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(09:34:07 PM) The topic for #dyscultured is: Episode #133 (09:34:30 PM) wakemp_web [webchat@ZeroNode-tot.nkm.66.184.IP] entered the room. (09:34:36 PM) currie: yo (09:34:46 PM) wiseman: hey andrew (09:35:08 PM) currie: lemme do a test call and i'll be ready on skype (09:35:17 PM) currie: sorry -- MICROSOFT skype (09:35:47 PM) theCaptain [webchat@ZeroNode-h1t.8k2.12.74.IP] entered the room. (09:35:55 PM) wakemp [bkempthorne@ZeroNode-tot.nkm.66.184.IP] entered the room. (09:36:00 PM) shanebee: yes, microsoft skype (09:36:04 PM) shanebee: damn bastard (09:36:04 PM) shanebee: s (09:36:08 PM) wakemp: Finally got the Colloquy working (09:36:09 PM) wiseman: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcScHcBz-

XXXOUWYr2jfJy1qPjHQWZAf8XAJ0WbZKSnjTA2qtvC8 (09:36:15 PM) wiseman: skynet (09:36:23 PM) wakemp: we still using the hashtag for show notes (09:36:31 PM) victriviaqueen [webchat@ZeroNode-hujnc4.gv.shawcable.net] entered the room. (09:37:00 PM) wakemp: The Mike comes back and starts bitchin episode.. (09:37:49 PM) shanebee: mike toddler speak (09:38:03 PM) victriviaqueen: ola all (09:38:18 PM) currie: que pasa? (09:38:53 PM) victriviaqueen: Alex is going to be working with my other half on a project too. :) (09:39:17 PM) Mike [webchat@ZeroNode-5er820.bchsia.telus.net] entered the room. (09:39:21 PM) wakemp: ola victriviaqueen (09:39:23 PM) Mike: hi all (09:39:45 PM) wakemp: Guys... really wanted to get the defeated MP support group story in there... is it on the list (09:39:56 PM) currie: can you hear us? (09:40:03 PM) shanebee: i can't hear me (09:40:03 PM) currie: gripping audio, i know (09:40:12 PM) victriviaqueen: yep we can hear you. (09:40:43 PM) victriviaqueen: hahaha (09:40:56 PM) wakemp left the room. (09:41:12 PM) wakemp [bkempthorne@ZeroNode-tot.nkm.66.184.IP] entered the room. (09:41:44 PM) currie: http://www.scribd.com/doc/55223676/Dyscultured-133-Show-Notes (09:42:27 PM) wakemp: Fri/Sat (09:42:30 PM) wakemp: for NV11 (09:44:06 PM) theCaptain: 9-3 Blue Jays in the bottom of the 8th, by the way (09:46:09 PM) victriviaqueen: I am somewhat distracted by Angry Birds in my Chrome browser :) (09:47:17 PM) theCaptain left the room (quit: [ZN] Quit: "Page closed"). (09:47:34 PM) shanebee: OMG CheryL! (09:48:10 PM) victriviaqueen: what, Shane, the Angry Birds? (09:48:18 PM) victriviaqueen: I installed it for my kid on her mac too. (09:49:46 PM) victriviaqueen: hotot? (09:50:12 PM) Henshaw: Hello! (09:50:22 PM) anth: Hi from Vancouver everyone! (09:50:36 PM) wakemp: The death of a thousand votes: defeated MPs coping with grief, rejection (09:50:36 PM) wakemp: http://bit.ly/igmE5o #dys133 (09:50:40 PM) currie: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/10/hotot-twitter-app-adds-multi-profile-identi-ca-

