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Nadia Clifton Professor Arnold LBST 2101-H93 February 3, 2011 The Dark Child Microtheme The strongest connection or relationship in this book was the one between Camara Laye and his mother. This connection starts before the book does. To My Mother is written on the fifth page underneath which is a dedication that looks like a song or a poem. He was so close to his mother that she knew when something was bothering him. On page 28, he wrote Why did she, too, appear so sad? Had she divined my distress? Anything that concerned me she sensed very deeply. In Kouroussa Laye lived in his mother s hut but that was unusual. The only time his younger brothers and sisters were kept him his mother s hut was while she was nursing them. Otherwise, they slept in their father s mother s hut. He was a favorite of hers. Whenever Laye had to leave for school, his mother would get very upset and when he came home for vacation, his mother would have Europeanized his hut. She could do magic only for good and everyone respected her. She drove away all the girls that she didn t think were good enough for him and when Laye was to leave for France, she first refused to let him go then gave in and broke down into tears. Laye s relationship with his mother reminds me of my relationship with my own mother. We are very close and we always have been. Whenever something is bothering her, I know even if she tries to cover it up and she notices changes in me that I don t even know about. I

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know it was hard for Laye s mother to let him go. In her eyes, he was her son and he should stay with her for the rest of her life. That was how it was supposed to be but now the white man was taking him away from her. She didn t know if she would ever see him again. And if she did, she knew that he would go farther and farther away from her. On the flip side, she must have been very proud of her son. He was smart, hard working, and brave. What mother wouldn t be proud of a son like that.

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