World War Two

Done by : Timothy Chong and Lim Bing Wen

Causes of the War
‡ Germany wanted to set out to establish a large empire in Europe. ‡ Japan wanted to conquer Asia

Effects of the War
‡ Many millions of lives had been lost as a result of the war.

Effects of War
‡ The communist takeover of China and Eastern Europe, the creation of Israel, and the division of Germany and Korea and later of Vietnam

Literary Works Which Enlighten Us
‡ At the slightest offence, punishment was swift and sever. Many anti-Japanese suspects were subjected to terrible torture. quoted from Singapore From Settlement To Nation Pre-1819 to 1971 page 108 . We learn from this sentence that the Japanese were ruthless and the people in the countries that they conquered were not well-treated. Life was tough for them.

Repercussions of WW ll on literary works of the world
‡ The war sparked up many anti-war works as it was the biggest war in the history of mankind which involved the whole world. ‡ One example would be Did World War II Have To Happen? by Patrick J. Buchanan