a special cultural space established solely for them. In 2004. The company has been expanding its business.

Ltd. Galaxia Electronics specializes in innovative image display technology for providing architectural media art via LED. Ltd. and mercuryfree. The company was established in May 2000 for the development and production of LED Epi-wafers. Galaxia Electronics is a global leader of LED applications in LED video display.. Displayed as the world’s biggest LED media display(width 99m×height 78m) at the Seoul Square project in 2009. media facade (architectural lighting). Through its innovative LED solution. and interior white lighting. LED is an eco-friendly light source featuring less power consumption compared to existing light sources such as CCFL. Galaxia Electronics Co. Galaxia Electronics will continue to strive forward to achieve human and environment friendly lighting. . The Galaxia Photonics offers both domestic and overseas LED application makers with Epiwafers and LED chips based on several years of high-level research and development capability and know-how on mass production necessary for the management of production facilities. the WinVision series has now become a hot global icon in the entertainment display business. notebooks. and monitors used all around the world for a variety of lighting apparatuses. Its usage range will be further expanded. high durability. LEDs are widely used from LED LCD TVs.. Galaxia Photonics is a company developing and manufacturing high luminous Epi-wafers and LED chips.70 Galaxia Photonics Co. As the principle video system for numerous world class concerts and entertainment events.

Taean Solar Farm Co. ranging from the Codec original technology developed in 1994 to today’s HD image service. (concentrating on the maintenance of financial automation devices). required to produce and transmit multimedia contents. (the leading apartment house & assembled building management solution market).. generating 2. Galaxia Communications offer Transaction. Moreover. The company’s main businesses include Electronic Payment in which all payment solutions necessary for customer e-transaction are established and provided on a turnkey base... Hyosung is also leading challenges and innovations in various business areas. Hyosung FMS Co. (promoting the wind power business). (leading the Renaissance Project by developing and operating the “Floating Islands” on the Han River).300 MWH per year) and Hyosung Wind Power Holdings Co. Information. Soul Flora Co. (Solar Power System located in Taean. Ltd. (leading in the electronic financial market on the strength of creative service model). transformed. and Entertainment solutions based on wired and wireless network. the company does its utmost to offer more secure services for customers by managing the New Media Research Institute where key technologies. such as NH Tech Co.. Ltd... movie. Hongjin Data Service Co. transferred. Ltd.Business Structure Other Affiliated Companies 71 Galaxia Communications Co. and entertainment based on domestic telecommunication companies’ wired and wireless platform. Ltd. and distributed with the best quality and at a minimal cost under a wired and wireless network environment.. Ltd. and ASP(Application Service Provider) which provides services required to provide users with various multimedia contents such as music. Multimedia Solution in which multimedia contents of various specifications are produced. . Ltd. Mobile Marketing which contributes to the increase in customer selling by planning and providing various marketing means under a mobile environment. Mobile Learning Platform in which students can take advanced online lectures with their mobile phones without being restricted by time and place. Ltd.

Hyosung has been becoming a company that creates global life and culture in all areas of our life. fibers.72 RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Hyosung’s technologies. will open doors to a new tomorrow. including heavy industries. by fostering the world’s top brand appreciated by customers via differentiated products and services equipped with global competitiveness since the establishment of the first technology research institute in domestic companies in 1971. chemicals and information technology. industrial materials. Hyosung will make constant efforts in research and development to achieve a better tomorrow for mankind. aiming for the realization of dreams. .

Research & Development 73 R&DB Labs Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center Electronic R&D Center Environment R&D Center .

Artificial Turf Nylon-6 Resin BCF Yarn for Carpets 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 . In-line coating PET Film for Window Polyester Askin Yarn. Anisotropic Conductive Film Normal Grade for small size LCD. Water-Soluble Chitosan Oligosaccharide Low Melting-Point Bonding Yarn. Polyester Film. Biological Contactor. PP Chip for Medical Use. Nylon Conductive Yarn. Polyester Low Shrinkage Yarn. Para Aramid Fiber. Transparent PP grade for LCD protective film. Shape Memory Fiber for Woven (Nature-α Flame Retardant Prizma Fiber. Catalyst for Polypropylene Polymerization PEN Tire Cord. 2009 Deep & Vivid colors PET for Sports wear (Prizma). Composite Synthetic Resin 0. the R&D Center and the Production R&D Center were integrated to become Hyosung R&DB Labs.2 Denier). Development of catalysts for propane dehydrogenation. Spun Dyed Black for ARS. Dope Dyed Spandex Nylon Nano Magic Silver ‘MIPAN’. Artificial Suede. providing outstanding future growth momentum. Hyosung R&DB Labs was able to expand its research fields to cover raw chemical materials and chemical products. Zn-Free Spandex. Microbial Agents for Wastewater Treatment Nylon Microfiber. Nylon Nanocomposites.7 Denier Nylon Microfiber Anti-Odor and Germ Carpet. Polyester Conductive Yarn. With success in the synthetic fibers industry. Nylon Bonding Yarn. Protective Film PP Grade for LCD. 300ml Mineral Water PET Bottle for Vending Machine. which served as the power base of Korea’s industrial development during the 1970s. Artificial Leather. Nanofiltration Membrane PET Ultra Micro Fiber (0. Dry Spinning Spandex Artificial Marble Full-Dull Polyester Yarn Nylon-66 Resin Polyester Hollow Yarn PP Resin. Anti Wicking Polyester Yarn for C&L Fabric.74 R&DB Labs Research Field The Technology Commercialization Center ● New sustainable energy materials ● Advanced polymers ● Chemical raw materials ● Nano-composite fibers Manufacturing R&D Center ● fiber & Textile ● Chemical materials ● Electronic materials Since its founding in 1971 as the first private company research center in Korea. Transparent PET Film Fluorescent Spandex. as well as bio-based products. Hyosung R&DB Labs has led research and development efforts in the synthetic fibers industry. Strongly adhesive and thermostable oriented polyamide film Polyester Fiber with Warmth & Comfort (Aerowarm). Polyester Film Polymer Yarn and Textile for Air Bags. PTT BCF Carpet. Ultrafiltration Membrane Purifier Nylon Hollow Fiber. Anti-Bacterial Nylon Fabric. SHT PET ). Polyester Partition Yarn. Polyester Potential Stretch Conjugate Yarn (Xanadu 55). DH Catalyst. HIPP PET M-2. 2000ml 43g Light weight PET Bottle for Mineral Water (Lotte ICIS) Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF). Multi-Layer Beer Bottle Multi-Layer Nano-Filtration Membrane. Flame Retardant Polyester for Industrial. Epoxy Resin Nylon/Polyester Ultra-Fine Yarn. Resin for Nylon Film T-die 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1990 1989 1987 1986 1984 1983 1980 1978 Core-Sheath Type Nylon Luminant Yarn. Far-Infrared Nylon Yarn HTS Special Yarn. PVA Yarn. Recycled Polyester Filaments (Regen). Nylon Differential Colored Yarn High Purified Fluorine Gas. Lyocell Tire Cord. CoPEN Resin for Bottles. Micro Polyester Textured Yarn. Hyosung R&DB Labs will continue its focus on R&D activities so that it will play a significant role in the rebirth of the Hyosung Group as a company leading world technology. High Set Spandex. Heat Resistant Spandex. In September 2006. Alkali Resistance Spandex. yarn for ARS.

