Acteva “considered every product out there” when choosing a marketing automation solution that would

allow the company’s lean marketing team to get more out of its marketing by reaching and nurturing
more prospects. With Marketo Lead Management, Acteva has increased the volume of its marketing
activities by 300%, doubled its landing page conversion rate, and generated signicant revenue through a
new channel partner program, which would not have been possible without Marketo.
Acteva Customer Success Story

Market: Online Event Registration
and Payment Management
Industry: Software as a Service
Solution: Marketo Lead
The Challenge:
• Cost-eectively increase
customer demand
• Easily track and nurture interest
without additional demands on
marketing team
• Measure e-marketing activity to
increase revenue
The Solution: Marketo Lead
After disappointing results with
another marketing automation
company, Acteva Director of
Product Marketing Elias Terman,
“considered every product out
there” when choosing a new
solution. Over the course of a
thorough selection process,
Marketo met Acteva’s
requirements better than any
other vendor and stood out for its
ease-of-use, completeness of
solution, and superior customer
The Results:
• 300% increase in volume of
marketing programs
• Rapid development of strong
channel program
• Successful deployment of new
vertical strategy
The Challenge
/ctov.. .rJ |||.s ¯o.n.r. J|.octc. c| p.cJJct
n..kot|rc .t t|o ccnp.rv. ..rtoJ tc |.Jrc| t.c
ro. |r|t|.t|vos tc c.c. t|o bJs|ross t|o “/ctov.
|o|o...| |.cc..n.” . c|.rro| n..kot|rc o|c.t |c.
c.c.r|..t|crs sJc| .s c|.nbo.s c|
.obn.sto.s. .rJ ovort p|.rro.s .|cso c||orts .rJ
cc||o.cJos n|c|t bo |rto.ostoJ |r /ctov.’s so.v|cos
.rJ . ro. vo.t|c.| st..tocv t..cot|rc .|ro.|os |c.
bct| c| t|oso ro. p.c|octs. .s .o|| .s tc or|.rco
ox|st|rc n..kot|rc o|c.ts. /ctov. rooJoJ .
ccsto|c|ort ..v tc | cJstcno. Jon.rJ. .rJ rJ.tJ.o |rto.ost. .rJ no.sJ.o on..kot|rc
.ct|v|t|os tc | .ovorJo
|||.s .rJ /ctov. kro. t|o .o|o...| .cJ|J
Jon.rJ oJ|ck Jovo|cpnort c| .J|cc n..kot|rc|crs cJstcn|.oJ tc o.c| p..tro. .rJ o.c|
cppc.tJr|tv |r .JJ|t|cr. t|o sJccoss c| t|o |r|t|.t|vo
.cJ|J .|sc JoporJ cr /ctov.’s .b|||tv tc bJ||J
.o|.t|crs||ps .|t| p..tro.s bv c.o.t|rc nJtJ.||v
boro|c|.|. ccb..rJoJ|.|s .rJ Joncrst..t|rc
.o.| .osJ|ts “|r|t|.||v. .o .o.o |Jst cc|rc tc sorJ ro.
|o.Js |.cn t|o .o|o...| tc t|o n.|r /ctov.
s|to. bJt .|or .o s|croJ Jp cro c| cJ. |.st
p..tro.s. .o .o.||.oJ .o rooJoJ . |.rJ|rc sc
t|o |o.Js .cJ|Jr’t cot |cst.” s.|J |||.s “¯|o c|J ..v.
c.o.t|rc |.rJ|rc p.cos ..s tcc nJc| c| . |.ss|o.
.rJ .|t|cJt t|on. .o J|Jr’t krc. .|c ..s
|rto.ostoJ Jrt|| t|ov c.o.toJ .r .cccJrt \o .o.o
cpo..t|rc |r t|o J..k”
\|t| t|o .|ro.|os|cr. Jos|croJ tc spo.k
J|.oct|v tc .|ro.|os |cst|rc ovorts. /ctov. .o.||.oJ |t
.cJ|J bo c.|t|c.| tc c.p|t.||.o cr t|o pctort|.| c|
ovo.v s|rc|o |o.J t|.t t|.cJc| t|o Jcc. |r
c.Jo. tc sc||J||v .rJ t|or c.c. t|o ccnp.rv’s
pcs|t|cr |r t|o ro. n..kot ¯c orsJ.o t|.t rct .
s|rc|o |o.J ..s ..stoJ. /ctov. rooJoJ . sc|Jt|cr
t|.t .cJ|J or.b|o c.c.t| |r t|o ro. n..kot
t|.cJc| |o.J rJ.tJ.|rc .rJ t..cotoJ |c||c.Jp
||ox|b|||tv .rJ o.soc|Jso .o.o ooJ.||v |npc.t.rt tc
orsJ.o /ctov. ccJ|J cot ro.|crs Jp .rJ
.Jrr|rc oJ|ck|v .rJ n..kot|rc o|c.ts .s t|o
ro. vo.t|c.| st..tocv ovc|voJ
The Solution
/|to. J|s.ppc|rt|rc .osJ|ts .|t| .rct|o. n..kot|rc
.Jtcn.t|cr ccnp.rv. |||.s .rJ /ctov. “ccrs|Jo.oJ
ovo.v p.cJJct cJt t|o.o” .|or c|ccs|rc . ro.
sc|Jt|cr |||.s ccnnorts. “\o |.J . .|c|o
sp.o.Js|oot .|t| .|| t|o ccnp.r|os .rJ p.cJJct
|o.tJ.os \o .o.o sc t|c.cJc| .o p.cb.b|v
.rrcvoJ ovo.vcro” ¯|.cJc|cJt . c..o|J| .rJ
svston.t|c so|oct|cr p.ccoss. V..kotc not /ctov.’s
.ooJ|.onorts botto. t|.r .rv ct|o. vorJc. .rJ
stccJ cJt |c. |ts
• |rtJ|t|vo o.soc|Jso .rJ |ox|b|||tv
• ´cnp.o|ors|voross |r .JJ.oss|rc n..kot|rc
• SJpo.|c. cJstcno. sJppc.t

