It is not that the world is full of the wrong people; It is that it is full of right people in the wrong place

. Somewhere o er the hilltops, Far beyond the mountains Hidden beneath layers of ocean waves, Buried deep within the seaweed, Burns a tiny flame. Gives beauty to its surroundings, Glorifies the murky water, Brings out the merry hues, Breathes life into the cold place But the seaweed blocks its air, The ocean dampens its spirits, The mountain is far beyond it s reach

Somewhere beyond the hilltops A weary traveler, Yearns for a spark bright To light his night The spark is too far away Coiled within the clutches of its enemies Fighting to be free Struggling with the traveler to be

It struggles in vain Dies in moments with pain

Born to light the travelers way Now an empty grave The traveler continues his journey Still hoping for a flame Little aware his hopes had washed away.

Mariam Tahoora 27/04/11