creation. 2MW Wind Turbine System 10MVA STATCOM (Static Compensator). and has been operated in cooperation by the Anyang R&D Center and the Changwon R&D Center. 154kV 80MVA Unified Power Flow Controller (Flexible AC Transmission System) Pilot Plant (for the first time in Korea) Substation Automation System 154kV 40MVA Transformer for FACTS.8kV 25kA Dry Air Insulated Switchgear (for the first time in Korea). Traction Motor for Urban Mass Transit 765kV Transformer (for the first time in Korea) 170kV 31.2).2. and result-orientation.2.2). the improvement of customer satisfaction. 200kW Gas Turbine Co-generation System. 245kV 40kA Motor Direct Drive Mechanism GIS 154kV Gas Insulated Transformer.2. It has. 1kW class PEMFC Residential Power Generation System. PCS for 100kW Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell System. Class 1E Safety . 250kW). 170kV GIS Bay Controller (IEC61850 certification with the Conformance Test Procedures Rev. 25kV C-GIS Bay Controller (IEC61850 certification with the Conformance Test Procedures Rev. Grid Connected Solar Inverter (3kW. At its root is the power & industrial systems R&D center that has developed along with domestic technology development in the related sectors since its establishment in 1978. 36kV 31. Monitoring & Diagnosis System for 765kV Substation Equipment. quality. 24kV 40kA 3000A GIS (for the first time in Korea) 362kV 50kA GIS (for the first time in Korea). and specialty. energy system. Package-Type CNG Refueling System.8kV 25kA GIS (NEW IEC standard.Related High Voltage Electric Motor for Nuclear Power Plant. electric and electrical and electric power automation system sectors.2).5kA 1200A GIS Amorphous Transformer (for the first time in Korea) 154kV Phase-separated Transformer (3ph 154kV 386MVA) 345kV Transformer for Nuclear Power Plant (1ph 345kV 1187MVA/Bank) 1995 1992 1987 1986 1984 1982 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 . Condenser Less Type 170kV 50kA GIS Digital Protection Relay 1999 800kV 50kA GIS. Partial Discharge Monitoring System for GIS 750kW Wind Turbine System. The power & industrial systems R&D center is driven to become the best provider of core technology and products in the heavy electric. With the core values of innovation. 25.Research & Development 75 Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center Research Field ● Core common basic technology ● Next generation power / energy system ● Value-added new products ● Grid solution ● Core components Hyosung is pursuing world-class quality in the heavy electric equipment industrial.5kA GIS 245kV 50kA GIS (for the first time in Korea). 50kW. 362kV 63kA 8000A GIS (for the first time in the World) Gas Turbine Co-generator. 25. as its central philosophy. and electric and electrical-energy system sectors. the Heavy Industry R&D Center has expanded its Global top R&D activities to be at the forefront of research capabilities in every R&D sector. for the first time in Korea). 2009 2008 100MVA STATCOM IED for Preventive Diagnosis of Transformer (IEC61850 certification with the Conformance Test Procedures Rev.

NH-1800. CITI Bank ATM (MX7600T) Developed the High End Drive-Up ATM. and WCDP Developed CDU (CDU-M) for export Developed a circulating type ATM (RATM) and Branch Processor Developed New BP (RISC BP). and made significant contributions to the development of financial automation devices. BCA. HIT (Hyosung Intelligent Terminal). CSM and Full Function Lobby ATM. Kiosks and Branch Processors. It continuously strives to be a front runner in the financial automation mechatronics sector through continuous R&D and technology investments. has developed and supplied various products throughout its history. and multi-functional ATMs Developed MB-3000 and MCD- 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 Developed MINI CD.Mechanism . Certified by European Central Bank on counterfeit detection capability Developed BNA.System . including ATMs. and a non-circulating ATM Developed Passbook Printer and NCD . Payment System. and mass-produced and merchandised Nano CashDeveloped NC-2000.S/W ● New technology development of mechatronics The Electric R&D Center. and multi-functional ATMs (T2 ATM) for new bills Developed W-TTW. established in 1983. VAN CD.. and MCD-4 (MX 5600) Developed SAU (A4 Statement Printer). and MB-TTW Developed TTW (Through the Wall) CD.Electric department . Recycling Coin ATM and Branch Cash Management System Developed SCDP2.76 Electronic R&D Center Research Field ● ATM development . 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 Developed Cash Recycling ATM with In-House Built BRM. the New Lobby ATM (NH 5050) for China’s ISO market. and the Giro Payment System Developed and merchandised V-BRM and developed T1 ATM Developed Nano Cash.

Development of a Pre-combustion CO2 Recovering Cermet Separation Film). such as cutting-edge technology information. and building local and overseas technology networks. we are building our R&D system to meet the new era with the effective use of management resources required for R&D. and waste. air pollution. securing research facilities and high-grade human resources. Technology Development Projects Using Energy Resources (Development of the Pre-combustion integrated CO 2 Collection Process. Development of technology for Simple and Small Water Purification System. N2O-removed CDM). Development of manufacturing Domestic Membrane for Waterworks Study of Food Waste and Sewage Mixture Treatment Development of Food Waste Treatment Process Development of Deodorizing Equipment Established an R&D Center 2000 1997 2007 2006 . Development of High Efficiency Water Purification System using Ceramic Membrane. including areas of water quality.Research & Development 77 Environment R&D Center Research Field ● Water quality and water resource management sector ● Waste reduction and recycling ● Air pollution material reduction and removal technology ● Restorative ecosystem technology ● Greenhouse gas reduction technology ● Waste resource energizing Since establishing the R&D Center in 1997. Performed the national tasks of developing the Eco-friendly Waste Energy and non-CO2 Green Gas Reduction Technology (Gasification of Wastewater Sludge. Commercialization Research for a Two-Stage Double-Complex Filtering System Performed the national task of developing High Efficiency and Integrated Sewage/Waste Water Treatment Process (Advanced Treatment of a Wastewater Optimization Operation Technique (HUB-N Process)) Development of Optimizing Operation System for HUB-N Process 2005 2004 Developed the Intermittent Aeration (IA) Processing of Sewage/Waste Water Treatment Research of the Fluidized Co-incineration Technology. In addition. Development of technology for Purification Stream Water Quality by String Type Media. we have applied our research & development results and equipments to all environment-related sectors. technology 2009 2008 Development of Advanced Water Treatment Technologies Using Ceramic Membrane-Ozone Combined Process.

78 SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT Hyosung. conserving environment through an eco-conscious business. and expanding its social contributions which helps communicate with society and promote the development of communities. Hyosung is becoming a responsible company building reliability by conducting the right management. . a beloved and respected company. always puts the quality of life for humanity first. Along with making profits. carrying out its social responsibilities drives the company to achieve sustainable growth.

Social Contribution Management 79 Eco-Conscious Management Sharing-based Management Ethical Management .

and on green land. Our life and future exist under a blue sky. but also a significant factor to keep long-term corporate competitiveness. Hyosung has been putting a constant focus on achieving a clean environmental management to save our valuable environment based on its belief that environmental conservation is not only a corporate social responsibility. Hyosung takes the lead in making a cleaner and healthier environment.80 Eco-Conscious Management Eco-Conscious Create a new world with love for the environment. . in clean water.

