REFLECTION JOURNAL: 9 In the class we talked about types of learning which are close to behaviouristic theories.

Gagne·s eight types of learning are like sum of the other theories. For example, stimulus response learning is Skinner·s idea or chaining is like ALM principal. But they have a lot of messages for us. According to signal learning theory, there are some signals between teacher and students. So it means that we can easily understand whether out students learn the subject or not. In the class, I have learned very important thing. We shouldn·t keep up with only a theory because our students have different levels of learning. We should behave all of them as an individual as much as possible. Also we can help our students to transfer positive knowledge. Overgeneralization is another subject that we should pay attention as it has both disadvantages and advantages. In inductive learning, students are supposed to learn a subject from the iven material or instruction. It is much better than deductive learning. So we should add inductive teaching to our teaching philosophy. There is nothing that I cannot understand so everything is clear

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