Mission: Starbucks Cube

Graeme Kilshaw

Phase One:
Go to STARBUCKS Buy red velvet whoopie pie(s) with the coffee(s) of your choice (Red velvet whoopie pie will be presented to you in a cubic cardboard box) Eat the red velvet whoopie pies with your coffee (once eaten, you will have an empty STARBUCKS cake box) Enjoy coffee; admire the new box

Phase Two:
Use scissors or folds and rips to obtain the six designs for your cube faces. Use a glue stick or some scotch tape to attach the designs to the cube Enjoy your coffee admiring your newly created cube

The Starbucks Cube assembly process:

Starbucks Cube constructed!

Phase Three:
Play online strategy and memory games with your cube. The Cube is a Graphic User Interface, (call it a GUI). Your webcam via the Internet is wired to patternrecognition software on servers that enable you to play interactive games. (You use the cube to play.) Your STARBUCKS Interactive online social fun has only really just begun. With your new cube, you will enjoy more and more fun online games being developed for use with the Visual Binary Cube. The happiness and fun only increases.

*Graeme Kilshaw authorized the Starbucks Cube Mission to be produced as a 30sec movie.

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