The different kinds of material handing equipments in electronic industry

The following are the material handling equipments used in electronic industry             Hydraulic Jib Cranes Monorail Cranes Electric Hoists (Wire Rope & Chain) Electric Chain Hoist With Electric Trolley Electric Wire Rope Hoist Steel Wire Ropes Hand Operated Rachet Lever Hoist Chain Pulley Blocks Plate Lifting Clamps Hydraulic Trolley Semi Electric Staker EOT Cranes .

Electric Hoists .

Electric Hoists (Wire Rope & Chain) .

. ‡ The load is attached to the hoist by means of lifting hook.Electric Hoist ‡ Electric hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift wheel around which rope or chain wraps using electric energy.

EOT Cranes .

EOT(Electric Overhead Travelling) ‡ Heavy lifting load ‡ Large effective lifting height ‡ Available in single / double girder for safe. efficient lifting & shifting of heavy material load in factories workshop and warehouse ‡ High load sustain ability and high precision of micro adjustment of lifting height ‡ High safety and reliability ‡ Capacity: up to 20.000 Kg .

Steel Wire Rope .

but today steel is main material used for wire .Steel Wire Rope ‡ Steel Wire Rope consists of several strands of metal wire laid or twisted into helix ‡ Initially wrought iron wires are used.

Hydraulic Trolley .

Rachet lever hoist .

tensioning. ‡ Rachet lever hoist types may be used in any orientation for lifting. or pulling operations although chain type hoists are generally more suited to vertical lifting. .Rachet lever hoist ‡ The ratchet and lever mechanism is equipped with a hook or fastener which is used to suspend the lever hoist from a suitable support.

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