Wednesday, May 11, 2011 Libya – Qadaffi dead?

– Qadaffi is being targeted in a series of precision strikes; there is speculation the Libyan leader may be dead although there have been no official confirmations. Qadaffi hasn’t been seen in public since an air strike 10 days ago killed his son. Libya’s prime minister, AlBaghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi, has denied that Col Gaddafi was hit in the raid and said that he is in mourning for his son. – London Telegraph Gallup finds Gingrich is well-known among Republicans, but has a below-average -- and declining -- Positive Intensity Score. Mike Huckabee receives the highest Positive Intensity Score among Republicans nationwide; Donald Trump has the lowest. – Gallup

Gas prices are failing to weaken inline w/crude as Midwest floods put refiners at risk. Fuel barge traffic and some refiners may wind up being impacted by the flooding, keeping gas prices elevated. – FT