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Acknowledgment First of all we are thankful to Almighty ALLAH with whose grace we have been able to complete this project. We are also thankful to our families for supporting us. We are also thankful to Mr.Imran Qureshi for his support guidance and precious time for helping us to make practical use of our knowledge. It would not have been possible to complete this report in its present shape.

the worldwide leader in air express Danzas. reliability. Around 285. Three companies joined the brand of DHL in 2003. DHL Corporate Values DHL is customer conscious and working upon the strategy of Customer is King therefore there corporate goal is to get the customer satisfaction based with providing good quality.000 destinations in all continents. European leader in parcel services. These companies are. overland transport and air freight. It is also the world's number one in ocean freight and contract logistics. the worldwide leader in air and sea freight Deutsche Post Euro Express. leading the industry in terms of quality. profitability and market share.Company Overview DHL is the global market leader in international express.    DHL Worldwide Express. and accepting the challenges« To deliver excellent quality To make our customers successful To foster openness To act according to clear priorities To act in an entrepreneurial way To act with integrity internally and externally To accept social responsibilities . to set new and better standards in the courier business the world over. DHL`s international network links almost 220 countries and territories worldwide.000 employees are dedicated to providing fast and reliable services that exceed customer's expectations in 120. DHL Vision Customers trust DHL as the preferred global express and logistics partner.

DHL is operating with their 48 branches in different cities of Pakistan in form of Service Centers. Gateways and Express Centers. DHL is mainly operated by four locations with more than 300 employees. . and is almost focusing on the main areas/cities of Pakistan. DHL¶s main Country office is located in Karachi.Network in Pakistan DHL is a leading courier service provider. The main cities where DHL has its service centers are        Karachi Lahore Islamabad Multan Sialkot Peshawar Faisalabad Besides these it is operating with its Express Centers which are located in different cities of Pakistan.

Weak Visibility: It has weak visibility in the community compared with its potential. DHL also has excellent eServices that provide access to systems that ensure customers have control and visibility of their supply chains at all times. which recalculates the routes. depending on the current order situation and volume of traffic. Products can be tracked. at the same time recognizing the interdependence of the parts of DHL as a corporate whole. They provide services that appeal to most of the world. DHL has also developed their own quality system that matches their customer¶s standards. and thus realize tremendous revenues.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Strong Brand Image: In 1997. eServices and Technology: DHL uses and continues to search for new technology. They spend nearly 10% of total revenues. This can be a weakness if their customers do not perceive a difference between DHL and its competitors¶ services. Not Well-known in USA . Smart-Truck Project: It is the programme which allows DHL to deliver faster. Corporate symbiosis: DHL has developed its own organizational structure to serve the global market. which it has called ³corporate symbiosis. . for information technology. DHL became the global express transportation company to obtain simultaneous systemwide ISO 9001 certification in international quality standards. They have such a large market in which to operate. Globalism: DHL operates on a global scale. They operate in more than 220 countries. They can also achieve global economies of scale. UPS and FedEx.´ This approach encompasses the empowerment of the DHL personnel at a local level. WEAKNESSES High Prices: DHL¶s prices are above their competitors. The data are transmitted directly to the dynamic route planning system. queried and ordered online.

so it has an opportunity to capture that market by forming strategic alliances with the organizations like Pakistan Post. DHL can pass that along to the customer but fuel is always a concern both in price and availability. THREATS Economic Recession in Country. Besides there is also risk of operational difficulty Threat from New Entrants: Small and new coming organizations reduce the business of the DHL. They should keep finding Internet companies to contract delivery of their products. Expansion of Customer Base: Pakistan is a country where still large numbers of people are still residing in rural areas. Inflation rate has hit 18%. . as it has countrywide presence and in rural areas people are much aware of it so they can access it easily. there hasn¶t been any foreign direct investment over the last six months. Price of fuel can go up: Even if the price of fuel goes up. Like other countries in world Pakistan is also suffering from the economic recession.OPPORTUNITIES Expansion Globally: DHL can continue to expand globally. So it can be threat for DHL Political Uncertainty: Political uncertainty in the country always poses threats to investors as they fear laws and regulations that may not be friendly. Joint-Ventures: DHL can form joint ventures to enjoy the growth of integrating their customer bases. Since the growth of e-commerce is rapid now. They aren¶t much aware of DHL. including the other companies under DHL. and purchasing power of people is also decreasing. Expansion of e-commerce: DHL already has a major presence of shipping online. DHL could enjoy both profits and brand name recognition from this kind of expansion. With low cost packaging services offered by competitors are also the threats for the DHL.

