Workout: Every time you enter a door, pull your stomach in. 1.

Rotate shoulders 10 times - forward and backwards 2. Pretend to have tennis balls in your arms and rotate them. At the same time r aise your right leg so that its perpendicular at knees 3. Other leg. 4. Raise left leg perpendicular to ground at knee level. Cross your hands. 20 co unts. Fingers way apart from each other. 5. Other leg. 6. Left leg. Pull stomach in. Hands up and down. 7. Clap in front and back. 10 times 8. Bend at waist. Touch the ground. Bend right knee and breathe. 9. Push ups - 1,2,3,4,5 with relax time eq. to 1,2,3,4,5 10. Vajra asan and stretch. 11. Steady on the plank - for abs and shoulders 12. Side Stretch for obliques 13. Push up like a dog. 14. Desert lizzard pose - hold for 30 secs then tap for 25 rounds. 15. Desert lizzard pose - other leg 16. Superman pose 17. Terrible twist 18. Surya namaskar 19. Leg drops with neck up 20. X crunch 21. Seated drop vertical kicks 22. Squats and then hold. 23. Stretch with your one leg back.

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