“Sales and Inventory Management System”
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This is to certify that Ms. ______has successfully completed her project work entitled “SALES AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” in partial fulfillment of Masters of Computer Applications program for the year 2009 – 2010. She has worked under our guidance and direction.



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I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards all the people who have in various ways, helped in the successful completion of my project. I must convey my gratitude to Prof. Navnath Shete for giving me the constant source of inspiration and help in preparing the project, personally correcting my work and providing encouragement throughout the project. I also thank all my faculty members for steering me through the tough as well as easy phases of the project in a result oriented manner with concern attention.

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Introduction .

. and document warehouse and internal stock movements by managing goods receipts. storage. physical stock transfers. goods issues. Additional benefits of inventory management include improved cash flow. transportation. Using this software we can reduce costs for warehousing. and material handling – while improving customer service. optimize the flow of goods. and shorten routes within your warehouse or distribution center. enter.System Introduction For optimal sales and inventory management processes. and transfer postings. This software is user friendly and hence easy to use. you need robust functionality for managing your logistics facilities. order fulfillment. visibility. Support for inventory management helps you record and track materials on the basis of both quantity and value. You can significantly improve inventory turns. Employees can plan. Warehouse inventory management functions cover internal warehouse movements and storage. picking and packing. and decision making.

Less efficient 4. Lot of paper work 5. So following are some disadvantages of the old system: 1.Problems In existing system As we know manual system are quite tedious . Slow data processing 6. Less accurate 3. Time consuming 2. Not user friendly environment .time consuming and less efficient and accurate in comparison to the computerized system.

Difficult to keep old records .7.

Scope of Proposed System The scope of this system is to provide user efficient working environment and more output can be generated through this. The calculations are made very quickly and the records are directly saved into databases and the databases can be maintained for a longer period of time. We also have operator login through which operator can take orders but can’t make changes in the database. Also this system provides high level of security for data leaking as only admin people can access the database no changes can be made in it until it verifies the user login id and password. This system is developed in such a way that even a naïve user can also operate the system easily. Each record can be retrieved and can be verified for the future transactions. Limited access is available to the operator. This system completes the work in a very less time resulting in less time consumption and high level of efficiency. This system helps in tracking records so that past records can be verified through them and one can make decisions based on the past records. . This system provides user friendly interface resulting in knowing each and every usability features of the system.

5 invoice printers. AC and networking etc. a laser printer. We will consider 3 types of feasibility study they are technical feasibility. So the management must take corrective actions prior in advance in order to start the further proceedings. It requires apprx. It creates an environment of joblessness and fear among the employees. Operational Feasibility: The new solution is feasible in all sense but operationally it is not. the company is still saving Rs 15 Lacs PA. 1 admin person to maintain database n other 5 to handle the system interface and order making things. Technical Feasibility: This new system requires 6 fully trained people to run the system perfectly. operational feasibility and economical feasibility. .Feasibility Study As we know each and every project needs to have a feasibility study for the complete understandability of the project. 10 Lacks PA as a operating cost. so we need a onetime investment of Rs 4 Lacs for the purchase of 6 computers. The new system demands the expulsion of at least 15 people from the company. With the above details our system is technically feasible as after investing 14 Lacs in a year. It can lead to an indefinite strike in the company also. As our existing system is purely manual.

stationary.Economic Feasibility: With the manual system the operating cost of the system is about 60 Lacks P. But with the new system this reoccurring cost comes out to be about 20 Lacks P. telephone etc. water. .A.A. electricity. This cost comprises salary of 25 people. building rent. Hence the new system is economically feasible.

Certified Distribution of WINDOWS  Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition  Database(Backend) .Operating Environment – Hardware and Software HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS  Processor: Pentium 4 or more for optimum performance  RAM: Recommended 256MB  Hard Disk: Minimum 20GB SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS  Operating System .MS Access 2003 .

Proposed System .

• It improves cash flow. visibility. • It support for inventory management helps you record and track materials on the basis of both quantity and value. • For warehouse management. and decision making.Objectives • The main objective of this system is to keep records of the complete inventory. you can track quantity and value of all your materials. and optimize your warehouse resources . perform physical inventory.

Should report on any ‘Invalid dates’ . C. System should maintain the details about placing order/dispatch or order i.User Requirements FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS A. credit card no etc. date of order dispatch. 4. ERROR HANDLING 1. date of order. 2. System should provide facility for change in address/name. transaction amount.e. Should report any ‘Out of Range’ values on numeric fields 3. System should inform the pending order and make changes if the order is dispatched. System should automatically generate the bill. 2. 4. Should report any data type mismatches any field on the forms. System shall have a form to accept the customer details. INPUT/OUTPUT 1. Order Placed. System shall provide search facility on customer name. order status B. Should report any errors on duplicate primary keys. 2. 6. 5. System shall have a form to accept the Plant details. System shall display transaction details. 3. PROCESSING 1. date of transaction.

3. Should report any violation of authorization of rights 6. Transaction should be completed within 1/5th of second 4. There will be backup procedure to maintain records. All user manuals should be provided in the necessary format 2. Should report any Invalid Login errors NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS 1. Application should support 5 simultaneous users.5. .


Use case Diagram for Supplier Login Id and Pwd Checks Inventories <<include>> Tracks Order Supplier Dispatch order on time Customer Sends Invoice Updates Records .

