LANGUAGE ACQUISITION WEEK 8 What we have covered this week is social interactionisms .

İt’s advocators are Vygotsky and Feuerstein. In social interactions it is believed that children born into social world and learning occurs through interaction with other people. Teacher enhances learning process by showing sts learn how to learn. Social interactionims also emphasis the dynamic nature of interplay. According to it teachers ,learners and their task play a leading role in this process. Vyotsky believe that learning should be holistic. He is against both Piaget’s stages in which skills is developed through depending on age and he is also against step by step by learning .which behaviorism advocated. He also asserts that there should be mediator who enhance learning by shaping selecting and guiding the students. Lastly, he mentioned the zone of proximal development, it means the skills and knowledge should be neither too simple nor too hard but at the same time it should be a bit challenging to increase their motivation to learn. When subject comes to Feuerstein he believes that every single person has the capacity to learn even the mentally retarded ones. in this case our task help and guide them to find their own way.

What I need to focus on the zone of proximal. İt is really important key for a teacher because if the example is too simple they can get bored or if the example is too hard they can get frustrated , so ı can organize my teaching according to them. I believe I should give importants some important points in this part. For example, as a teacher I will help them in the learning process to find their own way . I can give permission to select one topic they like to prepare a task. Another thing is that I can introduce many ways to study vocabulary in this way they can select one for themselves. Of course some sts face problems in the learning process but as everybody has a potential I should find a way to help and release their potential but to achieve this I should learn their interest and organize my teaching according to it. Also by this way the lesson can be as bit enjoyable :D

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