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The seven P·s are: Product y Price y Promotion y Place y Process y Physical Evidence y People y .

y Product is made up of three parts  Tangible product.the benefits y .material and construction  Extended product.PRODUCT Product is the sum total of physical and psychological satisfactions it provides to the buyer.services  Generic product.

The basic hospitality products Goods y Services y Environment y .

y Pricing is the art of translating the qualitative offering in to quatitative terms y Pricing is difficult and must reflect supply and demand y .PRICE Price is the exchange value of product or services. always expressed in the terms of money.

FACTORS OF PRICING Perishability y Intangibility y Fixed and variable cost y Competition y Company objective y Proposed positioning strategies y Target group and willingness to pay y Government regulations y .

PROMOTION Promotion is a tool of communication used to inform the target market customers about goods and services . to help facilitates the exchange process. y Promotion includes all the tools available for the marketer for the ´marketing communicationµ y .

ELEMENTS OF PROMOTION Personal selling y Sales promotion y Public relation y Direct mail y Trade fairs and exhibition y Advertising y sponsorship y .

distribution or intermediary.from production to consumptionµ .PLACE y ´ A channel of distribution comprises of a set of institutions . which perform all the activities required to move a product and its title .BUCKLIN Place is also known as channel. y .

CHANNELS OF PLACE Direct channel y Indirect channel y Electronic channel y Wholesale y Retail y .

Manufacturer Manufacturer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer Consumer INDIRECT DISTRIBUTION DIRECT DISTRIBUTION .

It includes how to promote and deliver the value that is created but also how to educate and support customers on an ongoing basis.PROCESS y Process refers to the systems used to assist the organization in delivering the service. y .

y It·s the material part of the service y . tangible and controllable aspect of a service organization.PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Means all physical .

Physical evidence include: essential evidence  peripheral evidence  comforts  facilities y .

y Physical evidence is such as packaging Internet/web address Paper work(invoice. ticket. dispatch notes) Brochures Furnishings Signage Business card Mail boxes .

PEOPLE People is the major part of marketing mix y It concerned with two parties # marketer # customer y Employee as an element of people mix y People constitute an important dimension in the management of services in their role both services and as customers. y .

y .INTERNAL MARKETING y Is a concept is that applies in the industry where the internal product (job) is sold to internal customers(employees). y A main belief in the HRM is that employees are a scare resources and should be used properly. RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING Is the core activities in the HRM. This Process including peoples.

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