Use Case Diagram for Customer Studies Requirements Make list of requirements Places the Order Makes payment Customer Clerk Invoice Send GRN .

Class Diagram for a customer order Customer Cust_Id Name Addr1 Addr2 Cust_city Pincode Addcust() Updatecust() Getcustdet() Order Order_no Ordercredate Order_status Shipment_dat e Challan Payment Amount Payment date Makepayme nt() Getinvoice() calcBilltotal() calctotalweig ht() Ordetdetail Orderno Materialqty Materialvalue Caclsubtotal calcweight Credit Number Type Expirydate validating Cheque Chqno Bankname Bankid validating Material Materialcode Plantcode Stckqty Getpriceforqty() GRN Recivedqty Damaged Rejected Rejectgood() Description() .

Sequence diagram for Supplier Supplier Log In Validate Tracks order Transaction Customer Invoice Places order Takes customr details Fill Order details Makes Payment Dispatch Order Send order details Add new entry Log Out Send GNR Send Invoice .

Input Screens .

Splash Screen Login Form .

Main Form .

Transaction screen .

Order Enquiry .

Material Details .

Plant Details About .

State Details Order Details .

Customer Details .

Order Status Add Plant .

Add Customer Search Customer .

Update customer Add material .

Edit material .

Table specifications .

UID_PASS (Login Table) Column Name USER_NAME PASSWORD Data Type Text Text Size 50 50 Description User name of the ADMIN/OPERATOR Password of the ADMIN/OPERATOR customer_master (Customer Details Table) Column Name Data Type cust_slno (PK) cust_name cust_add1 cust_add2 Cust_add3 cust_pincode cust_city contact_person _name contact_person _number State_code (FK) Num Text Char Char Char Num Char Char Num Char Size 6 50 40 40 40 6 15 30 10 2 Description Customer identification Name of the customer Address line one of the customer Address line two of the customer Address line three of the customer Pin code of the customer address City of the customer Name of the person responsible for order making Phone number for the person who made the order Initials of the state derived from state details table state_master (State Details table) Column Name Data Type state_code char Size 2 50 Description Code Of the state eg. state_descriptio char n . MH -maharashtra Description of the code.

5000 plant_master (Plant Details Table) Column Name Data Type plant_code plant_name material_descri ption shipping_plant material_price Plant_add Plant_city Num char Char Char Num Char Char Size 6 10 20 4 10 40 15 Code of the material Describing the material specification It gives detail of shipping plant n is linked with plant master table Price of the material Address of plant City of plant Description .Unit III Material_price .material_master (Material Detail Table) Column Name Data Type cust_slno (PK) material_code material_descri ption shipping_plant material_price Num char Char Char Num Size 6 10 20 4 10 Description Customer identification Code of the material Describing the material specification It gives detail of shipping plant n is linked with plant master table Price of the material Values Like : COMP001 Computer – Pentium IV PMP1 – Pune Plant – Unit I PMP2 – Pune Plant – Unit II PMP3 – Pune Plant .

Plant_code(pk) Char 15 Code of plant status_master (Order Status Master) Column Name Data Type order_status description char char Size 4 50 Description Status of order in short Description of the plant. Order Status Code & Values OED OCHKD CLRD SCHD SHIPDIS INVG MACI PYMR Order Entry done Order checked Order cleared Order scheduled Order Shipped by dispatch section Invoice generated by accounts department Machine installed by installation group Payment Received from customer .

TRANSACTIONAL TABLES TO BE CREATED ORDER_HEADER(ORDER Header Information Table Column Name order_no (pk) order_creation_da te order_status customer_ref_no customer_ref_dat e Order_value material_required _date customer_slno (FK) delivery_challan_ no shipment_date invoice_number invoice_date transporter_name plant_code (FK) machine_installed _by cheque_no bank_name Data Type Num Date char char date Num Date Num num Date num date char char char num char 8 40 4 40 20 15 6 8 Size 8 4 20 11 Number of order Date of the order placement Status of order Reference number of the customer date on which customer referred Value of each order Date on which customer needs the delivery Customer identification number Delivery challan number Date on which material dispatched Number of invoice Date of invoice Name of the transporter Code of the plant Name of the person who installed the machine Number of cheque Name of the bank Description .

ORDER_DETAIL(Order Detail Information Table line item wise ) Column Name Data Type order_no(FK) material_code (FK) item_qty item_value Num Num num Num Size 8 8 6 11 Number of order Code of material Quantity of the item Value of item Description stock_master(Item Stock Master Table) Column Name Data Type material_code (FK) plant_code(FK ) stock_qty Num char Num Size 8 4 6 Code of material Code of plant Stock of item quantity Description order_tracking(Order_status_tracking Table) Column Name Data Type order_no (FK) order_status creation_date Num char date Size 8 4 Number of order Description of item status Date on which order was created Description .

Test Procedures and Implementation .