Society of the country is composed of various ethnicities religions and sects.Dollar reached record high of Rs87 severely deteriorating the debt management. Country has a democratic government that has just completed its two years. As the economy of Pakistan becomes more and more service oriented. SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT: Pakistan is the sixth largest country according to population . Newly independent electronic media although reveals corruption. Lots of money was coming in the country as foreign aid For the last six months there hasn¶t been any Foreign Direct Investment. The assassination of former PM Benazir Bhutto Shaheed made investors skeptical.51% of the population is women. while the country maintained a growth rate of 6% third highest in Asia after China and India. People are really emotional regarding . there are huge prospects of growth for DHL as people all over the country want faster communication not only within the country but also around the globe in shortest time. Till 2007 the economic conditions of the country were flourishing. but most of the time non-issues are so much magnified that their hype makes the political scene a battlefield. Insurgency in the mineral rich. They can turn out great markets.PEST ANALYSIS POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT: Form of Government in Pakistan is parliamentary. Literacy rate is around 40%. Thus the stability needed to attract investors is missing. Inflation rate hit 18% and the interest rate is 14%. gas and water shortages have become a common thing. A vibrant workforce is available. State Bank of Pakistan decides the monetary issues. Society is male oriented. At the same time country has got a hostile western border besides the eastern one. Although many countries and organizations like Friends of Pakistan promised huge amount of aid but actually they just turned out to be loans on extremely strict conditions putting the country¶s sovereignty in question. Electricity. Government policies made the country got rid of IMF dictation for the first time ever in history. It also favored foreign investors. largest area wise province of Baluchistan also raises serious questions about law and order situations. However there is always uncertainty as recent judicial activism poses threat to the NRO protected elite of the country.Pak`s role in War on Terror costs billions of rupees leaving very few funds for development work. ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT: Pakistan is an agrarian country with a large number of populations associated with agriculture. The ethnic and sectarian divides are very wide. Many areas of the country especially north and south westerns region have been untapped. Youth is a major portion of it.

Consequently traders are skeptical of doing business in Pakistan. The number of ISAF troops has grown accordingly from the initial 5. Meanwhile many international telecom companies came to the country considering the tremendous potential it has. NATO s main role in Afghanistan is to assist the Afghan Government in exercising and extending its authority and influence across the country.000 troops coming from 44 countries. The character of the war evolved from a violent struggle against Al-Qaeda and its Taliban supporters to a complex counterinsurgency effort. Many new universities opened and a large number of students went abroad on scholarships. Today.their beliefs. 2001 as the US military's Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) that was launched. along with the British military. People are adaptive to technology and try to learn it. So. Government has been offering incentives in the field of science and technology. well qualified professionals are coming in. OPPURTUNITY: NATO is a key role player.This has left drastic effect on Pakistan as some estimate that it costed 40 billion dollars. TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT: During the last government special attention was paid to science and technology. flight of investment and above all loss of precious human lives. 2001 attacks on the US. TOWS THREAT: The current geopolitical situation of the country is that it s a front line state in the War on Terror and in its neighboring state Afghanistan. The War in Afghanistan is an ongoing coalition conflict which began on October 7. three-quarters of NATO provisions bound for Afghanistan must travel through the in neighboring Pakistan. Incidents of ethnic and sectarian violence have been very common in the past two decades. paving the way for reconstruction and effective governance. STRATEGY: So DHL can capitalize on it and turn this threat into an opportunity as it has worldwide presence and brand recognition. including all 28 NATO members.000 to around 80. It can provide the logistics for the NATO troops. DHL is very technology oriented it always keeps on modifying its technology and the proof is that 10% revenues every year are fixed for this purpose. . in response to both the September 11. It does this predominately through its UN-mandated International Security Assistance Force.

