REFLECTIONWhat I learnt was social interactionism which has relation with constructivism and humanism.

All human beings learn many things thorough the interactions from the birth to the old age and, they use language to interact with other people so why don t we use interactions to teach English? Students can learn from each other so we can arrange some activity to make them engage in learning actively. However, in the process of teaching English the basic role is to help students to learn something. The role of teacher is to make the learners move into next stage of knowledge. Both Vygotsky and Feuerstein suggest teachers to guide students to make them effective learners. Teachers generally teach theoretical knowledge in schools but as a future teacher we have to find the way of giving the information to students. I believe I try to find the possible ways in interacting with my students as I think students need to trust their teacher in the classroom. Therefore, I will try to win their confidence by guiding them in learning process and by making them use their potential. We have said every child is unique so I think I will be suppose to unearth their talents. To make the students feel important in class I will encourage them to share their ideas with others, and I will make them involve in group works to interact with their peers. Using activities and enjoyable games will attract their attention that they can learn without feeling obligatory to learn. I will be like a counselor to help them shape their future and I guess that is the thing that I definitely need to focus on as a 21 century teacher.

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