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Conrad N.

Innkeeper Extraordinary Statesman and Philanthropist
1887 - 1979

Cathleen D. Baird, Director & Archivist
Hospitality Industry Archives
Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Houston, Texas
Updated April 2, 2004 with information from additional primary and secondary resources.

© Copyrighted by Cathleen D. Baird 2004

As a man of vision, Conrad Nicholson Hilton built the largest hotel real estate empire of his time — Hilton Hotels Corporation — and served as its chairman until his death on January 3, 19791. His commitment to world peace and economic stability was combined with a vigorous program to develop a global-system of world-class hotels. He established standards of quality for the entire hospitality industry in the fields of hotel management and operations. Mr. Hilton was one of seven children born to a Norwegian immigrant father and a GermanAmerican mother in the small town of San Antonio, New Mexico on Christmas Day, 1887. Hilton was educated at St. Michael’s College, Santa Fe, New Mexico; the New Mexico Military Institute; and the New Mexico School of Mines. He leaned about active responsibility for local and state communities from his father, August Holver Hilton. August was a delegate to the first New Mexico territorial legislature, and Conrad served a term in the first New Mexico state legislature before enlisting as a second lieutenant in World War I. When Conrad Hilton visited the small Texas town of Cisco in June 1919, he was quick to see the business potential from the Eastland and Ranger oil fields, and from railroad travelers. He had arrived in Cisco with the intention to buy a local bank, but he bought the Mobley Hotel instead, believing he could utilize some of the hotelkeeping experience he learned with his family’s hotel operation in New Mexico. In spite of the 1920 depression that saw the failure of 11 of that region's 13 banks, Hilton operated the Mobley at a profit with rooms frequently rented in eight-hour shifts in order to provide oil field workers with much needed places to sleep. Moreover, he purchased a second hotel in Fort Worth, the Melba, in October 1919, and in 1920, two more small Texas hotels. By the end of 1923, Conrad Hilton had 530 hotel rooms in Texas and he began to dream about building the first hotel to carry the Hilton name. The equity and the profits from those first four ‘flop houses2’ enabled Hilton to construct the first hotel that carried his name, the Dallas Hilton. This hotel opened August 2, 1925 and was so successful that he received many invitations to build or manage hotels all over North Texas. When the stock market crash occurred in 1929, eighty-one percent of the nation’s hotels fell into bankruptcy. Hilton was only able to retain five of his eight Texas hotels. However, during this phase of his career, he learned to operate with economy — one of the keys to his future success. During the worst years of the Depression, Hilton was able to make a financial agreement with the National Hotels Corporation, owned by the Moody family of Galveston, Texas. According to the agreement, Hilton directed 19 hotels as president of Hilton Hotels, Inc. and was the general manager of the Moody’s National Hotels Corporation. We know a few details about Hilton’s ownership/management partnership with W. L. Moody and his son Shearn Moody from Conrad Hilton’s biography Be My Guest and from the Official Hotel Red

Conrad Hilton died from pneumonia in St. John’s Hospital, in Santa Monica, California, following a three-day hospitalization. At that time, in HHC operated $300 million worth of hotels in the US and abroad. Hilton owned 30 percent of HHC stock. He was survived by his third wife; two sons, Barron and Eric Hilton, a daughter, Francesca and his grandchildren. 2 Newspapers of the day described the small transient hotels as “flop houses”. Dallas Morning News, August 2, 1925.
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Conrad N. Hilton College Library and Archives
Cathleen Baird, Director and Archivist

page 2

Book and Directory for the years 1931 through 1934. The Moodys controlled the American Life Insurance company of Galveston as well as ownership of the Galveston baseball team, banks, hotels and newspapers. Conrad Hilton received a $300,000 loan from the Moodys by putting up Hilton Hotels, Inc. stock as security. In December 1931, the Moodys foreclosed on the loan and took over the Hilton hotels. In return, the Moodys offered Hilton the management of his own hotels along with management of their hotels. The Hilton and Moody hotels were merged into the National Hotel Company with Conrad Hilton holding one-third ownership with a salary of $18,000 per year. The relationship, a very stormy one according to Be My Guest, ended in 1934. The Moodys returned to Conrad Hilton the ownership of the Hilton Hotels in Lubbock, Dallas and Plainview along with a loan of $95,000. With that money, Hilton was able to pay off some other loans, and the five hotels began showing a healthy profit. Shortly thereafter, Hilton re-acquired the El Paso Hilton and a hotel in Longview (Texas) that he renamed the Longview Hilton. In a Red Book’s 1933 edition print ad3 “Hilton Operated Hotels from Alabama to California,” eight hotels were advertised The ad lists Hilton-named hotels in Dallas, Waco, Marlin, Abilene, San Angelo, Lubbock, Plainview, El Paso and Los Angeles, California.4 The print advertisements provide the only documentation we have for a Hilton hotel in Los Angeles Hilton5. The 350-room Los Angeles Hilton hotel was managed by Conrad Hilton’s business partner, William R. Irwin as President and by E. S. Morey as manager. Rooms rented for $2.50 to $6.00 per night. This hotel has returned to the Hilton family as the Hilton Checkers Hotel! By 1939, Hilton’s Texas hotel debts were paid in full and he began expanding his company outside the state with the purchase of hotel properties in San Francisco and Long Beach, California.

Figure 1. Conrad Hilton is shown here at his desk in his Los Angeles office sometime in the early 1940s. Photo from the Conrad N. Hilton Collection, Hospitality Industry Archives, University of Houston.

On the more personal side, Conrad Hilton did not consider marriage until 1925, when at the age of 38 he married Mary Barron — just one month following the grand opening celebration for the Dallas Hilton hotel. They had three children, Conrad N., Jr., William Barron and Eric Michael. However, the couple divorced in 1934, a casualty of the Depression, according to Conrad Hilton. A fourth child, Francesca, was born during his second marriage, to Zsa Zsa Gabor. On Christmas Day, 1977, also his
1933 Official Hotel Red Book and Directory, p. 679 Other Texas hotels [operated by Hilton for National Hotels Corporation] were located in Galveston, Big Spring, Brownwood, Cisco, Ranger, Kilgore, Beaumont, Donna, and Austin. There were no Hilton print ads for Hilton’s Texas hotels in the 1934 issue of Official Hotel Red Book and Directory. The 1935 Official Hotel Red Book and Directory contains no Hilton print ads. However the 1936 edition listed the Hilton-named hotels in Dallas, El Paso, Abilene, Lubbock, Plainview, and Longview. The ad included the corporate “Minimax” logo and the slogan that “Hilton guests pay minimum rates for maximum service.” An additional slogan reads “Hilton Hotels are as refreshing as the breath of pine.” 5 1933 Red Book, on page 42.

onetime Plaza general manager. the Townhouse in Beverly Hills."9 The Plaza increased its overall profits by eight percent. Hilton Collection.Conrad N. Hughes referred to this as statesmanship in the article "Hilton's Private 'Statesmanship' Shapes World-Wide Hotel Empire. his staff completed important decorative and mechanical renovations that increased the hotel's operational and revenue producing efficiency. The company called this management tactic "mining for gold. Lawrence M. Hilton married Mary Frances Kelly. the Mayflower in Washington.000 each year for improving facilities. According to various 1950s hotel trade publications. DC. the Plaza and Waldorf-Astoria in New York. a new salad bar lunch attracted the young professionals working in the neighborhood as well as the elderly ladies residing in the hotel. 7 6 . Hilton's Private "Statesmanship" of "World Peace through International Trade and Travel” facilitated negotiations for hotels in key cities around the world. similar today to Microsoft’s Bill Gates. hotel management could predict the amount of staff and provisions required to meet corporate operational standards and guest expectations." He required his department heads to calculate departmental costs. According to Frank Wangeman. and still maintain maximum gross operating profits. it was recognized as the largest transfer of real estate in America since the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Mr. 31 8 When Conrad Hilton bought the Statler Hotel chain for $111 million. Conrad Hilton died in January 1979. 9 See the Sperl “Red Ellison Oral History Interview for more “Digging for Gold” details. Photo from the Conrad N. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird." Sales Management. Director and Archivist page 3 89th birthday. which enabled the hotel to spend $500. Hospitality 7 Industry Archives. October 19. Conrad Hilton acquired his fame as the hotelman who owned prestigious landmark hotels — the Steven’s (at one time the largest hotel in the world. Individual hotel departments became responsible for drastically reducing costs and increasing profits in an unprecedented proportion — without reducing guest services. University of Houston. 1956. whom he had known since the El Paso Hilton opening in 1930. Hilton set financial management standards for controlling the cost of hotel operations with a "magic formula. p. and the entire chain of Statler Hotels. Consequently. he became a popular businessman or "icon" for his time. This augmented dining room revenue. and to evaluate the actual cost at the month's end.6 Figure 2. For the first time. and then turned each one into an exceptionally profitable operation. now called the Chicago Hilton and Towers) and the Palmer House in Chicago. Many magazine articles linked hotel expansion and Hilton's philosophy of world peace.8 But Hilton earned success by purchasing these hotels when they were unprofitable. The Hilton landmark hotels provide examples: Hilton purchased the luxurious Plaza Hotel in 1943 and in spite of war-time restrictions.