For them logistics is a shopping good as the frequency of purchase isn t as higher as that for convenience goods. DHL¶s main Country office is located in Karachi.CONSUMER PURCHASE BEHAVIOR y TYPE OF GOOD: The product we have selected is logistics. Gateways and Express Centers. Major clientele is businesses. y BUYING BEHAVIOR As the degree of involvement is higher because the major clientele is businesses and they are concerned regarding the safety of.Buying behavior is therefore dissonance reducing buying behavior Significant Difference between Brands Complex Buying Behavior Variety Seeking Buying Behavior Dissonance Reducing Buying Behavior Fewer Differences between Brands Habitual Buying Behavior High Involvement y DHL SEGMENTATION: Low involvement Geographic Segmentation: Region: Pakistan. and timely logistics .DHL is operating with their 48 branches in different cities of Pakistan in form of Service Centers.DHL is mainly operated by four locations with more than 300 employees. The main cities where DHL has its service centers are:   Karachi Lahore .

1. 3. 5. categorize and evaluate financial outcome of choices. they have either their own experience or other people in the surrounding having the same experience. 6. etc PURCHASE DECISION: 10% 9% 12% 6% Pharmaceuticals Multinationals Embassies Oil Sector Textile Sectors Telecom Sectors United Nations Banks 8% 17% 15% 23% The purchase decision will be based on Mental accounting. 8. Islamabad  Multan  Sialkot  Peshawar  Faisalabad Demographic Segmentation: Occupation: Businesses are the major target customers of DHL. As businesses have an aim of profit maximization therefore they strive for lower operational costs and safe and timely arrival of their goods. 7. According to it consumers code. 2. DHL segmented there customers on the bases of market sectors. y Pharmaceuticals Multinationals Embassies Oil Sector Textile Telecom Sector UN Missions Banks.e. Businesses may take guidance from others and ultimately come up with their own decision considering the quality . 4. Once the business becomes a regular customer their purchase pattern is determined through Retrospective Method i.

01% 3. express and logistics.27 0. DHL has been analyzed in three categories of its businesslike.812 1 Warhorses 0 Dodos INTREPRETATION BCG matrix indicates that in terms of mailing services DHL is placed in cash cows. stars and question marks. Note: Calculations and figures are provided in the appendix. Mail. INDUSTRY AVERAGE: =101429-98099*100 =3.BCG MATRIX BCG (Boston Consulting Group) matrix studies the performance of a business basically on two axes.27% Stars Question Marks 3. Market growth rate and market share and on its basis a business is placed on either of the four coordinate¶s cash cows . It means that market growth rate is low but DHL`S market share .39% 98099 2008 TOTAL SALES 98099 2009 101429 1) MAIL Market Growth Rate Market Growth rate 48225-46696 * 100 46696 =3.39 Dogs Cash Cows DHL Sales/market Growth Rate = 12747-12495*100 1249 =2.dogs.

6% 11194 DHL Sales/market Growth Rate = 6786-5878*100 = 15. 2) LOGISTICS: Market Growth rate =41640-40209 * 100 =3.29 Stars Question Marks Market Growth Rate 3. It means that market growth rate is high and DHL`S market share is low so it should make any decision considering the market conditions 3) EXPRESS Market Growth rate=12615-11194*100=12.44 % 5878 .72 0 Dodos INTREPRETATION BCG matrix indicates that the logistics operations are placed in question high so it should milk as much profits ass possible.39 Cash Cows Dogs 0 1 Warhorses 0.55% 40209 DHL Sales/market Growth Rate =11178-10516 *100 = 6.29 % 10516 6.