support-in-latest-update/ (09:50:51 PM) victriviaqueen: got it. (09:51:22 PM) wakemp: Defeated MPs turn to gold-plated pensions http://bit.ly/jqvICZ #dys133 (09:51:26 PM) shanebee: I must stop playing Angry Birds in my browser.... (09:51:31 PM) shanebee: Currie might notice. (09:52:20 PM) wakemp: Waiting for the Katy Perry version (09:52:31 PM) wakemp: "That's what you get for leaving Vegas!" (09:54:53 PM) victriviaqueen left the room (quit: [ZN] Quit: "Page closed"). (09:55:06 PM) victriviaqueen [webchat@ZeroNode-hujnc4.gv.shawcable.net] entered the room. (09:55:18 PM) victriviaqueen: argh.. got booted out. (09:56:47 PM) Alex [webchat@ZeroNode-95v01m.bchsia.telus.net] entered the room. (09:56:51 PM) Alex: Here (09:56:59 PM) Alex: Will be in and out, though. Working. (09:57:01 PM) wakemp: Yeap (09:57:08 PM) wakemp: F You too (09:57:23 PM) shanebee: umm, that is TMI alex (09:57:25 PM) shanebee: muhahhhaa (09:57:38 PM) Alex: Oh come on, shanebee. (09:57:45 PM) victriviaqueen: welcome Alex :) (09:57:45 PM) Alex: For God's sae (09:57:48 PM) Alex: *sake (09:58:04 PM) shanebee: hee hee (09:58:08 PM) shanebee: beer is good for you (09:58:12 PM) Alex: Hi Cheryl (09:59:52 PM) currie: alex, got a link for the static page handy? (10:00:06 PM) Alex: http://stuff.alexblackie.ca/dysstatic/ (10:00:52 PM) victriviaqueen: :) Very nice, Alex! (10:01:00 PM) jpli [webchat@ZeroNode-lp84s3.cable.teksavvy.com] entered the room. (10:01:20 PM) jpli: hi! (10:01:26 PM) victriviaqueen: hi there! (10:01:35 PM) anth: hey jpli (10:01:37 PM) wiseman: need live page linkage on the home page (10:01:54 PM) shanebee: http://youtu.be/ZtuJftdX-MQ (10:02:19 PM) currie: we were going to hyperlink the "live every wednesday" (10:02:48 PM) Alex: Shanebee, I love how the image in that news report is an IE6 address bar. (10:03:05 PM) shanebee: lol (10:04:06 PM) wiseman: sleepover! (10:04:21 PM) Alex: SLUMBER PARTY! (10:04:25 PM) toma [webchat@ZeroNode-o3u8em.phnx.qwest.net] entered the room. (10:04:49 PM) Alex: w00t (10:05:04 PM) toma left the room (quit: [ZN] Quit: "Page closed"). (10:06:09 PM) Alex: Guys, http://www.plurk.com/dyscultured (10:07:30 PM) shanebee: Not immersed eaykjdsays Please join USANA Miss Xie Xieli 0938375968 Thank you to benefit more people more (10:07:42 PM) shanebee: the traqnslation from the new plurk account (10:07:46 PM) shanebee: translation (10:07:49 PM) victriviaqueen: nice. (10:07:56 PM) Alex: Lolz (10:11:48 PM) slugore [webchat@ZeroNode-p0f1ee.cable.rogers.com] entered the room. (10:12:11 PM) currie: mike, links? (10:12:12 PM) currie: fuck (10:12:13 PM) currie: http://blog.wapreview.com/10173/ (10:12:38 PM) slugore: gang

(10:12:47 PM) victriviaqueen: :) (10:12:53 PM) victriviaqueen: hey slugore (10:12:53 PM) wiseman: for the save (10:12:55 PM) shanebee: slugore! (10:12:55 PM) Mike: http://blog.wapreview.com/10173/ (10:13:19 PM) wiseman: my garble garble is ... (10:13:43 PM) Mike: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/networking/microsoft-8217s-ballmer-77-billion-skype-