14 Hilton Hotel's corporate motto of "World Peace through International Trade and Travel" was also Conrad Hilton's personal philosophy. 10 . University of Houston.. 55. Hilton played a leadership role in support of an economic means and a philosophical approach to achieving world peace. Binns. Joseph P. pp.13 Meanwhile. the Washington and the Capital Hilton Hotels. p. and brother Captain Carl Hilton. They doubted that Hilton hotels outside the continental borders of the United States could be successful. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management." Hotel Management." and second. He believed that his hotels could make a contribution to the economy of friendly nations and stimulate tourist spending. "C.N. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. he became not only a business leader but also a statesman with access to world leaders. Hospitality Industry Archives.] 12 Conrad N. American political leaders and international entertainers maintained apartments at this hotel — and Hilton was considered a friend by many of these important people.12 The Mayflower Hotel frequently hosted high-level government meetings and social affairs. and Washington. Boston. including Edward R. believed "there is something truly gratifying to see men of so many different nations [come together] in a Frank G. "How to Cut Costs and Up Your Profits. accompanied by his son. Eisenhower's nomination for president and later acted as a temporary ambassador for President Eisenhower. "Hilton Hotels Form Subsidiary Group to Operate Outside U. His advocacy of world peace through international trade and travel became the philosophical commitment he publicly supported in a tri-level fight against Communism (other commitments were military alliances and political agreements). Senate in support of ratification of the Bretton Woods Treaty.S. [All further quotations from the Conrad Hilton Collection will be referred to as CNH Collection. 11 Curt Strand. Jr.11 Not only was the Waldorf-Astoria a successful hotel operation. the hotel structure would provide a permanent reminder of all that America had done to help that country after the end of World War II. Hilton's predecessor in Cairo's Innkeeping circles one hundred years before the opening of the Nile Hilton Hotel. the need for good hotels continued to increase and Conrad Hilton established a new hotel company in May 1948 — against the advice of his conservative-minded Hilton Hotels Corporation Board of Directors. S.S. From the Hilton International scrapbook in the Conrad Hilton Collection. September 1948. Hospitality Industry Archives. payroll decreased four and one-half percent and other expenses decreased three percent. Samuel Shepheard.10 The first year Hilton managed the WaldorfAstoria. Conrad Hilton Collection. that the new hotel company would expand internationally and thereby encourage both industrial growth and tourism. Hospitality Industry Archives. Hilton took an active role in international affairs behind-the-scenes by hosting social events. as did the other landmark Hilton properties in Washington DC. Hilton even appeared as a featured guest on a number of television programs. and Life. One measure of Conrad Hilton's fame could be the fact that his picture frequently appeared on the covers of national news magazines — Time. October 1993. At the same time. Hilton was one of several American business leaders that lobbied the U. This information taken from the Conrad N. 13 ------. no. The Mayflower Hotel improved its profit on food service from seven percent to nineteen percent. vice president of Hilton Hotels. May 1951. 56. Hilton. Hospitality Industry Archives. . along with his friends Evangelist Billy Graham and the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale. it also provided offices and accommodations for the American delegation to the United Nations. Newsweek. The new company expected to "particularly focus first on commercial and travel centers of the Western Hemisphere. Conrad Hilton was firmly convinced. Director and Archivist page 4 and later attracted more transient guests to stay at the hotel. and Ralph Edward's This is Your Life. traveled to Europe shortly after the end of World War II to seek possibilities for cooperative business between European hotels and important American hotels in the eastern American gateway cities of New York. Hilton International Series.Conrad N. however. Conrad Hilton. which established both the World Bank & the International Monetary Fund. The efficient Hilton "magic formula" management system kept the hotels profitable even with low occupancy. Initially. May 29. Murrow's Person to Person. the Ed Sullivan Show. Hilton expected to implement a program only for the coordination of sales promotion and reservation services between European and American hotels. Hilton Sees Important Possibilities for U. Wangeman. Many foreign ambassadors." Hotel Gazette. the hotel did $1.A. 1948. to meet the need for first-class hotel facilities in Europe.5 million more business with ninety-five fewer employees. 6. Hilton Hotel profits increased from eighteen percent to twenty-six percent while at the same time. Between 1948 and 1950. 41-43. an oral history interview by author at the Conrad N. Hilton Collection. 14 -----. Consequently.-European Cooperative Hotel Business. Hilton was not the first to articulate the manner in which the neutral environment of a good hotel could foster international friendships. vol." The Hotel Monthly. He attended the Republican National Convention in support of his friend Dwight D. DC.

-----. HI entered into successful negotiations for permits to operate in Madrid. .19 Once the new international Hilton hotels began operations outside the United States.000 in its first year of operation. 21 Gerald W. . He wrote that the affluent American world travelers came to depend upon "a Hilton. Efficient equipment and facilities dramatically exemplify modern life and its achievements. Conrad Hilton Collection. Director of Public Relations.Conrad N. "1950 Hotel Accommodations at the Crossroads of the Nation: How a Great New Hotel. no. working plumbing. named Hilton Hotels International [HI]. Istanbul. Texas. P. decor and furnishings. . with New Luxury for Guests and New Ideas for Alert-minded Hotel Men. at the groundbreaking for the Conrad N. Hilton Archives and Library. Lattin." Wall Street Journal. and Cairo.an oasis in the midst of strange and exotic surroundings . . consistent standards of operations found in the Hilton Michael Bird.P. and now. at the Conrad N. Hotelkeepers Are Stepping Up Invasion of Foreign Cities.H.18 Consequently.8 million. safe food and good beds. they often desire American-style accommodations. Conrad Hilton Collection. Conrad Hilton Collection.17 Subsequent profits provided financing to further develop tourism and commerce in Puerto Rico. Gerald Lattin. then general manager of the 5-star Dorchester Hotel in London. the Caribe Hilton. 19 Conrad N. the hotel's unique new design led to the publication of a twelve-page article in the February 1950 Hotel Monthly magazine. America's self-made millionaires felt more comfortable at Hilton International hotels than at the traditional. "Spectacular luxury in the Caribbean--the Caribe Hilton Hotel at San Juan. The Lodging and Food Service Industry. -----.I. habits and traditions of a foreign country. . . complete with floor plans. Wise. "Global Hosts: W. Also. no. London.. 63. Personal interview. a safe environment. the luxurious 300-room Caribe Hilton hotel and resort operation had "the latest in comforts and convenience for the traveler. Ph. By 1954. Speech given in Houston. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. Mexico. Hospitality Industry Archives. to Abdala Naguib. Asia. but when evening arrives. Hilton International correspondence also documents additional economic contributions to the economy of Puerto Rico in excess of $6 million. And. 27-40. was created in San Juan. built its first hotel outside of the continental US in San Juan. Puerto Rico. 1949.D.S. and Egypt. Rome. Director and Archivist page 5 land foreign to all. Caribbean area for Hilton Hotels International. vol. 20 Udo Schlentrich. 66. CNH Hilton Archives. The new Caribe Hilton was meant to improve the island's economy through the encouragement of new enterprise."21 An article appearing in the December 1963 issue of Town & Country magazine applauded the high. March 1950. 17 Reports and a press release dated October 5. Wise.[The Americans] explore the customs. 231.p. pp. A."16 The hotel opened with a great deal of international publicity on December 9.. vol. Puerto Rico. Hilton profits exceeded $1 million and the Puerto Rican government earned a profit of $2. 1969.000.500. attested to the American travelers' reliance on American hotels abroad in hotel management text book. A."15 The new company. Repeat business by important members of the local community enhanced the international image of the hotels. Hospitality Industry Archives. assistant Dean of Cornell's hotel school. 16 15 . Architects designed Hilton hotels to meet high standards for operational efficiency and guest comfort. In addition. a journalist with the Wall Street Journal. they were perceived as providers of safe hotels for Americans traveling internationally with uniform standards of clean water. 97-105. The indirect contribution made by the hotel to the island in the form of tourist spending was estimated at $20 million annually by T. 14 July 1993. which seems to wash away all national prejudices and create that feeling amongst them which makes all men seem as brothers. 1964. Each hotel was expected to meet symbolic cultural objectives as pronounced by Conrad Hilton: Culturally. Hilton International attracted the interest of hotel developers around the world who sought Hilton's expertise with similar projects in Europe. luxury European hotels. 12. air conditioning. London: Michael Joseph LTD. class-conscious. Hospitality Industry Archives. Samuel Shepheard of Cairo. 1953. 58. 18 T. 1950. 50. V. p." The Hotel Monthly. one time Hilton International executive. a professor at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. enjoying wines and other beverages . In fact.. Constructed at the cost of $5. 1957. a Sheraton." The Architectural FORUM. . 1985). letter from Dean Carpenter. February. the very architecture of hotels contributes to the beauty of any city . p. The hotel became a financial success within the first six months and recovered the Puerto Rican government's investment of nearly $9 million in less than three years.20 Dr. June 30. their interiors are authentic reproductions of period or contemporary art. issued by Tim Lucas. Michigan: Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Motel Association. Puerto Rico. good housekeeping standards. The Caribe Hilton earned profits of $100. CHA. and the communications equipment necessary to business travelers. or a Westin [as] a touch of home -. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management. Hilton. January 19. efficient operation for the hotel man. (East Lansing. October 28. and the newest ideas in modern. 1954.