15.44 Market Growth Rate Stars Question Marks 3.22 1 Warhorses 0 Dodos . DHL is a star that means it has a high market growth rate and high relative market share so it should continue in express as there is tremendous potential in it.39 Cash Cows Dogs 0 INTREPRETATION In express. 2.

000 largest companies in US. reliable &economical ground transportation system-Commerce Capabilities Emphasized global network and stability creating an image ³not American.UPS has an AAA credit rating compared to FedEx with has a rating of BBB. Washington by Jim Casey. Has a fleet of 15.mail. and serves every company in Fortune Magazine¶s list of the 1. They operate in more than 200 countries worldwide. Competitive Stance: Adept. Leopard`s. but more worldwide. NLC. 300 employees worldwide (9th largest global employer). FedEx and UPS. UPS is known for its militaristic obsession with operations. do business in 15 different languages and dialects.2 million packages per day. express.000+ trucks & over 500 planes.423.e. Georgia. OCS. and deliver an average of 13. Distribution Network: UPS¶s early fleet of delivery included a Model T and a few motor cycles. Pakistan Post (Mail).They offer the same products and services i. With a globally . Service to and from more than 200 countries & territories. DHL`S COMPETITION: y Similar products or service Dhl main competitors are TCS. logistics. Headquartered in Atlantic. ANALYSIS OF COMPETITORS: In Pakistan the potential competitors against DHL in air express are: United Parcel Service) Founded in 1907 in Seattle.COMPETITION OF DHL FOUR LEVELS OF COMPETITION: y y y y Similar products or service logistics Product and service category All companies manufacturing and supplying products Competing for the same spending power.´ It is much larger in size if we look at assets.

They changed the nature of delivery business by reconfiguring outbound logistics (a primary activity) and human resource management (a support activity) to originate the overnight delivery business.Key numbers for fiscal year ending December. Competitive Stance FedEx has the strength of dependable know-how in the delivery business. Technology Skills: Senders can receive real-time status report about their shipments. TN. in 1973. Encryption technology Financial Stability: UPS has been more profitable over recent years. rather than on a country by country basis. It is much larger in size if we look at assets.0M One year growth: (12. Today it is still adroitly run by its founder Fred Smith.297. Over the years. which introduced computer technology to the shipping industry in previously unheard-of ways and permanently altered the nature of competition within it. providing them with a powerful technical architecture that had the potential to pioneer in Internet commerce.connected IT network. Distribution Network: . Technology Skills: FedEx developed a proprietary computerized tracking system called Customer Oriented Services and Management Operating System. UPS is able to leverage their IT advantage to service their corporate accounts on a global basis. Pricing: Negotiate at lower prices.0M Income growth: (28.3%) FedEx¶s origin in the Air Express business started in Memphis. FedEx has a unique 360 degree HR management system that is not repeated in any of its competitors. the company had also invested heavily in IT systems.152. creating value in the process.0%) Net income: $2. 2009: Sales: $45. or COSMOS.

