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1. How many reset dates are there in one policy year of NAV build up
a) 84
b) 24
c) 168
d) 14
2. Mr. XYZ proposed for SBI Life -smart ULIP plan at a regular
annualized premium of Rs. 50,000/- for 3 yrs premium paying term.
After two years of regular payment he died due to illness. What
amount will be paid to nominee if the Fund value on the date of
intimation of death is Rs 240000
a) 250000
b) 180000
c) 240000
d) 340000
3. Policy will acquire a surrender value after payment of atleast
………… months of 5 yrs PPT and will be payable after completion
of……… policy year.
a) 6, 3rd
b) 1, 3rd
c) 12, 3rd
d) 6, 2nd.
4. What is the maximum limit that can be allocated in debt and short
term instruments in Flexiprotect Fund ?
a) Nill
b) 20%
c) 80%
d) 100%
5. What is the term of ‘Accumulation’ phase in Smart- ULIP life
a) 1 year
b) 3 year
c) 7 year
d) None of above
6. If a person want to contribute Rs 50000/- annually and will be
assured for a sum of Rs. 250000/-. In what age group if a life assured
falls will not be required to get medical examination done provided
he has given standard age proof along proposal?
a) 50- 55 yrs
b) 51- 55 yrs
c) 50- 60 yrs
d) 51- 60 yrs
7. How many partial withdrawals are allowed in a policy year after
successful completion of 3 yrs regular premium payment?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3
8. What if there is unpaid premium after First 3 policy years in case of
5 years premium paying term.
a) Automatic Life cover maintenance till the end of the revival
period (if Fund value not reaches amount equal to 1 full year’s
b) All charges continue to be deducted
c) Revival facility is available
d) All of above
9. Miss ABC has 10000 units on the date of maturity. Sum assured
during inforce policy is Rs. 250000/-.NAV on the date of maturity is
Rs. 14.Highaest NAV in first 7 years is Rs. 20. What amount will be
paid on the date of maturity?
a) Rs. 140000/
b) Rs. 250000/
c) Rs. 90000/
d) Rs. 200000/

10.Which of the following is/are true for SBI Life Smart ULIP product
I. Increase or Decrease in sum assured is allowed.
II. Redirection or switching is not allowed.
III. Partial withdrawal is allowed upto 2000/.
IV. Minimum premium in monthly mode is Rs 4500.
a) Only I
b) Only II
c) II and IV
d) Only IV Sign: