~Practice Make Perfect~


Module’s Layout PAPER 1 Section A- Graphics Materials and Stimuli questions x 1=100) Section B- Rational Cloze 8=94)

Number of Questions (100 (12 sets x
* Each sets consists of 8

Section D- Reading Comprehension x 1=100) Section E- The Literature Component 96)

(100 questions ( 32 sets x 3=
* Each sets consists of 3

PAPER 2 ( Suggested reference- English PMR Module for Skim Baucar Tuisyen Felda-SMK Bukit Damar) Section A- Guided Composition 50 essays ~ sample essay ~ guided essay ( words lifting, text completion, complete simple sentences ) ~ exercise Section B- Summary ~ Past years’ questions ~ Past year’s trial paper ~ Work book Section C- Novel ~ Past years’ questions 100 texts

50 questions

~ Past year’s trial paper ~ Work book .

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