In addition. that behavioral and performance requirements appear to have been met. it will uncover errors in the software. In fact. But testing cannot show the absence of errors and defects. It is important to keep this (rather gloomy) statement in mind as testing is being conducted. testing demonstrates that software functions appear to be working according to specification. Software engineers are by their nature constructive people. testing is the one step in the software process that could be viewed (psychologically. The engineer creates a series of test cases that are intended to “demolish” the software that has been built. Testing requires that the developer discard preconceived notions of the “correctness” of software just developed and overcome a conflict of interest that occurs when errors are uncovered. . If testing is conducted successfully (according to the objectives stated previously). As a secondary benefit. at least) as destructive rather than constructive. Now comes testing. the engineer attempts to build software from an abstract concept to a tangible product.Introduction Testing presents an interesting anomaly for the software engineer. During earlier software engineering activities. it can show Only that software errors and defects are present. data collected as testing is conducted provide a good indication of software reliability and some indication of software quality as a whole.

internal operations are performed according to specifications and all . is to isolate these suspect components and to thoroughly test them. of course.Testing principles Before applying methods to design effective test cases. These methods provide the developer with a systematic approach to testing. tests can be conducted to ensure that “all gears mesh. Exhaustive testing is not possible To be most effective an independent third party should conduct testing A rich variety of test case design methods have evolved for software. tests can be conducted that demonstrate each function is fully operational While at the same time searching for errors in each function.” that is. (2) knowing the internal Working of a product. Any engineered product (and most other things) can be tested in one of two ways: Knowing the specified function that a product has been designed to perform. More important. a software engineer must understand the basic principle that guide software testing: All tests should be traceable to customer requirements Tests should be planned long before testing begins 80 percent of all errors uncovered during testing will likely be traceable to 20 percent of all program components. Testing should being “in the small” and progress toward testing “in the large”. methods provide a mechanism that can help to ensure the completeness of tests and provide the highest likelihood for uncovering errors in software. The problem.

The first test approach is called black box testing and the second.  Testing performed were:  UNIT TESTING  INTEGRATION TESTING  DATABASE TESTING  RECOVERY TESTING  FUNCTIONALITY TESTING  SMOKE TEST  SANITY TEST  COMPATIBILITY TESTING  LOAD TESTING  SYSTEM TESTING  PERFORMANCE TESTING  USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING .internal components have been adequately exercised. white-box testing.

and (4) exercise internal data structures to ensure their validity. the system was tested for the calculation matters were the data provided for giving the right output or not. (2) exercise all logical decisions on their true and false sides. Basis path testing is a white-box testing technique first proposed by Tom McCabe. (3) execute all loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds.White box testing Sometimes called glass-box testing is a test case design method that uses the control structure of the procedural design to derive test cases. If wrong data was provided then what it is throwing error or accepting. The “status of the program” may be examined at various points to determine if the expected or asserted status corresponds to the actual status. the software engineer can derive test cases that (1) guarantee that all independent paths within a module have been exercised at least once. In this system. Test cases derived to exercise the basis set are guaranteed to execute every statement in the program at least one time during testing. . Using white-box testing methods. Providing test cases that exercise specific sets of conditions and/or loops tests logical paths through the software. White-box testing of software is predicated on close examination of procedural detail. The basis path method enables the test case designer to derive a logical complexity measure of a procedural design and use this measure as a guide for defining a basis set of execution paths.

Rather. by a count that is greater than one. Black-box testing attempts to find errors in the following categories: 1. A black-box test examines some fundamental aspect of a system with a little regard for the internal logical structure of the software. 3. By applying back-box techniques. black box testing enables the software engineer to derive sets of input conditions that will fully exercise all functional requirements for a program. Errors in data structures or external database access. Incorrect or missing functions. Black box testing is not an alternative to white-box techniques. Behavior or performance errors. Although they are designed to uncover errors. we derive a set of test cases that satisfy the following criteria: a. That is. and Test cases that reduce. black box testing alludes to tests that are conducted at the software interface. focuses on the functional requirements of the software. When computer software is considered. the number of additional test cases that must be designed to achieve reasonable testing . Interface errors. and 5. black-box tests are used to demonstrate that software functions are operational.Black box testing Also called behavioral testing. 4. it is a complementary approach that is likely to uncover a different class of error than white-box methods. 2. that input is Properly accepted and output is correctly produced and that the integrity of external information is maintained. Initialization and termination errors.

Black box testing for this system was done to check the internal testing i. be dismissed as impractical. A limited number of important logical paths can be selected and exercised. . Important data structures can be probed for validity. rather than an error associated only with the specific test at hand.b. What kind of errors are there in database design. White-box testing should not. however. Test cases that tell us something about the presence or absence of classes of errors. The attributes of both black and white box testing can be combined to provide an approach that validates the software interface and selectively ensures that the internal workings of the software are correct.e. the system is working properly in each case or no.

Testing Process The testing process can be shown as: Levels of testing Test Plan Test Procedures Test Case Specification Yes Test Case Execution Is Error Uncovered ? No Test Case Analysis Test Report .

Menu Tree .

Main Page File View Tools Calcul ator Master Controls Help Logout Exit Transaction Screen Toolbar Customer System Requirement s Reports Status Bar Notepad Plant About Exit Material State Project Code report .


