SYNOPSIS 1. Introduction to Project report 2. The Paint – An introduction 3. Asian paints India Limited – A profile 4.

The paint manufacturing companies in India and they are compared with Asian Paints 5. kademane trader – A profile 6. Consumer response in Shimoga City 7. Problems faced by the Paint Industry in India and Solution for the Problems 8. Analysis of Survey findings, Conclusions and Suggestions Annexure Questionnaire Bibliography

CHAPTER – 1 INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT REPORT A. Introduction A. Objective of Study B. Scope of Study C. Methodology D. Consumer Behavior E. Limitation

INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT REPORT a. Introduction : the objectives of all business Enterprises are to satisfy the needs and wants of the society. Therefore, the marketing is the focal paint of all business activities.

Production on purchase has no meaning unless a firm is able to market the goods and services. Nothing happens unless somebody sells something. Marketing that individual and social needs are satisfied. Marketing helps in improving the standard of living of people by providing a wide variety of goods and services.

Accepting of marketing concept necessities a through knowledge of consumer preference, attitudes and Motivation, consumer orientation has become a very important concept in selling a product. The Traditional marketing concept namely sales oriented concept is mainly concern with disposing of surplus. Where as Modern marketing concept is concerned with consumer oriented of Marketing area, therefore according to modern writers a marketing means providing goods and services to the consumer oriented of Marketing activities, contribute towards welfare of both

Marketing is the business process by which products are matched with the market and through which transfers of ownership are effected. which affects transfers in ownership of goods and care for their physical distribution. Businessmen understand Marketing as a process of distribution. This view of Marketing is in appropriate to the modern business characterized by intense competition consumer consequences and dynamic environment. modern marketing is that the integrated process . where in the focus in a selling whatever as be reduced in this view marketing begins after the goods are produced and ends with their sale. creation and satisfaction of human wants at the fair prices. Marketing represents all business activates involved in the determination. traditionally marketing has been defined in the narrow sense as the performance of the business activities that directs the flow of goods and service from producers to consumers or users.consumer and marketers. Under the modern concept marketing is more than a mere physical process of distributing goods and service. market and through which with the market implies determining the requirements of potential customer and designing producers that satisfy these requirements. American Marketing association consists of those activities. According to traditional concept Marketing means product oriented on sales oriented.

b. 4. To know about the performance of the dealers in marketing the paints and their sales profits. c.of identification assessment and satisfaction of human wants the focus is customer and his wants. To give proper conclusions for improving the marketing of paints. 6. 2. 5. To find out the factor that cure influencing consumer behaviour. To know the position of “Asian paints” against other leading companies producing paints. the study was also intended to know the buyers . 3. To find various problems in marketing the Asian paints. To know the consumer attitude towards “Asian paints” in Shimoga city. the study was conducted to know the attitude of buyers regarding the various brands of paints and their performance. Scope of the Study: The Study of this project report is confined to shimoga city only. Objective of study : The main aims and objectives of the project report are as follows : 1.

It is the attempt to understand & predict human actions in the buying notes. their opinion regarding the quality. e. Consumer behaviour : Consumer behaviour is one of the important variables on controllable in the marketing Environment. Interview with the salesman and authorized dealers and secondary data is collected by preparing questions and market survey and other printed sources and annual reports of the company.attitude towards “Asian Paints” their frequency of purchasing Asian paints they purchase. For the purpose of analyzing marketing performance of Asian paints and their problems and other details Data have been collected form the salesman of the company and the dealers of the Asian paints. It has assumed gracing importance uses market oriented for customer . d. colour. price etc. Methodology : The data collected for the preparation of this project report includes both primary and Secondary data is collected through personal. Buyer behaviour is a comparatively new field of study.

because some shown their reluctance to respond due to different reasons. the consumer had to accept what producers and produced. f. Since. 1960 have created special interest in buyer behaviour and formulation of marketing programmer to respond favorably. buyer behaviour in the market place. Every marketing activity revolves around the customer in the early stages of economic Evolution. consumer purchase a commodity as dictated by their mental an Economic force. this helps into offer a total product that can. But as for as possible it has been tried level best to get the correct exact level and precise information towards the study. buyer market for many products and the growth of consumerism and consumer legislation. but today the consumer dictates terms to the manufacturer to manufacture the product he wants. . As consumption initials production the producer should identify the motive. When the consumers were contracted and requested for their opinion through personal interview about the study perfect answers were not obtained. which prompt consumer purchases. Limitations.oriented marketing planning and management.

Since the paints are costly and durable one. The scope of study is limited to Shimoga city and the inferences have been drawn with the help of the opinions the respondents of Shimoga city only. therefore there is chance of influences becoming unsuitable in such marketing Environment which have completely a different set up of marketing trends. It has become difficult to collect more and more information’s from large respondents. lit is rather difficulty to get respondents from all sections of Community. . The time allotted for surveys is very limited.