blunder/1033 (10:14:03 PM) currie: see end of story here for cpp: http://gigaom.com/2011/05/09/why-microsoft-is-buyingskype-for-8-billion/ (10:14:12 PM) slugore: skype.net (10:14:20 PM) Alex: sky.net (10:14:22 PM) Alex: BAM (10:14:24 PM) Mike: http://gigaom.com/2011/05/09/why-microsoft-is-buying-skype-for-8-billion/ (10:14:25 PM) victriviaqueen: 8.5 billion. CRAZY. (10:14:45 PM) Alex: Jesus. I need to make a product. (10:15:47 PM) victriviaqueen: Alex -- that's what we've been trying to come up with for years -- some thing we can sell to a bigger fish. (10:15:48 PM) slugore: stuck on Linux like Lionel Richie is stuck on you (10:16:38 PM) currie: http://planet.gnu.org/gnutelephony/?p=14 (10:17:56 PM) currie: anyone? (10:17:56 PM) anth: Currie wagging his fucking open source finger ..|.. (10:18:12 PM) victriviaqueen: (brb) (10:18:16 PM) Alex: Shanebee, we should make a Skype alternative. (10:18:21 PM) Alex: And make billions (10:18:22 PM) slugore: ebay (10:18:30 PM) Mike: http://www.reddit.com/r/canada/comments/foq3v/bellrogersshaw_whowhat_do_they_own_a_very_long/ (10:19:01 PM) slugore: I found out that they actually own me apparently (10:19:17 PM) currie: yo doug! didn't see you pop in (10:19:33 PM) slugore: yo yo (10:20:18 PM) slugore: shorter list would be what they don't own (10:20:48 PM) wiseman: michael jackson was taken out by sony for sure. (10:21:47 PM) slugore: I was with Telus when they were Clearnet and my phone was the size of a brick (10:22:15 PM) currie: i have that phone in my drawer (10:22:27 PM) slugore: I wondered were i left it\ (10:22:38 PM) slugore: where* (10:24:34 PM) slugore: I remember when I couldn't wait to get cable back in Windsor in the 80's... shaw (10:24:57 PM) slugore: Now I can't wait to get rid of cable... ota is where it is at apparently (10:25:32 PM) shanebee: COMPETITION ACT Y U NO ENFORCED? (10:25:45 PM) anth: How bad is Andrew cylon-ing? (10:25:56 PM) slugore: he's sounding better (10:26:36 PM) wiseman: morontorium (10:26:47 PM) slugore: monorail! (10:27:00 PM) shanebee: alex and my skype alternative: "wewontfuckur" (10:27:17 PM) Mike: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20110503/14590814131/info-law-enforcement-getswhen-they-subpoena-facebook.shtml (10:27:36 PM) Mike: morontorium is much better...but also transparent (10:27:45 PM) Alex: Yes (10:27:55 PM) Alex: ^ For shanebee (10:28:06 PM) heywood [webchat@ZeroNode-0c1927.dsl.bell.ca] entered the room. (10:28:34 PM) heywood: ah ha!! at least catch 1/2 the show... (10:28:52 PM) slugore: bad boys

(10:28:55 PM) slugore: bad boys (10:29:13 PM) slugore: Dave's not here man (10:29:14 PM) wiseman: nice anth (10:29:27 PM) jpli left the room (quit: [ZN] Quit: "Page closed"). (10:30:25 PM) wiseman: the onion piece on facebook as a cia operation is killer (10:31:11 PM) wiseman: for later ... http://www.theonion.com/video/cias-facebook-program-dramatically-cut-

agencys-cos,19753/ (10:31:42 PM) Mike: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2011/05/senators-press-apple-google-for-answersabout-location-tracking.ars (10:31:47 PM) Alex: March 20th. http://twitter.com/#!/shanebee/status/49368953453166593 (10:31:48 PM) slugore: no Facebook for me for over a year now.... still don't miss it (10:31:50 PM) currie: zomg, here's shane rite now! http://yfrog.com/h3x1uqwj (10:31:56 PM) wiseman: mikes back! (10:32:53 PM) victriviaqueen: back... (10:33:40 PM) slugore: he's good enough to be a senator, he's smart enough and damnit people voted for him.... (10:33:54 PM) slugore: guy smiley... (10:34:05 PM) slugore: or smally (10:35:24 PM) victriviaqueen: :) (10:35:54 PM) currie: http://openattitude.com/2011/05/11/my-first-android-app/ (10:36:06 PM) slugore: In Canada we don't allow the levy to break. We just flood 150 farms and homes (10:36:38 PM) victriviaqueen: I recall the ZOMG post, Andrew. :) (10:37:01 PM) slugore: Andrew set up the drinking bird to constantly refresh the window to see if the app appeared (10:38:36 PM) wiseman: clap clap (10:38:41 PM) slugore: golf clap (10:38:46 PM) wiseman: clap (10:38:57 PM) Alex: SHANEBEE, I THOUGHTYOU LOVED ME (10:38:57 PM) wiseman: #pantscheck on (10:38:58 PM) slugore: ironic clap? (10:39:15 PM) victriviaqueen: #pantscheck needs to be on a t-shirt. (10:39:46 PM) Mike: http://mobilesyrup.com/2011/05/11/visa-launching-new-digital-wallet-in-canada-fall2011/ (10:39:51 PM) wiseman: i called that half the show ago! (10:40:15 PM) wiseman: near field data loss (10:41:42 PM) wiseman: i'm otto mannnnnnn (10:41:48 PM) slugore: Mike. the new Dick Van Dyke (10:41:48 PM) victriviaqueen: SHOW TITLE (10:42:00 PM) victriviaqueen: "When did this show become morning drive time?" (10:42:55 PM) currie: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/click_online/9456798.stm (10:43:42 PM) Mike: Rapidfire coming up. PEW PEW! (10:44:37 PM) slugore: interesting that the pre-roll add for bbc link is for PlayBook (10:45:05 PM) victriviaqueen: on the Library of Congress link, I love the quote on page 2 that he would like to upload it all and let everyone sue each other to sort it out. (10:46:09 PM) slugore: why do people in small towns need cell phones? can't they just yell and hear each other? (10:46:18 PM) Mike: lol slugore (10:46:38 PM) Mike: sorry for not being so involved in chat, still getting used to the new layout (10:47:16 PM) victriviaqueen: s'OK Mike just glad to hear you on air again. (10:47:43 PM) Mike: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20110506/18425714192/bmi-says-single-personlistening-to-his-own-music-via-cloud-is-public-performance.shtml (10:48:12 PM) slugore: if i play it in my back yard is that a public performance? (10:48:32 PM) victriviaqueen: slugore, yes. (10:48:41 PM) slugore: what about a married person?