If the customer is new then administrator has to add new customer into database which is only accessed by admin person operator are not given those rights. 3. Once customer details are retrieved click calculate order value button this this will take to the order detail screen where order no is auto generated material code is selected and item qty is to be filled and by clicking on calculate the total is calculated n thus the order is placed 4. The 1st tab is “order entry” this screen will be disabled initially to make an order operator has to click on order entry button at the right hand side of the screen Order Entry 2. The first menu item of the System screen is transaction screen this screen is the main screen it has all the menu items which help to take order and maintain it in database.Menu Explanation Start Up screen 1.. Once that button is clicked the screen is activated and orderno. To add all details in transaction screen refresh button should be clicked .oder creation date and order status are auto generated search cust_code by clicking search button and retrieve rest of the customer details.

Customer ref number is also have to be filled by operator/admin n then to go on the next screen click on verified Shipment Details 6. In commercial group screen all the payment details are to be filled accordingly once customer makes the payment . Commercial Group 9. The shipment details are already auto filled by the system operator has to provide the transporter name only Accounts Department 7. Next screen is machine installation here the engineer who gonna install the machine is to be given. Accounts dept is also auto filled admin has to verify all the details and make order date according to convenience Machine Installation 8.5.

In the next tab we can see the order status. Order Enquiry 11.Thus the records has been created.10. .

. These screens are detailed screens so no specific description is needed for the same. 3. Handling databases is in the power of the admin person only 2.Admin authority 1. So all customer databases and material database and all master tables are to be handled by the admin person only.

Proposed Enhancements .

•Multilingual support can be provided so that it can be understandable by the person of any language. • More graphics can be added to make it more user-friendly and understandable. .Future Scope: The scope of the project includes that what all future enhancements can be done in this system to make it more feasible to use • Databases for different products range and storage can be provided. •Manage & backup versions of documents online.

Benefits • Manages Track sales • Manages contacts • Manages accounts • Manages opportunities • Track product issues • Manage issue priority • Track product features • Manage product life cycle .

Drawbacks And Limitations 1. Some keywords in system are difficult to understand so the admin n operator person should understand them thoroughly to use the system accurately. 3. The system is not capable of handling more than 6 users at a time. . 2. Graphs could have been added in order to get the records more clearly.

an eye has been kept on making it as userfriendly. As such one may hope that the system will be acceptable to any user and will adequately meet his/her needs. there have been some shortcomings in the development of this system also.Conclusion While developing the system a conscious effort has been made to create and develop a software package. as cost-effective and as flexible as possible. As in case of any system development processes where there are a number of shortcomings. techniques and resources – that would generate a proper System While making the system. making use of available tools. . The project is still under modification.

NET By Gary J.BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS REFERRED • Introduction To Programming with Visual Basic . Bronson WEB LINK • http://www.a1vbcode.net http://www.com • .dreamincode.

Code design .

password.Text <> "" And TextBox1.OleDbType.Object.Equals(temp1) = True Then Me. ByVal System.Close() TextBox1.Load OleDbConnection1.Login Public Shared temp As String Public Shared flag As Integer Dim hcl As Integer Private Sub Login_Load(ByVal sender As System.Add("USER_NAME".Add(objReader("USER_NAME")) Loop OleDbConnection1.OleDbDataReader If ComboBox1.Show() .ExecuteReader Do While objReader.Object.Text) OleDbCommand2.GetValue(0) temp2 = .Parameters("USER_NAME").Click Dim username. temp2 As String Dim Read As OleDb.GetValue(1) End While End With OleDbConnection1.Value = username OleDbConnection1.Text <> "" Then username = UCase(ComboBox1.Focus() End Sub e As Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System. ByVal e As System.Text) temp = UCase(TextBox1.OleDb.Hide() curr = New Main 'curr.Open() Dim objReader As OleDbDataReader = OleDbCommand1.ExecuteReader With Read While . temp1.Parameters. Data.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.LongVarChar) OleDbCommand2.Read() ComboBox1.Open() Read = OleDbCommand2.Text) password = UCase(TextBox1.Close() If password.Items.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Read temp1 = .

Show("Wrong Password !!!".Equals("ADMIN") = True Then flag = 1 End If If temp..OK) Then curr = New Main curr. MessageBoxButtons. ByVal e As System. "Sales And Inventory Management System") If (hcl = MsgBoxResult.Object. "Sales and Inventory Management System") bug1: ComboBox1.Focus() End If End Sub Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Click End End Sub End Class .EventArgs) Handles Button2.Focus() End If If temp. "Login Error".Show() End If Else MsgBox("All fields required not to be a null value. Welcome to Sales and Inventory Management System !!!". vbExclamation.OK.curr. MessageBoxIcon.OKOnly + vbInformation.Exclamation) GoTo bug1 TextBox1.Equals("OP") = True Then flag = 2 End If hcl = MsgBox("Login Successful. MsgBoxStyle..".Hide() Else MessageBox.