Types of Paints D. THE PAINT – AN INTRODUCTION i.2. Components of Paints E. Development of Paints C. Manufacturing Process F. Introduction B. Limitations .CHAPTER.

funs and they also fight against corrosion with since and technology developing paints cannot be considered as a mere decorative infect. Stone. bridges. public buildings an machines . paint may be applied to metal. leather. Today. paper. Modern paints. the decorative part is takes a back seat paints are needed for variety of special jobs. in certain cases. are not only beautiful but also protect surface from decay and corrosion for instance. cloth or other surface the application of paint serve two very useful purpose. office building.Introductions to Paints: Paints is a liquid material applied to a surface to from a hard continuous film for protection of surface and decoration. If is generally thought that paint is luxury item and it is mainly used for decoration purposes. Wood. cars. They protect the surface of objects and they make the objects colorful and attractive. If consists of pigments or colouring Mattel and the vehicle in which the pigment is suspended the function of vehicle is to form a touch film when applied to surface and to bind the pigments to the surface. people does not understand and appreciate its protective valves. the importance of paint has long transcended mere decoration while paints not only give those fabulous touches to our homes.

can be achieved only by protective paintings paint is used widely in homes as well as in industry because painted are easy to keep clean. buildings. bridges etc. primers and other coatings. enamels and flat paints. the use of paint to homeless in creased walls. Available ready mixed paints for example. agricultural an industrial implements. If is the effect that cores of rupees goes down the drain in our country due to corrosion of various forms due to the expensive of machinery. metallic and fireproof paints sealers. railways travels etc. rockets and space ships need coating that will withstand friction and high temperature the paints also protect the national properties like bridges. So as to avoid corrosion paint is used thus paint transcend not only decoration but also preservation. rain an humidity. toys and even kitchen utensils are painted in sparking colors. effective protection of rural housing. anti corrosion. out door and indoors paints. stoves. Appliances such a refrigetors. Bright safety colours are used in factory and firm equipments... chemical plants and other encoring structure etc. transport equipment’s transport equipment’s. Paints are manufactured for specific purposes. vacuum cleaners and electric fans are now available in a wide variety of colors paints is important for the purpose other than decoration and protections studies have shown that certain colours tend to improve the morale of business employees and hospitals patients.require paint and missiles.. furniture. road ways. . In recent years. construction materials. from rusting and decay from the powerful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

octane and tug oil have been used extensively in paint making more recently tail oil which is derived as a by product in paper making has gained an increasing share of the market . the Greeks and Romans increased the number of paints. they are created with the discovery of varnish. found in the caves of Lascaux. paints were used for representation and decorative purpose for thousands of years before the idea of using them as protective coating appeared. France and Atlantic. plied with out binder.C they had developed a vanish from the gum of Acacia tree ( Gum Arabic ) that contributed to performance of their art. including blue and green and a variety of binders. By 100 B. made iron oxide.000 years age the cave dwellers used red. most of the paints are base which formed a thin and drying the linseed oil is the lowest and most common oil.C imported such dyes as pudding and madder to make blue and red pigments.C. Data from early as 1. although castor and fish oils were in use in the 19th Century. peril. the Egyptian has seven colours. Spain. Early of people of Africa’s and America’s also used paints to decorate temples and dwellings. the earliest known paintings. yellow and black pigments with blinders of animal fat. the Egyptians prepared colours from soil and by 1900 B.Growth and developments of paints :The earliest known use of paint was in the cave dwelling of pre-historic men 90.500 B. Oil Base Paints: Until the end of 19th Century.

It was a mark of wealth to have printed house. But they were soon replaced by . In the 20th Century the majority of American houses were painted inside and outside both. Water based paints :Various types of water based paints are used for centuries the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews are known to have made paints from water and freshly burned lime to which milk curds were added to act as binder the use of paints declined during middle ages but was relieved during the Renaissance period. Some special purpose paints such as antifoaming paint for huts of ships and fire resistant paint were developed during world war-2. In the 1920’s casino paints achieved some popularity. pigments and binders had to be mixed by the painter. Until late 19th Century. The Real Spurt : By the 20th Century the development of synthetic veins and rubber caused and sudden increase in the number and kinds of paint available. During the early American colonial days. Ready mixed paints were developed in the 1960’s since that the time improvement in the quality of ready paints have been made continuously. Especially for military applications.among vegetable oils developed for the paint industry in the last so years are sun flower and Soya oils.

Now the industry is stable. a corresponding proliferation a paint produce was achieved by extensive research efforts the industry contributed the knowledge needed to upgrade and Evaluate pigments and plastic industry also contributed the development of polymers the most significant change in paint technology in this century in the return to “aqueous” system at level of sophistication and complexity never achieved by Egyptians. are being replaced by other water based paints made from synthetic resins that are soluble in water. Largely as result of development on water based paints.the alloyed resins and the water based paints some water based paints which are emulsion of synthetic resins in water. the raw material are virtually unlimited not with standing computation from plastics deceptive fabrics and ceramic tiles. a revolution has to taken place in paint industry in the last 30 years and materials of which paint is made. Emergency of paints with science and technology : The 20th century brought an enormous proliferation articles requiring protective coating. . the used which it is put and the method by which it is applied to have been radically changed.

. which is then applied by scoop shaped tool with a short handle. distemper are Economically priced they after good value for money as they are very durability. Plastic Paints : It is used for interior decoration. It is finally given a heavy stripe .5. If is mixture of plaster of pares powered and mice. 3. plastic paints dries very hard but gives a smooth decorative finish for interior surface. Concrete floors are painted for decorative purpose. Floor Paints: These are mainly used on wooden and concrete floor. It is marketed as dry power and it is mixed with water to a stiff paste. Rice mute aryl emulsion with a superb mix and metal potential the touch of Ethel elegance enduring appeal timeless valve. Protections of concrete from oils grease and chemicals and to prevent dusts. Distemper: Distemper are also water based but there binders may be natural or synthetic. Types of paints 1. 2.

and industries. which refers the growth of marine fauna on shop-bottoms. This type of paints takes less time to dry up this paints have better a resistance and good weathering resistance. Anti corrosive paints : This is special kind of Paint. Road Marking Paints : These paints are used on concrete and roads. aerochome. 7. Lacoloid 2. 6. varnishes etc. They can be safety use on concrete corporate railway etc. . Anti-corrosive paints : These paints are widely used to prevent corrosion the corrosion paints consists of special corrosion inhibiting pigments and the binders and material such as drying oil. railways.4. Bottles acid alkali and heat resisting paint 3. Acid proof paints : It is mainly used in laboratories where it is reacted is acid paints acid paints are : 1. An sphaltese. Surface of cark. parks. 5. They are prepared by in corporation toxic materials in a quick drying medium.

