There are four circuits attached to the PCB . There are four IC¶s . 

7805 POWER SUPPLY IC :.POWER SUPPLY IC :. Leg 3 is connected to leg 2 by a capacitor and after that vcc and ground are attached. 1 is connected to the positive charge & leg 2 is connected to negative charge leg 2 and 3 are producing output.[05] STANDS FOR THE VOLTAGE SUPPLY (I.E +5V) The voltage power supply of +5v is given from the battery to the IC by (v) battery as an input by leg 1 and 2 of IC.7805 . .

*DISC capacitors which is used as a filter circuit for filtering the circuiting ( green and orange color).5 volts and the capacitors is used to restore the voltage for LED.CAPACITORS Capacitors used are of two types :-Electrolytic capacitors (blue color) is used for smoothing . . Electrolytic capacitors :Light Emitting Diode is also used which required 1. It helps in storing the charge and producing/giving as per needed .

12 . Q3 and Q4.Q2 . it helps in oscillation of pulse wave to provide accurate input and output. The DTMF consist of a frequency pulse through which numbers are pressed and a low and high pulse is modulated or superimposed on each other to give an accurate frequency wave. and 13 ports are attached to the 4 resistors and 4 LEDS. In this circuit .Dual tone multimode frequency circuit:. A standard led is also used. . Q1 . It acts as a decoder . respectively . 11 . a crystal oscillator is also pressed . In the pin IC .IC CM 8870 It¶s a 18 pin IC . the 10 . The 18 pin IC is a decoder in which NEGATIVE LOGIC is used to access the DTMF dial is µoff¶ it is ³1´ as a binary digit and when it is µon¶ it is ³0´.

P1 . This is cross compilation. P2 is connected to the inputs from DTMF and P3 is connected to ground and other important circuitry. oscillators etc . capacitors . P2 AND P3 is connected to output circuit . Microcontroller is burned by a keel software code burner with the code of ³c´ language .MICROCONTROLLER 89S52 :IT¶S A 40 PIN C in which input is taken from DTMF & output is given to the motor driven circuit. The 89s52 ic consists of 4 ports P0 . P0 is connected to vcc . .

bridge circuitry. H ± bridge is nothing but a half wave rectifier. .MOTOR DRIVEN CIRCUIT L293D :It is a motor circuit connected to the dc geared motor by H.

. When leg 1 and 4 are connected .bridge :- H bridge is connected by 4 legs in cros . forward bias wheel moves in forward direction and when leg 2 and 3 are connected . the circuit will be in forward bias and the wheels will move in forward direction . In this motor driven and motor .Working Of H. reverse bias in active and wheel moves in reverse direction. so the effect is directly on the movement of wheels. as we know electrical energy is converted in mechanical energy . then wheels move. The enable line or the select line is always active. when leg 1 and 4 are active .