Load Me.Object. ByVal e As System.Enabled = True Me.TabPage3.TabPage4. ByVal e As System.Transaction screen Imports System.Next(99999) Dim challan_no As Integer = random.TabPage2.Close() End Sub Private Sub Button100_Click(ByVal sender As System.Enabled = False Me.SelectedIndex = 5 TextBox1.TabPage1.Text = Str(num) .Next(999) Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim order_no As Integer order_creation_date As Date order_status As String customer_ref_no As String customer_slno As String customer_ref_date As Date order_value As Integer plant_code As String material_required_date As Date customer_initial As String delivery_challan_no As Integer shipment_date As Date invoice_number As Integer invoice_date As Date transporter_name As String machine_installed_by As String cheque_no As String bank_name As String Private Sub Button101_Click(ByVal sender As System.TabPage6.Forms.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.EventArgs) Handles Button100.Enabled = False Me.Click Me. ByVal e As System.Click Me.TabPage1.Data Public Class transaction Inherits System.Object.TabControl1.Windows.Enabled = False Me.TabControl1.EventArgs) Handles Button101.SelectedIndex = 0 End Sub Private Sub transaction_Load(ByVal sender As System.Form Public Shared temporder_no As Integer Public Shared temporder_value As Integer Public Shared tempplant_code As String Dim random As New random Dim num As Integer = random.Enabled = False Me.Enabled = False Me.Object.Enabled = True Me.TabPage5.

Text = customer_initial TextBox13.Text = Str(invoice_int) TextBox29.Text TextBox12.Text <> "" And DateTimePicker5.Text <> "" And TextBox4.Enabled = True Me.Text order_value = TextBox21.TabPage3.Text = Str(order_no) TextBox22.Text = Str(delivery_challan_no) TextBox28.Text order_creation_date = DateTimePicker1.Text <> "" And TextBox21.Text = order_status customer_initial = Mid(customer_slno.Text plant_code = TextBox5.Object.Enabled = True Me.SelectedIndex = 1 Me.Text <> "" Then Me.Text order_status = "SCHD" customer_ref_no = TextBox4.temporder_no = num Button11.Text = Str(challan_no) Else MsgBox("All fields required not to be a null value.SelectedIndex = 2 order_status = "SHIP" delivery_challan_no = TextBox13. "Sales Management System") TextBox3.Next(99999) Me. vbExclamation.Text <> "" And DateTimePicker1.Text transporter_name = TextBox14.Text <> "" And TextBox14.". 1.TabControl1.Text customer_slno = TextBox3.Text = Str(order_value) .EventArgs) Handles Button4.TabPage1.Text shipment_date = DateTimePicker3.Text customer_ref_date = DateTimePicker2.Click If TextBox13.Text <> "" Then Dim invoice_int As Integer Dim random As New Random Dim num As Integer = random.TabPage2.Visible = False End Sub Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System. ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Text <> "" And TextBox5.Text <> "" And TextBox3.Text material_required_date = DateTimePicker5.Enabled = False order_no = TextBox1.Focus() End If End Sub Private Sub Button4_Click(ByVal sender As System.TabControl1.Object. 1) TextBox46. ByVal e As System.Text invoice_int = Val(TextBox23.Click If TextBox1.Text) + Val(num) TextBox23.

Integer) accountCommand1.Close() End If Else MsgBox("All fields required not to be a null value.OleDbDataReader If customer_slno <> "" Then accountCommand1.Text = Str(delivery_challan_no) Dim Read As OleDb.Object.Close() = = = = .GetValue(0) TextBox25.Text = .GetValue(2) TextBox27.Focus() End If End Sub Private Sub Button5_Click(ByVal sender As System.GetValue(3) .OleDbType.Text = .Text = .Text TextBox33.Value = customer_slno accountConnection1.Add("cust_slno".GetValue(3) End While End With accountConnection1.Parameters("cust_slno"). vbExclamation.Read TextBox35.Open() Read = machCommand1.Click Me.OleDb.OleDb.ExecuteReader() With Read While .OleDbType.Text) invoice_date = DateTimePicker4.GetValue(1) TextBox26.ExecuteReader() With Read While .Enabled = True Me.Value = customer_slno machConnection1.TabPage4.Text TextBox34.OleDbDataReader If customer_slno <> "" Then machCommand1.Dim Read As OleDb.Add("cust_slno".".GetValue(0) . "Sales Management System") TextBox14. Data.GetValue(1) .EventArgs) Handles Button5. ByVal e As System.Text TextBox36.Integer) machCommand1.TabControl1.Text TextBox31.Read TextBox24.Parameters("cust_slno").SelectedIndex = 3 order_status = "INVG" invoice_number = Val(TextBox28.Open() Read = accountCommand1.Text End While End With machConnection1.Text = .GetValue(2) .Parameters. Data.Parameters.

GetValue(3) .Text <> "" Then order_status = "PYMR" cheque_no = TextBox42.Text = "" Or TextBox40.Enabled = True Me.Object.Text bank_name = TextBox43.EventArgs) Handles Button6. ByVal e As System.Text TextBox39.GetValue(2) .Text TextBox38.GetValue(0) .Parameters.Text <> "" Then Me.ExecuteReader() With Read While . vbExclamation.End If End Sub Private Sub Button6_Click(ByVal sender As System.Text = "" Or TextBox42.Text TextBox37.Text Dim Read As OleDb. Data.Text = "" Or TextBox39.Text = "" Then MsgBox("All fields required not to be a null value.Text = "" Or TextBox41.Object.Text On Error GoTo fix If TextBox32.".TabControl1.OleDbType. "Library System") Else = = = = .OleDbDataReader If customer_slno <> "" Then comCommand1.Integer) comCommand1.Text End While End With comConnection1.Parameters("cust_slno"). ByVal e As System.Text = "" Or TextBox38.GetValue(1) .EventArgs) Handles Button7.Text = order_status machine_installed_by = TextBox30.".Value = customer_slno comConnection1. vbExclamation.Open() Read = comCommand1.Read TextBox40.Click If TextBox42.Click If TextBox30.Close() End If MsgBox("All fields required not to be a null value.Text = Str(order_no) TextBox32.SelectedIndex = 4 order_status = "MACI" TextBox41.Focus() End If End Sub Private Sub Button7_Click(ByVal sender As System.OleDb.TabPage5.Text = "" Or TextBox43.Add("cust_slno". "Sales Management System") TextBox30.Text = "" Or TextBox37.Text <> "" And TextBox1.