. which have become the core activities of the company. solar. and that waste less energy. including wind turbine system. the infinite energy sources of nature. fuel cells are a clean energy system not involving the discharge of noise or pollution. and Maebong Mt. Hyosung has been actively cultivating clean energy development projects. solar power system. Successfully operating wind turbine system in Jeju Island.. generators. Hyosung is creating an affluent and convenient life in which we can all enjoy a future without fossil fuels. cogeneration systems. Hyosung’s household fuel cells generate electricity and heat energy with city gas as the fuel source. Daegiri. gearboxes industrial machinery.Social Contribution Management Eco-Conscious Management 81 New Renewable Energy Hyosung has produced eco-friendly and clean energy using wind. Through our eco-friendly energy businesses. etc. Hyosung has built Korea’s first wind turbine system using unique technology. ● Cogeneration system Hyosung manufactures combined heat & power (cogeneration) generation facilities to produce electrical energy and heat energy from the single energy source (fuel). ● Wind turbine system Based on our technological know-how. ● Fuel cell technology Generating power through chemical reactions.. and has been operating 1. Hyosung can simultaneously reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and energy production costs. By recycling discarded energy. Hyosung has solidified its leadership in the wind turbine system sector. accumulated through our existing business activities in power transmission and distribution equipment. fuel cell technology. Expanding R&D investment to develop solar batteries (using PV cells) and centralizing our corporate competencies based on eco-friendly businesses. Fuel cell . etc. ● Solar power system Hyosung has completed the construction of the 3MW largest solar power system in Samnangjin.6MW self solar power system complex in Taean. and water.

with quality and functionality levels equal to those of new products. the environment is now threatening life on earth. [ RegenTM Recycle Process ] derelict fishing net. but is expanding advanced gasification melting technology.000 tons per year.. Hyosung has supplied high-efficiency energy with reduced low-carbon dioxide emissions. though high-efficient incineration generation and food waste methane gasification. Hyosung has developed advanced treatment techniques to make purified nitrogen and phosphorus. the company has recently realized a resource-circulating society with the development of its waste energy business. PET Bottle eliminate impurities. and even integrates combination treatment technology to process food waste. Eco-friendly technology that gives life to earth. ● Methane gas technology Through an electric energy generation facility using methane gas. Hyosung is helping make the earth healthy again and turn the environment into a space for refreshing life. ● Aerocool eco. ● RegenTM. creoraⓇ H-100D By omitting the post-treatment process that uses chemicals and dyes in the yarn production process. In addition.82 Purification of Waste & Recycling Polluted every day. and PET bottles. which may be generated during waste treatment processes. ● Resource circulation sector Hyosung performs not only waste incineration. that is what Hyosung is providing. grinding Plastic Chip RegenTM Yarn . fishing nets. and is recycling the heat energy generated during incineration. ● Waste treatment facility The facility is reducing harmful substances such as dioxins.Recycled yarn Using from discarded yarns. ● Wastewater technology Constructing Korea’s first sewage treatment plants using biological processing methods. By purifying nature and recycling discarded resources.. Hyosung introduced the world’s first recycled nylon and polyester yarns. Hyosung produces eco-friendly yarns that can reduce the production of industrial wastewater by almost 100.

LED. Hyosung boasts the best competitiveness levels in the industry. and 3-18% higher efficiency compared with general electric motors.. lowtemperature-processing yarns etc. High Efficiency Energy Hyosung reduces the wasting of energy through its high-efficiency energy technology. Hyosung has unfolded a life that is full of vitality. ● ESCO (Energy Service Company) Participating in the ESCO business. ● High-efficiency motors The highly-efficient electric motor is an eco-friendly product that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and has 20-30% less power losses. etc. ESCO. ● High-efficiency pumps Praised as the landmark of Seoul. thanks to the company’s aggressive investments and advanced technological capabilities. creoraⓇ H-550 is processed at temperatures of 15-20°C lower than existing general yarns. CNG refueling system. Cheonggyaecheon (the stream in the center of the city) has proven an enormous success. and cuts down the generation of carbon dioxide. With the best technology power in Korea and continuous R&D efforts..Social Contribution Management Eco-Conscious Management 83 Reducing CO2. and is now playing a major role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions that result from public transportation. leading the future LED market. the company has proposed a range of historic energy-saving plans. a government energy-saving plan. CNG is mainly used by buses. Hyosung developed the world’s first transmitted image display and LED for indoor use. With its high-efficiency energy technology in high-efficiency motors/pumps.000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. creating clearer and cooler air. Prizma cuts down at least 60. ● CNG refueling system Hyosung has secured refilling facilities utilizing eco-friendly and high-efficiency natural gas. such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. Hyosung has supplied high-efficiency pumps to circulate the water in Cheonggyaecheon and create a clean environment by boosting energy efficiency and reducing the use of fossil fuels. positioning itself as the first company domestically in supply to CNG refilling facilities. ● LED (Light Emitting Diode) Compared with conventional lighting systems. LED can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. ● Low heat settable yarn Produced with low dye temperatures to save on energy consumption. .

Believing that we are one big global family. Hyosung makes its utmost efforts to achieve corporate social activities including sharing activities overseas as well as domestically. .84 Sharing-based Management Sharing through participation More sharing. Hyosung practices its ‘sharing via participation’ initiative by giving out its warmhearted hand to neighbors in need. experiencing and sharing their difficulties. more happiness Greater happiness exists in a society where all its members participate in sharing.

We do not forget the precious gift of nature and the environment. We hold a ‘Voluntary Activity for Oil Spill Clean-Up on the west coast’.Sharing Kimchi . Zhejiang City.Social Contribution Management Sharing-based Management 85 Hyosung is actively supporting cultural arts through Mecenat activities including patronizing the world-famous cellist ‘The silk road ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma’. . and the ‘Cultural Heritage Protecting Activity’. ‘Curtis & Friends the 1st concert’.One-Company-making-One-River Activity . Also.Supporting the charity concert for the victims in Haiti .Support of Experience Studies for the Disabled .Patronizing the National Museum of Korea .Free Meal Service Volunteer Work . Ku Kim’s historical site and study support for students from Jiaxing. and ‘Sharing briquettes’ to people. ‘Hong Myoung-bo’s charity soccer match’.Launch an enterprise in China supporting scholarships to students .Cultural Heritage Protection Activity .One-Company One-Family Campaign .Fund-raising campaign for the victims from the earthquake in Sichuan .Support for Oil Spill Clean-Up on the west coast .Hong Myoung-bo’s charity soccer match . the ‘Campaign for One-Company-making-One-River’ scheme to help preserve and protect local rivers near areas of our business such as Ulsan and Eonyang. ‘World all-star charity soccer match’. in which we clean local forest areas.Delivering food to senior citizens who live alone .Patronizing ‘The silk road ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma’ . and the National Museum of Korea.Support a world all-star charity soccer match .Sharing Lunchbox of Love . the executives and staffs of Hyosung have been conducting voluntary services such as ‘Sharing Kimchi’ and ‘Sharing Lunchbox of Love’. Hyosung is now becoming a global enterprise doing its best in terms of its social responsibilities through numerous sharing activities including its ‘Global Contributions to the Community’ such as support for preservation of Mr.

