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Tatuli Okriashvili

Accenture case

Types of research What did How did it

Accenture do? perform?

1. Internal contest The company challenged This survey has resulted in

its employees to come up a list of over 2500 entries.
with suggestions for a new It has helped the company
name by creating an to finally come up with its
internal contest. name.

2. Surveys of target It has conducted extensive Research revealed that the

customers market research upon the “Acc” in the name connotes
target customers. accomplishment and
accessibility and the name
sounds like “Adventure”.
So they decided on the
name “Accenture”.

3. Research for a Conducted a survey in A research did really a good

launching date order to understand which job for the company,
date was the most proper because after launching the
for launching a brand on brand in one month they
the market. Marketing launched a new campaign,
research revealed that which caused the traffic on
01.01.01, the potential their Web Site. Research
launching date, had a has helped them and their
resonance with the ads to be more intriguing
computer industry, and interesting for people.
because 2 and 1 are the
two digits of the binary
world of computers.

4. Research for Research revealed that This research was quite

brand awareness now it has approximately helpful for the company,
50% awareness with the because the result has
public, which is essentially given them the stimuli and
the same number it had huge motive to make
under the old name. expansions and to attract
more and more customers.
Marketing research is the
base of all the activities
companies do. Accenture
used this opportunity
before all the steps it was
going to make.