8. Hammer finishers : Hammer finishers are used extensively on instruments. They are durable and easily washed. Foretell heat resisting aluminium paints 2. these can be made to stand a temperature up to 150 degree centigrade without an colour of the painted materials. Heat Resisting paints : These paints are used to cover warm add hot surface such as cylinder. 8. Heat resisting paints are : 1. over boilers. Salvaline aluminium paints. metal surface. 9. office furniture and sheet metal work the advantage of metallic paint is that they do not collect dust. Enamels They are made of combining pigments with varnish enamels from a hard tough film with a gloss or semi gloss finish. . typewriters. Foretell stach black 3. heads of aircraft engine.

Raw material Constraints : The paint industry is raw-material intensive. 821. Infect.4 million in 1992-93 to RS. inc oxide. antimony oxide. 1229.1) Components of paints : Paints are made of basic ingredients some which are natural while others are synthetically manufactured the following are the three major of the total raw material a) Titanium-di-oxide b) Pathetic-anhydride c) Pentaery thritol Other important raw material used in paint are as follows : carbon black. The industry should aim at achieving economics of scale compatible with global trends. there is shortage of raw materials. the net foreign exchange out go had gone up from RS. chromium oxide etc. Exports as a percentage of sales had come down from 2.16 percent. In the absence of an export market the industry became a net consumer of foreign exchange. glycerine.88 percent to 1. Another problem emerged from collapse . The Export prospects are not encouraging as the industry in the international market.1 million in 1995-96. imports have been shoving as upward trend. chrome. During this period. white lead iron oxide.

some of the major paint companies have embarked an expansion plans to consolidate then positions and especially to strengthen their industrial paints markets. which was considered simply a mixing operation decided age. In line with the liberalization policy both in important duty and the excise duties are expected in further reduced. Manufacturing process : In general. . The important duty for these major raw materials was reduced. While reduction in import duties could case the presence exerted by high raw material costs the reduction in the exercise duty could further reduce the competition from the unorganized sector. paint manufacture.of soviet union. the raising prices of these materials put presume on the manufacturers marquis the paint manufacturers were forced to revise prices these during the year 1997-98. As over 70% of raw materials is petroleum based. the gains of excise concessions are being nullified by and steep escalations in the prices of lacy raw materials.form 89% in 1995-96 to the currently level of 40% however the simultaneous increase in the international prices more or less compensated for the reduction in the important duties. has become a special branch of chemical industry. Meanwhile. 7. About 90% of the exports used to be this region at one time.

To make the paint thinner. Sample of paints are now taken to a laboratory and tested to see that the paints has meted the established or estimated colour standard and has proper drying body and other qualities. 3. The outline of manufacturing is given below with the help of 7 steps. 2. 1. By adequate research and development on this field a new Era has landed up in giving a wide range of special finishes. catalyst and vehicle. 5.Now. . In the tinting process a small amount of pigment is added so as to give the desired colour and shade. Weighing the liquid material for the paints vehicle is the first step in making paint bring the materials from storage areas. this pigment of colouring material of the paint is added at this paint mixtures from a paste. Some liquid vehicle is poured in the large mechanical mixers. care is taken by Employing lasting techniques of process control and industrial engineering to produce good quality surface coating at law cost and better durability. 4. the manufacturer adds solvents. Then this paste is passed to the roller mill through pipes this roller grind the vehicle and pigment into a paste that has the desired smoothness and intensity of colour. After grinding the paint floors into a large mixing tank where it is thinned and tinted.

these filling machine fills the right amount of paint in the can.6. After the paints are tested then the paint is allow to the strainers. . So sa to remove bits of client which are present in the paint. then these filled can one loaded on tracks and trains so as to meet to consumer. In the step the paint is filled into can with the help of filling machine. 7.

History of Asian Paints B.CHAPTER – III HISTORY AND VISION OF ASIAN PAINTS A. Supply chain Management in Asian Paints . Types of Asian paints C.

2. 1945 . b. Our Vision : “Asian paints aims to become one of the top five Decorative coatings companies world – wide by leveraging its expertise in the higher growth emerging markets. India but that is exactly what four young men did in Bombay. Simultaneously. The name “Asian paints” was picked randomly from the telephone directory. And the four young men started manufacturing paint in a garage rented for Rs. 1942 During the Second World War. blue and yellow. 75 a month. the company intends to build long term value in the Industrial coatings business through alliance with established global partners”. it was hardly a promising time to set up a new company in. February 1. History : a.Home Corporate profile – History & vision 1. equipped with little more the a traditional Gujarati rhyme that reminded them that you can make any colour by mixing the right proportions of red.

Gattu. forming close bonds with thousands of dealers in small towns all over India. with a hand-stirring process. It was also around this time that the company created its mascot.000 way beyond the wildest dreams of the partners. 3. Asian paints hit on the innovative marketing strategy of “going where the consumer is”. 1957 It was the beginning of a decade of dramatic growth. reaching out to the remotest corners of country to give consumers products the way he wanted them-in-conveniently-sized packs. despite the latter’s perceived technological advantage and switch to Asian paints products. The led Balmer Lawrie Lawrie to reject the products offered by a leading giant UKowned paint company. Up against the giant international paint companies. which has grown into one of India’s most recognizable advertising symbols and representative of Asian paints strong Indian identity.50. Simultaneously the company embarked on an ambitions marketing campaign.The company had touched a modest turnover of Rs. The company’s R & D department figured out a way to produce international quality phenolic and Maleic resins on its simple coal-fumace. These bonds in true Asian paints style were so close that it developed a very strong link between the organization and dealers : . c.

