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Health Insurance Off the Grid

Health Insurance Off the Grid

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Published by Daryl Kulak
Learn how to use holistic healthcare practices and ordinary health insurance to your best advantage.
Learn how to use holistic healthcare practices and ordinary health insurance to your best advantage.

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Published by: Daryl Kulak on May 11, 2011
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Your first line of defense in Traditional Chinese Medicine
(TCM) is a TCM doctor, often called an acupuncturist. You
will want someone who is familiar with much more than just
acupuncture. Tui na (Chinese massage) and Chinese herbs are
two of the many other aspects of TCM.

1. TCM uses the thousands of years of knowledge in
successful Chinese medical practice.
2. TCM is a complete medical system including
understanding the body, mind and spirit, diseases,
energy medicine, movement and therapies.
3. The most well-known TCM practice is acupuncture,
inserting thin, small needles into the skin to change
the flow of energy through the body.
4. TCM includes acupuncture, acupressure, chi gong, tai
chi, tui na (massage), herbal medicine, feng shui and
many other practices in a total integrated practice.
5. TCM doctors always use a set of herbs to treat a
person, never just one particular herb or extract, they
believe the interaction between the herbs is where the
solution arises.
6. The TCM doctor will spend a lot of time with you to
discover the symptoms and conditions of your health
7. TCM doctors can come from several sources. There
are reputable TCM schools in North America,
including the American Institute of Alternative
Medicine (www.aiam.edu) in Columbus, Ohio. These

Health Insurance Off the Grid


schools train students for years to understand the
details of the Chinese medical approach. Another type
of TCM doctor is a Western medically-trained doctor
who has branched into Chinese medicine. The
Western doctor requires less training that the TCM
specialist, weeks instead of years. Again, a larger
number of years in training do not automatically
translate directly into a better doctor, but you should
be aware of the training your TCM practitioner has
and where it came from.
8. Most states regulate TCM doctors in some way, and
some insurance policies cover TCM treatments
(specifically acupuncture) if a Western doctor
approves it as medically necessary.
9. Americans who are threatened by non-Christian
spiritual traditions may not enjoy being clients of
TCM. It is sometimes difficult to separate the spiritual
from the non-spiritual in TCM.

Health Insurance Off the Grid


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