Senators to vote against the Bretton Woods Agreement. Hospitality Industry Archives.24 Hilton believed the institutions of peace should rest firmly on solid foundations of international political and economic cooperation. AN AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR Suzy. Hilton supported publicly the United Nation's goals for world peace and economic prosperity. "Hilton's International Expansion. Bretton Woods. Conrad Hilton Collection. "Happy Birthday. Bankers and Industrialists who favor the Bretton Woods. A reprint in the Conrad Hilton Collection. the Senate ratified the Bretton Woods Treaty and then continued to support the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for more than thirty years. at a time when many influential Americans were reluctant to enter into such long-term international economic programs. Hospitality Industry Archives. Moreover. Conrad Hilton Collection. Director and Archivist page 6 International hotels around the world. March 1. know that upstairs there'll be a clean and comfortable bed and that when you press a button something will happen . 26 Correspondence: Bretton Woods CNH Collection. . according to US constitutional law. and what American hospitality and service are. Various banking associations lobbied U. he believed it necessary to expand American participation in world trade. employees. a committee that reflected strong support for the 1961 bill before Congress. p. December 1963. .p. 117. These new banks would promote a steady flow of international investment. 1954. to the political socialization of hotel guests. Vol. 23 Seena Hamilton. . he continued to make personal gifts to people around the world. 24 "The ABC's of Bretton Woods. No. sought to stabilize currency and exchange relations by establishing the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction."25 The much-publicized activities of this committee served to arouse American public opinion to support Senate legislation in ratification of the Bretton Woods Agreement. May 8. 22 . Hospitality Industry Archives. . 25 Telegram. Kennedy's Citizens Committee for International Development. Presidents and Kings around the world knew him as Friend and Economic Partner while students and educators from primary schools to universities in many different countries knew him as a benefactor. [Hilton] could almost be called the patron saint of the tourist. Hilton joined with five other American business and industrial leaders in May of 1945. "People . biographical series. Conference participants from forty-four countries including British economist John Maynard Keynes and US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau. 1954. . it has shown world-wide travelers as well as local citizens what hotels can be. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. 16-22. Journalist Seena Hamilton wrote in March. NH. and there are no Old World bugs crawling around the minute the lights go off. Hospitality Industry Archives. 104-105. As Conrad Hilton forecasted. each hotel enhanced the prestige of the cities in which these hotels were located and contributed to the host country's economic development. STATESMAN Conrad Hilton's altruistic concerns for the welfare of mankind guided his philanthropic activities. which economists believed would increase the productive efficiency of developing countries and reduce trade barriers. as an extenuation of his personal and corporate philosophy. in June 1944. When the UN representatives proposed this international treaty. They organized a national committee "to give expression to the view of American Businessmen. it was necessary for the American Senate to approve American participation. Instrument in World Development.26 Conrad Hilton was to serve American and world interest with appointments to the European Economic Re-development Commission and President John F.S. 4493."23 Most know Hilton as a name synonymous with hotels — hotels that combined American standards of efficiency and modern comfort with the best traditions of hotelkeeping. Dear Connie!" Town & Country. Despite the fact that he established a foundation. one can eat the food without dreading tomorrow." Hotel Gazette. On the international scene from Istanbul to Mexico City. and the local population. The financial success of the hotels enhanced perceptions of America's prestige. that "Nowhere in the world has one done so much to enhance the prestige of an entire industry as that of Hilton for the hotel industry. Significantly. Consequently. Archival documents detail the way this prescient entrepreneur gained status as an international statesman shortly after the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference met at the Mount Washington Hotel.Conrad N. ."22 Strong testimonials appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world in praise of the architectural designs and the interior decor of Hilton's new hotels. Conrad Hilton Collection. pp. Hospitality Industry Archives. 1945." a pamphlet.

Stettinius. former President. Hilton expected to not only generate profits for his corporation but also to counter postwar anti-American feelings in countries like Egypt. 240 and CNH Collection. can be expected to gain a more sympathetic understanding of the problems and ways of life of fellow men. 30 Conrad Hilton Collection. but above all. 27 28 Comfort. We need fear nothing or no one — except God. 29 Comfort. finance. intelligently. speech series. former Secretary of State and delegate to the UN. Jr. they must see a face of great resolution and courage.31 Other members of the Hilton Board with international stature included Herbert Hoover. From a broader aspect the hotels should become a focal point from which the exchange of ideas.27 Conrad Hilton delivered another important speech in 1950 on the occasion of the annual dinner meeting of the National Conference of Christians and Jews.. . 1947. was elected to the Board of Directors of Hilton Hotels Corporation only a few months before the Board of Directors finally approved foreign development. Hilton Hotels International operated under management contracts. financier and also Ambassador to Belgium." was more of a corporate philosophy than just a motto.Conrad N. and J. People of many nations brought into direct social or business contacts in a hotel where all are welcome and at home. “Our purpose is to start a current of good men around the world.they must see a kind face. Hilton stated that “We have got to recapture that image of America as the hope of all the little people in the world. (2) the re-armament of the Western European countries “who [must] bear the first shock of battle [with communism].” Freely. America now knows it can destroy Communist and win the battle for peace.. Vital Speeches. develop.”29 By replacing American foreign aid around the world with strong economic development programs. included a consideration to acquire financial interest in a corporation to be known as "Hilton International. In the speech entitled “The Battle for Freedom. they must see the prayerful. Clifford Folger.”30 The hotel business was good after World War II. In later speeches. and cultural expression may develop. Edward R. January 15. they must see the face of a friend — a friend who. Conrad Hilton Collection. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. a generous face. p. powerfully.. One article describes this Hilton philosophy as "Trade Not Aid. trade. Hilton believed that a major hotel anywhere in the world should become the center of its community and express its spirit and personality." That new corporation would promote. Hospitality Industry Archives Speech Collection and Comfort. p. p. and thereby contribute to local post war redevelopment. 1951. 237.. He vigorously opposed the spread of communism and used corporate advertising to promote world peace through travel. supplying only operating capital.” he expressed the following concerns: (1) the necessity for the support of the United Nations. responsibly. confidently. Mr. a city's employees pension fund. When the Berlin Hilton opened near the line that divided East from West Germany. 31 Hilton Hotels Corporation press release. "World Peace Through International Trade and Travel. and manage hotels located in foreign countries at the invitation of the American government or foreign governments. In this turbulent world it is our hope that these hotels may serve as tangible evidence of mutual confidence in a peaceful future. he said. determined face of a loyal brother. Director and Archivist page 7 In her biography entitled Conrad N Hilton Hotelier. Statistics showed that he was right and the agenda for the regular meeting of Hilton Hotels Corporation's (HHC) Board of Directors on March 31. April 23. like the Statue of Liberty. And some years later. quite apart from the deep affection he felt for family and friends — the love of God and love of Country. Conrad Hilton continued to speak out for world peace and global economic stability. Throughout his life.. or a combination private and government investments guaranteed by American dollars — contributed to a country's sense of pride in the construction of modern hotels for business travelers and wealthy tourists. and Indonesia. Turkey. holds high the torch of freedom to light the way for the world’s hopeful and oppressed. Hilton's use of local capital funds — a labor union's investment funds. and Hilton expected that it would continue for some years ahead in tandem with the growth of the airline industry.sharing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom and culture with those nations who do not yet possess it. at the October 1963 opening of the Tokyo Hilton." His plan was to build hotels in key cities on each continent. Hospitality Industry Archives. Hilton told the audience that “Berlin was the pulse of the west.” and (3) American “economic sacrifice” to support foreign countries in the fight against communism28. 1947.” typifying the worldwide struggle for peace. Mildred Houghton Comfort wrote “two great loves always stood out in Conrad Hilton’s life. 234. Hospitality Industry Archives.

