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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN |, Michael Lee Porter, met Raye Dawn Smith on or about October 15, 2004, Since our beginning as friends, I have been present and witnessed many interactions between Raye Dawn and her minor child, Kelsey Smith. We often spend time together watching TV, eating dinner, and playing with Kelsey and my two children, It is because oF this time T have spent around Raye Dawn that I can make this statement unequivocally RAYE DAWN WOULD NEVER HARM KELSEY. I know for a fact that Raye loves Kelsey more than life itself. This fact is apparent to anyone who spends more than 5 minutes with the two of them. Raye Dawn is the kind of mother that ANY child would be lucky to have. Thave never seen Raye Dawn administer discipline that would even come close to child abuse or neglect. In fact, there is a long running joke between Raye Dawn and myself that Kelsey is the most spoiled child ever. Raye Dawn puts Kelsey fist in her every thought and action. Raye Dawn provides Kelsey with clothes to wear, food to eat, a roof over her head, and all the love a child could ever need. She does all this while attending school(until this fiasco) and working to support herself and her child, Tfthese qualities constitute an unfit mother, then We should all be so lucky to have unfit mothers. Raye Dawn has raised Kelsey from her birth until the time she was taken, and done a fine job by all aceounts(exeept those of her ex-in laws). From my understanding the patemal side of Kelsey’s family has had little to do with Kelsey’s upbringing besides visitation. One only has to do a little research in the town that both families reside in to find out what kind of people are involved. Iam aware, as everyone is, of the history of domestic violence involving Raye Dawn and Kelsey’s father. Try as they may to blame the abuse on Raye Dawn, the fact of the matter is there is never an excuse for aman to hurta woman. By making wild claims of abuse it would seem the plaintiff is casting rocks while living in the proverbial glass house. I do not purport to know the plaintiff and her family well, but I do know that after it became known by the plaintifi(Kathie Briggs) that I was involved with Raye Dawn, I received numerous prank phone calls at my home number ~ followed by a threatening phone call. The next day I received a Phone call from the plaintiff that, in my opinion, took a semi-accusatory tone regarding au “allegation” of child abuse, 1 informed the plaintiff{Kathie Briggs) at this time that these were not charges to sling about without regard and that if she was attempting to implicate myself she would certainly hear from my lawyer. This information is included in a written statement with the Lincoln County Sheriff's department. My impression {fom my phone conversation with Kathie was that she is a petty person who is attempting to take advantage of a good, hard working mother and an unknowing innocent child. 1 know this whole ordeal has been very hard on Kelsey, as she has been taken from the only true parent she has ever known. I have no doubt in my mind that if Kelsey were old enough to articulate her thoughts clearly, she would make it known to EVERYONE what a travesty this whole ordeal is. Being the veteran of two custody disputes, I am very familiar with the definition of an unfit mother. I can say with a erystal clear conseience that Raye Dawn is the antithesis of an unfit mother. I pray that this court will use it’s best Judgement and return Kelsey to her rightful place - INTO HER MOTHER'S ARMS. 1 swear that the above statements are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Td fo jer Mike Patter

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