Match sentences from the two columns. Then write new sentences using GOING TO FUTURE.

0. Mr Atkins is hot. 1. I am very thirsty. 2. Polly’s tired. 3. My brother is ill. 4. We are bored. 5. They are hungry. 6. I am cold. 7. My sister and I are wet. 8. Tom can’t do his homework. 9. It’s raining. 10. It’s loud. Your father can’t hear. 11. My leg is broken. 12. Beth can’t find Rover. 13. My uncle is in hospital. 14. I’ve got a toothache. 15. It’s our Mum’s birthday.

__ make a sandwich __ stay at home __ have a glass of water __ ask his dad for help __ miss the next football match __ take some tablets __ visit him __ change our clothes __ look for him in the garden 0 go swimming __ buy her a present __ turn down the radio __ go to bed early __ have a hot bath __ watch television __ see my dentist

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