Clifton 1

Nadia Clifton Professor Arnold LBST 2102 5 April 2011 Hotel Rwanda Microtheme Hotel Rwanda is a movie about Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in Rwanda. The Hutu are taking over, and killing all the Tutsi ³cockroaches´ they can get their hands on. Paul wanted to take care of just his family but after the urging of his wife, he took his neighbors with him when the Hutu came for them. Eventually, Paul ended up taking care of all the refugees who came to the hotel. There was no help for them, and Paul had to bribe everyone who came looking to kill the refugees to leave them alone. He had to bribe his ³friend´ to give them food, and bribe the general to put troops on the gate. The whole time, Paul was under immense stress. He had the lives of everyone in the hotel, including twenty orphaned Tutsi children and his family in his hands. The UN could not do anything. They were only peace keepers. Instead of looking out for only himself and his family, Paul did the right thing and kept everyone safe. When the UN came back with visas for some of the families, Paul¶s family was on the list He put them in the convoy and then closed the door. He would not leave all the other people behind. That was an act of courage. He left his family knowing that he might not ever see them again. He sacrificed so much for so many other people, and in the end, thanks to him, they all got away safely. Paul did something that not many people are able, or willing to do. He was looking out for others even though he did not know many of them. He stood up for what he knew was right. He stood up for what he believed in. Paul has a strong sense of courage and responsibility.

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