Even though being a leader in this industry. e. mutual cooperation and growing investor value-tapping India’s innate creativity and adding to its through world class technology. As a strong and mature company. Booz Allen & Hamilton. it has realized that it can further consolidate its position. 1998 in 1998. Ever since 1968. the vision for the company was stated. The company is committed to realizing its vision and has chartered a complete plan of action for realizing its vision. improve efficiencies. the company has been a leader in this industry. 1968 By 1968 the company surprised its big-name multinational competitors by emerging as India’s No.d. The company presently has 27% market share of the total paint market. The restructuring was done to bring grater focus to its business. Asian paints recognizes that change is inevitable in corporate life and that the challenge of change can be handled best . After the completion of the restructuring. paint company. control cost and strengthen its leadership position. the company embarked on a major restructuring strategy under the guidance of management consultants. Asian paints has been on a very strong foundation and enduring principles of fair play.

by pursuing the same principles and vision that provided order and growth in the past.

Supply chain management : Asian paints has set-up an efficient supply chain system which integrates & plants, 6 regional distribution centers, 38 outside processing centers and 74 branches catering to around 15,000 dealers and 500 Industrial customers. The supply chain runs through a wide spectrum of functions- ranging from materials planning to distribution. Our supply chain management has played a pivotal role in improving operational efficiencies and creating agile procurement, production and delivery systems. Efficient supply chain management has enhanced the flexibility of operators, lowered throughput time and reduced delivery costs, while improving customer- servicing levels. The decision to introduce a supply chain management solution was taken by Asian paints in 1998-99. Asian paints has been awarded the “cheminor award for 2002” for its “contribution and promotion of Excellence in supply chain Management” by the Indian Institute of Materials Management. In the past few years, Asian paints has witnessed good sales growth, particularly in the water based paints segment. As a result, company has decided to set-up, subject to necessary approvals, a 100,000 TPA plant for manufacturing latex paints at pondichery.

Further, total quality Management (IQM) techniques have been implemented across “Asian paints” production facilities. Also total products Maintenance (IPM) Measures were initiated across all manufacturing facilities and will become an initial part of the production process of our company. All the company’s paints have the ISO 9001 certification. Lastly, 3,200 Employees of Asian paints welcomed around 1050 Employees of “Berger International and SCIB” in to the larger paints family. A key priority for your company related to the harmonious Integration of these companies with the Asian paints family.

Asian paints post net profit of Rs131.5 crore in Q2 Asian paint Indian largest company has posted a net profit of Rs 131.5 crore for the quarter ended sept-30-2008.15.5% Up from the Rs 113.9 crore posted during the corresponding peariod.

Previous year while sales and operating income for the quarter role 30.2% touch Rs 1475.3 crore for the Rs1133.2 crore. In a separate release , the board of directores has recommended the payment of an interiaum dividend of 6.5 per share [65%]

Asian paints along with subsidiary has operational in 20 countries across the world.

Greater results in sept- 2010 Types of Asian paints 1.Asian paints Rayale luxury emulsion; description: Rayale luxury sheen emulsion is an exquisible emulsion paint that provides a luxurious finish and a silky glowing appearance to your walls, A water based 100% acrylic interior walls finished, it has excellant flow giving a near brush mark free finish. 2.Asian paints Rayale glitter: Description: Rayale glitter for those who finish to add a sparkle to their homes. Rayale present its glitter collection choose from a variety of glitter shades of and let your home dazzle. 3.Asian paints Rayale play: Description: Asian paints Rayale play is a water based special effects paint designed to create variety of special effects on interior walls. 4.Asian paints Rayale play metallic: Description: A paint is a water based special efforts paint create a variety of effects on interior with a metallic designer look.

10.Asian paints Royal play safari: Description: Royal safari is offers rich metallic shades with unique grain texturing that resemble is lands on the walls.Asian paints duracost tex: Description: Pebble tex is a sprayed texture finish from the Apex duracast family of acrylic water based textures and can be used both on exterior and interior walls.Asian paints Royal play dune: Description: Royal play dun offers a unique collection of subtle metallic texture in gold and silver base in 3 different styles for your interiors.5.Asian paints duracost cross tex: Description: It is a 100% acrylic silica based product that is best used to get a wide range of innovative trowel based patterns for both exterior and interior walls. 8.Asian paints duracost fine tex: Description: . 7.Asian paint royal play stucco: Description: Royal stucco is a marble finish is a water based special effects paints that creates marble like metallic on interior walls. 6. 9.

Asian paints apex ultima: Description: It paint advanced anti aigal weather proof emulsion is a water based modified acrylic anti aigal high performance exterior walls finish. 12.Asian paints apex stretch: Description : Water repellent exterior paint is a 100% acrylic water based oil performance long lasting exterior walls finish.Is a 100% acrylic water based exterior product specially designed as a intermediate coating. 11. .


There are about a half a dozen and about paint manufacturing companies listed on various stock exchange. E. Sales Analysis Profit analysis Introduction Product Trend Marketing mix strategy COMPARISON STUDY BETWEEN ASIAN PAINTS AND OTHERS : Introduction : Indian paint Industry comprises about twenty-eight companies in the organized sector and about 1500-2000 small and medium scale players with the organized sector accounting for roughly 50% of the total output. Asian paints . 2. the performance and prospects of their script are analyzed As under : 1.i. C. D.