delivery_challan_no.Parameters. order_value. '" & order_no & "'.Value = str1 orderConnection1.Text = .GetValue(1) TextBox8. material_required_date. "Sales Management System") TextBox42. ByVal e As System. customer_ref_no.'" & customer_initial & "'. plant_code. customer_slno.GetValue(4) TextBox11.Text = .Click Dim str1 As String Dim Read As OleDb.".Object. shipment_date.OleDb.ExecuteNonQuery() paymentConnection1. customer_initial.Open() paymentCommand1.'" & invoice_number & "'.Text = .'" & customer_ref_no & "'. Data. '" & order_status & "'. vbInformation.'" & cheque_no & "'.Text <> "" Then str1 = TextBox3.GetValue(2) TextBox9. '" & material_required_date & "' . '" & order_creation_date & "'.Close() .GetValue(3) TextBox10. invoice_number. '" & order_value & "'.'" & machine_installed_by & "'.Text If str1 <> "" Then orderCommand1.GetValue(5) End While End With orderConnection1. customer_ref_date.Read TextBox6.EventArgs) Handles Button2.". "Sales Management System") paymentCommand1.Text = .Close() Me. '" & plant_code & "'.'" & transporter_name & "')" MsgBox("New Record has been added.GetValue(0) TextBox7.Integer) orderCommand1.'" & delivery_challan_no & "'.OleDbType.Close() fix: Exit Sub Else MsgBox("All fields required not to be a null value. vbExclamation.Text = .OleDbDataReader If TextBox3.ExecuteReader() With Read While .Open() Read = orderCommand1. order_no.Focus() End If End Sub Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.transporter_name)VALUES('" & bank_name & "'.Add("cust_slno".'" & invoice_date & "'. cheque_no. invoice_date.Exit Sub End If paymentConnection1. order_creation_date.Parameters("cust_slno").'" & customer_slno & "' . order_status.Text = .machine_installed_by.CommandText = _ "INSERT INTO ORDER_HEADER(bank_name.'" & customer_ref_date & "'. '" & shipment_date & "' .

Click curr = New Orderdetail curr.GetValue(5) TextBox44. ByVal e As System.Close() MessageBox.OK.Object.Parameters("order_no").Object.GetValue(1) TextBox16.OleDb.Value = enq enquiryConnection.Text enquiryCommand.Text = .Click Dim enq As String Dim Read As OleDb.ExecuteReader() With Read While .Text = . ByVal e As System. "Sales Management System".Text = .Text <> "" Then enq = TextBox15.Click TextBox21.Text = .Text = order_status End Sub Private Sub Button8_Click(ByVal sender As System. "Sales Management System") TextBox3. MessageBoxIcon.Object.Object.Show("Please Enter the Order No.GetValue(6) End While End With enquiryConnection.OleDbDataReader If TextBox15.GetValue(3) TextBox18.Text = tempplant_code order_status = "CLRD" End Sub Private Sub Button10_Click(ByVal sender As System. ByVal e As System.Visible = False Button11.End If MsgBox("Please provide an Customer Code to search".GetValue(2) TextBox17.Integer) enquiryCommand.Show() Button1.Read TextBox20.EventArgs) Handles Button11.Add("order_no". Data. MsgBoxStyle.Text = .OleDbType.Text = .Visible = True order_status = "REVD" End Sub Private Sub Button11_Click(ByVal sender As System. !!!".EventArgs) Handles Button8.GetValue(4) TextBox19.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Parameters.EventArgs) TextBox22.GetValue(7) TextBox45.Text = temporder_value TextBox5. ByVal e As System.Open() Read = enquiryCommand.Exclamation) Else Else .Text = . MessageBoxButtons.Exclamation.Focus() End If End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.

Text = "" TextBox18.Object.Object.Text = "" TextBox20.Enter End Sub Private Sub TabPage1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Text = "" TextBox15.EventArgs) Handles GroupBox1.EventArgs) Handles TabPage1.Object. ByVal e As System.Text = "" TextBox45.Text = "" TextBox44. ByVal e As System.Click TextBox15.Text = "" TextBox17.End If End Sub Private Sub Button9_Click(ByVal sender As System.Focus() End Sub Private Sub GroupBox1_Enter(ByVal sender As System.Text = "" TextBox16.Click End Sub End Class . ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button9.Text = "" TextBox19.