/ctov.|Jos cr||ro ovort .oc|st..t|cr. t|ckot|rc .rJ p.vnort n.r.conort so.v|cos S|rco 1998. nc.o
t|.r 12.500 cJstcno.s. |rc|JJ|rc b.Jsc| ° |cnb. ||.o. .rJ S/|. |.vo t.JstoJ /ctov. |c. so.v|co |c. nc.o t|.r
215.000 ovorts /ctov.’s ccnp|oto|v .Jtcn.toJ .oc|st..t|cr p.ccoss |o|ps c.c.r|.o.s | .ttorJ.rco.
.oJJco .Jn|r|st..t|vo bJ.Jor .rJ|Jo .r cJtst.rJ|rc cr||ro oxpo.|orco |c. c.c.r|.o.s. .ttorJoos .rJ
ct|o. ovort p..t|c|p.rts
2008 V..kotc. |rc /|| .|c|ts .oso.voJ

”We’re getting more leads, higher quality leads,
and a lower cost per lead.”

/ctov.’s n..kot|rc o|c.ts ..o J.|vor bv . |o.r
n..kot|rc to.n t|.t ||kos tc bo vo.v |.rJscr. sc
V..kotc’s o.svtcJso |rto.|.co ..s ospoc|.||v
|npc.t.rt “\o ccJ|Jr’t .|c.J tc |np|onort .
sc|Jt|cr .|o.o .o’J rooJ tc Jos| cro po.scr
.s t|o cJ.J.” oxp|.|rs |||.s “\o’.o vo.v |.rJscr
V..kotc |s vo.v tc |o..r .rJ vo.v tc Jso
|vo.vcro |r n..kot|rc Jsos |t”
The Results
|||.s .rJ ||s n..kot|rc to.n .t /ctov. .o.o .b|o tc
| V..kotc |rtc t|o|. J.||v .c.k|c. oJ|ck|v
.rJ so.n|oss|v. c.o.t|rc t|o|. |.st |.rJ|rc p.cos
.|to. |Jst cro b.|o| t..|r|rc soss|cr V..kotc rc.
sJppc.ts /ctov.’s n..kot|rc .ct|v|t|os cr . J.||v
b.s|s. bJt |r p..t|cJ|... V..kotc |.s .JJoJ v.|Jo |r
t|o |c||c.|rc ..vs
• 300° | |r vc|Jno c| n..kot|rc
or.b|oJ bv |rtJ|t|vo o.soc|Jso
• SJccoss|J| Jop|cvnort c| ro. vo.t|c.| st..tocv
t..cot|rc .|ro.|os
• |.p|J Jovo|cpnort c| st.crc c|.rro|
300% Increase in Marketing Volume
Ovo.ccn|rc t|o c|.||orco c| |c. Jso..Jcpt|cr
..tos. V..kotc Jo||vo.s . sc|Jt|cr t|.t pocp|o
.ctJ.||v ..rt tc Jso \|t| .r |rtJ|t|vo
J..c.rJJ.cp Jso. |rto.|.co t|.t s.vos t|no .rJ
n.kos c.o.t|rc |.rJ|rc p.cos .rJ .Jtcn.toJ
rJ.tJ.|rc|crs .rJ p.|r|oss. V..kotc |.s
.||c.oJ /ctov.’s n..kot|rc to.n tc|c.||v
| |ts |ovo| c| .ct|v|tv
“|cck|rc .t ovo.vt||rc |.cn |.rJ|rc p.cos tc on.||s
tc ort|.o rJ.tJ.|rc|crs. .o’vo boor .b|o tc
| t|o vc|Jno c| cJ. n..kot|rc|crs bv
300° |.s||v.” s.vs |||.s “/rJ t|o .osJ|t |s t|.t .o’.o
cott|rc nc.o |o.Js. ||c|o. oJ.||tv |o.Js. .rJ .t .
|c.o. ccst po. |o.J”
Key to the Success of the Partner Program
boc.Jso V..kotc n.kos Jovo|cp|rc cJstcn |.rJ|rc
p.cos .rJ|rc |o.J scJ.cos . sr.p. t|o sc|t...o
|.s boor c.|t|c.| tc t|o Jop|cvnort c| /ctov.’s ro.
c|.rro| n..kot|rc |r|t|.t|vo. t|o /ctov. |o|o...|
|.cc..n S|rco t|o st..t c| t|o |r|t|.t|vo |r
Soptonbo. 200. . |o. ncrt|s bo|c.o /ctov. boc.r