.” which was broadcast nationally from Chicago on May 7. As President Eisenhower said upon the occasion of the subsequent National Prayer Breakfast in 1956. the Economic Cooperation Administration was to furnish seventy per cent of the funds for the Istanbul Hilton and fifty per cent of the funds for the Rome hotel. “The Battle for Peace. 34 National Prayer Breakfast. It received an overwhelming response from Christians all over the world. 1956. Documented by photographs at the Conrad Hilton Collection.to sit and write a prayer to read at the inauguration. February 2. The prayer was published several times in several American magazines with the picture of Uncle Sam in prayer. This led to requests for Hilton to appear on some of the leading television shows of those times where he would recite the prayer. January 20. the construction of new world-class hotels in war-torn European capital cities encouraged tourism and economic growth throughout the European continent. we will be helped. and made a significant contribution to the development of Puerto Rico's economic growth within the first twelve months of opening. Its remarkable success led quickly to hotels in Madrid and Istanbul.C. as reported by N. Mayflower Hotel Ballroom.. for an office created by a constitution. opened in December 9. Foreign contracts often involved diplomatic negotiations at the highest levels of foreign governments. and perhaps the most controversial. as was the case in Cairo. I think a thousand years from now men will speak of our goodness as a nation today.33 These two men joined with other American leaders at annual Prayer Breakfasts with the goal to foster faith. and worldwide Christian leadership through religious regeneration. dedicated to God. We must pray as if it all depends upon God and act like it all depends upon ourselves.. freedom. The first Prayer Breakfast. Conrad Hilton told the audience of congressmen. Washington.we are telling people that this is still a nation under God. 1957 demonstrates a typical Hilton response by a man who was both an “innkeeper” and a “good Samaritan. “America on Its Knees.34 In his remarks at that same 1956 breakfast. an admission of the fact that not only men but also nations are brothers. Prayer is not enough. Hilton as member of the Administrative Committee for Economic Cooperation. despite on-going government changes resulting from the Egyptian revolution. If we show the willingness to stop along the broad hiway of economic prosperity [to help others]. and arrogant of its achievements. On November 20. President Dwight D. peace. What this world needs more than anything else today is an awareness of its own unity. The fact that construction site was protected by a cordon of military tanks whenever unrest broke out in Cairo is example of Nasser’s commitment to the completion of the Nile Hilton Hotel. Director and Archivist page 8 According to Conrad Hilton archival records. His prayer. Nasser was strongly committed to the successful completion of the hotel. Hospitality Industry Archives and the Chicago Hilton Hotel’s photo files.Conrad N.” CNH Archival records name Conrad N. Nixon on January 17. By gathering here today. Moreover. A letter Hilton wrote to Vice-President Richard M. judges.B. 1952. 1949. it is such meetings like this that help to dispel this myth.. D.we can have the right to expect that if we fall. and business leaders: We as Americans have the obligation to share our success with some countries that have fallen along the [economic and political] wayside.. “It seemed to me that it was a perfectly natural thing to do.C. Egyptian President Nasser and Finance Minister Amery signed the contract to build and operate a Cairo Hilton hotel within a fourteen-month negotiating period. and human progress. Many consider this to be Conrad Hilton's biggest success outside the hotel business. 1953.32 Hilton always insisted that local building materials and furnishings be used. world peace and prayer were inextricably linked. WORLD PEACE AND PRAYER To Conrad Hilton. from film in the Conrad Hilton Collection.” was recited first as part of a speech. was held on the morning of Eisenhower's Inauguration. While there is still a world that believes that the US is a boastful nation.'s Ray Scherer. and local people trained to staff the hotels — policies which enhanced the American image abroad. 33 32 . Eisenhower and Conrad Hilton were longtime friends who shared a love for golf and a commitment to the ideals of freedom. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. Hospitality Industry Archives of the live morning television broadcast of the Today Show. senators... 1953. The Caribe Hilton financed by local union funds and the American government.

you have joined the control and wealth in the same hands. As you know. folder. Director and Archivist page 9 It was with interest that I heard you speak on the Hungarian Relief Television Program the other night. it is no surprise that the Conrad N. Considering the thirteen-year time-span of the prayer's publication and the number of times Hilton recited it on live television and radio broadcasts. Hilton Foundation General Information 1956 file. Conrad Hilton to Vice-President Richard M. This he did not choose to do." James E. .. a Trust. Our thought is that we could perhaps sponsor a Hungarian family.37 Ltr. and the Conrad N. and some proposals for large long-term commitments. with the control going to individual members of a family.Conrad N. Hilton wrote. Hilton attached to the Friedman letter above. Nixon. to his Foundation. assist them in coming to the US. in a letter to Mr. general information files. 1954. Conrad Hilton Collection. January 17. Hilton Foundation is eager to be of assistance in this wonderful and inspiring work you are spearheading. Bates. In fact. with a minimum of taxes. Hilton Foundation. when I dedicated all of the profits received from my interest in the Dayton Biltmore Hotel to the creation of the Foundation. & Sheffield. his plan would be substantially the same as yours. the Hospitality Industry Archives continues to receive requests for copies of the prayer.36 A May 21. Conrad Hilton Collection. Hilton Foundation [first conceptualized in 1942]. letter from Conrad Hilton to the law office of William J. correspondence. "It is my intention to leave the bulk of my estate to the Conrad N.Conrad N. Hilton Archival Collection includes eight 1. as well as the wealth. 36 Conrad N. In a letter to Spearl "Red" Ellison dated 3 December 1956. status reports of pledges. with Conrad Hilton as founder and grantor. There are many records in the Conrad Hilton Collection at the Hospitality Industry Archives. with three hundred kids going to school. PHILANTHROPIC ACTIVITIES On December 22. the Conrad N. . and (2) to give control of Hilton Hotels. Bates. as well as the wealth of your estate to a corporation already formed . Your plan in contrast is this: (1) to provide reasonable and adequately for the members of your family by trusts and specific bequests. 37 Legal 1954. If Ford had given control. Five years later all of the Trust’s assets were transferred over to a California nonprofit corporation. Friedman states. Hospitality Industry Archives. Mr. 35 . and therein lies the basic dissimilarity in fact. Hilton Foundation.5 cubic foot boxes full of requests for copies of the prayer. which document Conrad Hilton's active involvement in a wide range of philanthropic activities between 1940 and his death in 1979. the Foundation had its history with the thought in mind away back in 1942. 1957. besides assisting other numerous schools and hospitals throughout the world. The plan you have developed and perfected over the years is far superior for the accomplishment of your objectives than anything suggested in the Ford plan. the wealth had to be separated in order to save immense taxes that might have broken up the Ford Empire.35 Each letter requesting a copy of Hilton’s prayer was responded to by a hand-typed reply. I am very anxious for activities to not only continue. In the Ford plan. The materials include tax records. was registered in California. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. but to be extended as time goes on. compares the Hilton Foundation with the estate plan of the Henry Ford family. We have a school building in Socorro. of the Los Angeles law firm of Johnson. lists of small donations. There will be no tax on that and I think my plan suits me pretty well. and standby with financial assistance until such time as they are successfully able to find employment and stand on their own feet. . Since then we have accomplished a lot of good. 1944. Hospitality Industry Archives.