cust_initial.Click On Error GoTo fix If TextBox1. cust_add3.Data.Text & "'.Close() End Sub Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Windows.Text & "'.Object. '" & TextBox2.OleDb Public Class Addcust Inherits System.Text = "" Or TextBox4.Add customer Imports System. cust_name.CommandText = _ "INSERT INTO customer_master(cust_slno. ByVal e As System.Forms.EventArgs) Handles Button1. "Sales Management System") Exit Sub End If OleDbConnection1. vbInformation. cust_add2.state_code)VALUES('" & TextBox1.Text = "" TextBox6.Text & "'.'" & TextBox3.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Text = "" TextBox3. ByVal e As System.Close() fix: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub Addcust_Load(ByVal sender As System.'" & ComboBox1.ExecuteNonQuery() OleDbConnection1.Text = "" Or TextBox2.Text & "'.Text = "" Or TextBox6. cust_add1.Text & "'. vbExclamation.Text = "" TextBox9.Object.Text = "" End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Text = "" Or TextBox7.'" & TextBox5.".Text = "" Or TextBox5.Text & "'.Object.Text & "'.'" & TextBox7.Form Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Click Me.Object.Text = "" Or TextBox8. '" & TextBox4. ByVal e As System.Text = "" TextBox7. cust_city. '" & TextBox8.Text = "" TextBox2.Text & "'.Text = "" Or ComboBox1.'" & TextBox9. cust_pincode.Text & "')" MsgBox("New Customer has been added. '" & TextBox6.Text & "'.Text = "" TextBox4. "Sales Management System") OleDbCommand1.Open() OleDbCommand1.Text = "" TextBox10.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Text = "" Or TextBox3.Load .Text = "" Or TextBox9.Text = "" Or TextBox10. ByVal e As System.Text & "'.Text = "" TextBox8.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Text = "" Then MsgBox("All fields required not to be a null value.Text = "" ComboBox1. '" & TextBox10. contact_person_number.Click TextBox1.Close() Me. contact_person_name.".Text = "" TextBox5.

Open() Dim objReader As OleDbDataReader = OleDbCommand2. ByVal e As System.Close() End Sub Private Sub GroupBox1_Enter(ByVal sender As System.Focus() OleDbConnection2.ExecuteReader Do While objReader.TextBox1.Enter End Sub End Class .Add(objReader("state_code")) Loop OleDbConnection2.Items.Read() ComboBox1.Object.EventArgs) Handles GroupBox1.

EventArgs) Handles Button2.BindingContext(DataSetSMS.Object.Edit material Public Class Editmaterial Inherits System.Windows.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Position = 0 Count() fix: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub Button4_Click(ByVal sender As System.Position -= 1 Count() fix: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub Button5_Click(ByVal sender As System.BindingContext(DataSetSMS. "material_master"). "material_master"). "material_master").Close() Me.Close() End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System. ByVal e As System.".BindingContext(DataSetSMS. ByVal e As System.Position += 1 Count() fix: Exit Sub End Sub .EventArgs) Handles Button4.Click On Error GoTo fix Me. "material_master").Position .Open() Try Dim intRow As Integer = Me.Close() End Sub Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object.1 Me.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Forms.Object. "material_master").BindingContext(DataSetSMS. "Sales Management System") Catch End Try OleDbConnection1.Object.Update(DataSetSMS) MsgBox("Changes has been successfully save. vbInformation.Click Me. ByVal e As System.BindingContext(DataSetSMS.Click OleDbConnection1. ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button5.Form Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Click On Error GoTo fix Me.Click On Error GoTo fix Me.Object. ByVal e As System.Position += intRow OleDbDataAdapter1.

Value = str1 OleDbConnection1.1 Count() fix: Exit Sub End Sub Private Dim Dim Dim Sub Count() Records.OleDbType.Object.Clear() OleDbDataAdapter1.1 Then enableForward = True End If Button3.Enabled End Sub = = = = enableBack enableBack enableForward enableForward Private Sub Editcust_Load(ByVal sender As System.Enabled Button5.Count .Object.Focus() DataSetSMS.Position + If Me. "material_master").Position < DataSetSMS. "material_master").EventArgs) Handles Button7.Parameters.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Open() .BindingContext(DataSetSMS. "material_master"). "material_master").Private Sub Button6_Click(ByVal sender As System.Fill(DataSetSMS) Count() End Sub Private Sub Button7_Click(ByVal sender As System.material_master.Count Current = Me.Parameters("material_code"). "Search by Material Code") If str1 <> "" Then OleDbCommand1.OleDbDataReader str1 = InputBox("Enter Material Code :". "material_master").Position = Me.BindingContext(DataSetSMS.Enabled Button4.EventArgs) Handles Button6.BindingContext(DataSetSMS.OleDb.BindingContext(DataSetSMS.Count .Click Dim str1 As String Dim Read As OleDb. ByVal e As System. ByVal e As System.Position > 0 Then enableBack = True End If If BindingContext(DataSetSMS.Integer) OleDbCommand1.Click On Error GoTo fix Me.Object.BindingContext(DataSetSMS.Load TextBox1. ByVal e As System.Enabled Button6. "material_master"). Current As Integer enableBack As Boolean = False enableForward As Boolean = False 1 Records = Me.Add("material_code". Data.

Text End While End With OleDbConnection1.GetValue(0) .Read TextBox1.GetValue(3) .Text TextBox3.GetValue(1) .ExecuteReader() With Read While .GetValue(2) .Text TextBox4.Close() End If End Sub End Class = = = = .Read = OleDbCommand1.Text TextBox2.