(10:48:44 PM) Mike: http://lxnews.org/2011/04/19/new-zealand-cardassian-justice/ (10:49:10 PM) victriviaqueen: except in NZ it's one strike (10:49:22 PM) victriviaqueen: woOO hOO! (10:49:39 PM) Mike: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/05/us-in-2005-legalizing-tivo-cd-ripping-

sends-the-wrong-message.ars?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed %3A+arstechnica%2Findex+(Ars+Technica+-+Featured+Content) (10:50:17 PM) slugore: if this was morning drive time, pew pew would be replaced with sound effect with lots of reverb (10:50:43 PM) Mike: http://www.musiccreators.ca/wp/ (10:50:58 PM) slugore: there is a time and place (10:52:25 PM) Mike: http://dilbert.com/blog/entry/war_and_truth/ (10:52:49 PM) currie: http://dilbert.com/blog/entry/war_and_truth/ (10:53:00 PM) victriviaqueen: Scott Adams has been FULL of controversy though -- he thinks women are stupid. (10:53:16 PM) victriviaqueen: (go back a few blog posts) (10:53:22 PM) Mike: really? (10:53:25 PM) Mike: wow (10:53:27 PM) victriviaqueen: yup. (10:53:28 PM) Mike: http://fashionista.com/2011/05/new-japanese-fashion-accessory-cat-ears-that-move-inresponse-to-your-feelings/ (10:55:14 PM) wiseman: i am going to record every second (10:55:22 PM) heywood: when you going to be in Ottawa? (10:55:25 PM) Alex: HOW TO FUCK SOME SHIT UP USING LINUX (10:56:07 PM) Alex: Wha? (10:56:11 PM) Alex: I is here? (10:56:14 PM) victriviaqueen: he's still there. (10:56:15 PM) Alex: Harro? (10:56:21 PM) Alex: I've been here the whole time! (10:56:26 PM) slugore: RyWi.... the producinator (10:57:00 PM) wiseman: skype.net/dyscultured (10:57:00 PM) slugore: social media encounters... sounds like a snl skit (10:57:00 PM) victriviaqueen: here's the scott adams mess: http://dilbert.com/blog/entry/im_a_what/ (10:57:06 PM) Alex: I didn't register your Plurk. (10:57:14 PM) wiseman: screwed that up (10:58:13 PM) slugore: mmmmmm burger (10:58:38 PM) victriviaqueen: ok guys... gotta run! Have fun in Vancouver, Anth!! (10:58:59 PM) victriviaqueen: I sadly will not be there either. (10:59:50 PM) slugore: way clearer (11:00:02 PM) wiseman: @wiseman (11:01:04 PM) Mike: cheers victriviaqueen (11:01:32 PM) slugore: speaking of dead (11:01:55 PM) slugore: pho poutine? (11:02:04 PM) wiseman: poortine (11:02:38 PM) Alex: Do you you guys want an iPhone app>? (11:02:43 PM) Alex: I can do that. :) (11:03:01 PM) victriviaqueen left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 121 seconds). (11:03:12 PM) anth: W00T to da chat! (11:03:19 PM) currie: we've got one on the way, i think (11:03:19 PM) shanebee: make it happenj alex! (11:03:27 PM) shanebee: we'll be on the 9 ferry (11:03:31 PM) slugore: i treasure your w00t (11:03:32 PM) shanebee: have it done before we get there (11:03:36 PM) shanebee: hee hee

(11:03:44 PM) Alex: Goodbye (11:04:25 PM) Mike: nite (11:04:29 PM) Alex left the room (quit: [ZN] Quit: "Page closed"). (11:04:36 PM) slugore: later guys good show (11:04:47 PM) shanebee: thanks slugore! (11:04:52 PM) wakemp_web left the room (quit: [ZN] Quit: "Page closed"). (11:04:57 PM) shanebee: i will pretend i have talent for five more minutes (11:05:28 PM) shanebee: :P

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