1 management policy. Hyosung is serious about its social commitment as a global enterprise citizen. Hyosung has established 'Moral Codes'.86 Ethical Management Reliable Management Honesty and trust is our No. . To maintain the highest standards of integrity.

Social Contribution Management Ethical Management 87 [ Complying with Laws & Regulations ] Hyosung complies with all laws and has established a code of ethics to serve our commitment to fair and responsible management. [ Respecting Customers ] With the top priority being customer trust. Hyosung creates fair partnerships with its business partners by providing distinguished levels of quality and service. and always publicly announces its financial performance results. [ Respecting Employees ] Based on the notion that the most important assets of a company are its employees. Hyosung does its best to establish a corporate culture in which its members can express their creativity freely and remain safe from discrimination. . [ Considering Stockholders ] Hyosung works for its stockholders’ and investors’ profits. [ Social Responsibilities ] Hyosung always acts with regard to its social responsibilities using all our resources to win respect with active social contribution activities.

Hyosung exports over 70% of its products overseas and its 18 production plants located in 6 different countries are equipped with global production systems. will take the lead in the global competition by strengthening its management capability. production engineering.88 ABOUT HYOSUNG Hyosung. Hyosung promises to take the lead in the keen global competition by strengthening its global management capability in all areas including marketing. . a corporation that constantly grows. and service at all times.

About Hyosung 89 Business Results Brief History Business Directory .

Hyosung has continuously advanced in spite of many difficulties. Hyosung is growing as one of the top global companies. and marketing. . Accordingly.90 Business Results Hyosung speeds up its continuous growth via innovation and challenge. For 44 years since first launching. capable of handling any crisis. Hyosung secures its capability appropriate for top global level in management factors such as quality. By overcoming crisis and taking it as an opportunity for a new leap. technology. unit cost.

0 483. establishing an image as the top global enterprise through continuous change and development.009. Hyosung has concentrated on profit expansion by reinforcing its existing business capabilities.1 141.7 billion 2007 2008 2009 .7 9.1 billion 2007 2008 2009 Operating Income 448.1 (billion Korean won) 104% KRW 10. We will reinforce our global business capabilities through creative innovation and overcoming our challenges.009.5 (billion Korean won) 169% KRW 238.7 198.130.600. and accelerated continuous growth. secured its market position by establishing Global Networks for its core business areas.8 billion 2007 2008 2009 238.About Hyosung Business Results 91 Based on ‘Value Management through Global Excellence’. Sales 7.1 10.8 633.8 (billion Korean won) 131% KRW Net Income 633.


Brief History

Hyosung takes a step forward with an endless challenging mind.
Hyosung has been the major driving force of the Korean economy for last half century. The history of Hyosung as leader in a number of key industrial sectors in Korea is one of the most significant part of the path of Korea’s economic development.

About Hyosung Brief History


2010 Completed a steel cord plant in Vietnam,
Established a plant in Brazil and made an MOU, Exported gear boxes for wind power turbines to India’s Ghodawat Energy Ltd. Made a contract for the electric power business in Qatar

2001 Adopted ERP, Established the Spandex Plant in China,
Concluded a contract with Beijing Coca Cola for the long-term supply of PET Bottles

2000 Established the Spandex Plant in Gumi
2008. Built a Turkey Spandex Production Plant

2009 Announced Hyosung Way,
Work for the Aramid Fiber Plant completed, Work for the TAC Film Plant completed, StarLease Co., Ltd. and Hyosung Capital merged, Obtained the international certification for the 2MW/ 750kW Wind power turbine system from DEWI-OCC, Launched Hyosung Toyota, Obtained the GRS for the eco-friendly recycle yarn,

1999 Acquired Korean Trade (KT) Marks for the Hyosung
Computer, Ultra High Voltage GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), and Polyester Fiber (Aerocool)

1998 T&C, Trading Company, Life Industry, and Heavy
2004. Built a China Jiaxing Tire Cords Production Plant

Industry all merged into Hyosung Co., Ltd. Developed 800kV GIS, a first in Korea, and only the 3rd time Globally

2008 Work for the Spandex Plant in Turkey completed,
Work for the Spandex / Tire Cord Plant in Vietnam completed, Expanded the Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co., Ltd. Factory in China, Acquired Chinhung International, Inc.

1996 Established the Nylon Film Plant in Daejeon 1995 Established PET Bottle Company in China,
Established the Tile Carpet Plant in Daejeon

1992 Started producing Spandex at Anyang Plant 2007 Acquired StarLease Co., Ltd.
Work for the NF3 Factory completed, Built Facility for Anti-bacterial Filled PET Bottles, Construction of a #1 Solar Power System was completed, Exceeded KRW 5 trillion in sales for Hyosung Co., Ltd.
1998. Developed 800kV GIS, the first in Korea and the third Worldwide

1990 Entered the Spandex Business 1989 Entered the PP and Propylene Business, Established
Hyosung EBARA Co., Ltd.

1986 Developed POWER-5800 for Office Computers 2006 Contracted with Goodyear for the long-term supply of
Tire Cords and Contracted to take over four Factories around the World, Acquired an Agfa Photo Production Facility in Germany, Acquired the Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co., Ltd. in China, Acquired Dongguk Trade’s Spandex Factory in China
1992. Commenced Production of Spandex in the Anyang Production Plant

1983 Developed a Microfiber that combines Nylon and

1979 Started producing PET Bottle at the Eonyang Plant 1977 Established the Heavy Industry Plant in Changwon 1975 Acquired Hanyoung Industries Co., Ltd., (formerly
1989. Entered the PP and Propylene Business, Established Hyosung Ebara Co., Ltd.

2005 Work for the Nylon Film Plant in Jiaxing, China

Hyosung Heavy Industry)

2004 Work for the Spandex Plant in Zhuhai, China completed,
Work for the Transformer Plant in Baoding, China completed, Work for the Tire Cord Plant in Jiaxing, China completed, Signed a supply contract for 750kV Switchgear with Northwest Street Power Grid Corp, China. Expanded the Nylon Film Facilities at the Gumi 1 Factory

1973 Established Tongyang Polyester Co., Ltd.,
Established Tongyang Dyeing Co., Ltd.

1972 Exported Tire Cords to Southeast Asian countries for
the first time
1979. Commenced initial Production of PET bottles at the Eonyang Production Plant

1971 Established R&DB Labs, a first in Korea 1968 Completed the Ulsan Plant 1966 Established Tongyang Nylon Co., Ltd. 1957 Hyosung Corporation founded

2003 The Class Hyosung was established,
Hyosung Spandex (Guangdong) Co., Ltd was established in Guangdong Province, China. Hyosung Film (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd was established in Zhejiang Province, China.

2002 Took over the Tire Cord Plant of Michelin in
Scottsville, U.S.A. Aerocool was selected as one of the World’s best products.