W. Hilton Hotels also provided centers where world leaders could focus on international problems as when the Nile Hilton hosted the annual meetings of the Arab League in Cairo. West Africa. to serve the arts with the endowment of Webster College in St. "Religious Heritage of America. Travelers and local people could meet in friendly surroundings and begin to know one another. Conrad Hilton hosted a fund-raising gala for St. and. Faith is the bond between man and his maker . . . in Washington. 7 June. Hilton did take time out from corporate expansion to measure his accomplishments. Hilton. BEST Foundation works to prevent drug abuse among young people. with the endowment of a research center at Mayo 38 Clinic for the study of the human brain. the mortar. the strongest tie that can exist between members of the human race and." remarks of Conrad N. Arthur Forristal. Hilton’s Last Will. Hilton’s success in the hospitality field. I can think of no greater God given responsibility we have . CONCLUSION Faith in God. in our personal lives. Hilton helped insure America's participation in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. 1973.000 people living in Ghana.. When Mr. Washington. Mr. and the bricks with which Conrad Hilton dedicated the long and meaningful journey of his ninety-one years. John’s Hospital in the newly finished grand ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. That same year.Conrad N.. Hilton was a man of vision who built the largest hotel real estate empire of his time and the first American international hotel company. Worried that the war-torn countries of Europe would not be able to maintain the peace after World War II. and an understanding of the behavior it controls. Louis B. a partnership with World Vision that provides 330. If. Santa Monica. Director and Archivist page 10 While the Conrad N. "Faith" he said. "was the most significant word of the English language. Hilton Foundation carries out the intentions of Mr.. Hilton Hotels extended Conrad Hilton's personal reach towards international world peace and economic prosperity by providing accommodations for travelers in all the major capitals of the world. his patriotic confidence in the United States of America. these virtues provided the cornerstone. nationally and internationally. Keith and Shirley G.and the most powerful. as history continues to demonstrate.. The Los Angeles Times [April 7. Irene Dunne. It is in that sense that I have sought to serve youth.. a number of significant initiatives in the areas of domestic violence prevention and early childhood development. Hilton utilized his professional expertise to direct other fund raising projects. The Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters which provides global support to Catholic Sisters working among the disadvantaged. Current major Foundation funded programs include: Conrad N. Louis. with permanent sources of safe water. John's Hospital Men's Committee campaign to raise $425." In a speech given June 7. Burden to achieve those goals. and to serve mankind. D. John's Hospital. 1955] reported Mr. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. 38 . than that of extending a helping hand to our fellowman. Perkins School for the Blind to expand services to multi-handicapped blind children and their families. the distressed and the destitute . the Conrad N.C. with the endowment of career opportunities at the University of Houston. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston which pays tribute to Mr. He never lost sight of his responsibilities to his family. Hospitality Industry Archives. he was always reminded that he could not have been successful without faith. 1973. he went on to say. the strength of our faith has made possible a degree of success and brought us monetary rewards. Hilton Foundation was his official vehicle for philanthropic activities. For example. and his conviction that there is a natural law that obliges all mankind to help relieve the suffering. . Mayer. In addition. DC. . and to the world. Hilton's appointment as "chairman of the St. to his country. Conrad Hilton Collection." He would work with Cardinal Francis McIntyre. his belief in the brotherhood of man. the only real basis for the true understanding and peaceful existence between nations of the world.000 for completion of three floors of St.

An American patriot and statesman.Conrad N. as he made truly significant contributions to better understanding among people.39 Not only was Conrad Hilton an innkeeper in the modern meaning of the word. Hilton Foundation has awarded more that $155 million in grants. Its directors and staff strive to fulfill and expand upon Mr. Director and Archivist page 11 For more than fifty years. education.Hilton Foundation’s 1994-1995 Annual Report . but in the biblical sense. Hilton’s philanthropic vision to alleviate human suffering throughout the world by investing scarce funds in those organizations able to most effectively improve the quality of life of those in need. this extraordinary man successfully combined a lifetime of professional achievement in the hospitality industry with a dedication to foster contributions in the fields of world peace. 39 Conrad N. and medicine. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. the Conrad N.

Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird.Conrad N. Director and Archivist page 12 APPENDICES .

1937 Stevens (2. on July 6th Conrad Hilton president of Texas Hotel Association Birth of Barron Hilton on October 23rd.” This was always a reminder of his long time goal to own that hotel. one of seven children. Long View. Eric Michael.673-rooms) in Chicago (1945) for $7 mil. Purchased his first hotel. in Cisco. 1933: 1934: 1935: Conrad Hilton carried in his wallet for many years a photograph of the W-A on which he had written “The greatest of them all. Four children: Conrad N. California. Re-acquired the Paso del Norte in El Paso and a hotel in Longview (Texas) that Conrad Hilton renamed the Longview Hilton.000. Lubbock. 40 .3 mil. William Barron. the New Mexico Institute.Conrad N. Irwin formed "Hilton Hotel. A FEW OF THE LARGEST AMERICAN HOTELS BOUGHT BY CONRAD N. Purchased a vacation resort in New Mexico for a family retreat. HILTON Dayton Biltmore. Constructed his first hotel. Eric Hilton born July 1. Plainview Birth of Conrad Hilton. Conrad Hilton directed 19 hotels as president of Hilton Hotels. Dallas. El Paso. Conrad Hilton and his friend William R.4 million (60% equity). Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. New Mexico.. 1887 in San Antonio. Inc. dancing. the Mobley. Spring 1943 Sir Francis Drake (450 rooms) in San Francisco. Jr. September 1946 Palmer House (2.. 1937 The Plaza in New York. 1933. Inc. 194940 Hilton Timeline and Milestones 1919 1923: 1924: 1925-1935 1926 1927 1927 1932: While visiting the west Texas oilfield town of Cisco.00. Texas (1919). Santa Fe. NM. Spoke Spanish fluently Hobbies: Golf. Roosevelt in New York (1079 rooms). Served in the New Mexico legislature as a representative for one term. The Breakers in Long Beach. Jr." and began construction of the Dallas Hilton. then 3 more small hotels.. Director and Archivist page 13 CONRAD NICHOLSON HILTON (1887-1979) BIOGRAPHICAL FACTS Born December 25. this Depression-era partnership with the Moody family of Galveston TX resulted as a means of trying to save Hilton's company during the worst years of the depression. which opened in August 1925. Michael's College. Actually. By the end of 1923. the Mobley (40 guest rooms) for $40. October 1943 Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York for $7. and general manager of Southern National Hotels Corporation. Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel.300-rooms) in Chicago (1945) for $19. playing the piano Educated at St. the Dallas Hilton. Hilton built and opened hotels in Abilene. and Francesca. when his father was negotiating a loan to buy back the El Paso Hilton. He began to dream about building the first hotel to carry the Hilton name. and the New Mexico School of Mines. Conrad Hilton had 530 hotel rooms in Texas.

inventories and working capital for the efficient and uninterrupted operation of the hotel. Conrad Hilton sold the El Paso Hilton to W. 1939). Hilton converted a bookstore in the Steven’s Hotel Arcade that paid $250 per month to the Town and Country Room lounge that earned $25. July 1. thereby obligating the corporation to provide operating equipment. Hilton established its first company headquarters outside of Texas when he opened offices at 9730 Wilshire Blvd. Washington. Dayton Biltmore. — Hilton became the first new public issue of any real estate stock since the stock market crash of October 1929 when it joined the New York Stock Exchange June 23. November. much needed convention business to the city by booking 17 major conventions with 26.formed "buying group").. furnished the impetus as well as the pattern for the corporation’s future development. The Long Beach Hilton brought new. The Stevens was advertised at that time to have 3. Tooley on January 3. Inc.385. Hilton bought his first prestigious luxury hotel property. Hilton became the "largest buyer" of nightclub talent with 14 nightclubs and hotel theaters across America — from the Coconut Grove to the Persian Room. Acquired controlling stock interest in Mayflower Hotel. Hilton employed 10. Long Beach Hilton. N. El Paso Hilton and Lubbock. Hilton Hotels in a Texas Hotel Review print ad listed the following Hilton Hotels: Abilene Hilton Dallas Hilton El Paso Hilton El Paso’s Paso Del Norte Longview Hilton Lubbock Hilton Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco (January 1938 purchase of the 500-room hotel funded by Hilton.000 delegates. Hilton began to think about buying the Steven’s Hotel in Chicago. 50% interest in both the Neil House hotel (Columbus. At the time of incorporation on May 23. July 16. Hilton turning over the key to hotel’s entrance to Mr. Reorganization & Refinancing of Hilton Hotels Corporation. California and Albuquerque. Entered into agreement on April 23. The Palmer House Hotel was bought for $19. Official organization date of Hilton Hotels International. Mexico. The latter was then the largest hotel in the world. L. HHC had 9 hotels with assets of more than $51 million: Palmer House. Director and Archivist page 14 1935: 1936 1938: 1939: 1939 1940: 1941: 1942: 1943 1945 1945: 1946: 1946 1946 1947: 1947: 1948 Conrad Hilton vacationed in California and spent a week end at the Santa Monica Canyon ranch of Hollywood film star Leo Carrillo. April 23rd.00 shortly thereafter. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. but in fact. It took Hilton 6 years to close the deal that enabled him to purchase that hotel. An article in the Texas Hotel Review has a photograph of C. there were 2. the Town House in Beverly Hills. Town House. New Mexico (January 1. The contract for the Caribe was transferred to the International Company shortly after its organization. CA. The Hilton family entourage spent the first of two summer vacations in a rented house on Malibu Beach. N. Hilton became a major national force in the hospitality industry with purchase of The Palmer House and The Stevens (now the Chicago Hilton and Towers). Purchased Plaza and Roosevelt Hotels in New York City. the first Hilton International property.Conrad N. The hotel was leased to HHC for a term of 20 years. 1946.000 per month.000. (References: . in Beverly Hills. 1948 with the Puerto Rico Industrial development Company to build 300 room hotel in San Juan. Hilton signed the agreement with Palacio Del Rio Hilton of Chihuahua. Ohio) and the Palm Beach Biltmore Hotel (Palm Beach. Florida). 1947.673 rooms when Conrad Hilton purchased the hotel. 1939. C. Tooley. Steven’s Plaza. Hilton Hotels Corporation Annual Report 1946 and Appraisal. DC. Albuquerque Hilton. Hilton sold the Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco.000 people in the hospitality industry. After successfully launching hotels in Long Beach. . 1946.000 rooms.

