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Dubliners - James Joyce

Dubliners - James Joyce

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Published by: Carlinhia Rivas on May 11, 2011
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bring her the contract? Anyway, if it's not your business it's my

business and I mean to see to it."

"You'd better speak to Mr. Fitzpatrick," said Mr. Holohan distantly.

"I don't know anything about Mr. Fitzpatrick," repeated Mrs. Kearney. "I

have my contract, and I intend to see that it is carried out."

When she came back to the dressing-room her cheeks were slightly

suffused. The room was lively. Two men in outdoor dress had taken

possession of the fireplace and were chatting familiarly with Miss Healy

and the baritone. They were the Freeman man and Mr. O'Madden Burke. The

Freeman man had come in to say that he could not wait for the concert as

he had to report the lecture which an American priest was giving in

the Mansion House. He said they were to leave the report for him at the

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