Bombay paints. Production (laks in Year 2004 – 05 2005 –06 2006 – 07 2007 – 08 2008 – 09 2009 – 10 tons) 40.742 54.97. 1.738 47.784 42.07 lakes of tones . Good lass Norelco 3. Jenson and Nicholson 6.634 49. Shalimar paints 5.2.884 In the year 2004-05 the production of paints is 40. Berger paints 4. Production Trent : The following table shows the last 6 year production of paints in india The following table shows the last 7 years production of paints in India.78.92 lakes of tones and in 2005-06 the production of pains increased to 47.92.

.This is because of high exercise duty charged by the Government After 2006 – 07 the production of paints will be increased from year to year.251 1.50 05.68 From the table we can know that which is the highest sales of paints in India.352 1.078 2. Because of the users and dealers of paints were increased throughout the country continuously.90 06.69 13. The compared to other leading paint Industry . Sales Analysis : The following table shows the sales of leading paint industry during the year 2009-10 Name of the Companies Asian paints Good lass Nerolac Berger paint Jenson Nicholson Shalimar paints Bombay paints Sales (In crores) 9.17 07.because high quality product produced by the Asian paints.342 2.113 974 In Percentage 53.06 13.

colour and price of the product mix. Price Mix 3. such as product. price. Distribution Mix 1) Product Mix : Most of the companies are having a product and products varieties the company may extent new lines on the develop new user for existing products. So the different companies use the different techniques for production of their products. promotion and distribution. Product Mix 2. response the marketing mix has & variables. Promotion Mix 4. 1. 2) Price Mix : . So the paints will differ in their quality.Marketing Mix strategy : Marketing mix includes four variable. if influence the buyers.

the pricing policy dependent on the cost of raw materials and cost of production. Government regulation etc. buildings. further pricing policy are also influenced by the fluctuations in the excise duty. These paints prices are fixed on the basis of colour. Types Luxol hi glass synthetic enamel Luxol hi glass smells Parrot synthetic Enamel Butterfly G.Price one of greatest importance to the manufacturer. there is only one manufacturing industry in India that is in “VADADHAR” (BARODA) in Gujarat State. transportation cost etc. Synthetic enamel Heat Resisting Paints : Ferrotal No. wholesaler. bridges.75 Rate / Litter 151. 1 Ferrotal heat resisting Paint Ferrotal stack Black 94.P. Pricing of Asian paints is done by the company itself by taking in to account the lost of raw-material.80 The paints are not only use for decorate the houses. retailer and also consumer..00 191. cost of production.00 118. but also use in “Gold ornament”. . After prices further Government regulations etc. also affected pricing.00 85. The following are the prices of different types of paints. Many of the marketing strategy such as packing advertising etc.40 109.00 131. cost of packing.

6% per Ism. It is in the form of solids. NATHDNARNALA” was only the dealers in paints. Honey gold and crystal. which is used for gold ornaments. and then they construed into powders. Rose. Transparent : Red. 400 400 300 240 240 120 100 80 160 40 60 Liquid Enamel colours : Rs. size bottle.“RAMADAS . Ferris. Enamel colours Red darket Red English dare Honey gold dark English Golden yellow Green Yellow Blue Rose White pure Green tur quoise Parrot Green Rate / 100 gram Rs. Opaque : . It is not water based or not in oil based. Blue. Golden.M. Green. The prices of these enamel colours are different on the basis of their colours.

Vanuate in south Nations and in south east Asia. sales promotion and publicity. if also gives an advertisement in magazines. By the Promotional mix we can make freely in the market. 2) Promotion Mix : Promotion mix is also a key element in our all marketing strategy.Red. Fiji. Blue. Asian paints adopt the promotional mix by giving advertisement in daily newspapers i. .e. Froze. promotion mix comprise personnel selling. Black. Parrot Green. Solomon. advertising. Yellow. Tongo. Distribution channel of Asian paints : The company has established various branches through the world the branches are in Australia. there are several countries such as myanmer. White. Islands. 3) Distribution Mix : When the products is ready for the market it has to be distributed properly at required time for the required place the channel of distribution for a product is the rest taken by the title is the move from the produces to ultimate consumers. Green. Ivory and Brown.

which manufacturer pentaerythritol. through its subsidiaries. Nepal. and another at cuddalore (Tamil Nadu). India. In addition. . Malaysia. Corinne and African countries. has 23 manufacturing locations in 22 foreign countries Jason paints has four operant manufacturing facilities at Bhandep (Maharastra). Asian paints. Today. Asian paints have after 2 plants in India they are Ankleshwar. Bangaladesh. Ankleshwar (Gujarat). These paints are transported by roadways and railways to the various sales branches from these branches the paints are distributed to the authorized deals in the different cities and toucans. Patancheru (Andra Pradesh) and kansa (Uttar Pradesh). Singapore and in south Asia.Thailand. (Gujarat) which produce phthalic Anhydride. Srilanka and also other west Asian.

Owners and Capital Structure C.V KADEMANE TRADERS SANTEBENNURE . Sales analysis PROFILE OF A SRI RAMA HARDWARE A. Objectives E. Establishment and origin of the firm : .A PROFILE A. Location of the firms D. Establishment and origin of firms B.CHAPTER .

