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 Time allowed 2 hours
 1/2 –ve marking
 calculator allowed


 BASIC ELECTRICAL: Basic terms, series & parallel combination.

Current, voltage, resistance, power, capacitor, resistor & inductor
concepts & related problems etc.

 BASIC ELECTRONICS: Transistor basic terms, transistor

configuration (CE, CC, CB with regard of i/p & o/p impedance &
power, current & voltage gain). Basics of transistor biasing
(voltage divider biasing), switching & amplification. Amplifier
frequency response. Effect of Coupling & bypass capacitor,
harmonic distortion in amplifiers. Temperature coefficient of
resistance. Diode basics terms, rectifier with types & related

 INTEGRATED ELECTRONICS: Opamp, configuration & related

terms like slew rate, gain, CMRR, Applications of Opamp, analog
filters & responses.

 DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING: Nyquist sampling theorem, ADC

conversion process, signal representation (Fourier series) &

 ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS: Superposition, Thevinian & Norton

theorems, reactance (capacitive, inductive). RC time constant.
Basic concepts from RC, RLC, RL series & parallel circuit. Mutual
inductance & KWH. VDR, CDR, KVL, KCL & related problems.

 COMMUNICATION: Basics of Communication, Modulation

techniques (AM, FM, ASK, FSK, QPSK, PCM etc), Communication
transmitters and receivers, Multiplexing techniques (FDM, TDM),
Noise, SNR, channel capacity Telecommunication technologies &
their data rates.

Junaid Shaikh (05ES42)

 ELECTROMAGNETISM: Antenna terms, electric & magnetic fields,
Path loss, Electromagnetic spectrum ranges, frequency,
wavelength & related problems.

 CONTROL ENGINEERING: Open & Closed Loop system basic

concepts, stability from transfer function & poles & zeros of a
system. Closed loop transfer function of a control system, stability
of a discrete time control system, Nyquist stability criteria, root
locus approach, bode plot, 2nd order system & its response at
different values of damping ratio (finding related terms including
value of K & steady state error) & PID controllers types & use.


Protection techniques for power devices, 3-phase & I-phase
controlled rectifiers, switching regulator & inverter basics. Duty
cycle & harmonic distortion in power devices. Speed (RPM)
control & load regulation of dc motor & types of power electronic
devices & circuits.

 CELLULAR COMMUNICATION: Cellular terms like re-use distance,

Hands off & ON, co-channel interference, frequency hopping, cell
site, cellular coverage enhancement techniques

 MICROPROCESSOR: Basic terms, finding no of address lines &

memory problems. Registers, interrupts & addressing modes of
8085 & 8088 microprocessors.

Junaid Shaikh (05ES42)