Individual hotel departments became responsible for drastically reducing costs and increasing profits in an unprecedented proportion — without reducing guest services. Egypt and the contract signed for the Berlin Hilton.035." the Horatio Alger Award. and to evaluate the actual cost at the month's end. Wawaii. The hotel was financed by Construcciones Internacionales. Strand published a series of 6 articles in Hotel Management magazine that demonstrated Hilton-management techniques to other American hotel companies. the San Antonio Hilton in May. In August.000 in revenues during its first year. Frank Wangeman was transferred from his duties as General Manager of the Plaza Hotel in New York City to serve as project and opening manager. December 7th with construction costs of $7. Murrow’s interview program Person to Person featured Conrad Hilton. Hilton International 1017 hotel rooms. the hotel began to earn a profit within 6 months of its opening. This was the largest land transfer since the Louisiana Purchase. Hilton stock was listed on stock exchanges in New York. Japan and Honolulu. Hilton set financial management standards for controlling the cost of hotel operations with a "magic formula. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. and still maintain maximum gross operating profits. For the first time. Edward R. .48 and earned the net profit of $4. the Terrace Hilton in October. management could predict the amount of staff and provisions required to meet corporate operational standards and guest expectations. Hilton sold the Jefferson Hotel in St. Chili. The Continental Hilton opened in Mexico City on January 11th and the Panama City Hilton opened this same year. according to the HHC annual report for 1950. Conrad Hilton honored received three awards: "Hotelman of the Year. Louis in December 1955 Hotels sold by Hilton during 1956: the Roosevelt February 1956 and the Mayflower in March 1956. Texas and renamed it the Shamrock Hilton.646 on gross revenues of $45. S. Conrad Hilton honored by the Nicaraguan government with the Great Silver Cross of the Order of Ruben Dario Virgin Isle Hotel re-flagged as a Hilton. Hilton purchased the Shamrock Hotel in Houston. San Francisco.Conrad N. Director and Archivist page 15 1948: 1948: 1949 1950: 1951: 1953 1954 1954 1955: 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 August 15th — Hilton inaugurated Inter-Hilton Hotel Reservation System. and Los Angeles. Under Wangeman's exceptionally fine management. And. The Dallas Statler Hilton opened January 15. It earned $20. Castellana Hilton opened in Madrid on July 14th. Beverly Hilton opened August 10th. The hotel was owned by Manuel Suarez of Mexico City.174. Hilton Hotels represented assets of $666. The Conrad Hotel (a HHC property) opened there in 1992. the contract was signed to lease and operate a 400-room hotel in Mexico City at a cost of $6 million. Hilton Hawaiian Village re-flagged as a Hilton. This was the first Hilton International hotel in Europe.001 rooms and contracts were signed for the operation of hotels in Tokyo. Hilton opened its first hotel in Istanbul on June 10th. Berlin Hilton opened in October Nile Hilton opened February 22nd. Hilton executive Curt R.736. and the National Conference of Christians and Jews' Annual Brotherhood Award. Hilton Hotel Carrera opened in Santiago. Hilton introduced a photographic department for the Palmer House's nightclubs. Hilton purchased the Statler Hotel chain with its 11 hotels.A. 1956 with 1.656. The Hartford Statler opened September 7. and designed by the Mexican Architect Fernando Parra Hernandez. Puerto Rico. 1954. the cornerstone was set for the Nile Hilton in Cairo.653. The Caribe Hilton opened in San Juan.3 million. The Continental Hilton opened in Mexico City in December 1955." He required his department heads to calculate departmental costs.

In November 2000 Hilton Group and Hilton Hotels Corporation announced a further initiative between the two companies . that reunited the Hilton hotel brand for the first time since 1964. Ladbroke and Hilton Hotels agreed to a plan to reunite the Hilton hotel brand worldwide in a deal which will see Hilton Hotels acquire an initial 5% of Ladbroke. Hilton Nevada division started (BH President. Hilton Group plc announced the signing of a worldwide alliance with Hilton Hotels Corporation. in 1949 to $90 mil. in a move that also allows the two companies to buy stakes in each other. Hong Kong. publicly owned company.070 million. Ladbroke is in discussions with Hilton Hotels of the US to jointly develop the Hilton brand around the world. January: Royal Tehran Hilton April-July: London. Lawsuit by Hilton International against Hilton USA settled May 10th. Hilton International. and the Athens Hilton by the year's end.298 guest rooms. Under the terms of the alliance. Hawaii which is operated by HI. Hilton USA formed an alliance with Ladbroke/Hilton International to jointly develop the Hilton hotel brand around the world. loyalty programs. Hilton International became a wholly owned subsidiary of Trans World Airlines (TWA) and increased its growth by about four new hotels a year. May.000 rooms. holding company for United Airlines Hilton International sold to Ladbroke. January 14th. August 30th. HHC retained the exclusive rights to operate Hilton hotels in the states of the US. its first year.the formation of a joint venture company to expand the Conrad brand of luxury hotels on a worldwide basis. It currently operates over 380 hotels in almost 70 countries worldwide. Henri Lewin EVP) and then renamed in 1980 as Hilton Gaming Division started (BH President. Rotterdam. Tokyo. On 13th January. with headquarters in London. Cavalieri-Rome.Conrad N. At the time it was acquired by the group in October 1987 for $1. Assets totaled $296 million. HI added six hotels and expected to open seven more in 1974 with the goal to have 82 hotels by 1976 with a total of 28. September: Montreal Aeroport Hilton December: Athens Hilton re-flagged the Hotel Vancouver as a Hilton Hilton had 32 hotels in the United States and 29 international hotels for a combined total of 61 hotels in 26 countries with 40. The one exception was the Kahala Hilton in Honolulu. Hilton International Sold to Aegis.5 million The Caribe Hilton's influence on tourism after 15 years increased Puerto Rico's income from tourism from $5 mil. Henri Lewin EVP. Porter Parrish left the Shamrock Hilton in Houston to manage the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago December. Hilton International owned or managed 92 hotels. to $9. Those 24 hotels became an independent.4 million in 1972. in 1964.000 employees of 50 different nationalities and net earnings that exceeded $2. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. HI’s net profits rose from $47. and Hilton International the exclusive rights to operate Hilton hotels anywhere else in the world. Hilton Hotels Corporation and Hilton International are co-operating on sales and marketing. and the Kahala in Hawaii August: Reflagged the Dorado Hilton and the Jamaica Hilton and opened the Guadalajara Hilton. Director and Archivist page 16 1962 1963 1963 1964 1967 1972 1973 1977 1987 1987 1996 1996 1996 1997 1997 April: Acapulco Hilton Trinidad Hilton October: Amsterdam Hilton Hilton opened 7 international hotels during the spring of 1963.698 in 1950. The company had 50. Hilton International (part of Hilton Group plc) holds the rights to the Hilton name outside the USA. . central reservation systems and other operational matters. the owner of the Hilton name within the USA. Hilton Hotels Corporation spun off its international subsidiary. a British gaming and betting company.

with 154 hotels in the Nordic region and elsewhere in northern Europe. Dubai and Sofia. Sorrento. Properties are either owned or are operated under lease arrangements or. Director and Archivist page 17 2000 2001 In November. increasingly commonly. Auckland. Luxembourg. to bring the world’s most powerful hotel brand to first-class hotels.Conrad N. at international airports and in prime resorts identified as key to its customers. the leading Nordic hotel operator. the Hilton [International] Group announced that it had made a recommended offer for Scandic Hotels AB. During 2001 Hilton International opened 15 new hotels worldwide in locations including: Copenhagen Airport. Tokyo Airport. Melbourne Airport. On 23rd of April. Kuwait. Egypt. Hilton Group and Hilton Hotels Corporation announced a further initiative between the two companies . increasing the number of hotels operated by Hilton International to 379. Cologne. convention centers and serviced apartments in city centre locations. China. London Paddington. under management contract. Hilton International continues its commitment to expanding globally. A further 16 hotels are scheduled to open in 2002 including Sharm El Sheikh. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird.the formation of a joint venture company to expand the Conrad brand of luxury hotels on a worldwide basis. and Chongqing. The transaction was completed on 11th June. 2001 . the Trafalgar in London. This acquisition represents a further important step in Hilton's strategy to achieve a leading position in the European full service hotels sector. Bangalore.