Federal Express.Establishment of kinko¶s. also known as FedEx or FDX When you think overnight delivery. its moderate pricing power and its service mix development should allow operating margins to increase from 6.5% to 7. 2009: Sales: $35. establishment FedEx Express Distribution Centers(EDCs) in 11 countries across Asia. Streamlined distribution . launched in September 1995. the FedEx interNetShip. time-specific delivery to 211 countries. The brand is synonymous with quick.3%) Pricing: The main factors that influence the price charged by FedEx are the costs of gas.9% in the same period. Key numbers for fiscal year ending May. and market research. They have a patient long term strategic approach to the market. promotions. and its supply Chain & freight segments were all negatively affected by the deteriorating worldwide economic situation in 2008 and 2009. .logistics services are also linked to FedEx's other global networks through direct flights. reliable delivery. international packaging. As FedEx management's policy is to maximize profits. Brand Recognition: Oldest and foremost air express brand.Intra-Asia overnight delivery through the FedEx AsiaOne network.0M Income growth: (91. . Top-line growth is expected by some analysts at 8% over the next five years. The brand is also well known by the public for being able to track your package via the internet from source to destination.497. adding another element of customer service and window into the business.0M One year growth: (6. Operating leases of its aircraft allow FedEx to retain more cash.FedEx offers rapid. Internet shipping software. which they have used to subsidize their global expansions. they use the cutthroat business technique by pricing their services at high prices and hoping the consumer will use it based on the company's reputation and their unique and detailed tracking system. Financial Stability: FedEx both has a strong domestic revenue base. Additionally.5%) Net income: $98. are well funded and determined to continue acquisitions to further strengthen and extend their dominant domestic market shares across the globe. you think ³FDX´. IDENTIFICATION OF COMPETITOR WEAKNESSES y UPS: Financial Factors: UPS' domestic packaging.

U. UPS has added logistics. Other Weaknesses: Employee racial discrimination Lack of ground transportation force Costly technology innovations Judgment for late deliveries . Expansion beyond packages. since none of the US freight transportation companies has a dominant global position there is a huge potential that UPS could be the leader. but currently with very small returns Weak positioned in overnight (express) shipping segment. and focused solely on intercontinental express service continuing to serve the market through an alliance with TNT. Weak in the Asian market No dominant global position . freight forwarding. y FedEx: Financial Factors: Over the past several years they have experienced significant year-over-year increases in pension cost. FedEx commands rates from corporate customer that are 8-12% higher than those at UPS for identical service. and vendor financing. While the downsizing for FedEx was painful and required a $254 million restructuring charge. reflected primarily in lower ongoing salaries and benefits costs. Their ability to effectively operate.S. integrate and leverage the Kinko¶s business. small market share in airborne service in comparison with FedEx Weak brand recognition. Approximately $65 million of savings were realized in the third quarter ($90 million in the nine months). Market/Performance Related Factors: UPS stumbled in their European incursions. Increased debt Market & Performance Related Factors FedEx stumbled in Europe and had to shut down the largest part of its European business. industrial production and retail sales particularly affected its package delivery and forwarding operations.UPS has a weak international position.Declines in world trade.

their trucks not as well lay out. Their handling is not as careful.All the companies are of foreign origin that¶s why the expertise in terms of products and services are more or less the same. As the market has reached a maturity phase and there is slight difference among the offerings of different competitors that¶s why the competitor response has always been relaxed. However the competitive edge of Dhl is maintained by the fact that it is the global market leader in the industry and has the largest worldwide presence. STP STRATEGIES SITUATION ANALYSIS: .FedEx uses owner operators for their ground operations. RELAXED COMPETITOR: The competitors of DHL have been very relaxed. STRATEGIC FOCUS: y y y y y Conflict Competition Coexistence Cooperation Collusion CO-EXISTANCE: Dhl is the clear market leader in Pakistan in the express services. The courier service industry has almost reached a maturity phase worldwide and in Pakistan there has been a constant growth. While none of the companies try to manipulate the market by ill means either. and their terminals are less efficient. COMPETITOR RESPONSES: y y y y Relaxed Competitor The Tiger Competitor The Selective Competitor The Unpredictable Competitor. Other competitors are FedEx and UPS.

approx 60.Global Perspective: Till 2009 the situation of been as follow. The major Dhl air hubs are Hong Kong. air and freight. Leipzig. Lagos.000 destinations in 220 countries worldwide. express. Miami . but also provides value-added and innovative services to its customers.Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport. DHL International and the Awan Group Most of the Dhl customers are businesses . It has over 8 million customers worldwide. Today. It has more than 35000 touchpoints. Bahrain. . DHL network links more than 120.000 employees. Network: over 42 locations Gateways: 4 Employees: 600+ Vehicles: 200+ MARKET SEGMENTATION: Demographic Segmentation: DHL segments its market in terms of demographics.DHL also offers unparalleled expertise in mail. Pakistani Perspective: DHL Pakistan has been operating in Pakistan since 1982 as a joint venture between .DHL Pakistan not only delivers documents and heavy weight parcels.They include both manufacturers and service providers. DHL Pakistan is the largest air express company in Pakistan. While further.000 vehicles and approx 4500 facilities. it is according to Occupation. It has 100.