1971. Established R&DB Labs


Business Directory

_ Domestic

Main Office

Cheongdam Office

Bangbae Office

R&DB Labs

Aramid fibers) Gumi Plant (Spandex.About Hyosung Business Directory 95 Power & Industrial Systems Changwon Plant (Transformers. Nylon film) Jincheon Plant (PET bottle) Gwanghyewon Plant (PET bottle) Yangsan Plant (PET bottle) Deoksan Plant (PET bottle) Trading・ Information & Communication & IT Gumi Plant (ATM) Gwangju Cold Warehouse . NF3) Yongyeon Plant 2 (TPA) Yongyeon Plant 3 (TAC Film) Gumi Plant (Polyester film. Welder) EBARA Changwon Plant (Pumps) Textile & Industrial Materials Ulsan Plant (Nylon fibers. Motors) Jochiwon Plant (Steel towers. Nylon film) Daejeon Plant (PET bottle. Carpet) Eonyang Plant (Steel cord) Daejeon Plant (Carpet) Daegu Plant (Dyeing process) Chemicals Yongyeon Plant 1 (PP/DH. Polyester fibers) Anyang Plant (Spandex. Circuit breakers. Tire cords.

96 Business Directory _ Overseas .

. NANJING Hyosung Steelcord (Nanjing) Co.. GUANGDONG Hyosung Spandex (Guangdong) Co. Ltd.. . BAODING Baoding Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. HOCHIMINH Hyosung Vietnam Co. Hyosung Film (Jiaxing) Co. Ltd. Ltd..About Hyosung Business Directory 97 Asia JIAXING Hyosung Spandex (Jiaxing) Co.... NANTONG Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co. Ltd. ZHUHAI Hyosung Spandex (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd. Ltd. JIANGSU Zhangjiagang Xiao-sha Coil Service Co. Hyosung Chemical Fiber (Jiaxing) Co. Ltd. Ltd. BEIJING Hyosung Container Co. QINGDAO Hyosung Steelcord (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. Ltd....... Hyosung International Trade(Jiaxing) Co. BEIJING Beijing Hyosung Computer Technology Co. Ltd..

98 Business Directory _ Overseas .

DECATUR Hyosung USA. Inc. Inc. SCOTTSVILLE Hyosung (America) Inc. Europe COLMAR-BERG Hyosung Luxembourg S. AMERICANA (BRAZIL) Hyosung Brazil Ltda.About Hyosung Business Directory 99 Americas NEW YORK Hyosung (America) Inc. Inc. UTICA (NEW YORK) Hyosung USA. PITTSBURGH HICO America Inc.A. ISTANBUL Hyosung Istanbul Tekstil Ltd Sti . DALLAS Nautilus Hyosung America.

hyosungtown. Gumi-Si.82-31-452-4175 FAX. Yeongi-Gun.82-2-707-7000 TEL.82-43-533-7174 FAX.82-2-707-4401 FAX.com Main Office 450 Gongdeok-Dong. Daegu 704-190 Daegu Business Center Textile Association Bldg. Seoul 121-720 Ulsan Plant 588 Maeam-Dong.82-52-279-0408 TEL.82-2-707-6498 FAX. Jincheon-Gun.82-41-860-3114 FAX.hyosung. Busan 614-828 www.82-2-707-6498 FAX. Jung-Gu.82-52-261-6180 FAX. 1006-2 Bangbae-Dong. Dalseo-Gu.82-43-535-6171 FAX.82-54-470-9114 TEL.82-52-279-0404 FAX.hyosung.co.82-53-251-2525 TEL.82-2-707-6498 FAX. Suite 601.82-2-707-4401 .82-55-386-5855 FAX. Nam-Gu.82-53-585-4501~3 TEL. Gumi-Si.82-43-536-1811~3 TEL. Jincheon-Gun. Chungchongbuk-Do 365-862 Gwanghyewon Plant 313 Jukhyeon-Ri.82-2-707-7000 TEL.com Main Office 450 Gongdeok-Dong. Ulsan 680-805 Yeosu Business Center 845-6 Hwajang-Dong. Mapo-Gu. Nam-Myeon.82-41-860-3113 www.82-55-387-7165 TEL. Seoul 121-720 Ulsan Plant 588 Maeam-Dong.82-53-650-6990 TEL.82-31-428-1000 TEL. Sindun-Myeon. Daedeok-Gu.82-55-268-9029 TEL.com Main Office Association Special Post Office Bldg.82-52-273-5410 FAX.82-31-634-0669 FAX. Ulsan 680-140 Yongyeon Plant 3 529 Yongyeon-Dong. Ulsan 680-140 Yongyeon Plant 2 204-1 Seongam-Dong.82-31-634-6550 TEL. Seoul 121-720 Changwon Plant 43-1 Woongnam-Dong. Daegu 700-713 Busan Business Center 857-6 Beomcheon 1-Dong.82-52-273-5400 TEL.82-43-530-7715 TEL. Nam-Gu. Daedeok-Gu. Nam-Gu. Seoul 137-850 TEL.82-53-252-4135 FAX. Chungchongnam-Do 339-828 ■Hyosung EBARA Co. Mapo-Gu.82-61-691-2601 FAX.82-31-452-4175 FAX. Yeosu-Si. 1358-8 Dal-Dong.82-55-261-0141 TEL.82-42-932-6187~9 FAX. Seoul 137-850 Icheon Plant 188-2 Namjeong-Ri. Daegu 704-062 Ulsan Business Center DongYang Investment Bank Bldg.82-52-261-6180 FAX.82-2-707-7000 TEL.. Dalseo-Gu. Dongan-Gu.82-52-262-5150 FAX.82-2-707-6114 TEL.82-2-707-6114 TEL. Ulju-Gun.82-42-605-8572 FAX. Duryu 2-Dong. Gyeongsangnam-Do 641-050 Jochiwon Plant 518 Yeongi-Ri. Seocho-Gu..hyosung.82-2-707-6498 FAX. 254-8 Gongdeok-Dong.82-54-470-9177 Construction ■Hyosung Corporation www.82-52-255-5114 TEL.100 Business Directory Power& Industrial Systems _ Domestic TEL. Nam-Gu. Yangsan-Si. Anyang-Si.82-52-278-7000 TEL. Gyeonggi-Do 467-842 ■Hyosung Construction Co. Munbaek-Myeon.82-31-428-1000 TEL. 10th Floor. Seoul 121-720 Changwon Plant 454-2 Nae-Dong.82-52-279-5500 TEL. Ltd.com Seoul Business Center Bangbae Building.82-55-282-5116 FAX. Changwon-Si. Anyang-Si. Daejeon 306-230 Jincheon Plant 274-3 Mundeok-Ri. Daedeok-Gu. Kwanghyewon-Myeon.82-52-277-4484 FAX. Mapo-Gu. Gyeongsangbuk-Do 730-340 TEL.82-52-279-5555 FAX. Seocho-Gu. Suite 1305.82-52-278-7000 TEL. Ulsan 680-050 Anyang Plant 183 Hogye-Dong. Gyeongsangbuk-Do 730-340 Daegu Plant 306-36 Jang-Dong. Daejeon 306-22 www.82-51-643-9837 Chemicals ■Hyosung Corporation TEL. Ulsan 680-150 Daejeon Plant 1685-1 Sinil-Dong.82-42-605-8555 FAX.hyosung.82-43-536-1814 FAX. Gyeonggi-Do 431-08 Gumi Plant 169 Simi-Dong. Jeonranam-Do 555-110 ■Hyosung Corporation TEL.82-55-281-0092 FAX. Busanjin-Gu.82-2-707-7000 TEL.82-2-707-6114 FAX. www. Chungchongbuk-Do 365-841 Daejeon Plant 1685-1 Sinil-Dong.82-53-650-6992 FAX. Eonyang-Eup.82-53-585-8997 FAX. Chungchongbuk-Do 365-834 Yangsan Plant 872-1 Bukjeong-Dong.82-42-932-8270 Textile ■Hyosung Corporation TEL. Ulsan 680-050 Anyang Plant 183 Hogye-Dong. Mapo-Gu. Nam-Gu. Gyeongsangnam-Do 641-290 Daegu Business Center SeongAn Officetel. 8th floor. Ulsan 689-801 Daejeon Plant 49-1 Munpyeong-Dong.82-42-605-8561 TEL. Ltd.82-51-634-4111 FAX.82-54-470-9171 FAX.82-54-472-5775 FAX. Icheon-Si.82-2-3279-8200 FAX. Deoksan-Myeon.com Main Office 450 Gongdeok-Dong.82-43-530-1600 TEL.hyosung. Gyeonggi-Do 431-080 Eonyang Plant 59 Bansong-Ri. Mapo-Gu. Seoul 121-720 Yongyeon Plant 1 186 Seongam-Dong.82-52-279-2014 TEL. Changwon-Si. 103-6 Dongsan-Dong. 87-36.hyosungebara. 1006-2 Bangbae-Dong.kr Seoul Business Center Bangbae Building. Nam-Gu.82-42-605-8500 TEL. Daejeon 306-230 Gumi Plant 169 Simi-Dong. Jincheon-Gun.82-61-691-2602 Industrial Materials ■Hyosung Corporation www.com Main Office 450 Gongdeok-Dong. Dongan-Gu. Gyeongsangnam-Do 626-110 Deoksan Plant 27-1 Okdong-Ri.. www.