7. 4. 2. Mass purchasing for matches. Carpets and upholstery fabrics must clean easily. promotion. design. 8. 2. Hilton Hotels are designed to bridge the gap between luxurious personal service and the necessity of keeping the price reasonable. telephones. publicity and intelligent bookings of parties and conventions. Select good managers and give them the authority they need. Each hotel should fit personality of its city and country. proper. Strong sales efforts: good advertising. improved air conditioning and ventilation. carpets and all other items utilized in the operation of the hotels Dig for Gold: utilize all spaces of hotel to generate maximum revenue. 6. the financing. bar soap. good.” 1. Director and Archivist page 18 CONRAD HILTON’S HOTEL MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY (circa 1947) 1. 3. Because of increased construction costs and people’s changing needs. the location. Training good management staff in order to maintain company standards and company progress.Conrad N. good. 3. CONRAD HILTON’S HOTEL BUILDING PHILOSOPHY (circa 1957): “Any new hotel must be needed. china. 5. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. and management. Inter-hotel reservation system 4. wear forever. and be fireproof Guest rooms designed to conserve space without sacrificing guest’s perception of comfort and warmth. conservative. new hotels will have 1000 rooms or less. Forecasting day-to-day business in every department for the on-coming month to determine the number of staff and the amount of purchasing critical to meet operational needs and also make a profit. Each room includes televisions. . 5. Building and decorating materials will require minimum of repair and maintenance.

January 15.Conrad N. May 15. Birgitta 1973 Primum Vivere Award by World Mercy Fund. Director and Archivist page 19 HONORARY AWARDS AND DEGREES: Annual Brotherhood Award. New York 1957 = + * Doctor of Laws . Inc. Long Island. 1951 “The Uncommitted Third.Italy * + Magisterial Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta Medalla Merito Turistico awarded by Francisco Franco of Spain Rihan Award for International Marketing Achievement and better understanding among people 1965 California .Barat College. Government of Nicaragua 1960 = Honorary Secretary of State .” Vital Speeches of the Day. 1962 Awarded for activities in the Hotel Industry Recognition of activities for world peace and economic stability Recognition of efforts in the field of education + * =* =* =* =* + * + + AUTHOR: = =* * * * = * + 41 Unidentified ghost writer.Michigan State University 1950 = + * Horatio Alger Award * Freedoms Foundation Award 1952 = + * Doctor of Laws . Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. 1973 Doctor of Laws. University of Albuquerque 1975 Foundation for Christian Living (Building Committee) awarded by Dr. Lake Forest.Israel Chamber of Commerce 1966 Order of Rio Branco. Norman Vincent Peale Be My Guest published by Prentice-Hall.Montana 1962 = * Doctor of Letters . 1957 “The Face of America.” Vital Speeches of the Day.DePaul University 1954 =+ Cornell University Society of Hotelmen = + * Doctor of Human Letters . Inc.” Vital Speeches of the Day..New Mexico College of Architectural and Mechanical Arts =* International Achievement Award.Knight Commander in the order of Merit .Adelphi College. Chicago Chamber of Commerce 1959 = * Great Silver Cross of the Order of Ruben Dario.France 1956 = + * Doctor of Laws . . IL 1955 = + * Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur . National Conference of Christians and Jews 1950 = + *“Hotelman of the Year” .Sophia University in Tokyo 1963 = * Michelangelo Award . 1963 “The Battle for Freedom. 195741 Inspirations of an Innkeeper (privately printed). Brazil 1967 Grand Knight of the Order of St.University of Detroit 1953 + Annual City of Hope Award (Los Angeles) * Freedoms Foundation Award = + * Doctor of Letters . January 15. Honoris Cause.

(Sponsor and Foster Parent) Fu-Jen Catholic University (Advisory Board) Horatio Alger Awards Committee of the American Schools and Colleges Association * + + * + + _______________________________________________________ = Awarded for activities in the Hotel Industry * Recognition of activities for world peace and economic stability + Recognition of efforts in the field of education . Denver (National Board of Trustees) Olympic Games 1980 (Athens) Providence Memorial Hospital (El Paso. Inc.Israel Chamber of Commerce (Sponsoring Committee) Canadian Club of New York (Associate Member) Collegium Horoshima (American Advisory Council) Committee of American Industry (National Hotel Sponsoring Committee) Committee for Economic Development (Finance Committee) DePaul University (Chicago. OTHER COMMITTEES (the number of committees varied on yearly basis): * * * + * * *+ American Cancer Society (Public Information Committee) American Shakespeare Festival Theatre and Academy (national sponsoring committee) American Society of the French Legion of Honor (sponsoring committee member) Atlantic Council (sponsor) Bicentennial Commission. Illinois) Society of Fellows Econometric Institute. (Project Hope) (also Advisory Committee) TRUSTEE: * * * * American Friends of Spain Foundation. Los Angeles County (Advisory Committee) California . Barat College of the Sacred Heart (Lake Forest. Foster Parents’ Plan. Illinois) Emeritus Loretto Heights College. Illinois) Boys Club Foundation of Southern California Center for International Economic Growth DePaul University (Chicago.Conrad N. Inc. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. Director and Archivist page 20 CHAIRMAN: Hilton Hotels Corporation (and Director) Hilton International Company (and Director) DIRECTOR: * * * * * All-Year Club of Southern California American Committee on United Europe El Paso National Bank (Advisory Director) Freedoms Documents Foundation (Honorary Director) Freedoms Foundation National Conference of Christians and Jews People-to-People Health Foundation. Inc. Texas) United States Council of the International Chamber of Commerce. Inc. Inc.

Los Angeles (Board of Regents) Mayo Foundation Development Program (sponsor_ Mt. .National Advisory Council Junior Auxiliary Jewish Home for the Aged (lifetime member) Las Carinas .Ranch for Retarded Children (honorary member) Laymen’s Movement for a Christian World League in Aid of Crippled Children. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. Sinai Hospital and Clinic (Advisory Council) National Advisory Council of No Greater Love National Business Committee for N.Company of Fellows International Council for Christian Leadership (Executive Committee) International Geneval Association (National Honorary Member) Jules Stein Eye Institute UCLA . (Board of Sponsors) = * + Awarded for activities in the Hotel Industry Recognition of activities for world peace and economic stability Recognition of efforts in the field of education . John’s Hospital.0. Inc. Los Angeles (Advisory Board) World Neighbors. Los Angeles (Board of Regents) Tau Kappa Epsilon (Alpha Omicron Chapter) United Nations Association of the United States of America U.national) Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (National Sponsoring Committee) President’s Committee on Employment of the Physically Handicapped Religious Heritage of America.Conrad N.A.T. (National Advisory Committee) Republican Associates St. Committee for United Nations (Executive Committee) United States Council Who’s Who in Los Angeles County (Honorary Board) Woodbury University.National Advisory Council Junior Achievement. page 21 + * + + * + * * * + * National Fund for Medical Education Navy League of the United States (life member . honorary and founder member Los Angeles County Hearth Association (sponsor) Los Angeles De La Loma (charter life member) Marymount College. Inc. Inc. Inc.S. Director and Archivist + * * + + + Institute on Man and Science . (sponsor) Les Amis d’Escoffier Society Foundation. Inc.

