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Ending the Blues mov ( Adam Gussow - Blues Harmonica )

Ending the Blues mov ( Adam Gussow - Blues Harmonica )

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Published by: daiana888 on May 11, 2011
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Ending the Blues (Gussow.


Click here to download Adam Gussow (born April 3, 1958, New York, United States) is a scholar, memoirist, and blues harmonica player.Gussow is currently an associate professor of English and Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. He spent twelve years (1986–1998) working the streets of Harlem and the international club and festival circuit with Mississippiborn bluesman Sterling Magee as a duo called Satan and Adam. Along with Canadian harmonicist Carlos del Junco, Gussow was one of the first amplified blues players, in the late 1980s, to make overblows a key element of his stylistic approach, adapting Howard Levy's innovations in a way that helped usher in a new generation of overblow masters such as Jason Ricci and Chris Michalek. According to a reviewer for American Harmonica Newsletter, Gussow's playing is characterized by "[t]echnical mastery and innovative brilliance that comes along but once in a generation."[1] When Satan and Adam were honored with a cover story in Living Blues magazine in 1996, Gussow was, according to the editor, "the first white blues musician to be so prominently spotlighted in the magazine’s 26-year history."(David Nelson (1996-09/10), Living Blues, #129) Raised in suburban Congers, New York, educated at Princeton University (B.A. 1979, Ph.D. 2000) and Columbia University (M.A. 1983), Gussow has an atypical pedigree for a blues performer. In Mister Satan’s Apprentice: A Blues Memoir (1998), he credits his career to the mentorship of two older African American performers: Nat Riddles, a Bronx-born harmonica player who had worked with Odetta, Larry Johnson, and others; and Magee, a guitarist/percussionist with whom Gussow teamed up after a chance afternoon jam session on Harlem’s 125th Street. As Satan and Adam, Magee and Gussow recorded three albums: Harlem Blues (1991), which was nominated for a W. C. Handy Award as "Traditional Blues Album of the Year"; Mother Mojo (1993); and Living on the River (1996). A brief extract of Magee and Gussow performing on 125th Street was included in U2's Rattle and Hum documentary. Gussow's other musical credits include five months with the bus-and-truck tour of Big River; commercials for Coca-Cola, Nestea, and Swatch; and two decades as a harmonica instructor at the Guitar Study Center in New York and Jon Gindick's harmonica jam camps.

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