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Angels of Myrtle

Angels of Myrtle

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Poetry book which ties the author's guardian angels with some beautiful myrtle, she found growing in her yard.
Poetry book which ties the author's guardian angels with some beautiful myrtle, she found growing in her yard.

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Published by: EmpathyProject/Susan Rodgers on May 13, 2011
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Angels of Myrtle By Susan Ripley Rodgers

So odd it seems To have myrtle In Florida – And yet, it welcomed Me, With memories Of Nana And a bygone Era. Why had I come here? What was I looking for?


A new life… It seemed so clear, And then it seemed So far away. But, my angels Of myrtle are Still here… Holding my hand And not letting Me go. I don’t know if I want to stay… I miss the bygone Era of the Myrtle Of Aldan And of the time Of childhood Long past. I miss my

Grandparents And even my Dad, Whom I don’t really Remember. I miss someone Named “John” Whose songs Sounded so familiar There was no real Explanation… And yet, there was A connection. And, I miss love… And hugs and kisses And someone to Think I’m special. I don’t know If you can ever really Go home…. Except when

Were the angels Of my past Holding not only My hand. And.We go to our real Home on “the other side”. But holding the Hands of my angels Of the present. with it. They won’t let me Go just yet. I don’t know 4 . yet the Blue of the myrtle Brought me back Home… Just a little. And.

5 . so I need to Be more patient. I think I am really Dead and no one Has told me. Sometimes. maybe the answers Come in God’s time… Not in our time. And. then I wake Up from the dream And realize That I must be Here for a reason.Why I am here… Perhaps. Maybe I don’t know What it is yet… And. my dream Really is dead. And.

so. I want to leave. I will try to Carry it out. I will stay As long as He Wants me to. And. maybe the Memories of myrtle And the angels Of myrtle Will make it a 6 . I wait. But. And. But. On my terms. That was the deal.And. I have a pact With our Creator.

maybe tomorrow The channel To our Creator Will be open.. I’m trying. But. To make it Through. One breath at A time. Say a prayer for me. And. And the light will Shine through. To the daylight.Little easier. 7 . OK? I don’t even Know if I can Make it through The night.

Box 46 Keenesburg. S. I am holding Onto the angels’ Hands. Copyright 2011 by Susan Ripley Rodgers. All rights reserved. Published by the Empathy Project (empathyprojectinaction.R.com) P. CO 80643 8 .O.Thank you For your prayers.R.

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