75. A wide majority of Asian paints in Shimoga have something to do with this firm. Deco paints. Enamel paints 3. paint brushes. 7. are the owners of the firm the capital investment of the firm is Rs. External paints 4. steel and Rubber bedding. nuts. Strainers 5. and Mr. 1. Apex paints 6. 2. screws.000/. bolt. 2 lakhs – from the proprietors own capital and they share profits equally and they also be investment the amount of Rs.R. Red oxide 8. Owners and capital structure : Sri Rama Hardware is run through the partnership firm. Mr.Narendra K J the firm turned as Sole trading firm in 2005.Sri Rama Hardware is establishment in the year 7th December 1997. B. Plastic . Textured 9. Heat Resistance paints. Ganesh K. sandpapers and also the furniture materials. Narendra K. They are also the dealers of hardware materials.J. Then the firm completely owned by Mr.from Bank of this firm dealing only with Asian paints in small size but after it become a main dealer Asian paints in Shimoga city.

and 1 hour will be time for lunch break and then in the afternoon it opens at 3.10. role for effective business of the firm.M. good service and good material of paint. Acrylic 11.30 P. Shimoga.M.M. Luster 12. . D) Objective : The firms main objective is to increase sales with the objective of earning reputation in the market by rendering prompt and valuable service to its customer and there by maximizing the profit. Savarline road.M. The business hour of the firm starts from 9.30 P. because of its good quality. to 2. Wood finishers etc.00 P. and the firm is famous in Shimoga city. C) Location of the firm : Sri Rama Hardware located in the heart of opp HDFC BANK. to 9.30 A.

27. Because the advertising media.00.212 21. Last academic year Sri Rama hardware Reached the Award winning sales of 1Crore. 5. Now a days Asian paints also become one leading paints in India. Collected the reward from Asian Paints.720/. screws. braces.30. Year Sales( in rs) 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 16. In recent years the firm not only deals with paints. paint.79.and after increase the sales year by year. etc. sand papers. .903 19. It is attractive and memorized advertise so the uses of Asian paints is increased. blots. nuts. Asian paints are the keen competition for other leading paints.E) Sales analysis : The above table shows the net sales in 3 years at glance. they are also dealing with hardware material like budding.817 In 2003-04 the firm shows sales of Rs.

CHAPTER .VI Consumer response towords Asian paint .

8% are using Berger paints. 4% are using Shalimar paints. . 8% and 4% of paints are using jenson and Nicholson and others respectively. of the respondents.Consumer response in Shimoga City Table – 1 The table showing the brand preference of the total number of respondent Name of the brand Asian Paints Goodlass Nerolac paints Berger panits Shalimar paints Jenson and Nicholson Others Total No of respondents 21 12 8 4 3 2 50 Percentage 42 24 16 8 6 4 100 From the above table we can observes that 42% if the respondents are using Asian paints. 24% are using goodlass nerolac paints. Diagram Showing the brand preference of the total No.

Table – 2 Table showing the Income group of the respondent to Asian Paints. Income Group Below 5000 5000 to 15000 15000 to 25000 Above 25000 No of Respondents 10 20 10 10 Percentage 20% 40% 20% 20% .

.Total 50 100% From the above table we may find that below 5000. Diagram showing the income groups of the respondents to Asian Paints.000 income group is 40% and from 15000 to 25000 and above 25000 is 20% each other’s respectively in Shimoga city. Income group is only 20% and 5000 to 15.

.Table – 3 The table showing the classification of the respondent according to the occupation Occupation Businessmen Employee Agriculturist Profession Others Total No of respondents 20 12 8 8 2 50 Percentage 40% 24% 16% 16% 04% 100% Out of total 50 numbers of respondents about 40% are belonging to businessmen 24% of employee. 16% of agriculture and profession equally and 4% others.

Diagram showing the classification of respondents according to the occupation .

Consideration Popularity Easy availability Attractive colour Long life Economical Prompt supply Total No of respondents 15 5 7 13 5 5 50 Percentage 30% 10% 14% 26% 10% 10% 100% Diagram shows the factor influencing the buying Behaviour of the Asian Paints.Table – 4 The following table shows the factors influencing the buying behaviour of Asian paints. .

Media Advertisement No of respondents 25 Percentage 50% .Table – 5 The table shows the media through which respondents came to know about Asian paints.

Friends Dealers Others Total 4 8 13 50 85 16% 26% 100% Many of the respondents to know about Asia paints through many media. 50% of the total respondents came to know advertisements like TV and Newspaper because the advertisement is excellent and more memorable slogan will be added 8% of them through friends and 16% of them through dealers and rest of 26% will others. . Diagram shows the media through which respondents came to know about Asian Paints.

CHAPTER . Suggestions for the problems . Problems faced by the paint industry B.VII PROBLEMS FACED BY THE PAINT INDUSTRY IN INDIA AND SOLUTIONS FOR THE PROBLEMS A.

machinery’s and so on. PROBLEMS FACED BY THE PAINT INDUSTRY : The paint industry plays a key role in protective and anti corrosive attributes to various surface. Yet with all these benefits paint industry is facing many problems. Apart from the enhancing the aesthetic appeal and durability of the décor the products of the paint industry helps to enlaces the house interiors and prolong the lives of physical assets like plant.PROBLEMS FACED BY THE PAINT INDUSTRY IN INDIA AND SOLUTIONS FOR THE PROBLEMS A. .