To be successful in the global transportation business. and TNT. trucks. Threat of Entry: A global transportation business is an economy of scale. UPS. Retail & Consumer Audio. a firm should have a large network of distribution centers. often with the goal of securing their market share. one strategy the large firms apply is the acquisition of local freight companies.Fashion. One most relevant issue is the long term contracts and commitments which the major . who is likely to enter the market by specializing in one of the delivery sub-markets. As observed. Video & Telecom Electronic Equipment Life Science & Healthcare  MICHAEL PORTER`S FIVE FORCES MODEL Rivalry: There is a fierce competition between the transportation firms on price. will not be in a competitive position. highly efficient hubs for parcel sorting around the globe as well as having access to a reasonably large fleet of airplanes. An entrant who has the required market capitalization will still struggle in building the brand image. The major players in the international transportation industry are: Fedex. The firms are constantly cutting prices. trains and ships A new entrant at this point.

Individuals are likely to choose the firm with the least price. Also the fact that most distribution centers and warehouses have teamed up with a certain transportation firm gives the individual customer little bargaining power. the overnight document delivery market is facing a significant threat of substitute by facsimiles and emails in the dot-com age. a truck supplier will not be in a strong bargaining position. However. operators of transportation vehicles with limited capacity such as trains do have some bargaining power. especially aircraft maintenance and catering. one could order a product online to be delivered to any part of the world. They are in a race to reach warehouses. Some companies offer a full refund of the shipping costs if the delivery is not on time. These prices are determined based on the economy and political issues which puts the oil suppliers in a strong bargaining position. However. Supplier Bargaining Power: The fluctuating prices of fuel severely affect the profitability of the transportation business. switching to another transportation firm is cheap. This partially due to the high switching costs involved. digitization of documents and online forms. Due to the rivalry of the vehicle manufacture industry. individuals are more attached to certain firms. Most such corporations do not provide their customers the flexibility to choose their transportation provider. An entrant to the market at a significant scale is also like to face a large retaliation from the existing rivals Threat of Substitute: It does not seem that substitutes produce a potential threat to the transportation industry. the firms have adopted the ³Open an account´ program to lock their customers. Moreover. by advertising and brand-name images. These companies also take advantage of international trade agreements between countries and world trade regulations. Moreover. one sub-market. such as boxes and plastics. However. Service suppliers. However. airport services and truck maintenance have strong bargaining power. the transportation firms are committed to deliver in time. Organizations and firms are more welcoming than ever to accept online digital signatures to save money and time. This puts such corporations in a very strong bargaining position. . While adopting the one-stop shopping technique and offering all possible transportation solutions. Such accounts will give its loyal users more benefits. Moreover. With the booming of e-commerce. the µthree¶ rivals are ensuring their market share even if the customer decides to substitute his airfreight transaction with a ground or ocean freight transaction. the transportation industry combats this problem by collecting fuel surcharges in case of high fuel prices. Banks are deploying online checking accounts and more people are substituting their paper statements with online statements. spare-parts and storage houses. To reduce the bargaining power of service providers. Internet service providers are educating more people about the benefits of emails. the transportation firms are investing aggressively in developing technology that automates the package sorting process. Buyer Bargaining Power: The transportation firms are in a fierce competition to provide delivery services for large corporations and firms. Instead they have a contract with a diversified transportation company to provide the shipping solutions.players have with large corporations. Suppliers of packaging equipment. are not in a position to have high bargaining power.

