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Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 9 Jan-June2010 English

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 9 Jan-June2010 English

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Microsoft provides two publicly available update services. Windows Update provides
updates for Windows®

components and device drivers provided by Microsoft and other
hardware vendors as well as updates for Microsoft anti-malware products. Microsoft
Update provides all of the updates offered through Windows Update and provides
updates for other Microsoft software, such as the Microsoft Offce system, Microsoft SQL

, and Microsoft Exchange Server. (See “Usage Trends for Windows Update and
Microsoft Update” in the Reference Guide section of the Security Intelligence Report
website for more information about these services.)
Figure 33 shows the relative usage of these two services since 2H06.

FIGURE 33 Usage of Windows Update and Microsoft Update, 2H06–2H09 (2H06 total usage = 100%)

Microsoft Update adoption has risen signifcantly over the past several years. The
number of computers using the more comprehensive service has increased by more
than 10.7 percent since 2H09.


January through June 2010

Overall usage of Windows Update and Microsoft Update has increased by more than
75 percent since 2H06.
Enterprise customers can use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or the Microsoft
System Center family of management products to provide update services for their man-
aged computers. Figure 34 shows the growth of WSUS usage and Windows Update/
Microsoft Update relative to 2H06.

FIGURE 34 Relative growth in Microsoft WSUS and end-user update services, 2H06–1H10 (2H06 = 100%)

WSUS usage from 1H08 to 2H09 is estimated due to a reporting error that was
resolved in 1H10.

Public update service usage and the number of WSUS servers managing updates have
both grown faster than the Windows installed base since 2H06, which indicates that
users are choosing to enable updating on existing Windows installations as well as on
new installations.

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