It may seen impossible. In developed countries the 25 : 75. First and for most is the low consumption of paints second the high production cost. There is an increase sale in the per capital consumption of paints of different countries.A (In kg per annum consumption) 26 .5kg compared to 20kg developed countries. Imbalance consumption pattern : The per capital annual consumption of paints in the country is a merge 0. slow progress in technological upgradation. third. The second reason is this is a decline in Government outlay on capital account in the beginning. yet if is true the Rs. Per capital paint consumption Item 1 Country U. forth the miss concinced impression of being a luxury item and finally heavy taxes. but in India. 400 crore paint industry is in distraught. lit is 75 : 25. This is a great demand for decorative paints.S. It is inter play of these factors in are from on the other that the producing companies have been undergoing a colourless placed. There is a maximum decline in industrial paint in public sector but the government has taken necessary step in creating the demand for industrial paint up to 38%. This is because of two reasons first one is in India. The inconvenience and painting alone is not the course for slowdown following social economic factors. The following are the important problems that an Indian paint industry is facing 1.

5 From the above table it is clear that above 45% of the total cost of productions spend on raw material due to increase in the cost of raw-material the paint Industry on manufacturer has to sell the paint for more price. Heavy Taxation Another major problem for point industry is that it has been subject to high excise duty incidence.2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Germany Sweden France U. The Government which used to buy about 40% paint output has severally been restricted on account of penalty of funds onto only turnched public . 2. Taiwan Japan South Korea Malasiya Philippines Thailand 23 20 18 26 16 16 10 5 4 1 India 0.K. It was believed that in the wake of the industrial liberalization the flurry in industrial activities in our economy would spur demand for consumer durable.

. But another factors like mansoons and the growth is the housing sector. Sales tax and unbridled input cost coupled with their irregular supply of take of paints fell as soon as the automobile and consumer durable industries began cutting their production. 4. In fact mansoons have a dual effect on the industry on other hand there is a little painting work during the mansoons.expenditure as construction activities is causing paints to the paint industry and inflationary pressure on its production cost has also been faced upon it the cost spiral from which the industry is suffering has mostly been fuelled by prohibitive excise duty. the technology level is not very high. the capital cost per tax. 3. Other factors : Not only all these factors are seriously affecting growth in production and domestic sales. Primitive Technology : The making of paints primarily involves the blending of different items in various proportion in most varieties of paints. This has enables 2000 small units Indian paints market the other 50% is accounted for by 24 units is the unorganized sector.

if its whole were not enough the slowing economy and reducing government expenditure have hurt further Government off usually comprises about 40% of demand recession in the automobile industry. government negligence etc. B. privitive technology. Another large consumer which has eaten into 30% of the paint sold that goes towards original application is automobile and consumes durable. paint industry has a tough time struggling to keep themselves a float amidst all the mounting problems like imbalance consumption. However following are the some suggestion for making paint market. Correcting imbalance consumption or Balanced consumption : . More effective profitable & to free from problem with which it has been surrounded. 1. Suggestions for the problem faced by paint Industry : At present. the another 70% is used in repainting the railway have reduced off take by above 20%.As. The Indian paint manufacturers association have been fighting constantly to control these accumulation problems. however. if seems that solution to the problem lies for away. heavy taxation. high cost structure.

A vast rural market is still not reached by Paint Company. the 50% of the raw materials are petroleum based which is intensive. Through making several different items in balanced proportion the availability of titanium dioxide the principal raw material needed for the final product. . For correcting the paint market should also be indexed villages and rural areas. The paint companies must take initiative in covering smaller towns by sending salesman and appointing dealers for that area. then only the problem of imbalance consumption could be solved. Through paint companies have started to reach out to villages. the Production also exceeds 50.800 tones by the year 2000 A.91.910 tones of titanium dioxide by the year 2000 A. The department of scientific and industrial research estimates that the country will require 1.D so it is necessary to increase the domestic production of titanium dioxide to large extent.The imbalance in paint consumption should be corrected paint being a luxury item as often through of it is being sold in big cities and big towns. it is very essential so it should be imported on large scale. 2.D. Cost Reduction : Another major problems which needs solution is the raw materials cost.

It’s another fact that our country has about 12% of world total illuminate deposits the major raw materials for titanium dioxide. 3. in General practice that whenever any Industry is found technological gaps. The central excise duty element on the Industry is general and for paints is particular should be brought down to an average of 10% against the current 30% to 20% But a sudden reduction in excise duty will not hold good whatever is needed is substantial reduction in excise duties. So the Government should understand the real situation. Technology-up-Gradation : The technology with respect to paint manufacturing should be improved paint manufacture require high Technology especially for industrial paints. so that the industry can sell its products at reasonable prices. 4. the only thing needed in Government action. as paint Industry and excise duty on paints and its raw materials should be brought down to a considerable extent. So that the Industry can carry out business without facing its colour. it has . Excise Relied : The heavy excise burden bagged on paints should also be reduced considerable. So if will not be a major problem to set up units for the manufacture of titanium dioxide.

so this helps the paint Industry from other collaborated countries. So in the case of paint Industry also the same must be introduced. the Government has not given much interest and importance to this decorative segment. 5. In paint Industry have entered with foreign collaboration due Government liberal policy. Government attitude : Government has remained cool to the problems faced by the paint Industry. . The Government should realize important of this industry it must take steps to ensure that the Consumption of paint by it adequate in all times.moved quickly to bridge those gaps by acquiring technology from abroad.


