AP Psych Jeopardy Review: Midterm 1 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Taking away something unpleasant to promote behavior – NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT Part of the brain

that relays infor from sense receptors- THALMUS Why people perceive a tree trunk as the Loch Ness monsterPERCEPTUAL SET When new info. Interferes with old information- RETROACTIVE INTERFERENCE Skill someone is using when viewing a police line up to identify they suspect- RECOGNITION Allows bugs bunny to hop across the screen- STROBOSCOPIC MOTION Lobe of the brain responsible for somato-sensory informationTEMPORAL Photoreceptor cell responsible for color- CONES Psychologist known for conditioning Little Albert- WATSON AND REINER Short term memory can store this many chunks- 7 PLUS OR MINUS 2 (5-9) Garcia’s bright –noisy experiment illustrated the importance of this- GENETIC PREDISPOSITION A monocular cue objects at a distance are less textured and more smooth- TEXTURE GRADIENT Completee dark adaption takes this long- 30 MINS Endocrine glands secret hormones directly here- BLOODSTREAM Ablation, cutting parts of the brain- LEISIONING Reinforcement schedule, paycheck every 2 weeks- FIXED INTERVAL Passage of time causes forgetting- DECAY THEORY Gland located on underside of brain, responsible for secreting most of the hormones- PITUITARY Portion of long term memory that stores general facts and infoSEMANTIC Tendendcy to perceive objects as stable and unchangingCONSTANCY Reapperarnce of a response after passage of timeSPONTANTEOUS RECOVERY Unusually sharp and detailed images of something someone has seen- EIDETIC MEMORY Reason why people misrecall “the angry rioter threw the rock at the window” as “through the window”- SEMANTIC ENCODING Theory that color derives from 3 color receptors- YOUNGHELMOLTZ OR TRICHROMATIC THEORY

PUPIL A visual image held in the sensory register.GESTALT PERCEPTION Theory that we selective attend to certain auditory stimulus (all or nothing filter). SYNAPTIC GAP.BROADBENT SOCIAL THEORY FINAL JEOPARDY: I couldn’t remember the question but the answer was hippocampus and amygdala . AND DENDRITES regulates the amount of light entering the eye.ICON 2 elements associated with each other in classical conditioningUNCONDITIONED AND CONDITIONED STIMULUS Includes the principle of continuity and closure.• • • • • • • 3 components that make up a synapse.AXON TERMINALS.