Clifford Folger. • Hilton Hotels International established (1964). California. Inc. • Played an important part in the civil rights movement by implementing policies requiring integration in the hospitality business. Director and Archivist page 22 BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENTS • First hotel property in Cisco. Comfort. the largest real estate transaction to date in the U. SPONSORED: • Conrad N. gift to further Mayo Clinic’s work in the study of the human brain and human behavioral patterns in 1972 (news clippings and correspondence available). Hospitality Industry Archives & Library. “Biographical Sketch of Conrad Nicholson Hilton. University of Houston. Hilton Collection. • Began nation-wide expansion during the 1930’s in Long Beach and San Francisco. which owned. Conrad H. Denison & Company. Hilton Foundation 1994-1995 Annual Report. once before the Great Depression. .. Hilton Hotels Corporation. (Pledged by Conrad N.C. investment banker. and other HI executives. 1964. $10 mil. Hospitality Industry Archives" in the footnotes. Formed Statler Hilton Corp. Hilton Foundation in 1944 • Founded Hilton Hotels Corporation (1946). • Established the Conrad N. and franchised 278 hotels in the U. Mildred Houghton. for $111 million. December 1977. Hilton Foundation. Dean Carpenter. and abroad.5 million to the University of Houston (1969) Largest single grant to a University of Houston Institution (1982) with $21. HI Executive Vice-President John Houser.” prepared by Public Relations Department. member of the executive committee of the Commission for International Economic Reconstruction. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. D.000 per year in scholarship funds to the University of Houston. a Washington. Funding of $30. a 40-room property (1919) • Built two hotel chains in Texas.S. J. This collection is referred to as "CNH Collection. Hilton College.Conrad N. • • Funding for construction of various college buildings for education and student residential needs around the world. Texas . Hilton.The Mobley. Minneapolis: T. leased. and carried on by the Conrad N. 1950-1977. and the second before the depression ended. HI vice president and coordinator for Europe. Hilton Hotelier. Hilton College for Hotel and Restaurant Management with donation of 1. Conrad N. Of special value to this study are the corporate documents for Hilton Hotels and Hilton International's which consist of correspondence and reports written by HHC/HI President Conrad N. • Founded Hilton International (1947) • Acquired Statler Hotels (1954).S. Hilton. BIBLIOGRAPHY Conrad N.35 million to the University of Houston for the continual development and expansion of the Conrad N. and member of the HI Board of Directors.S. Certificates of Awards.

58. 16-22. 63. 1962. vol. Bibliography for this article’s pages 3 through 8 has taken from Baird (1994): ------. 1950. "Hilton Hotels Form Subsidiary Group to Operate Outside USA" Hotel Gazette. UNPUBLISHED MANUSCRIPT Baird. No. pp. No. February 1964. Vol. 6." Hotel Management. From the Hilton International scrapbook in the CNH Archives. -----. 117. 1964. V. 7.” San Francisco. XVII. with New Luxury for Guests and New Ideas for Alert-minded Hotel Men. Nov. to Abdala Naguib. Udo." The Hotel Monthly. Hans (at the Berlin Hilton. October 28. 1954. 1957. CNH Archives. Reports and a press release dated October 5. "C.. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. 7. Copyright: Houston. no. Peter. at the groundbreaking for the Conrad N. 1954. Puerto Rico. 15.P.. 1957. Hilton Sees Important Possibilities for US-European Cooperative Hotel Business. . no. February. "Hilton's Private 'Statesmanship' Shapes World-Wide Hotel Empire. Michael. an unpublished manuscript. 1993. Hamilton. May 1951. Instrument in World Development. pp. 12. Examiner. Hughes. Strand. "Hilton's International Expansion.p. March 1950. 9. Vital Speeches of the Day. May 1994. Financial Editor. January 15. “Hotel Accommodations at the Crossroads of the Nation: How a Great New Hotel.. vol.S. 104-105. Egypt’s Modern Hotels: From the Historic Shepheard’s the Nile Hilton. CHA. CA. Vol. p. issued by Tim Lucas. The Caribe Hilton earned profits of $100. vol.I. No. March 1. Correspondence files: letter from Dean Carpenter. p. 41-43. Director and Archivist page 23 Bibliography continued PERIODICALS Vital Speeches of the Day. London: Michael Joseph Ltd. 1956 Lattin. Hotelkeepers Are Stepping Up Invasion of Foreign Cities. "How to Cut Costs and Up Your Profits." The Hotel Monthly. A. January 15. Samuel Shepheard of Cairo.D. 1969. 55. was created in San Juan. October 19. "Global Hosts: W. June 30. 57. Personal interview at the Conrad N. vol. Ph.” Boston Sunday Herald. [A reprint in the CNH Archives. Seena. 1956. 1985. Schlentrich. 1949. P. NEWSPAPERS Cunningham. 37. 1948. May 29. 680. “Hilton Hotels Lists Stock Here. . 56. 97-105. The Lodging and Food Service Industry. Personal Oral History Interview at CNH Archives. "Happy Birthday. -----. Oppacher. Michigan: Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Motel Association. Cathleen. Caribbean area for Hilton Hotels International. "Spectacular luxury in the Caribbean--the Caribe Hilton Hotel at San Juan. Speech given in Houston. CNH Archives. the Caribe Hilton.] Hilton. no. 4493. Gerald W. Hilton Archives and Library. 50. XXIII.. 1948. Feb. no. p. January 19. Conrad N. -----. CNH Archives.Conrad N. 1951." Sales Management. June 24. Curt. Dear Connie!" Town & Country. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management.H. Vol. XXVIII. T.) "World Report." The Hotel Monthly. December 1963." The Architectural FORUM. September." Cornell Quarterly. Suzy. Puerto Rico. Texas. No. Vol. CNH Archives. (East Lansing. Frank G." Wall Street Journal.000 in its first year of operation. -----. May 15. Director of Public Relations. "General Kincaid Stresses Tourist Opportunities in Caribbean Due to Packed European Hotels. 14 July 1993. “Hilton Spreading Right Type of Aid. Eyes Foreign Fields. Bill.p. 1953. Vital Speeches of the Day. Wangeman. Bird. CNH Hilton Archives. Charles St. Lawrence M. N. 1951. Wise." Hotel Gazette.

4. Dallas. Hilton College. and by Hilton Hotels Corporation’s President Carl Mottek at each corporate property in the fall of 1987. Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society. 1985-88 Certificate of Distinction. 1990-1994 Teaching assistant. Texas Pasadena City College. Copyright: Houston. 9. May 1994.1991. University of Houston. TX. Used also for the Sixth Annual Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner in 1997. editor 1996-97. Hilton Archives & Library Highlights. Professional Experience: Director and Archivist.'" Hospitality and Tourism Educator. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Fellowship. quarterly newsletter for the Houston Culinary Historians." International Journal of Hospitality Management. 1989 – present. vol. University of Houston Bachelor of Arts. Hilton College Library and Archives Cathleen Baird. Houston. 14-20. 1987 – present. 3. 1994. 1989 . 4-7. “Hat’s Off To Hilton”. "Conrad Hilton and the Americans with Disabilities Act: 'Human Dignity is Paramount. monthly newsletter for the Houston Culinary Guild. 1985. 1990. Food for Thought. Conrad N. a bi-monthly newsletter. Consulting historian for Hilton Hotels Corporation. pp. Texas Instruments. Washington Degrees Awarded: Masters of Arts in Public History. 1984 President. University of Houston Areas of Special Interest: The economic history of the Modern Middle East. Corporate Archives. Seattle. vol. Department of History. Co-writer: Michael L. . 1986 The Miller Scholarship Award for History. Pasadena.. Houston Culinary Historians. Consulting historian for A & E Television Biography series (Conrad Hilton) 1995-1996 Consulting historian for Marriott Hotels Corporation. 1942 Graduate and Undergraduate Schools Attended: University of Houston. California University of Washington. Inc. Director and Archivist page 24 Author’s Vita Name of Author: Cathleen D. University of Houston. 1997 President. 1985-86 Publications: Egypt’s Modern Hotels: From the Historic Shepheard’s to the Nile Hilton. pp. 1996 Consulting historian for special task force. no. Consulting historian for the Conrad N. editor 1992-96 Conrad N. Established both library and archives. National Model League of Arab States. "The Expropriation of the Habana Hilton: A Timely Reminder. Houston. Hilton College Library and Hospitality Industry Archives. Renaissance/Marriott Hotels Corporation. 1989 – present. California Date of Birth: June 23. pp. hotels and culinary history. 1988 Conrad N. 1." Food for Thought. wrote and produced this videotaped presentation celebrating Conrad Hilton’s 100th birthday for the 1987 Gourmet Night program at the Conrad N. 1987 Barbara Landrum Scholarship Award for History. a Masters thesis and unpublished manuscript.Conrad N. May 1992. 1985 The Del Barto Scholarship Award for History. and rare premium teas. Spring 1994. 45-46. Lefever. no. Baird Place of Birth: Los Angeles. Morsels. Texas Houston Community College. 1985-1988 Special assistant. "The Diet of American Slaves and its Influence on American Foodways. 1987 Consulting historian for the 1987 Gourmet Night program chairperson (see below) Awards and Honors: Department of History Teaching Fellowship Award. Hilton Foundation.

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