.ANALYSIS OF SURVEY FINDING. Shimoga city has good market for both consumer and Industrial product. all respondents are residents of shimoge city. 50 sample respondents were selected and contacted for getting the desired information . Good lass Nerolac and Berger paint is second and third position. Shimoga is grown in small quantities by utilizing available natural resources. Shimoga is one of the major cities in the area of “MALENADU” and having rich natural wealth resources. So if has a good marketing structure. CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTIONS Introduction : Shimoga is a district head quarter and important city in Karnataka. a) Businessmen : in the business groups Asian Paints stands first. Survey analysis : Due to time constant out of the total consumer of paints.

c) Agriculturist : Among the Agriculturist group total number of respondents out of 50% are used Asian paints and remaining 25% are users of Good lass Nerolac paint and Shalimar paints. but it quality is good and it is durable and has long life. Among this group they use more Asian paints because due to its popularity in rural areas.5% are the users of Asian paints. .According to a survey. d) Professionals : Among the profession group that 37. only 25% are the users of Asian paints. wholly attractive on its colour Guarantee and advertisement and 25% are the users of Shalimar paints.5% by Berger paints. Berger paints and Nerolac paints. and 25% are users of Good lass nerolac paints and remaining percentage will be shared equally i. Shalimar and others.e. 45% are users of Asian paint and remaining are the users of Nejrolac. Shalimar paints and Jansen and Nicholson. Berger. 12. According to businessmen 45% that it is costlier. b) Employees : among the employed person in shimoga city.

which introduce the users to a particular brand of paints. The opinions of the people towards Asian paints is excellent from these conclusion wed can say that Asian paint has a market in Shimoga city. There are the complaints from the consumer regarding the availability of Asian paints. and news papers is a main media of sales promotion is the case of paints..CONCLUSIONS : Paint is a very common and popular product and is used by all class of people. Consumers are demanding the Asian paints in shimoga. The advertisement and words of mouth. If has been seen that at the time of purchasing paint.V. window display. further paints one purchased for new building as well as for repainting is more when compare to uses of new buildings. Advertisement in magazines. If is fact that 75% of the populations are the users of paints and non users of the paints. Most of customers want the facility of colour guarantee paint from the dealers. T. channel of communication from relatives and friends are the major deal. Asian paint is a good market the supply of Asian paints is sufficient in shimoga. “Asian paints” which is very good and popularity in the market. SUGGESTIONS : . Paint is purchased for many purposes they serve both decorative purpose and protective purposes.

So that more people can buy the paints. So in order to survive in a difficult Environment it can be suggested that the quality of Asian paints is to be improved to an maximum extent and of course the prices must be reasonable. Technology used in the manufacture of paint should be improved. majority of the population i. Today the cost of paints are 190 to 240 this is beyond the means of lower and middle classes. unless colour ranges improved the consumer may turn this eyes towards other brands. 4. 1.While conducting the survey many respondents have given their suggestions for improvement of Asian paint some of the suggestion that may help the company to improve the quality and sales of Asian paints are as follows. . so that cost of production can be reduced for foreign collaboration can be made. Therefore their price must be reduced to a considerable extent. in India. the colour range of paints should be increased from existing numbers to compete with other which possess wide variety of colours ranges. the company must realize that many consumers cannot offer can do not require conventional large paint packets. 3. 5.e.. Panit market is very competitive and it is the survival of the fittest in the competitive situation. 2. So it should introduce small ready made packets of paints sale. 75% of the population come under lower and middle in come groups.

Chapter 08 ANNEXURE Bibliography and Questionnaire . But Asian paint take No. 1 place and also Asian paint gives an effective memorized channels of communication and also to supply each place and agricultural area then definitely the Asian paints will have a good market and remains its place constantly in paint industry.6. in these days Asian paints and Goodlass Nerolac paints are competing each other.

com Consumer Questionnaire Hello.R.Bibliography  Marketing management  Philip kotler  P. Reddy  H. Dear respondent. Appannaiah  Catalogues  Company profile  Web sites  Www.N. Asian Paints. .

Reason for the selecting the brands. which brands? (a) Asian paints (b) Shalimar paints (c) Nerolac paints (d) Jenson & Nicholason (e) Berger paints (f) other paints ( ) (b) No ( ) (c) 15000 to 25000 (d) Above 25000 ( ) 8.I am Siddesha . 1.Monthly income groups.If 4.S student of final year BBM Acharya tulasi national college of commerce shimoga.Address: 3.M.Name: 2.Do you use paints? (a)Yes 7.occupation: 5. (a) Below 5000 (b) 5000 to 15000 6. . your response will be kept strictly confidential. I am doing consumer survey for knowing the behavior of consumer towards “ASIAN PAINTS” I would be grateful if you could spend some of your time in filling up this questionnaire.

If no. you heard of Asian paints? (a) Yes (b) No ( ) 10. What do you expect while purchasing the paints? (a) Price (b) Attractive colour (d) Long life (e) Others .Have. why? (a) Low quality (c) Fading colour (b) High price (d) Others ( ) (b)No ( ) 14. If yes. from which source: (a) Advertisement (b) Dealers 11. If yes.(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Popularity of the brand Attractive colours Easy availability Reasonable rate Others ( ) 9. Have you used Asian paints? (a) yes (b) No ( ) (c) Friends (d) Others ( ) 12. are you satisfied with its quality? (a) yes 13.

what do you think about the availability of colours in Asian paints? (a) Less (c) Sufficient (b) More (d) Expect more ( ) 17. what is your opinion about the price of Asian paints? (a) (b) (c) Very low Reasonable Very high ( ) ( ) 16. what is your opinion about the quality of Asian paints? (a) Good (c) Better (b) Low (d) Excellent ( ) 18.Are you satisfied with the service offered by the dealer? (a)Yes (b) No ( ) 19.Do you have any suggestion about the improvement of the Asian paints? Thanking you Date: Place: Signature .(e) Easy availability 15.Is the paint are easily available in the market? (a)Yes (b) No ( ) 20.

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