52 Cheongdam-Dong. Daejeon 302-831 Gwangju Business Center Landpia Officetel. Suite 301.heec.82-31-452-8176 FAX.82-2-711-9929 FAX.com Seoul Business Center Cheongdam Building. SK Technopark 190-1 Sangdaewon-Dong. Seoul 135-934 Busan Business Center TEL.82-2-2018-0551 FAX. Changnyeong-Eup. Gangnam-Gu. Yongsan-Gu. Gwangju 502-735 ■Hyosung ITX Co.. Ltd. Ltd.com Seoul Business Center 16th Fl. Gyeonggi-Do 431-080 Changnyeong HRD Center 301 Yongsuk-Ri.chinhung. Youngdeungpo-Gu. Seoul 150-967 ■Hyosung Capital Co. Gyeonggi-Do 431-080 ■Chinhung International.com Main Office Cheongdam Building.galaxialed.82-2-707-8793 FAX.82-2-754-2972 Trading ■Hyosung Corporation www.. Seoul 121-744 TEL. Seocho-Gu. Chungbuk-Myun.82-2-707-8517 FAX. Seoul 135-764 Mapo Business Center Renaissnace Tower Bldg.82-31-428-1251~64 TEL. Dongan-Gu. Gyeonggi-Do 431-080 Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center (Anyang) 183 Hogye-Dong.. Seoul 140-900 TEL.82-31-454-0089 FAX. Gyeonggi-Do 451-833 ■Galaxia Electronics Co.82-53-426-9800 TEL.co. 521-1 Bujeon-Dong. 82-62-385-2193 FAX. www.82-54-470-3114 TEL. Seoul 137-850 Anyang Business Center 183 Hogye-Dong. Yangpyeng-Dong. Seo-Gu. Ltd. Ltd.82-31-456-6076 TEL.com TEL.kr Seoul Business Center Bangbae Building.82-2-2102-8400 FAX.82-55-268-8047 FAX.82-2-2018-0700 Meritz Tower.nautilus.82-53-426-9830 FAX. Ire B/D.82-42-484-0366 FAX. Ltd.theclasshyosung.82-51-463-7805 FAX.co. www. www.82-2-547-9998 FAX.hyosung.co. Seoul 121-706 Gumi Plant 640 Gupo-Dong.82-31-683-0020 Eyon-Hansan Industrial Park. Pyoungtaek-Si. Nae-Dong.82-51-463-7805 TEL. #2. Dongan-Gu. 2nd floor. Dongan-Gu.82-55-279-7470 TEL. 82-31-776-4283 #1307.82-2-2078-4870 TEL.82-510-0555 FAX.kr Seoul Business Center TEL. Seoul 135-764 Gwangju Cold Warehouse 288-1 Sam-Dong.82-31-763-3615 ■Trans-World Co. Gyeongsangnam-Do 641-712 ■Hyosung Information Systems Co. Gyeongsangnam-Do 641-712 Electronic R&D Center 183 Hogye-Dong.82-51-819-0680 FAX. Jungwon-Gu.82-2-547-9998 FAX.co. suite 526. 1405 Dunsan-dong. Tech-Center.his21. Suite 1215 Chipyeong-Dong. Gwangju-Si. Anyang-Si.82-31-596-1699 FAX. Mapo-Gu. Gangnam-Gu.82-2-5100-300 TEL.82-31-428-1000 TEL. Seongnam-Si.82-31-428-1594 Training Institute Research & Development . Yeoksam-Dong 825-2. Ltd. Gyeonggi-Do 431-080 TEL.. 1027 Yulbuk-Ri.82-54-470-3019 FAX. Buk-Gu.22th Floor. 237-11 Nonhyeon 2-Dong. 82-2-6005-1111 FAX. 52 Cheongdam-Dong.82-55-279-7499 FAX. www.82-55-533-7890 TEL.kr TEL. Mapo-Gu.82-31-683-7373 FAX.. Inc. Changnyeong-Gun.82-31-763-3611 FAX.82-2-707-8787 Information & Communication & IT ■Nautilus Hyosung Inc. Dongan-Gu.82-2-510-0114 TEL. Dongan-Gu.82-31-428-1000 FAX..82-31-456-6074 FAX. Anyang-Si..com TEL. Anyang-Si.82-52-261-7546 FAX. www. Gangnam-Gu.hyosung-capital. 21. Anyang-Si.82-2-707-5800 TEL.82-2-5100-300 63-7. Gyeonggi-Do 462-721 ■Galaxia Communications Co. Daegu 702-851 Busan Business Center Sungwon Santeview.82-2-707-7114 TEL. Ulsan 680-050 Changwon Business Center 454-2. Dongan-Gu.82-51-819-8571 HyosungExenCity Bldg. Gyeonggi-Do 464-040 TEL.kr Seoul Business Center 105-192 Huam-Dong. Busanjin-Gu. Anyang-Si. Seocho-Gu. Seo-Gu.About Hyosung Business Directory 101 Construction ■Hyosung EBARA Engineering Co.82-42-485-4856 TEL.. TEL. Nam-Gu. 197-5 Gaegeum-Dong. 82-1566-0123 Parkland Bldg.. Gyeonggi-Do 431-080 Environment R&D Center 183 Hogye-Dong. Seoul 135-860 ■Hyosung Toyota Corporation www. 52 Cheongdam-Dong. www. Ltd. 456 Gongdeok-Dong. Ltd.hyosungitx. Gyeongsangbuk-Do 730-400 Ulsan Business Center 588-4 Maeam-Dong.com TEL. Gangnam-Gu. 82-31-776-4250 FAX.com TEL.. Gyeongsangnam-Do 635-808 Hyosung R&DB Labs 183 Hogye-Dong.82-2-575-7530 FAX.82-55-268-8045 TEL.hyosung.82-2-707-5888~9 FAX. Busan 614-030 ■The Class Hyosung Co. www.82-31-428-1587 TEL. Busanjin-Gu. Seoul 135-100 ■Galaxia Photonics Co. Gumi-Si. Busan 614-110 Daejeon Business Center MetroPalace.82-31-428-1000 TEL. Seoul 135-831 Anyang HRD Center 183 Hogye-Dong. Changwon-Si. Anyang-Si. www. Gangnam-Gu. Suite 202.82-52-278-7875 TEL. 4Ga.82-2-2102-8424 Other Affiliated Companies www. Banpo-Dong. Changwon-Si.co.kr Seoul Business Center Cheongdam Building. Gangnam-Gu. Seoul Business Center 253-42 Gongdeok-Dong. Seoul 135-100 Daegu Business Center 67-1 Chilsung-Dong 2-Ga. 1006-2 Bangbae-Dong. 82-62-385-2194 TEL. Gyeonggi-Do 431-080 Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center (Changwon) 454-2 Nae-Dong. Dogok-Dong.82-2-575-7500 946-1.82-2-772-1200 FAX.hyosungtoyota. www.galaxiaphotonics.82-55-533-7699 FAX.galaxiacommunications. Ltd. 6F.