Internationally it .APPENDIX y OCS (Overnight Courier Service) OCS was established in 1957 in Tokyo. freight forwarding. the OCS name has become synonymous with dependability and quality. Products: Since then. transportation and logistic solutions worldwide. when a consortium of newspaper publishers formulated the concept of a worldwide speed delivery network for their publications. It has 212 pickup points and more than 1500 delivery locations across Pakistan. Major OCS corporate offices worldwide anchor one of the most extensive international delivery systems ever developed Distribution Networks: Within Pakistan. Japan. OCS has been providing premium quality express courier.. Ltd. Their invention was called "Overseas Courier Service Co.

Crockery & other similar items are charged at 0. Meezan Bank. Honda Motor. first started operations as an independent courier company in Pakistan. TV Screen. TCS Pakistan has continued to lead. OCS Pakistan handles tens of thousands of shipments every single day. Wind Screen. Pakistan Railway. time sensitive and effective catering to all courier needs of both local and international customers. Standard Chartered. Askari Bank.Width in cm *H . Formula: (L x W x H) / 6000 = Dimensional Weight (in Kg. What followed is history.) Ltd. the courier and logistics service industry in Pakistan through innovation. PSO. whichever is higher. The Punjab Group. and Shell. the first express document was booked in Karachi. .6% Breakable/Fragile items charged at 8% Computers charged at 2% Major Clients: Allied Bank.) * L . OCS is committed to provide high quality services that are reliable. In the wee hours of a crisp winter morning.Height in cm Premium Rates: All Cargo excluding Breakable/Fragile items such as Glass.Length in cm *W . Pricing: (Deliveries are made in 48 hrs to 72 hrs) (Minimum weight of shipment is 5 kg) (High volume shipment is charged as per volumetric calculation) Rates are charged on the total actual weight or the total dimensional weight of all packages in a shipment. commitment and passion. Coca-Cola. y TCS (TRANZUM COURIER SERVICE) Ever since its inception in 1983. Berger. Citi Bank. It was in 1986 that OCS Pakistan (Pvt.covers the globe with the OCS network of over 240 offices in more than 90 countries around the world. Today. pioneering spirit.

Sui Gas and Telephone bills. Business Composition 80 per cent of all the TCS shipments comprise documents while the remaining 20 per cent consist of parcels. warehousing. . Collection of Electricity. Pakistan Post is also providing a universal postal service network in harmony with the Union Postal Union (UPU) strategy to ensure secure and timely delivery of mail. Pakistan Post is providing delivery services to about 20 million households and businesses as community service without any cost considerations.Products: Tranzum. People recognize it because of its efficient on-time service. Collection of Taxes. In 1962 it was separated from the Telegraph & Telephone and started working as an independent attached department. event management & publications. which inter-alias include Saving Bank. logistics. travel & tours. money and material at affordable cost through utilization of people. In last three years the volume of parcel business has registered a healthy growth of as much as 300 per cent. TCS with its international look now caters South Asia with over 2000 locations in Pakistan. Major Clients: "Corporate sector is the biggest user of their services. mail order. the Pakistan Post also performs agency functions on behalf of Federal and Provincial governments. y PAKISTAN POST Pakistan Post Office is one of the oldest government departments in the Sub-Continent. Pakistan Post is providing postal services in every nook and corner of the country through a network of around 13. Around 75 per cent of their entire business comes from the corporate sector while the remaining 25 per cent comes from individuals and others. visa drop box. TCS Pakistan has also largely helped redefine the very path and direction for the entire industry to follow. it began functioning as the Department of Post & Telegraph. process and technology and innovative product offerings. Brand Recognition: Being the first Pakistani courier service provider TCS has strong brand recognition across Pakistan. In 1947. In addition to its traditional role. Water. distribution. Postal Life Insurance. is a progressive master enterprise offering services in diversified industries including express. Distribution Network TCS Express saga now spans five continents.000 post offices. management development. "Though documents still make the biggest part of TCS business trends show that their business is moving towards parcels by each passing year.