Js|rc V..kotc. t|o |.s coro..toJ ´100.000
|r c.css .ovorJo |c. /ctov.
“V..kotc .||c.s Js tc cot nc.o cJt c| o.c| p..tro..”
ccnnorts |||.s “\o p.cb.b|v .cJ|Jr’t |.vo boor
.b|o tc Jop|cv ccb..rJoJ n..kot|rc tc
p..tro.s .|t|cJt V..kotc – |t |Jst .cJ|Jr’t |.vo
boor .c.t| |t ´.o.t|rc |.rJ|rc p.cos .rJ
po.scr.||.oJ n..kot|rc|crs |c. o.c| p..tro.
.cJ|J |.vo boor .t | |vo t|nos nc.o oxpors|vo”
\|t| V..kotc. /ctov. c.r t.o.t o.c| p..tro.
|rJ|v|JJ.||v .rJ . Jr|oJo bJrJ|o t|.t
.oscr.tos .|t| t|o p..tro.’s p..t|cJ|..
p.|c|rc .rJ noss.c|rc rooJs |c. |rst.rco. .|or .
rcrp.c|t p..tro. ..rtoJ tc |rc|JJo /ctov. |r |ts
.ook|v ro.s|otto. |c. 15.000 sJbsc.|bo.s. |||.s ..s
.b|o tc . cJstcn |.rJ|rc cr t|o |v tc
spoc||c.||v .o|ccno t|o c.c.r|..t|cr’s ro.s|otto.
sJbsc.|bo.s tc t|o /ctov. .obs|to. .rJ |o .|sc
Jovo|cpoJ .r .cccnp.rv|rc .J|cc |o.J rJ.tJ.|rc|cr |Jo tc t|o |.rJ|rc p.cos |||.s’s to.n |s
p.cJJc|rc .|t| V..kotc. /ctov. oxpocts tc soo .
100° |np.cvonort |r |.rJ|rc ccrvo.s|cr
..tos |c. t|o vo..
|r .JJ|t|cr. V..kotc .||c.s |||.s tc .||c| |o.Js
..o ccn|rc |.cn t|o cJstcn |.rJ|rc sc t|.t
|o c.r .opc.t oJ|ck|v tc t|o p..tro.
c.c.r|..t|cr cr t|o sJccoss c| t|o .o|.t|crs||p
“Looking at everything from landing pages to
emails to entire nurturing campaigns, we’ve
been able to increase the volume of our
marketing campaigns by 300%. Easily. “

2008 V..kotc. |rc /|| .|c|ts .oso.voJ
About Marketo
Marketo is the leading provider of
sophisticated yet easy marketing
automation software that helps
marketing and sales at large and
mid-sized companies work together
to drive revenue and improve
marketing accountability. Marketo's
demand generation solutions
automate and measure lead
management activities - including
email marketing, lead nurturing, and
lead scoring - to help marketing and
sales generate and qualify sales leads,
shorten sales cycles and demonstrate
results. Unlike traditional marketing
automation solutions, Marketo is
powerful yet easy to use without
training and oers an on-demand
model to get customers up and
running quickly, with no charges for
set-up or integration. Marketo's
Modern B2B Marketing blog
( and
marketing best practices community
are recognized as industry
destinations for marketers to share
ideas and help each other drive
Marketo, Inc.
1710 S. Amphlett Blvd., Suite 340
San Mateo, CA 94402
Tel: 650.655.4830
Fax: 650.655.4838