202 Lize Zhongyuan. Ltd. 251. Beihialu Jiaxing Economic Development Zone. Ltd. Philippines TEL.91-11-4609-4912 FAX.. N2 St..86-512-5856-5180 TEL. Dongfangbeilu. Beijing 100102.86-532-8683-9000 . 3-13. International Commercial Chamber Bldg. Yangon. 1404. Jiaxing.66-2-653-2031 TEL.60-3-2031-2416 Suite 24-04. 4th Floor 4B1 District 1. Makati City. China JIAXING _ Hyosung Chemicals (Jiaxing) Co.86-756-772-5008 FAX. Jiaxing. Miramar Tower. 15. 9(A).86-20-8778-7988 Unit 818. Dong Nai Province. Bangkok 10110.86-23-8687-1568 Room 1010. Jiaxing.China (226611) NEW DELHI _ Hyosung Corporation New Delhi Office D-4 Commercial Complex Paschimi Marg 2nd Floor.. 50200 Kuala lumpur.84-8-3823-1970 TEL.81-6-6261-0884 FAX..852-2845-6778 JAKARTA _ Hyosung Corporation Jakarta Office TEL. Zhejiang. No. Ltd. Gangqu. Ltd. Zhejiang. Dubai-UAE GUANGDONG _ Hyosung Spandex (Guangdong) Co.. No. Myanmar NANJING _ Hyosung Steelcord (Nanjing) Co. Unit 1918. Xin Gang Kai fa-Qu. No.86-10-6788-5551 TEL.. Zhejiang.86-756-772-6100 GUANGZHOU _ Hyosung Corporation Guangzhou Office TEL. Jiangsu Province. Ltd. P. China DUBAI _ Hyosung Corporation Dubai Office P.886-7-226-8530 FAX.86-20-8778-7898 FAX.84-613-569-445 TEL. Beijing 100176 P. Ltd.86-25-6698-9799 FAX.. Jendral Sudirman Kav..86-312-332-8307 FAX. #26 Yong Chang North St. China KAOHSIUNG _ Hyosung Corporation Kaohsiung Office 7F-6. 399. Azuchi-Machi. Zhuhai. 132 Nathan Road.R.60-3-2031-2417 FAX. Beijing. New Delhi. Ltd.86-10-6439-2596 FAX.. TEL. Kowloon.62-21-526-6473 FAX.81-6-6264-0778 TEL. Guangzhou. Zhejiang. Qingdao Economic and Development Zone. Chaoyang District. Beihialu Jiaxing Economic Development Zone. Haian Development Zone. Nhon Trach 5 Industrial Zone. Micasa Hotel. China JIAXING _ Hyosung Chemical Fiber (Jiaxing) Co.86-512-5855-3404 FAX.O.86-10-6512-9692 Room No.86-573-8222-6500 TEL. 17 Kaba Aye Pagoda.632-848-6208 FAX.86-10-6512-0031 FAX. 78. 67.86-573-8222-6509 FAX.95-1-650933 Room No. China BEIJING _ Hyosung Container Co.Box 15287. Ltd. 19/F. Malaysia MANILA _ Hyosung Corporation Manila Office 12F Unit 1203. Wangjing. China JIAXING _ Hyosung International Trade (Jiaxing) Co.. Chongqing. Osaka. Republic of China TEL.86-10-6788-2371 FAX. Japan QINGDAO _ Hyosung Steelcord (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. Jiaxing Economic Development Zone. 501 5/F.102 Business Directory Asia _ Overseas BANGKOK _ Hyosung Corporation Bangkok Office Room No.. Zhongshan West Road. No. Ayala Triangle. Yangheyicun. Guangdong. BDA. Industrial Park. 54-55 Jakarta 12920. India OSAKA _ Hyosung Japan Osaka Branch Kokusai Bldg. 13F. Hochiminh City.84-8-3823-1971 FAX.86-10-6439-2551 FAX.. Jiaxing. Vietnam HONG KONG _ Hyosung International (HK) Ltd. Hebei province.86-573-8222-8307 TEL. Ltd. Ayala Avenue. Vietnam HOCHIMINH _ Hyosung Corporation Hochiminh Office 65 Nguyen Du Street.86-573-8222-8340 BEIJING _ Hyosung Corporation Beijing Office TEL. Ltd. Chuo-Ku. China NANTONG _ Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co.. Heng Fa Road.86-513-8890-5598 TEL.. North of Yangjiang Rd. Hong Kong TEL.86-573-8222-8307 TEL.971-4-221-8483 TEL. 19.86-312-332-8310 TEL..852-2845-5752 FAX. Jalan Raja Chulan.971-4-227-5183 FAX.632-848-6204 MYANMAR _ Myanmar Hyosung Co. Ltd. Huanghe West Road.3888 Chaoyang Northroad. Kaohsiung. Min Chuan 1st Road. China TEL. Baoding City. Indonesia JIANGSU _ Zhangjiagang Xiao-sha coil Service Co. 2-Chome.886-7-226-2021 FAX. South Tower.86-573-8558-7213 TEL.84-613-569-230 FAX. Pingsha. No.62-21-526-6475 Citi Bank Tower 24/F. Jiangbei District. Nanjing.. Thailand BAODING _ Baoding Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co.86-25-6698-9700 TEL. 88. Plaza Bapindo Jl. China JIAXING _ Hyosung Spandex (Jiaxing) Co. 14th Floor One Pacific Place 142 Sukhumvit Road.R.95-1-650942 FAX.86-513-8881-6379 FAX.66-2-653-2030 FAX. Ltd. Jinfeng Town Zhangjiagang.86-573-8222-8490 FAX. Jiangsu Province. No.86-23-8682-2079 FAX. Vasant Vihar.. Level 24 Wisma Goldhill. Ayala Tower 1. China BEIJING _ Beijing Hyosung Computer Technology Co. Ltd.. World Trade Center Complex.. Jiangsu Pro.. First Floor. Scitech Tower #22 Jian Guo Men Wai Street. Xiaoxing Avenue. China HOCHIMINH _ Hyosung Vietnam Co. 371-375 Huanshidong Lu.1888. China (Post Code 100004) CHONGQING _ Hyosung Corporation Chongqing Office TEL. China TEL. Tsimshatsui. office 804 Green Tower Al Regga Street Deira. Shandong. China TEL. No.86-532-8683-9011 KUALA LUMPUR _ Hyosung Corporation Kuala Lumpur Office TEL. No. Yankin Township.91-11-4166-2255 TEL.