Data.Load TextBox1.Close() End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System. ByVal e As System.Enabled = True matorderdetailCommand1.Text = "" TextBox4.OleDb.Enabled = False TextBox5.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Enabled = True TextBox5.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Open() Dim objReader As OleDbDataReader = materialCommand.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Windows. ByVal e As System.Enabled = False Button4.Object.Value = str1 .Click Dim str1 As String Dim Read As OleDb.Enabled = False TextBox5.Parameters("material_code").Text = "" TextBox2.Click Me.Enabled = False TextBox3.ExecuteReader Do While objReader.Parameters.Text = Str(transaction.Object.Enabled = False TextBox4.Object.Text = "" ComboBox1.Enabled = False End Sub Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Enabled = True TextBox4.OleDbType.Items.Object.Click TextBox1.Read() ComboBox1.Enabled = False TextBox3.Order Detail Imports System.Forms.Text = "" Button4.Text = "" TextBox5.Data.Enabled = False TextBox4. ByVal e As System.Enabled = True Button4.Enabled = False TextBox1.Add("material_code".Integer) matorderdetailCommand1. ByVal e As System.Text = "" TextBox3.OleDbDataReader TextBox3.Close() End Sub Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.temporder_no) materialConnection.Add(objReader("material_code")) Loop materialConnection.OleDb Public Class Orderdetail Inherits System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Form Public Shared temp1 As String Public Shared temp2 As String Dim qty As Integer Dim item_value As Integer Private Sub Orderdetail_Load(ByVal sender As System.

"Sales Management System") If (flag = MsgBoxResult.ExecuteNonQuery() orderdetailinsertConnection1.".Object.matorderdetailConnection1.Click Dim flag As Integer On Error GoTo fix If TextBox1.Text = "" Or ComboBox1.Enter End Sub End Class Order Status .Open() orderdetailinsertCommand1.Text) TextBox3. "Library System") Exit Sub End If orderdetailinsertConnection1.CommandText = _ "INSERT INTO order_detail(order_no. ByVal e As System.GetValue(2) End While End With matorderdetailConnection1.EventArgs) Handles Button4.item_value)VALUES('" & TextBox1.material_code.Object.Text = "" Then MsgBox("All fields required not to be a null value.Close() Me.Text & "'. '" & ComboBox1.Text = "" Or TextBox3.'" & TextBox2.Text = "" Or TextBox4.Text) item_value = qty * Val(TextBox2.Text = .Text & "')" flag = MsgBox("Order Placed!!!".Text = .temporder_value = item_value transaction. MsgBoxStyle.Text & "'. ByVal e As System.Close() End Sub Private Sub GroupBox1_Enter(ByVal sender As System.EventArgs) Handles GroupBox1.Text = "" Or TextBox5. vbExclamation.ExecuteReader With Read While .Text End If orderdetailinsertCommand1.GetValue(3) TextBox5.Close() fix: Exit Sub Me.Text = "" Or TextBox2.Close() qty = Val(TextBox5.Read TextBox4.Text = Str(item_value) End Sub Private Sub Button4_Click(ByVal sender As System.OKOnly + vbInformation.Open() Read = matorderdetailCommand1.item_qty.OK) Then transaction.tempplant_code = TextBox4. '" & TextBox3.Text & "'.

Close() End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Close() fix: Exit Sub End Sub Test Cases .Forms.Text = "" And TextBox2. ByVal e As System. "Sales Management System") OleDbCommand1. vbExclamation.".Text & "'.Object.Close() Me.Open() OleDbCommand1.CommandText = _ "INSERT INTO status_master(order_status. vbInformation.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Object.Click Me.Public Class Orderstatus Inherits System.'" & TextBox2.Windows. description)" & _ "VALUES('" & TextBox1.".Form Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System. ByVal e As System.Text & "')" MsgBox("New State has been successfully added.ExecuteNonQuery() OleDbConnection1.Text = "" Then MsgBox("State Code and State Description cannot be a null value. "Sales Management System") Exit Sub End If OleDbConnection1.Click On Error GoTo fix If TextBox1.

no Action Expected Output Message window saying “Please enter the username/ password” Message window saying “Wrong username/ password” Takes user to Homepage Actual Output Message window saying “Please enter the username/ password” Message window saying “Wrong username/ password” Takes user to Homepage Result Login A User forgets to enter the username/ password User enters wrong username/ password User enters correct username/ password PASS B PASS C PASS . 1 Scenario Sr.Case no.

no Action Expected Output Message window saying “Customer Does not exist” Actual Output Message window saying “Customer Does not exist” Message window saying “Name Should Not be null” Message window saying “Invalid code” Result Placing Order A User enters wrong customer code PASS B User does not enters Some record e. 2 Scenario Sr.Case no.g name C Message window saying “Name Should Not be null” User Enters Message wrong window plant code saying “Invalid code” PASS PASS .


Order Pending/Booking/Billing

Order analysis in term of dates

Balance Payment report

State Transition Diagram for supplier Initiate LogIn Validate User_id and Pwd Tracks Order Invalid userid / pwd Order Order Details Check For the transport Shipment Shipment availabili ty Dispatch order Payment Details Invoice Invoice details Records Update Records .

Activity Diagram for system: Customer Supplier Shipment Request Material Get Materials Tracks Order Ship Order Receive Order Bill Customer Pay Bill Send GRN Close Order .

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