“bo|c.o. .o .o.o cpo..t|rc |r t|o J..k. boc.Jso .o
J|Jr’t st..t|rc cJ. |o.Js Jrt|| nJc| |.to. |r t|o
cvc|o. bJt V..kotc c|vos Js . c..rJ|.. .r.|vs|s c|
.|.t’s |.ppor|rc cr . p..tro. tc p..tro. b.s|s.” |||.s
s.vs “\o’.o .b|o tc .opc.t tc t|o p..tro. .|c|t ...v.
sc t|ov soo .ct|cr .rJ t|.t .o’.o rct |Jst s|cr|rc .r
.c.oonort .rJ |c.cott|rc ¯|.t |nnoJ|.to
c..t||c.t|cr n.kos t|o p..tro. oxc|toJ .rJ ..rt tc
c|vo Js nc.o pJb||c|tv V..kotc |s .o.||v . kov
bJ||J|rc b|cck |r t|o /ctov. |o|o...| |.cc..n”
Successful New Vertical Strategy
V..kotc |.s .|sc boor c.|t|c.| tc /ctov.’s sJccoss |r
orto.|rc . ro. vo.t|c.| n..kot .|ro.|os ¯c orsJ.o
t|.t t|ov tcck c| ovo.v ro. pctort|.|
|o.J. /ctov. JsoJ V..kotc tc . c.cssc|.rro|.
nJ|t|tcJc||cr t|.t .cJ|J .||c. t|on tc
oxocJto .rJ oxp.rJ t|o|. n..kot|rc st..tocv
.|t|cJt s.pp|rc .oscJ.cos
“| c.rrct st.oss |c. c.o.t |t |s tc bo .b|o tc .|cr .rJ pJt |t cr .Jtcp||ct. vot st||| bo .b|o tc
n.ko c|.rcos cr t|o |v.” ccnnorts |||.s “|t’s .o.||v
|npc.t.rt t|.t .o c.r c|.rco t|o noss.c|rc
oJ|ck|v .rJ o.s||v. boc.Jso .o’.o orto.|rc . ro.
n..kot ¯|o |.ct t|.t .o c.r Jc ovo.vt||rc |r|cJso
|s |Jst .n..|rc”
/ctov.’s ro. vo.t|c.| st..tocv c|.rro|s .rJ
n..kot|rc noJ|.. .rJ V..kotc .cts .s t|o c|Jo t|.t
|c|Js t|o nJ|t|tcJc| tccot|o. \|t|
V..kotc. /ctov.’s to.n c.r |.rJ|rc p.cos |c.
v..|cJs scJ.cos .rJ |o.Js rct cr|v |.cn
p.vpo.c||ck .Js. bJt .|sc |.cn p.|rt n..kot|rc .rJ
to|os.|os |r|t|.t|vo V..kotc pJ||s |t .|| tccot|o.
“|| .o J|Jr’t |.vo V..kotc. |t .cJ|J bo ||ko bo|rc |r .
cc.| n|ro.” oxp|.|rs |||.s “\o n|c|t |.vo sort cJt
|Jst cro b|.rkot on.|| – || .rvt||rc – bJt V..kotc
.|.o.Jv |.s t|o |cc|c |c. socnort.t|cr n.ppoJ cJt
|t’s |ox|b|o. sc .o c.r |Jst n.p cJ. st..tocv cr tcp
c| V..kotc. .rJ t|or |t’s tc oxocJto .rJ .o c.r
cot .|cr cJt t|o Jcc. |r .r |cJ.”
The Future
Sc |... /ctov. |.s .o||oJ cr V..kotc tc |Jnpst..t
t.c ro. |r|t|.t|vos. .rJ |||.s p.oJ|cts t|o .otJ.r cr
|rvostnort .|t| V..kotc .||| bo s|cr||c.rt |r
p..t|cJ|... |o’s |cck|rc |c....J tc c.c.|rc t|o
/ctov. |o|o...| |.cc..n .|t| V..kotc “\o’.o
s|cr|rc ro. p..tro.s ovo.v ncrt|. .rJ V..kotc |s .
kov bJ||J|rc b|cck |r t||s |r|t|.t|vo.” |o ccnnorts
“OJ. roxt stop .||| bo Js|rc V..kotc tc Jovo|cp .
p|Jc.rJp|.v ccb..rJoJ tonp|.to .|o.o .o c.r
o.s||v s..p |cccs .rJ c|o.s |r .rJ cJt”
“If we didn’t have Marketo, it would be like
being in a coal mine. We might have sent out
just one blanket email – if anything – but
Marketo already has the logic for segmentation
mapped out. It’s exible, so we can just map our
strategy on top of Marketo, and then it’s easy to
execute and we can get a campaign out the
door in an hour.
2008 V..kotc. |rc /|| .|c|ts .oso.voJ

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