L.656-337-2079 FAX. Inc.About Hyosung Business Directory 103 Asia SHANGHAI _ Hyosung Corporation Shanghai Office TEL. China SINGAPORE _ Hyosung Singapore Pte.P. SCOTTSVILLE _ Hyosung USA. NEW YORK _ Hyosung (America) Inc. 1297 Conj 142. Sanzao. North Bridge Road#16-03.1-972-956-9096 FAX. Anhui. Russia..1-315-733-3524 FAX. Mexico FAX. 6-3 08007(Barcelona). Toranomon Minato-ku.34-93-430-7735 TEL.1-803-909-5855 TEL.A. 05120. P. Suite 212 Pittsburgh.86-756-778-5800 FAX. U.55-11-3284-6436 FAX. Haicheng Industrial Area. Inc. PA 15276.R.1-972-350-7600 TEL.A. 20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI).7-495-956-5072 . 2200 Yan An Xi Road. Manuel Espinosa Bantista Bella Vista. Brea.1-714-989-8901 FAX. Economic & Technological Development Area. Torre 1.52-55-5250-2790 Paseo de Tamarindos 90. Japan TEL. Zhuhai. Eng. Branch 910 Columbia Street. Ltd. One Penn Plaza Suite 5320.55-11-3285-1957 BARCELONA _ Hyosung Corporation Barcelona Office Calle Valencia 243-245.473-625 Americana-SP Brazil MEXICO _ Hyosung Corporation Oficina de Mexico TEL. 63263 Neu-Isenburg.86-21-6209-3008 FAX.1-315-733-4629 TEL. TEL. 10119.C.49-6102-7412-90 FAX. No:3 Cerkezkoy. Jinwan.S. Spain FRANKFURT _ Hyosung Corporation Frankfurt Office Martin-Behaim Str. 113/1.656-339-4504 FAX.1-412-787-2270 FAX. ltaly MOSCOW _ Hyosung Corporation Moscow Office Park Place E 323. Tokyo. Germany ISTANBUL _ Hyosung Istanbul Tekstil Ltd Sti C.90-212-284-1601 TEL.352-26817-603 TEL. Inc. L.49-6102-74120 TEL. 76. Brooklin. Faith Bulvari 13.81-3-3432-1005 WUHU _ Hyosung Corporation Wuhu Office TEL.1-256-340-2250 FAX.39-02-9828-2481 FAX. International Trade Building.China TEL. Raffles City Tower. U. Decatur Plant 500 19th Avenue SE Decatur. Quadra Gleba. Air Port Road.1-412-787-1170 TEL. Sok. Edificio Sudameris. 1115.S. Utica Plant 2214 Whitesboro Street. 2320. PITTSBURGH _ HICO America Inc.86-553-5963705 FAX.A.86-553-5963116 Room 302. Tekirdag. DECATUR (ALABAMA) _ Hyosung USA.A.86-21-6209-0123 Room No.A. Moscow. U.55-19-3469-2633 Avenida Nicolau Joao Abdalla. Turkey LUXEMBOURG _ Hyosung Luxembourg S.39-02-9886-251 TEL. C.A.90-282-758-3300 FAX. Rue de L’Industrie L-7737 Colmar-Berg Luxembourg MILANO _ Hyosung Europe S. TOKYO _ Hyosung Japan Svax TT Bldg 6F. ROCKHILL _ Hyosung (America) Inc. Coppell. CA 92821. U. Brazil TEL. Lote1.52-55-5540-2078 PANAMA _ Hyosung Corporation Panama Office TEL.352-26817-701 FAX.S. Taiwan. 333.S. 3-Chome. Levent. Utica. Guangdong. Panama City. Turkey ISTANBUL _ Hyosung Corporation Istanbul Office Harman Caddesi. Col. U. VA 24591.886-2-2729-6410 FAX.86-756-778-5894 North America Dallas _ Nautilus Hyosung America. Mexico D.A.B.507-214-8968 FAX. SC 29730.34-93-410-1737 FAX.O. Taipei 110. CEP 13. New York 13502 U.S. TEL.F. Ltd.S. Apdo. Wuhu. 250 West 34th Street. Ali Kaya Sk. TEL. Shanghai International Trading Center No. Texas 75019. Leninsky Prospect 117198. Polat Plaza B Block. 800 Bird Street Scottsville. Singapore 179101 TEL. No. 6.1-256-340-2278 TEL. New York. 250. Shanghai. Bosques de las Lomas. China ZHUHAI _ Hyosung Spandex (Zhuhai) Co.55-19-3469-2633 FAX. Alabama 35602 U. R. Istanbul.81-3-3459-9300 TAIPEI _ Hyosung Corporation Taipei Office TEL.1-212-563-1323 FAX.1-434-286-1801 Central & South America Europe AMERICANA (BRAZIL) _ Hyosung Brazil Ltda. Rock Hill. UTICA (NEW YORK) _ Hyosung USA. Republic of Panama SAOPAULO _ Hyosung Do Brazil Av. LOS ANGELES _ Hyosung (America) Inc. Sec1.A. Bairro Vila Bertini. Piso10.O.12.. 17F.S. Suite 400.A.1-714-989-8900 TEL.1-212-736-7100 TEL. 0819-06390.886-2-2758-4636 1714. Sao Paulo. No.37 North Yinhu Road.Luis Carlos Berrini. Xin-Yuan Building. One Penn Center West. Inc.1-434-286-1813 FAX.A.S.S. U. 1025 South Belt Line Road.R. 11-15.90-282-758-3603 TEL.1-803-909-5871 FAX.7-495-956-5172 FAX.90-212-284-1609 FAX. No.507-214-8971 International Business Center Piso 8. Via del Tecchione 34. Kat 3. Building One. AVE. Rockhill Office 1679 Over View Dr. Keelung Road.

Mapo-gu. Gongdeok-dong. +82-2-707-7000 FAX.com .hyosung.450. +82-2-707-7799 www. Korea TEL. Seoul.

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