unit one final assesment Tyler Toomey

The first image I chose was actually a combination of two images: a woman with a shirt which says “Real

Christians Don’t Sin” and also a very much contrasting photo of a man yelling so hard, that you can see saliva from his mouth (it isn’t very pretty). I chose this image to represent religious controversy, which occurred in unit one. The Puritans, a protestant group came to America to purify the Church of England, by means of simpler worship and church organization. All Puritans behaved in exemplary manners for reason of who actually was of the chosen few which their God had selected. I see the man on the right as Jonathan Edwards at his sermon, instilling fear to persuade others, and also the woman on the right contradicting the man. I directly resembled the pictures to resemble the controversies of the Puritans separating from the Church of England. The second image is a silhouette with a background of the American flag and a bald eagle. This image represents the theme of the American Dream, in which the colonists all wanted to have. They wanted to remove themselves from the British rule and carry on their lives with religious and governmental freedom. The bald eagle represents freedom. My third image is another combination of photos; the first is a baby gripping an adult’s hand, and the ladder is staircase which both represents the explorer’s journey to the New World. The baby is the concept of physically bringing something new into the world, and that is what the colonists had done, make a new world for their own children. The staircase is a heavenly staircase in which the explorers, such as the Puritans, want to find God, a better path at life. Lastly, I have a tree, wish is almost blown over, which represents the numerous struggles that the colonists faces after arriving in America. They faced disease, starvation, along with many other struggles which made their goal very hard to reach. This is shown in the text in which described John Smith and the many troubles that the colonists faced in the new world.

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