Afghanistan and other countries of the Middle-East. NLC has been awarded Gold Mercury Award by the Government of Pakistan. Distribution Agencies. which had resulted in a waiting time of 50 days for the ships and was costing the Government $12. They reach where no other courier service does. A single account number for all billing details simplifies your cost-control and budgeting Major Clients: Insurance Companies Manufacturer Industries. At present. Pricing: Fixed pricing for all door-to-door delivery means no hidden charges or surprises.400 couriers through out Pakistan who are equipped with motorcycles and mobiles to ensure timely pick up and deliveries. Their large fleet of vehicles and chartered airplanes add value to the services that offer.y LEOPARD`S: Competitive Stance Leopards Courier Service has the largest network of spots throughout Pakistan. In recognition of its services. Multinational Companies. Pharmaceutical Companies y NLC: Brand Recognition National Logistics Cell (NLC) was raised on 6th August 1978 to reduce the congestion at Karachi Port. they have1036 destinations for general clients and 376 destinations where service is limited to banks only.5 Million per annum in demurrage. Turkey and Iran . This established reputation of the Cell has resulted in the assignation of mega engineering and construction ventures in Qatar. Distribution Network Service started in 1983 with five destinations. This has resulted planned expansion of its operations to Central Asian Republics. 400 fully trained professional staff is available to look after our customer s needs and interest and to support these couriers. These destinations are controlled and fed from 164 Major Hubs spread all over Pakistan They are employing about 2. Financial Institutions. Pakistan Government & Semi Government Departments. Through over night service your packet or parcel will be delivered before 11 AM in all major cities.

56% DHL FEDEX PAKISTAN POST 9465 14586 2009 12747 9400 15678 10150 LEOPARD`S TOTAL 46696 10400 48225 . it will provide real-time accurate data for managing all our administrative and business functions. ITenabled environment which will streamline business processes and will eliminate operational redundancies.Product Skills In the process NLC introduced in the country the concept of containerization and became the largest multi-modal freight handler in the region. Technology Skills/New Product Innovations eNLC Under the eNLC Program.4% 48225 FedEx = 9400 *100 = 19. they endeavor growth towards a self reliant Pakistan.49% 48225 Pakistan Post =15678 * 100 =32. With business interests. enhancing energy resources. Additionally.NLC also serves as the Crisis Management Arm of the Government to handle and diffuse logistics emergencies. 1) MAIL YEAR 2008 12495 Market Share: DHL=12747*100=26. management of border terminals and strategic inland dry ports. Through infrastructure development. NLC s development strategies exploit the strength of the core business while evolving challenging activities.5% 48225 Leopards=10400 * 100 = 21. NLC envisions itself transforming into a One Stop Shop for clients multimodal freight requirements. Competitive Stance: NLC is a multifaceted organization where diversification guides growth. Using the latest web based technologies. the National Logistics Cell plans to create a fully networked. provision of freight services. Clients will be able to make bookings on the Internet and view the progress of their goods from pickup point to final destination. manufacturing and engineering excellence. both domestic and international. In an environment where the customer continues to have increasing options. NLC plans to offer quality services that no one else can provide.

95% 41640 DHL=11178*100=26.48225 Relative Market Share =26.84=0.4=0.5% 41640 Relative Market Share 26.09% 12615 UPS=2789*100=22.812 32.10% 12615 Relative Market Share: YEAR 2008 5878 2009 6786 2789 3040 DHL FEDEX 2160 3156 UPS TOTAL 11194 12615 .72 36.7% 12615 FEDEX=3040*100=24.5 2) LOGISTICS Market Share: NLC=15388*100=36.84% 41640 YEAR 2008 15293 2009 15388 11178 9424 5650 NLC DHL 10516 8760 LEOPARD`S 5640 SPEEDEX LEOPARD`S = 9424 *100=22.63% 41640 TOTAL 40209 41640 SPEEDEX = 5650 *100=13.95 3) EXPRESS Market Share: DHL=6786 *100=53.

=53.09 .22 24.7 =2 .

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