Most used contractions

To be
Not contracted I am You are He is /she is We are They are You are not He /she is not We are not They are not Contracted I’m You’re He’s / she’s We’re They’re You aren’t You’re not He/she isn’t We aren’t We’re not They aren’t They’re not I wasn’t He/she wasn’t We weren’t They weren’t What’s Where’s Who’s That’s There’s I will You will He/she will We will They will

To have
Not contracted I have/have not You have/have not He/she has/has not We have/ have not They have/have not I had /had not You had /had not He/she had /had not We had / had not They had / had not Contracted I’ve /haven’t You’ve / haven’t He’s/ she’s /hasn’t We’ve / haven’t They’ve / haven’t I’d /hadn’t You’d /hadn’t He’d/she’d /hadn’t We’d /hadn’t They’d / hadn’t
(Note: can be confused with I should. See below. Context has to show which one is used)

I was not He/she was not We were not They were not What is Where is Who is That is There is

I’ll You’ll He’ll/she’ll We’ll They’ll

I can /could not You can/could not He /she can/ could not We can/ could not They can/ could not can’t couldn’t I will not /would not You will not /would not He/she will not /would not won’t We will not /would not wouldn’t They will not /would not That will Who will What will There will I would You would He/she would We would They would That’ll Who’ll What’ll There’ll

I shall /should not You shall / should not He/she shall/ should not We shall/ should not They shall / should not

shan’t shouldn’t

(Note: can be confused with I should. See above. Context has to show which one is used)

Confusing contractions
Its and it’s
Its It’s Its is the possessive form of ‘it’ It is just a contraction meaning ‘it is’ What is its color? It’s good to be home again

Their, there or they’re
There Their They’re Mainly an adverb meaning ‘in, at or to that place’ Possessive determiner, meaning ‘belonging to them’ Contraction for ‘they are’ He never went there again Don’t bother because it’s their responsibility They’re not really friendly people.

Who’s and whose
Who’s Whose Contraction for 'who is' or 'who has' Possessive case of who and of which. Belonging to Who's there? Whose coat is that laying on the floor?

Your, and you're
Your You’re Possessive meaning ‘belonging to you’ Contraction of ‘you are’ They found your wallet You’re not alone!

Were, we’re and where
Were We’re Where Verb. Simple past of ‘be’ Contraction of ‘we are’ Adverb of place We were dead tired We’re very happy Where are you?

Spell checkers
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